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tv   Doc Film - Military Industrial Complex - The Business of Defense Part 2  Deutsche Welle  October 27, 2018 9:15pm-10:00pm CEST

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action in the bundesliga this often and including a win for buy in munich which sees them climbed up to second place in the table elsewhere league dortmund drew with dylan doesn't often last at home with full spoke out spoke one in hanover often time them to stuttgart friday and. by three goals to one on sunday there are three games to look forward to in nuremberg back you've been watching the news live for from poland that's a wrap i'll be back at the top the hour the full. make your story even smaller for. what you want when you want to. update. extraordinary. you decide what's on. sunday. w. columns for. you.
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right now a soldier is in this tank but soon a weapons company employee might be sitting here and. military operations are growing ever more expensive and specialized. private defense contractors have taken over many military chunks of development some regard with dismaying. one as a consensus comes as a student very system the structure smacks of the mafia. one guy mustn't believe the politicians are independent ones and sometimes they're like marionettes to go dancing to the tune of the weapons industry but in talking to a wall or a war last last claimed the more these companies are a bit higher that's diametrically opposed to the entrance of our heads of state and government whose duty it normally is to bring wars to
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a swift and super freak. in france and germany private defense contractors own just supplying equipment there also providing expertise and personnel. in more and more areas the german armed forces rely only assistance of private contractors. the eastern german state of saxony on high it is home to the g. use it one of europe's largest and most modern combat training facilities its operators by high net a bag. in the control room employees of a tiny little subsidiary sit side by side with soldiers there recording every
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action every movement and communication. this is one of the industry as most important training centers military strategy is on show here. and yet a private contractor is playing a crucial role. the german bund just may have benefits from the company's technical expertise for the company the contract is worth some twenty million euros a year. soon this training center will also be equipped to handle other. kinds of military exercises the bundeswehr has expanded the training ground and built a modern urban training center up to one thousand five hundred soldiers at a time will train and house to house combat here but soon there will be more than five hundred buildings including an industrial area a school and even
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a prison. in the future every german soldier will receive training here. heineman tile is being paid twenty four million euros to modernize the facilities i.t. system so that the new urban training center will be able to use the private contractors own simulation technology the training center itself is slated to cost some one hundred forty million euros but will remain state property. heineman child has a contract to operate the g.-u. said training center through september twenty nine thousand. from a defense contractor it's a lucrative operation from twenty fourteen to twenty nineteen the deal will have been worth some ninety six million euros and i'm a tile can use the buildings and the soldiers to acquire new clients.
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for the private contractor the bundeswehr training center is also a marketing and sales opportunity. foreign representatives come here to be shown the military maneuvers technology and expertise on display and line metallic wires new deals worth millions. journalist g fleet leaks has found out that the armed forces of the united arab emirates have already paid for visits to the combat training center. and some like gotten that see it doesn't apply to mr nichols difficult short soldiers told us that the combat training center is a big trade fair and a successful one there is now a center in the arab middle east and others are interested to the vital interests and what a surprise thought does all this again raises the question of boundaries when is the i was listening to what extent should the borders for support climate are in
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selling defense technology particularly when we don't know what role this market where you know yemen or syria or in the conflict between iran and saudi arabia who should be obvious like this outside. the united arab emirates purchased a combat training center in twenty ten. russian delegations have also paid a visit afterwords hine matal received an order worth one hundred million euro is russia wanted to build a combat training center like the one here in germany in the volga region with german help. in twenty fourteen the ukrainian conflicts put a halt to one mittal as deal with russia. the german government rescinded the export nice. according to russian media moscow completed the training center without german help. find mittal then demanded compensation from the german
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government for pulling the plug on the deal the claim has yet to be settled mean. any damage payments would be the taxpayer's expense the german government has confirmed that the claim is under consideration. from twenty fourteen to twenty eighteen cutting sudar served as state secretary in charge of military procurement at the german defense ministry she believes it's possible to maintain a proper bumbry between the bundeswehr on. the defense industry. doesn't always indians and ok most at ms as all but it's ok as long as you maintain clear boundaries and remain at arm's length with industry not too close but not too far either because the market isn't that large form yet you also have to stay
