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getting plastic off the street is one sure way to get a free ride. great initiative and in the news out there you're watching the w. news on where the rock in berlin i'll be back at the top of the hour with more news but to stay tuned event for the when is up next with your fists at winds. make your sport t.v. smarter with the d w force more. fun don't more double talk comes more t.v. . female candidates and it's a day for. women all striving for power in the u.s.
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military men in the school that are carried out under our you can look to these women one. in this way. and meet some of the candidates on t.w. news. at. harkins attack cathay pacific home calling base there live admits to a huge passenger data leak but only half a year after it happened. b.c.b. holds off at a rate hike but confirms it will end its bond buying scheme by year's end despite a dunker outlook. and how the philippines has managed to save its most popular tourist destination from tourists. i've been physical and let's do business fun cathay pacific before acars could have some of your most private data and they
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could have had it for half a year that's how low it's taken the airline to report this we're talking about the details of some non and a half million passengers. a check in with potentially serious consequences the un authorized access at cathay pacific was uncovered during routine checks on its internal i.t. system the hong kong authorities were informed of the incident on wednesday. the data exposed includes passenger names physical addresses and passport numbers cathay is now the third major airline this year to reveal it suffered a large scale data breach. last year alone cyber attacks cost companies an estimated four hundred fifty billion dollars in a growing wave of data breaches. the biggest revealed so far was in twenty thirteen when the data of three billion yahoo users was stolen. the second most serious breach involved friend finder in twenty sixteen when the passwords and e-mail
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addresses of four hundred twelve million users were leaked and last year a cyber attack on american credit bureaus equifax leaked the social security numbers birth dates addresses and driver's license numbers for one hundred forty five million people data that enable criminals to apply for loans in other people's names. a growing number of attacks now involve ransomware which disables computers in charge of production lines docs and hospitals generally those targeted have to pay a summoner cryptocurrency to restore access. the news from cathy pacific has millions of customers now worrying about the misuse of their personal data. the airline itself is under pressure to explain why it took seven months to make such a massive data breach public. market should ski's co-founder of the technical take the lead based ngo that deals with data security why i hack is targeting and lights
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over the whole why not are getting the data because that's the chaos of the day after it's probably because easy maybe they don't respect certain rules maybe they neglected those and so forth and they have enormously important personal data that is a vote you know base of bird addresses possible numbers id numbers for the card numbers and such. high while you also have your interest in a specific movement of specific groups of people who may have different kinds of hackers who may be interested from the political reasons to see what does groups are doing and that's also a supervisor level data set what can they do with the data set though what will can they do with your credit card number without the security number for example what can they do with your possible number without the actual photo sure of the number of the card reveals the name of the bank and even if the card is involved and doesn't have to give you number as is the number on the field you can still pretend to be deaf person because you know the name you know the e-mail address and you
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know the name of the bank ok so you can ask for the code and x. is a set of these people and so forth but i like two different ways of using the data or should three first is that you purposefully want to date of said people want to know what date that's it now that sort of data is that you're going to jail or those who can force you more access to more information and us it's and so forth it's and then he reaches broader market were people can start pretending to be you or fishing for more information who have access to more services because unfortunately we use the same bus was for all of those services and so. it's easy to pretend to pose for if people follow the pattern of birth date name address and so forth and we've heard this time and again that companies haven't revealed these breaches for months why has cathay pacific waited so long seven months and you can see how with this is a panicking this is falling by as much as six and a half percent today know and they should be panicking because that's actually
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illegal right now according to g.d.p. are just a new regulations that valid in europe from may this year what exactly the heart happened is that the company that does not revealing the fact that they were breached or leaked they time so ford has only seventy two hours to report on them in the first place you do not comply with this relation they will be fined up to twenty million euro or four percent of the turn over from previous years obviously the two are panicking because they expecting that they will be fine just explain how the hackers are actually doing this well has been doing this in a way so first of all they may purposefully seek for access to admin privileges to be able to access system that scale we're not talking about or you know bridge that i get into your account because i'm going to come to kind of access to anything of only one person four point four million people i count stuff means that there's a mean privilege used to access that data set so for that you either and there was somebody inside or did he was this access or it's been revealed by neglecting you
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know principle forms of protection security etc so of course whoever done it may not want to reveal it because that's. the job immediately. thank you very much at explaining it all for coming in today interesting stuff. the u.k. is fine facebook six hundred forty four thousand dollars over its involvement in the cambridge analytical data scandal the personal doctor of millions of facebook profiles was harvested without user consent the vine will not dent the social media companies billion dollar bottom line it's the max allowed under the lore of the time the scandal has put pressure on facebook shares they have declined more than fifteen percent since the start of the year you see you data protection rules now allow for much higher fines. the global outlook for economic growth is darkening and italy's debt woes there are large that the european central bank will continue to phase out stimulus e.c.b.
