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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 25, 2018 5:00pm-5:16pm CEST

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you. tube. this is it every news line for berlin a nationwide search is underway in the united states investigators raised to track down suspects behind a string of mail bombs intercepted in the u.s. at least nine explosive devices addressed to well known democrats the latest two former vice president joe biden and actor robert de niro a vocal trump critic working in new york with the latest the ukrainian a filmmaker only accent software sees this year's zakharova prize for human rights awarded annually by european lawmakers who just scribe him as
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a prisoner of conscience is imprisoned in that russia after being convicted on terror charges and a plastic fantastic a few empty bottles by a free bus ride in this indonesian city you look at what's prompted that new swap system. the boy. thanks so much for your company everyone a nationwide manhunt is underway in the u.s. where a suspected for a suspected serial male bomber as law enforcement officials investigate more suspicious packages discovered today one that was addressed to american actor robert de niro an outspoken critic of u.s. president donald trump two others were reportedly addressed to democrat former vice president joe biden and more intercept. and postal centers in delaware the evidence
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come just one day after the f.b.i. revealed it had intercepted at least seven high bombs some of them sent to other leading democrats including former president barack obama and former secretary of state hillary clinton. and w.'s abby yoko have a son is in new york city right outside robert de niro's restaurant in trite becca who has also been targeted abbi what have you learned have there been new developments. well at this time right now new york police have confirmed that the device that was found here via cloying in the very early hours of this morning has now been traced faithfully transported to a facility in the bronx and now the employee found this package and recognized right away that it looked very similar to the packages that you see on top of it in yesterday with this a manila envelope the same markings the same spelling mistake even so he called the
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police right away and now of course it's in the bronx and they will examine this package to see frank similarities to the other packages that they found they will also look to see how this device was built and packaged and also importantly they'll be looking for genetic material in a straight hair sweat can provide who still clues to the who could potentially be behind these incidents and now there is a great sense of urgency here because as you have mentioned there has also been a package that was intercepted it was addressed to vice president joe biden and that was intercepted at a mailing facility in delaware. and it was very early days in the situation still very fluid but i think everybody knows that actor robert de niro is a vocal critic to federal investigators believe that that's the reason why his restaurant was targeted. there have been any confirmation of that as you say now there is a pattern emerging here that the intendant recipient has been critical of the
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president for example democratic heavyweights like the obama's and the clintons and robert deniro has of course been amongst them in his criticism of president trump and he was critical of him when he was a candidate he called him a national disaster before president even took office and just in june up to tony awards he you know criticized him once again and not gotten a standing ovation from the crowd and of course ben responded in kind so robert deniro has been critical of the president but there is no connection at this time despite the fact there's a pattern that's emerging here that this is the reason that this package was sent here to try. back out to a restaurant that he call on and that is a very important point that you make there abbie yesterday as cnn's new york office had to be evacuated and the area around columbus circle was a cordoned off today de niro's restaurant had to be cleared out our new yorkers rattled well i'm going to tell you this the stereotypes the stories that you've heard about new yorkers are absolutely true they are on base that their concerns
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are not showing it governor cuomo has made the comment well i said it best when he said new yorkers are top they're resilient they will not let people whoever is behind these incidents affect the way that they've been living and that's exactly what i'm seeing this morning here and try to back up people are heading off to work they're grabbing a coffee at the cafe next door they don't seem to be fazed whatsoever and of course this could be in part due to the fact that none of these devices actually detonated which is of course the great sense of luck because they are unstable rudimentary devices but due to the fact that perhaps nobody has been injured or haven't been at all there hasn't been much of a reaction yorkers are tough as the governor has said and they do not being on our right and they are of course also very resilient to abby could have a son reporting from a new york city thank you. are going to have to speak with some of the other stories making news around the world. in norway nato has begun its largest
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military exercises since the end of the cold war some fifty thousand soldiers and ten thousand vehicles from over or thirty countries are taking part in the exercise simulates a defensive response to an attack by an adversary moscow is describing the maneuvers as quote anti russian. saudi prosecutors are now describing the killing of journalists as a premeditated crime the state run saudi press agency says investigators reached that conclusion after reviewing evidence from turkish officials on this view contradicts the government's initial statement that it was alive when he left the consulate in istanbul and their subsequent story that he was killed in a fistfight inside the consulate. and saudi led coalition air strikes killed at least twenty one civilians at an outdoor market near yemen's port city of data on wednesday this according to the united nations humanitarian aid agency the
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strategic red sea port has been a lifeline for international aid deliveries to this war ravaged country. this year's soccer off prize has been awarded to the ukrainian filmmaker oleic sense off the prize presented by the european parliament is considered one of the most prestigious human rights awards it honors groups or individuals for their fights for human rights or freedom of thought across the globe a vocal critic of the kremlin and fears opponents of moscow's adek sation of his native crimea aleck's on soft has become russia's most famous prisoner he's currently serving a twenty year long jail term charged with plotting acts of terrorism a sentence he says is politically motivated this year he staged a one hundred forty five day hunger strike in protest at russia's human rights record european union just got its case as
