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tv   Euromaxx - Lifestyle Europe  Deutsche Welle  October 26, 2018 12:30am-1:01am CEST

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love music we've got you covered. topics for g.w. . cause i started this whole story this one. hundred german street on t w. i they're welcome to another euro max special where this week which wearing the top tourist destinations in europe today we had to spain for the following reports. since the perspective of the capital madrid far from the madding crowd. all
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of the trip on the luxury a scholar on the east train the. sunny south exploring the fascinating canary on. all this week we've been starting our journey in our featured country's capital we've been to london and rome today we're heading to madrid to get to know some of the lesser known corners of the city from shopping at a flea market to ancient egyptian ruins we get some insider tips from a local on houses cover some of the city's hidden secrets. this is the madrid familiar to millions of tourists. and this is latina in the west of the city the oldest district in the spanish capital. begor loves coming here to
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the bottom. the location scout often brings clients from the film and photography industry here. this is my favorite place imma try to have breakfast because we're away from the noise but it's still in the center of the city it's a district that draws a lot of artists like actors from film television and theatre and you can even hear the birds chirping here and the it's a place where you can get your thoughts roam free where you can listen in the whole time those and then it is happy and satisfied that i just moved on. just a few steps away the other astro flea market takes place every sunday. in the open air market is more than four hundred years old. this is just spatial place for me because there's always a mix here of locals from all backgrounds the swellest taurus it's a really democratic space because the. one part of the market is devoted
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to antiques today rafael find something that catches his eye. at the edge of montera park you'll find a piece of ancient egypt the temple of dead dog is more than two thousand years old it was a gift from the egyptian govern. went in one nine hundred sixty eight after spain helped save other architectural monuments there for the eagle but it must be because transporting a structure was it was difficult as solving the problem of where to put it you know i mean this in the end they decided to put the temple here close to the city center . it's in one of the city's most desirable districts. and that draws people here. another attraction is the park came under it rio in what was once the neglected western part of the city. today it's in a way says for locals on the banks of the mines are not his river. which of mother
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lynn yes many measure elaine hughes don't even know that the city has a river between two thousand and six and two thousand and eleven his district changed a lot the river became a more prominent part of the cityscape and then modern spectacular architecture popped up alongside it just like that with. many buildings were converted like this former slaughter house which has been turned into a cultural center. at the moment the exhibits on display focus on the topics of movement temple. the north east of the spanish capital is more reminiscent of new york this is where you'll find the highest skyscrapers in spain the quantrill tory or four towers was designed by a team that included star architect norman foster. they lie at the heart of madrid
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snoopy's news district. for more traditional atmosphere head for the sweet shop la violette in the city center the small family owned business has been producing violet flavored candy for over one hundred years. lots of people give them as gifts at birthdays weddings baptisms a first communion and we have special versions for those events or you can buy them as a souvenir is madrid their money. back to the old district of latino location scout rafael did you go i stopped off it is a favorite bar. rodriguez. is the most out of them it was the one kind of this place and be that it's been around since eight hundred sixty in office a very authentic experience it's a mixture of madrid and you in past cuisine it's wonderful. i suspect.