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confirming its two point six trillion euro asset purchasing program will end this year and interest rates could rise in the second half of next year president mario draghi says the bank still sees risks to the eurozone as broadly balanced regarding the e.u. spat with italy over its budget he says officials didn't discuss the matter widely drugs as italy is a fiscal matter not an issue for central bank is but stresses the importance of e.u. regulations. full of hearings to the stability and growth pact is critical for safeguarding sound fiscal positions. structural reforms in your account needs to be substantial. as many companies boycott riyadh's investment conference after the killing of a saudi journalist russia's sovereign wealth fund has announced saudi arabia will
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become a new partner in the russia china investment fund ria is set to contribute half a billion dollars raising the total capital under management to two and a half he russia china fund was founded six years ago and focuses on economic cooperation between moscow and beijing. twenty years of mass tourism take their toll on one's pristine beaches there is sometimes only one solution shut it all down that's what the philippines government did with its most popular tourist destination of the half a year it's open again we sent our reporter jenelle to milan on a working holiday. waited six months for visitors to. reducing years of environmental mismanagement and over tourism might take more time than reading or not however the island is reopening amid efforts clearly ongoing buildings have had to be raised and declared don't build zones or move to make way
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for you roads on a beach workers race to complete an overhaul of the underground sewage system was overloading the two hundred waste water being dumped into the ocean one key issue that led to its closure last year more than two million tourists came to this tiny island of just over ten square kilometers more than half of them for it now the tourism authorities are warning incoming visitors to manage their expectations and you can see why as it turns out fixing an island isn't easy here. it's been hard on business owners fernando doris tried to keep the shop open during the shutdown but major road work displacing electricity posts had led to frequent hours all power outages that's set to continue and i get the effect on us is that we've struggled we made very little money and my staff suffered i couldn't feed the so they left. first some the closure and the island's complicated recovery is wholesale
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punishment for the misdeeds of a few but others see it as a sign of political will return into broccoli after years of poor governance. corruption is the main reason why you know the this is the negligence of some of our leaders so we are all part of this kind of mystery and painful journey of closure of bra and we all be learn our lessons from from this mistake and this is a wake up call for every filipino that is doing business in the country. then you broccoli comes with a new set of rules like strict arrival limits authorities hope fewer people will keep it sustainable to stop businesses from cutting corners to keep up with demand but some worry a lack of accountability would be the sacrifice was for nothing. only called if those who violated regulations were shut down on blacklisted others would be afraid
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to follow suit but what's actually happened is that no one has been arrested for violations no one's been punished no one knows how much was paid in a penalty. it's possible barack i could be my dirty again because no one went to jail on the whole me there's strong support for the idea here that the national government had to go to extremes and deprive peroxide of its tourism revenue for a while in order to save it that the rescue continues as tourists return represents a new test for the island but. i stink business with you.
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one. international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week so for me certain things are going to lead us into the decades old nuclear arms control agreement with russia the us leader accuses moscow formulating the treaty will russia respond and doesn't do cool now lie ahead point out one hundred gun show playing. quadriga next on d w.
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stories about motivational change makers taking their destinies into their lives. multimedia series from africa. dot com. alone a very warm welcome indeed to quadriga coming to you from the house of bellin and suddenly it seems we are going back to the future why well because of fears surrounding u.s. presidents donald trump's announcement that he plans to abandon a decades old elms control treaty with.


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