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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 26, 2018 9:00pm-9:15pm CEST

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the f.b.i. doesn't do anything without the n.y.p.d. that's a partnership that was forged in fire in my thirty six years in policing our relationship has never been stronger this case told that story again new york city cops were side by side with f.b.i. agents many other agencies in florida this morning together they brought justice as they always do the wide experience of our agencies coupled with the individual expertise of the members of the n.y.p.d. bomb squad are highly trained emergency service unit our intel bureau a counterterrorism bureau our patrol cops with a first to respond to c.n.n. all helped lead to today's arrest i can be more proud of the work each of them did in this case and the work they do every day we said from the outset that we would identify an arrest the person or people responsible for these acts we can make that promise because of the confidence we have in our ability to investigate and it deliberate the precise manner today's arrest means that new yorkers and indeed
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people across our nation are safe but as director ray said there might be more packages out there so we're going still needs to take caution and if you see something out there call nine one one and in new york city we have a number also one eight eight eight and y.c. safe i want to thank the members of the public who contacted authorities with information during this investigation new yorkers don't back down they step up every single time we've been through things like this before and much worse i'm never surprised by the unmatched resiliency our city always displays thank you also to the media for broadcasting the photos the n.y.p.d. released because it certainly helped workers around our city identify additional packages and help move forward with this investigation thank you. good afternoon i'm jeff berman the united states attorney for the southern district of new york. five days ago on october twenty second law enforcement recovered the first device from
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a residence of george soros over the last five days as more packages were found across the country delivered to former presidents federal officials and public figures our law enforcement community federal state local has worked day and night together with other prosecutors from my office to identify and apprehend the perpetrator that has now happened today my office has filed a complaint against cesar say och charging him with multiple federal crimes prison city is conduct. pacifically the fan is charged in five counts that include illegally mailing and interstate transportation of explosives and threatening a former president of the united states. as the ledge of the complaint the defendant mailed the struct of the vices the citizens of this country who currently holder have held our highest public offices president barack obama former secretary of state hillary clinton former vice president joe biden former attorney general
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eric holder congressperson maxine waters u.s. senator cory booker former cia director john brennan and former director of national intelligence james clapper the defendant's conduct as charged is cowardly and reprehensible and totally anathema to our democracy and now the defendant faces a potential total of fifty eight years in prison. this is an ongoing and active investigation we will not rest until these crimes are fully investigated and the defendant or defendants are brought to justice i want to take a moment to thank our partners the joint terrorism task force the f.b.i. the n.y.p.d. u.s. postal inspection service new york state police the a.t.f. the hardworking career prosecutors and investigators in the terrorism unit of the southern district of new york and i will also like to thank the extraordinary cooperation we were see from the southern district of florida thank you.
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that the new. and it is good barksdale deputy chief united states postal inspection service. first of like many of my colleagues i'd like to thank all of our federal partners who participate in this nationwide investigation the f.b.i. a.t.f. secret service new york police department and the misting local law enforcement he's provided valuable assistance truly i can say this is the way lone force and supposed to work this was a massive investigation with so what's a collaborative effort and was well coordinated with each agency bring a special expertise to the table but i would also like to recognize the many postal employees who we think of as many years we appreciate the diligence and awareness and fact it was a postal employee this morning that a loaders to one of these suspicious parcels when the postal inspection service
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have a great deal of expertise in responding to an investigation suspicious mail post inspectors are trained to wrecked respond investigate dangerous minims in the mail these dangers mela vesa gays and specialists are how the profession and the use of state are equipment. fortunately in this case none of the devices detonated and there was no injuries however postal spreads will remain diligent and monitor postal facilities to determine whether there are additional milnes that have not yet been discovered we will continue to work with our law enforcement partners to ensure the safety of the mill our postal employees our customs and the american public. good afternoon tax alice the secret service director just. the other speakers that emphasize as of what just want to comment on the importance of cooperation here we were in the forefront of this with receiving early packages on tuesday and wednesday and now fully engaged the joint terrorism task force and other federal
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partners i just want to acknowledge the great work done by the f.b.i. a.t.f. the postal service inspectors new york city police capitol police and then the different states involved new york florida california delaware maryland even a district of columbia so and i also want to spend just a few minutes to emphasize how seriously the secret service takes these threats how important it is to a provide protection to our protect these including former presidents and the current president vice president and just thank our agents and officers and analysts who not only investigate cyber and financial crime provide world class protection to our protected as i think they've done outstanding work here i would say just also remark that since tuesday along with director ray this is been our number one focus of the agency is to find the perpetrators of the these incidents and to bring him to justice thank you. history along the lines of
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how fast when did you folks i sleep in. so each of the devices was being brought through what are called total containment vehicles to our lab and they were coming kind of siri out him and we received some of them the first two that we received were the devices that were sent former president obama and the d.c. package that was sent to congresswoman waters and so the analysis began on that i think yesterday and we were starting to receive information over the course of the last twenty four thirty six hours yes. yes question. your. reaction to when you got your point. to there also could you give us a sense of what the i know. what works for you but i think.