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a breach of international law. and with me in the studio is our very own it calmly you are very well versed in all things a ukraine so we're very happy to have you here with us. this scribe to us put into context for us how significant is it that the e.u. picked him specifically and tell us a little more about sets off well this is a very difficult time for him because as you mentioned he's just ended his long hunger strike unsuccessfully for him he didn't achieve what he wanted he wanted freedom more than if you him self before the ukrainian prisons in russia he's a filmmaker who is native to crimea when rush took over he was very vocal in his opposition to that and within a few months he was as you said charged and also convicted of terrorist offenses amongst other things and sentenced twenty years in jail he's now north of the arctic circle north of the arctic circle all right. a lawmaker. he
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explained a little earlier on why the use legislative body awarded oh i good sense often with the prestigious sacrifice he spoke today about you news or earlier and then we're going to continue our conversation. i think the first european laureate since ten years deserves this price because it is closest to the spirit of understood her off he stood for freedom of expression and all expense of peacefully expressed his opposition to the illegal an accession and occupation of his home crimea and therefore was sentenced to twenty years it is a political decision clearly and we have taken it because there is this sense of urgency to change course in russia. very transparent they're just admitting you know we are taking sides here i'm just wondering i mean is this largely a symbolic gesture because it will just fall on deaf ears i mean how much of
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a difference is it going to make really or potentially even maybe the opposite of what they want to achieve given the kremlin's track record in not wanting to be seen to respond under pressure they don't want to be seen to be allowing themselves to be dictated to from brussels there have been signals there from moscow from various officials that they could maybe consider a pardon for him but that's not going to happen because of the sense of says he's innocent he refuses to even recognize russia's authority to try him so that way if you can situation is not on the cards how is all a sense of how is he doing do we know we get very little information he's not seeing his family he sees his lawyer occasionally we understand from his lawyer that he doesn't even know yet that he's won this prize the only way he can learn of that is by letter which can take weeks from his family he was definitely very crushed at the end of his hunger strike he felt like he'd let the other ukrainian prisons down and he said he only did it because he'd been threatened with force feeding and the russian doctors had quote threatened to turn him into a vegetable so it seems like a very tough time and this obviously is a symbol as
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a symbolic move from brussels to try and prop up his morrow and he probably won't even know about it locked up thank you so much nick callie for bringing us up to speed thank you. now we're going to shift our attention to indonesia that country's estimated to be the world's second biggest plastics polluter after china but one of its the largest cities has come up with a novel way to clean up its plastic ways while buses and by i have now accepted it as payment in a scheme that has writers paying less but needing bigger wallets. they say one man's trash is another man's treasure. bus riders in serbia can now swap these thrown away bottles for free ticket it's all part of the city's goal to rid itself of plastic waste by two thousand and twenty. plastic bottles pile up in my neighborhood i brought them here to help make my street cleaner and to help out
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the garbage collectors. red buses like this one are being used for the plastic pick ups. the crew gives this man helping hand on board. and accept. five plastic bottles by a two hour bus ride. one of these buses can collect up to two hundred fifty kilograms of plastic bottles each day that's about the weight of four passengers still the city's current daily plastic collection nearly four hundred metric tons. indonesia is one of the world's biggest contributors of plastic waste. through this initiative we hope to raise public awareness about the environment especially plastic trash. the word is certainly spread and. getting plastic off the street is one sure way to get a free ride. in
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the champions league worst interment have gone clear at the top of group a after their spectacular four no victory against atletico madrid on wednesday night when had just before half time through a belgian midfielder x.l. a bit so in the second half alberto scored twice while his fellow substitute jade in the sand show shook his first ever champions league goal dortmund remain unbeatable in all competitions this season. all right elsewhere in the champions league liverpool not fully. are battling for qualification from group c. they were pulling flicked at a four mill defeat on red star belgrade to go top of the standings after three games while it appears she rescued a point against not believed to keep themselves within touching distance on the verbal reached the final last season but coach the other cup is says their
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qualification is far from sealed with three games group games still to play. all through yet so this group is these days exciting until the end to the close i thought pretty clear immediately after the draw but. you can don't do more than when your old games and the situation change. in your favor if you intend the dems to night but doesn't say too much about the group to honest. you're in called they're speaking in motor sport the spanish rally is under way and things got shaky for champion ship leader. in the early stages of the event and that this rally is the only mixed the surface event of the season meaning that parts asphalt and part gravel while noise feel crashed while turning a corner a bit too fast leaving his vehicle resting on its roof off thankfully the belgian and his co-driver walked away from the wreckage unscathed no if it was the closest
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rival sebastian or shit of france posted the fastest time of the day. does it for me on little rock n roll and we'll have more news coming up at the top of the hour for now thank you so much for spending this part of the day. we make up over a week what times of the under budget time we are this summer some people say. they want to shape the continent's future. part of it and join them seriously as they share their story and their dreams and their challenges the seventy seven percent each of these platforms for africa charge.


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