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to round off the tour we had for the casa de come both park the former royal hunting grounds are now the perfect place to enjoy a spectacular view of madrid. we stay in madrid now for a spectacular dining experience that's where my colleague megan leave business said what is allegedly the world's oldest restaurant at least according to the guinness book of world records that is the sobrino teen opened in seventeen twenty five tastes have changed a lot since then so how could a restaurant survive for so many years meghan went to find out the secret recipe. madrid's famous pass on my or squares almost four hundred years old it bore witness to bullfights and trials during the spanish inquisition now though it serves as a popular gathering place so i'm standing on madrid central square plus on my you
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are now this place is bustling with activity it's filled with restaurants and cafes and souvenir shops but what most tourists here do not realize is that just beyond that archway is the world's oldest restaurant so follow me and say where it is. cold has been redefined in and around. so my your many of the core doors i'm cobblestone streets also dates back centuries hidden gems lurking around every corner but only one holds a very special title. so here we are at the oldest restaurant in the world do you know the team that means the nephew of fourteen and spanish one of the teens were the original owners of this establishment words at first wasn't in it was a french couple who started it so let's go inside and see what we discover. the gonzalez family took over the restaurant in the one nine hundred thirty s. now in its third generation antonio gonzales is the managing director family
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tradition here is keep the decor of the restaurant reflects both the present owners personal touch as well as the original style. in one thousand nine hundred eighty six the guinness book of world records designated protein the oldest restaurant in the world for very specific reasons is that they must be given the same name it would be worth about the same. work since the beginning we are completely in. the restaurant opens daily at one pm but before that the staff are busy making all the preparations for the lunch crowds team is famous for its traditional spanish dishes. but if. so tell me about the specialty of this house we've been. specialty of the house is roast chuckling. a very traditional dish and we prepare it in this often so this is
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a very special welcome because it dates back to the seventeen twenty five it's an original we all are growing in. a field of. one floor below the kitchen antonio tells me that this dining room is even older than the restaurant dating back to fifteen eighty it leads down to a cave. which boasts a long history the whining here is for display only since the room produces to much more sure. maybe some of the arguing time center for different reasons some to drink old buildings from the street to the old seat the. construction on the back up stairs it's time for lunch traditional roast second pig is of course on the menu served by long time meter deep have your sanchez after forty years of protein he's also become a permanent fixture here he tells me one suckling pig can serve up to five people.
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one particular guest used to eat here quite regularly and that is the american writer ernest hemingway in fact he liked this restaurant so much that he wrote about it in this book the sun also rises and also one of the other books death in the afternoon and tony what do you know about hemingway's time here he was ready for me to be or to roast beef rolled up home heating bill dean even if you tried to buy one was. not good results then my grandfather told him they were still keeping great you know i mean we could buy you know myself. i have to read this famous passage from the second to last page of hemingway's book because he mentions exactly this dish he says we lunched upstairs. is one of the best restaurants in the world we had roast young suckling pig and we drink were. so
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in the spirit i guess it's time to raise our glasses and say salute and to the next few hundred years of business i. want to know more about european lifestyle and culture visit euro max on facebook. highlights from our programmes. three hundred sixty degree videos of the most beautiful places in europe and snapshots taken by our reporters take an exclusive look behind the scenes at how the program is produced and follow us on facebook live. we do love it when fans visit our facebook page and give us their feedback visit d.w. euro max on facebook. moving on now it's a bus alone on the east coast of spain the architect and artist and on the go di left his mark all over the city one of the most famous of his constructions is the
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unfinished roman catholic church. emilia its anticipated completion date is twenty twenty six this and tannery of gaudi's death but if you go by the pace of construction so far it's anybody's guess if that goal will ever be achieved. however having been there myself i can say that the work in progress is well worth a visit. to the basilica of the holy family gratify media is one of barcelona's best known landmarks. work has been in progress on the church designed by catalan architect antoni gaudi for over one hundred thirty years. the. journey foley is the seventh architect to oversee the projects in scouting and he's been leading the work since two thousand and twelve and has been a member of the project team since one nine hundred ninety. you pick a that i started here when they had architects back then jordy born a commission to me. told me there were four of us back that wanted a because i had
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a fifteen year old are more than fifty i was working on the site. of the list that he would see. when it's finished plus a gratified nino will most like this. it will have eighteen spires and three facades. goji oversaw his life's work for more than four decades until he was run over by a tram and killed in one nine hundred twenty six after his death architects from around the globe continue the project a foundation raised the funds the work is financed exclusively from donations and entrance fees neither the spanish government nor the catholic church provides money for the project. nevertheless each year around twenty five million euros is raised to finish out his creation. the. moment it will be on the autumn good luck with a few of those up and know that i'm going to the start of the sagrada familia completely
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unconventional at the most you drill to church in parts here's. the part of the first part wasn't the foundation of the interior name but he did it yossi instead he and his workers put up the facade of the. the birth as a symbol of the afterlife so to speak which. by the feel good or. critics often point to the overloaded symbolism of the exterior. anyone who goes inside is surprised by how like the modern gothic style church scenes. go d. was an intuitive architect his ideas often developed as he worked and he didn't leave behind blueprints for his successors. and if you were. it would be our goal is to finish the project according to antoni gaudi these ideas as much as possible without give us why we've got to study the few documents that he left behind in great detail to make his vision into reality i
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don't feel that he's. funny here is the most important site in barcelona and an important economic factor. more than three million tourists come to the catalan city each year to see the church. views among the locals about the project differ the crowds of tourists who come to see the church have changed the neighborhood souvenir shops and kiosks have forced out businesses from around the church and there's another thing that worries the residents back when the building started the construction site was in the middle of the field now the surrounding area is completely built up and some of the buildings will have to be torn down to implement county's original plans for the prom and not in front of the main facade . the target date for finishing the project is twenty twenty six just in time for the one hundredth anniversary of county's death but even in its unfinished state the church is already one of the best known buildings in europe.
