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tv   Check-in - The Rennsteig trail in Thuringia  Deutsche Welle  October 27, 2018 8:02am-8:31am CEST

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here's what's coming up for the book honestly you'll have plenty to talk back here on the w. that is cut to look at what all that means for the table of course. the mundus league every weekend here on t.w. . and. today i'm going to give in to my wonderlust so i've come to what's known as the
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french strike which runs through the through engine forest. the french take is one of the oldest hiking trails in germany it begins at eisenach on the vessel river and ends in the town of blank in stein on the civets river. it's customary to take a stone from the vessel along with you it's said to bring good luck and when you reach the end of the bench take you through it into this it it's. so my mission is clear but from start to finish there rich trail is about one hundred seventy kilometers long uphill downhill always along the crest of the thuringian forest it's going to be exhausting and maybe my shoes will look like this. along the way i'll be served here in the biosphere reserve. our v
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mail this week takes us on a tour of paris. check in viewer emilia shows us her hometown jakarta indonesia. the first section of the stock is up hill of course fortunately it's a low mountain range here in the thuringian forest so i don't have to huff and puff my way out to two or three thousand metres. all in all the tree is stretches one hundred seventy kilometers some hikers do the whole thing in six days others in eight or ten. these are along the way let us know we're on the right path. i cast plenty of rest areas and observation points. from this bench you have
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a great view of bach book castle above eyes and a half. the vote book looks like something out of a story book and it has made it into the history books so if you're in the area you should take a look at the castle and visit the town of eyes and. everyone who comes to eisenach wants to visit council. for many germans it's more than just an eleventh century council it's both a tourist attraction and a famous landmark and then has to do with one man in particular martin luther starting in fifteen twenty one he translated the new testament into german. here a revolutionary act because anyone who could read now had access to it.
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wasn't the first to translate the bible but he did it very well and he did it from the original greek not just from latin into german it was the. right war council has been the scene of many historical events it's splendid rooms testified of that for instance the apartments of st elizabeth of the ringo who lived in the castle in the thirteenth century and the singers hall where in the middle ages a legendary contest among many singers took place. in eight hundred seventeen about five hundred students met here to demand the unification of the then fragmented german nation. below the glides the town of eisenach. the lutheran house where the protestant reformer lived as a schoolboy. martin luther preached in st george's church.
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and in eight hundred sixty five in this house the composer johann sebastian bach another a lustrous eyes are not native was born the house is now i'm using up. you can round off your tour of eyes and off with typical corinthian potato dumplings and a bottle of luther wine of course at the foot of the pot book. there are lots of things to see and discover on both sides of the rich trail like to lose a ton of waterfall. the waterfall is artificial a small river has been damped up here and forts fifty eight meters to the ground and.
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by the way there and strike was first mentioned in the fourteenth century as a border between franconia and trooping many boundary stones are still standing. and now i face my biggest challenge in zits back mountain climb isn't easy but it's worth it especially on a day like today. while enjoying a well deserved coffee i'll take the opportunity to write a postcard from the mountaintop. postcards are really old fashioned and a selfie is much faster but some people even make a whole video of their journey. from bangladesh he was in paris for the first time
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in his life and here are his impression.
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here on the back there's also a fun park. that's got a few questions for the manager. and the mice to hikers from the get stuck ever come here looking for a change of pace. all they did. they walked past just fifty meters away so of course they stop. what is there to do year. our oldest attraction is the alpine slide it's a thousand meters long and four hundred meters high. it's been here for twenty five years. but our main attraction is the wii find it's
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a prototype we're the only one to have it then there are lots of smaller writes for children who've is the winter sports resort is not far from here has an olympic champion ever turned up here. yes. the former professional by athlete she lives near here and comes by from time time to. and they go down the alpine slide. and it's a lot of fun. and now for a turn on the v. flyer.