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all of the first part my reaction to hearing that we had a possible match. just validated my unbelievable faith and confidence in the men women of law enforcement and in particular of the f.b.i. lab there's a reason why the f.b.i. lab is known as one of the very best in the world and the folks who work there are extraordinary and once i knew that they had a print i was pretty confident that we'd be able to find the right person as far as the the vices themselves. it's important to say as as is in the complaint. even if the devices and we're still trying to determine whether or not they were functional as they say so we're going all kinds of analysis on that to make a definitive determination but they did contain energetic material which if subjected to the right combination of heat or shock or friction could be dangerous to the public and the public should treat any device like that accordingly. on target. because you. all right now for viewers just joining us so welcome to our
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special live coverage on lilo rock n roll and u.s. justice officials have just been giving an update we heard from u.s. attorney general jeff sessions and f.b.i. director christopher ray officials confirmed that the investigation is still ongoing they can for also confirm that cesar say och is the suspect that has been arrested and is currently in custody attorney general jeff sessions said the suspect has been charged with five federal crime so far but that number may change he also added that they carry the charges at the moment they carry fifty eight years in prison f.b.i. director christopher ray also came to the podium and addressed some of the issues he said thirteen explosive devices have been sent to individuals but warned there may be further suspicious packages so this is still very much an ongoing
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investigation and i suggest that we now go to my schrader she is in our d.c. office and we're hoping to catch up with her right now all right meyer good to see you you've listened in this is not the end of the road. absolutely not what we're still waiting to hear is really what this this perpetrator's motive was now certainly we can draw some conclusions and make some assumptions based on some evidence that was collected and based on the people who were targeted but it would really be farcical to assume anything right now and the other thing that's interesting is. that this year was really emphasizing how quickly the investigation went forward how quickly they managed to track this guy down and and how well they all work together and the trump administration can definitely use this to say look at how well our law enforcement is working right
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now so a lot at play here politically and of course we still have to wait to find out not only exactly why this alleged perpetrator sent these bombs but still how many are in the system we saw two more recently in emerging california. just to follow up as well with you my and. jeff sessions the attorney general what was so remarkable during this press conference he was very forceful in a way that maybe president has not been in these past couple of days he went on to see that we're girdler of your politics you will be prosecuted. definitely well it's interesting to note that there was this political tenor to his remarks and also the fact that there were so many terrorism task force and groups and divisions from these various law enforcement agencies they were brought in
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which indicates that they were treating this as a terrorist incident as we said the republicans and president trump have often cast themselves as the maintainers of law and order and as we heard the attorney general say this is a law and order administration the president also came out and said we need to unify the country we can't allow this sort of political violence to go forward it seems that they are sort of trying to backpedal a little bit and put forward the message that we don't like this any more than you do we are not condoning this even if it looks like this guy might be a present president from supporter we don't like this we don't want this guy associated with us thank you so much for that want to take our viewers now to new york city to our correspondent. who had a son in new york abbie it's been a very eventful day where you are even more packages and bomb scares today
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that's right while i'm standing in front of the sorting facility the u.s. postal service or an employee early this morning discovered a package that looks very similar to the ones that we obviously seen on television and alerted a supervisor of the bomb squad was called and it's now been transported faithfully to a facility in the bronx and in the hands of the f.b.i. so once again the postal service at the front lines of all of this is there a sense of relief where you are now with the alleged suspect now in custody. yeah word spread rather quickly that there was a suspect in florida on the justice department confirmed that they had been detained and charged there was of course relief here but there is concern just like we heard in that press conference that there could potentially be more packages already in the mail so that of course top of mind but certainly great relief here that a suspect has been taken into custody on the first couple of days when there was a package delivered to george soros and when there was one delivered to c.n.n.
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at the time warner center there wasn't that much panic because i mean as you know new yorkers are tough resilient out of the governor that it's absolutely true but as the days have gone on there has been greater concern once it reached ten eleven twelve packages so there is great relief here that a suspect is now in custody right and great relief nonetheless the f.b.i. director christopher ridge said today's arrest i'm quoting here does not mean we are all out of the woods there may be more packages in transit. yeah that's right more potential for the fact that there are other packages because you didn't send them all out it was him that is it and also on the out one shot there were sort of scattered about and they arrive on different days there as i said there could be other packages already in that mail system but also the fear is that this is not the only person if once again this is the suspect that the officials are looking for this was a temporary in the days when this all began that it was potentially more than one
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person. all right abbi quite a son reporting from new york city thank you so very much and that concludes our special live coverage sure we'll be back at the top of the i work with more news see them. on the lead we will. we know we want to. be the first americans at some point in our lives will experience hardship.


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