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time now for an exciting train journey through southern spain starting in seville will be enjoying the local culture all the way to grenada it's well worth taking the cynic routes. the luxury of. seville is the heart and capital of banda lucy a city brings together everything that's typical for southern spain combining european and arab influences it's here that the trend i'm to lose begins its journey around fifty passengers from europe and north america will be on board today some are seasoned rail travel times. there's all the other way to travel than by train can relax all five days enjoy the sights and drove people on the train to find a way because you can unpack all of your things you're going to chance to see the country. to go places you wouldn't normally be able to.
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starting from seville sun talk for star station the out under loose heads to have as still left on terra towards the cost of del sol all sunshine coast so today's a bit cloudy. day out and the list isn't just a hotel on wheels it's also great p.r. for spain. which is going to many parts of the world when people think of spain and what they think of andalucía of traditions such as flamenco and old fights me and the endlessly unsung people love that we want passengers to enjoy and. we want them to enjoy the train journey it is for dad to take some memories home with. the train itself holds lots of memories the british royal family wants travelled in style through france in nice elegant cars which dates back to the nineteen twenty. feet while in the kitchen things are
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heating up the cooks are preparing international dishes including duck confit but mainly mediterranean speciality is. easy enough to see with the. when i get everything fresh from the market the fish is from under thea not from the north as by you know a lot of olive oil is produced a this summer that when someone is very eco and hannity. and we only use regional ingredients and i will feel that there's a more than a year over all those there then i will feel one hundred does not make stock the city of. film director steven spielberg and the olsen wells were just two of the famous customers in this. city is famous for its sharing. this is followed by a visit to the royal and lucy and school of equestrian on to see the dogs sing horses of her as dressage at its finest.
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after a stop in the coastal city of card is the journey continues into the mountains and the medieval city of. the town landmark is that when pain waves on a new bridge even though it's more than two hundred years old. ronda is also the birthplace of bullfighting group pays a visit to one of the country's oldest the rena. after all the sightseeing it's time to wind down and enjoy the music in the trains by. the hour and a loose continues on towards granada the luxury of carriages offer all the modern comfort imaginable and there's even internet access for those who want it. is still drizzling but that doesn't seem to bother anyone. you know when you're travelling
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a lot you're going to some sort of weather you know and. it's not the worst outbreak so that's why it's busy there's always something to do you get just enough sleep so there's a go the next. not least because the tours highlight still lies ahead the alhambra a masterpiece of moorish architecture in grenada the mighty promise once used by the nazareth industry is now a unesco world heritage site and provides a spectacular end to the journey. now even though under lucie is the southernmost region in mainland spain the country does have regions even further south we're heading to the canary islands seven main islands located off the african coast and the atlantic ocean each has a distinctive character and millions of tourists flock to them every year we have
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visiting four of them today so you can get a good idea of which is your favorite. located just one hundred kilometers off the west african coast the canaries are an outpost of europe with an enticing climate. each island in the archipelago was formed progressively from volcanic magma over the course of millions of years. and each one of the seven boasts its own particular beauty. in the second largest of the canary islands is for it have been to a fun first glance it looks rather barren but it boasts spectacular beaches and is famous for the golden dunes of call a halt that stretch all the way to the atlantic. without you see here that nature builds things that are so much more impressive than anything humans mike to see but over the landscape it's so much more authentic because we like the sand best and the climate you can measure cocaine on sand is lovely. it's