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my last stop here on in suspect mountain the lookout tower nine hundred thirty meters next to tom. on one side forest as far as the eye can see. on the other side transmitters in its back mountain and at the very back i can actually see book castle. here on the in the back mountain is a youth hostel right next to the grand strike and there are also a lot of accommodations in the vacation spots along the hiking trail but the most unusual one is probably.
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seen michael tessina last in its day after all it was built in eight hundred fifty nine. but no one probably ever thought it would be used for love. here they come there. welcome to knowledge that i'm ranch type of you had a good trip up there all all of this father and daughter of passing through the village they found these unusual courses on the online platform at b. and b. from six in evening till nine in the morning they have the chance to themselves. the church is only open for overnight stays during the summer. tourists from austria preston france sweden and us straight here have slept here it's not that serious but it's romantic and lots of people like it he's the big guys their own food and plenty of enthusiasm for the project and there's enthusiasm for the guests who come to us for various reasons. to flee probably my welcome the guests in the
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evening and in the morning i say goodbye to the of course i ask them why they've come they've enjoyed their stay here and whether there were any problems for the big game. architect yanis longo designed the sleeping quarters unadorned reduced to essential but still aesthetically pleasing and overnight stay here costs fifteen years pass and. for that you get a serene and special place to sleep and a lovely view of the organ. to him here and i said i just put has to have it's good we started this process of turning churches into places to stay here noise. we hope that in two or three years we can do the same in several more churches in the region but be like a string of poles along the trench where hikers or even pilgrims can stop for a night and i. think of auto coordinates the project there are village churches all
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over touring and with smaller and smaller congregations so new ideas i needed. this is a chance to ensure these places aren't forgotten that we can bring them into the future and that they remain public spaces that are available to their communities and localities all. during the day regular church services are held. in the evening to michael's church office hike has every special place to stay a long trail. in the fall invite visiting biosphere reserve i catch up with the guided tour group mob your local has been offering deer watching tours for many years we walked deep
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into the forest so hopefully we will see some animal soon. as i might get the big i'd like to ask you to stop your conversations now and stick together. you can ask me all the questions you want once we're up at the observation art. up there it's ok if you speak quietly. thank you there's no talking that's kind of hard for me i like to talk a lot. as quietly as possible we all go into the observation hut then we see them. red deer in the wild and so close i didn't expect to see so many.
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model nicholas here with visitors almost every evening. he said that you've been doing this for fifteen years do you ever get bored or is there always something new and exciting here in the forest with you know. there's always something new to see in discover in the forest. and you never get bored of animals. every evening is different. i think red deer's such appealing creatures and i like the way they look and behave can watch them every day.
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when germany was divided you couldn't walk along the entire ten strike because a short section is located in bavaria which was part of west germany and the border between the states of tooling and bavaria was a no go area. fortunately this is no longer an issue and the bavaria and almost exotic destinations awaits. the hot house in the town of trying to tell . if smith was one of the co-founders of this e.u. funded pilot project fifteen years ago the hot house is warrant using heat from a local glass manufacturer. exotic fruits coffee and spices thrive on the bench strike with valid long environmentally harmful transports from
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asia south america. and from i can you show me the most exotic fruit here the exhaust of the most exotic for right at the moment is down there the giant granite dia. in colombia it's called a bad idea we also have seeds here from colombia the dia is the biggest passion fruit in the world. don't bump into it this thing you know that thing it's almost right now i may oh yes as most of us weigh as much as they do in their countries of origin four to five kilos so you can almost hold it smells nice yeah it will probably have to be picked in two days with this in smell scented. that's true smell sort of like liquid soap. because this is chilly yes that's i have an arrow i love spicy food you won't love those. this is an indian naga or
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gucci luckier chili pepper we have two colors here this is the yellow one i don't want to touch it because it burns when it mixes with sweat why it's forget burns your hand oh yes and you have to be especially careful not to touch or i ought to go to the toilet after touching it this is yellow we also have it in red until two thousand and eight it was the world's hottest chili pepper at about a million scoville heat units europeans are said to be able to withstand twenty five thousand without health concerns those schools colleville is the measurement of its spiciness a chemist from the us to build up this measure of pungency scoville means i need to dilute this chili pepper with a million drops of water to neutralize it spiciness it. in both. vomit and why do you have so many pious we've learned that the pie is the plant that really flourishes here when our harvest one and a half tons of papaya is on an area of about five hundred square metres the new
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hires them. visitors for one then some is made into fruit spreads some visitors prefer that to taking a one or two kilo papaya home and we have customers in the restaurant business for instance a country in that's interested in the project. if you would like to know more about this environmental project it is best to join a guided tour. mangoes and popeye as our exotic fruits for us here in germany but they are commonplace elsewhere and seeing those differences is exactly what makes troubling so exciting and things get even more exciting when local think us around and in our media local flawed media is going to show us the capital of in the news or jakarta.
