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tv   Reporter - Gold Bangkoks treasure divers  Deutsche Welle  October 27, 2018 6:15pm-6:30pm CEST

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all this is deducting news life from friends of the back of another update of the top of the album thank you for joining us. tonight. i don't think the general well i guess sometimes i am but i said nothing which would happen when the german thinks deep into the german culture of looking at the stereotypes of the collapse but in a single seat of the country that i know a lot of the time. here needed to be taken as drama day i'm telling you it's cold out there. i'm a joke to join me to meet the germans on the w.
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post. sometimes books are more exciting than the real lives. raring to read. it all. once there is no escape from. the church or list a load of german most streets. blocked. monotones god is a treasure dotted here in the murky depths of the mighty chopra young river in bangkok he and his team dive for the last valuables the few centuries ago time royals mentions and immigrants from all over the world says hold on the banks of the river. even today the child cry i remain is a treasure trove the first mass and new commandant under construction along the river the freshness the livelihoods of the divers who scala the river bed full.
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valuables. home looks a bit like an antique store. he can sell everything yourself which is from the greatest straight away it's best to collect as much as possible before looking for a buyer. in recent weeks he's collected amulets coins and. money comes home with a hole pretty much every single day but it doesn't always include anything of real value. and. if i find something underwater that i think could be gold
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i buy. most models have a bitter taste but gold doesn't taste of anything it's heavy. or gold breastplate is the most valuable thing i ever found. it was seven years ago after the two thousand and eleven floods to have thirteen hundred euros for. my soul this ring for eight hundred euros. that was on. the. monitors not one to name them. he knows the whole trade in sunken treasure is a legal gray area. and of course all these things belong to someone before they ended up in the water. but as long as they aren't national relics you can keep that up. i have had some encounters. yes orators
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but one man's trash is another man's treasure without him. mother is always excited when he finds old boats have statues made of clay. even if they're not with much he loves that when he finds broken parts and can piece an entire figure back together again. there. his collection is this pride and joy. mother lives in a house on stilts directly on the river. the settlement is called to come and was built around a hundred years ago. grandfather was one of the first inhabitants. today the floating village of me to come is home to about one hundred twenty people most of the men are treasure divers like mana. our. man is eleven year old daughter goes to school and his wife hughie works as
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a chambermaid in a hotel. and she used to go out with him when he went diving but only as a lookout traditionally women don't dive themselves. when you know maybe it's not women's work unless you're especially brave. the thought of being underwater scares me you don't know what's down the shards of glass nails. my husband is an experienced diver. but i still worry every time he goes diving. and when my. mother next to make an early start in the morning the current is less strong and there are a few tourist boats on the water. he has his own boat that he keeps mud outside his house. the treasure dive is always work in pen. yes
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the job's too dangerous to do alone. man and his partner priorities have been working together for years. they share the proceeds of whatever they find. him completely. if you're not experienced in diving can be. my partner is like a submarine periscope if there is a problem he tugs the dive blind and i know i need to head back up straight away. the current treacherous while the ship traffic on the river poses another potential danger the child is one of the city's busiest. man and then to die from his father it's the only skill he hands. the i'm happy. i was twelve when i started helping my father and sixteen the first time i went down by marcel. looking for. a few corners that dated back to the true long.
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island was so exciting i felt amazing. his home a diving helmet is the most important piece of equipment it weighs over twenty kilos. pictures of divers are close knit community even though they're rivals at the end of the day they have each other's backs. yesterday one of the other divers found a tiny piece of gold down river now all the others are eager to try their luck there too they gripped by gold rush fever. well prying at les's and her mother gets ready for his first dive.
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that involves the traditional like crew ceremony. pays his respects to his ancestors and asks them to protect him. his puppet puts the heavy helmets on his head. and then he's all. the way so it was just him straight and. they serious visibility and. the river has the maximum depth of twenty meter is. on the riverbed monna has to feel his way forward. back on the boat make sure to pump down enough. still hasn't resurfaced that's unusual normally he doesn't stay under that long. down there
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a while i'm looking forward to seeing what he's found. divers in the nearby boats have recovered a piece of scrap may so. it's not exactly a treasure but they'll get a few parts for it. finally comes back up. he shows us a handful of that he's found. monis
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also brought up some sludge from the river bed which still sift through in search of other valuables. today's findings include a piece of fishing sink and a few more coins from the nineteenth century. coins like these are. quite a few of them. you can get one or two hundred four obviously gold is much more valuable gold isn't something. that. mana and prior spent about six hours on the water today taking it in turns to go diving. by the end of the day they've recovered some two dozen old coins. they'll make about twenty five euros over three times more than what they would have and today minimum
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wage job. mana hopes he'll be able to continue making a living as a treasured. the river is the gift that keeps on giving. me i mean i mean when i'm sure there is more in the river. you just need some work and the right current to find it. with. more of the river. that's what farming you have to know the first time you are just here. but even if the child hasn't relinquished all its treasure get the village of mr comes days on number. the houses on stilts will be removed to the new riverside prominence the residents will have to move out by next year. many have already found new homes some of the huts have been torn down.
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monna and his family are worried. the authorities have offered to relocate the residence of mr come but to a piece of land that's ten kilometers away a long way from the river. mana has always lived on the water he doesn't want to move to what he calls the mainland it's too loud and busy. my family has lived on the water for decades i'm a treasured driver like my father and my grandfather before me. i never learned to do anything else or. if we have to leave i don't know what the future will hold for you. he wouldn't be able to carry on diving to make
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a living if he didn't live directly on the water it just wouldn't be a viable option anymore says munna. but he hopes the city planners will change their minds about the project and he'll be able to stay and keep plying the only trade that he knows. a little more. three to one. months it's like you're a superstar but i'm no superstar i'm just mean. robin schultz this regular guy from all small group is a chart topper. in good shape the city can be in knowing all that actually interests been on the hustle and bustle and on the other hand. you know knew that
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the city can make you sick not just physically but psychologically as well. so what can city dwellers do to stay healthy. in good shape sixty minutes on t.w. . it was a human brain cancer causing. the first global disaster of the twentieth century. the one. marks the hundredth anniversary of its end. what is humankind learned from the great war. as it learned anything at all. odd nineteen eighteen
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not forgotten the w.'s november focus. welcome to our pop export special this time it's all about germany's most successful digital robin schulz we'll tell you how he rose to fame take a look behind the scenes of his video and accompany him on tour.


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