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a force of into is continuously buffeted by winds from the north offering the perfect conditions for surfers and that includes windsurfers and kite surfers. we have different times of differences of so there are bigger waves smaller waves are not really big waves of where you apply the corners of the wire bureau. next up gran canaria the third largest island with three hundred fifty days of clear skies a year it's a paradise for sun star travellers from the north. the lively capital las palmas is located in the northeast. it's botanical garden is a must see home to five hundred indigenous plant species. colonial architecture lends the city its distinctly spanish feel and testifies to the influence of the rulers from the mainland who founded the city in fourteen seventeen an entire museum is dedicated to the nation's famous explorer christopher
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columbus. yes. you have it. only opened up a new world discovery of a new continent was a major milestone for europe and for spain in particular but by now due to its location one cannot here play the eastern atlantic role in the conquest of the americas in the sixteenth century and atlantic and see what he say has the america the longest set sail and his legendary voyage from las palmas in fourteen ninety two here's an exact reproduction of his ship's cabin on display in the museum. the easternmost island his lunch at r.t. with his characteristic lava fields and volcanoes. in the bay of las colorado there's an underwater surprise. the museo atlantico at a depth of twelve metres is an exhibition of three hundred life size human figures they draw attention to global issues such as climate change. and.
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the museum is the brainchild of british artist jason to carry staler who's been producing sculptures for the collection since two thousand and thirteen. eight of the pieces is designed obviously for marine life to inhabit a lot of the surfaces we we make very rough and textured and that's the sort of perfect substrate for marine life in a way you know we build all these structures but as soon as they get put in the sea you know we say goodbye to them. works are made of ph neutral concrete and are left to take on a life of their own underwater. we wrap up our tour and love palma known as let you slip anita the beautiful island its biggest attraction comes to the fore in the dark the deep black nights with cloudless skies and little light pollution are ideal for astronomers carmella good
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solace or three guess is an amateur enthusiastic. but i mean. for many of us one of the best places in the world to view the heavens there is hardly any distracting artificial light to not only have high mountains two of them in a single minute but other. than him oh how good we leave the clouds down below. when night falls on la palma the astronomers focus their telescopes and begin their search for heavenly bodies located no humans of light years away from here the universe seems within reach of the canary islands a place of longing in the atlantic. that's all we have time for today but join us again tomorrow for a trip to france. next year a mac special we travel to france and explore the capital paris. find out how to
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make an all frantic. and enjoy spectacular views of the french alps. join us for this and more in our next if you're a match special. clock
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you call someone. who says don't miss midfielder thomas the mania is what comes from the team's come success has muscogee us in fighting spirit. he tells us how he managed to control his temper and speaks of a troubling diagnosis most given as a trauma. surgeon.
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what's coming up on the going to sleep much movement in the muslim countries the. mental. health is much take a look at all that means for the type of clothes. i'm going to sleep every weekend here come t.w. . climate change stuff. waste. pollution. isn't it time for good news.
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for a couple people and projects that are changing our environment. for the better it's up to us to make a difference let's inspire others. he could be farming magazine. w. hundred soft lives in my clubs. where i come from tribe your remains an important soft transmitting and information and when i was young my country was drawing. the more people more. people would cause it all around the city. it was my job to touring one off just not to say. everyone in the town cool to listen to was against me. letting cars in from inside my known caria in johnstown more.
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even stop i asked i was it's one for me. my choice is this card because given their way toward transmitted patrols. and in the midwest mom much and i. did help you. the f.b.i. has warned people in the u.s. to be vigilant as it hunts for the sender of a series of explosives mailed to prominent trump critics including top democrats usually like hillary clinton and barack obama as well as the news network c.n.n. and actor robert de niro none of the packages exploded. for the first time in
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history ethiopia is to have a female prez.


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