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hello i'm merely out we are indicative of those who fell indonesia. and that's good to see around. here. we are in their traditional market right now you can buy everything like full rose caesar salad bowl eggs and also be if you can like every truth here i'm. not. going to. be.
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hard on. my. instrument so it's a very delicious holds and very serious for me. to you. but you feel strongly. and then take this and it hit me. that you because carlos says you know it's so i want all my three of us thank you endeavor that has a really really love with love life. if you go to the bottom of the skies get back .
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to this how we cross that bridge in indonesia you should be on a bit and you'll see our heads up that car. ok it's the end of the day and. the highlight of the day and solve all the monument and the. one hundred. and it is. the struggle in the apprentice and in the south. where and we call it.
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the say goodbye i hope you guys enjoy our dream. and that's come over there. maybe you can meet me here and explore and to see the really nice place and really nice experience here but as somebody you. would like to show us around your hometown. become our travel guide. find out. on our website at www dot com slash travel. the one hundred seventy kilometers of the good strike are behind me i am in the town of blank in stein on the set. it's river and my shoes are still ok. hello hello hikers how long have you been on the trail. six days i was
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a tough. well yes by the end of the day your legs are suffering. always it's not you don't look that tired and your shoes a still looking good what was the hardest part of the trail strings. the hardest part was climbing up in the back and it was hard going it was funny but it was worth the reward the next day we had sun and clouds over touring and the mist was grain. while they're throwing their stones into the river another group arrives on bikes. if you don't know how long have you been on the road and three and a half days is the against also good for cycling or do you have to improvise you. know the cycling part is great it's a bit longer and sometimes runs parallel to the bench tike but sometimes on it it's a really lovely route so i highly recommend it what's in here.
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and here are a couple of hikers who are just getting started. hey where are you headed we're off on the ranch doctora this and that's where you get the stones that's right we read the people bring their own stone from the bureau to the bits but we're going the other way around and thought why not take a few back. why it's such a big one my stone is a lot smaller. if i found one like that i'd have taken it and stash. this stone from the vet the river brought me luck the weather was just perfect i met interesting people and experienced a lot of nature and like any other hiker on the headstock i will throw this stone now into this is it it's river. bye bye see you next time.
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the u.s. embargo and political isolation of cuba has produced even one winner its nature. but now a tourist innovation threatens the ottomans close to the systems and urgent measures are needed to protect this natural paradise. cuba's coastal regions facing a changing world in forty five minutes and want to double your. scars cover don't forget women in russia have to live with violence sexism and oppression a lot of the bad violence is normal in russia. where putin's petri arcane rules today women's rights were already gaining traction a hundred years ago. people here don't have
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a clue about feminism but there are women who want to instigate change in everyday life for justice and equality. under the skin of russia's women starts nov thirteenth on g.w. . did you know that you can help protect the climate by using a search engine well tell you more about that later in the show but first welcome to the new edition of eco africa our european pan-african environment magazine thanks for joining us i'm felicia n.t.s.b. in church.


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