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informed for example if there's a manufacturer where things didn't go well. but then you have to be clear about what is a sales event and when actual content is involved wall that first such as an end of a call for a shuttle that's the core of the business relationship and you need to be able to have that exchanges have to start about also talking that's not always it's a fifty's. does this proximity between the german defense ministry the bundeswehr and german military contractors really only serve as a way to exchange information. or is a german government subsidizing the business deals of private industry. young from africa from the german left party says the sale of german combat training technology is also problematic for security reasons. i buffer export get a problem with arms exports is the boomerang effect you sell weapons to a friendly country and ten or twenty years later those weapons are turned on german
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soldiers and all that's all that's happening in afghanistan today. then may twenty seventeen. held its annual meeting in a hotel directly across from the defense ministry the meeting was closed to the press and security this tight. rope put in front of the hotel activists held a demonstration to protest against nine midsize activity particularly its export deals with the middle east and turkey. they have a bit i think oh anyone who buys a primer to start for profit which is complicit in arms exports and death all over the world. bob a happen is among the activists she owns one share of one with time and is participating as what's called a critical shareholder as
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a shareholder she's allowed to attend the annual meeting in a big. rally taggett david sugata we try and mattel admits that it profits from the many crises and wars around the world but act opens of new and they admit they seek out governments that are willing to spend large sums on weapons to also be. banned as a shareholder she's allowed to post questions to the board at the meeting. today she plans to ask about the combat training center. heineman time has very good contacts in german political circles that's also apparent in the ranks of shareholders. former german defense minister financials if young is standing for election to the supervisory board even though he's still a member of parliament and on its defense committee where he helps make decisions
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about homs deals. young is indeed elected to nine months supervisory board he'll be promoting the company's controversial deals with turkey. but he won't retire from parliament until the autumn which critics denounce as a conflict of interest more. than a month because all the courts are good to go in the hague are young it's not good looking he got young. didn't reply to our inquiry as leave government ministers are subject to a cooling off period. after leaving office when there's any hint of a potential conflict of interest but that doesn't apply to ordinary members of parliament. my discovery. at the end of the annual meeting up a gives her report she asked the supervisory board how many combat training centers
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was so and where and the extent of the bomb despairs involvement. the facts would be fun what it was they said the trade secrets prevented them from answering my questions but i'm the only admitted that a number of exports were made to various region is what i want to see if. one maternal didn't respond to all requests for an interview regarding its sale of combat training centers and its dealings with turkey. in turkey reject type and the ones government has confirmed that it used german made tanks against the kurdish y p g militia in syria but that didn't stop germany from selling more arms to turkey millions of euros worth. according to the german investigative newsroom convict chief one more time now plans to build a tank factory in turkey a claim that one maternal and the german government deny. in germany the economics
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ministry and the federal security council have so decision making or thirty over arms export licenses parliament has a new set. of campaigns to change that have gone nowhere good. stock that makes walking around the zero stock of missiles and our weapons industry is very powerful victim of this that's intentional or else it would have been abolished long ago if the topic of intense public debate but not political debate to put it on this parliament and to our government in lawmakers aren't willing to. critically examine the issue and explain how it affects our security policy under clinton my view is that it's put off to. that lack of transparency is an issue in france as well. decisions about tom's exports are made by a committee that headed by the prime minister and includes members of the foreign defense and finance ministry parliament only finds out after the fact and has news
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say. germany prefers to leave its relationship to the arms industry ambiguous it fronts by contrast many weapons manufacturers are owned by the state the french president is also the commander in chief of the armed forces. the french government has a close relationship to the arms industry the state also promotes privately owned arms manufacturers weapons are an important domestic industry. is exposed to secure. new arms exports are a very important industrial sector for us your false says will produce them you know the defense industry employs more than two hundred thousand people in france
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so we have more than four thousand companies both large and small the title took place. the economic sector is important and it's growing up of all it all costs us . the international aviation industry needs every two years at the paris air show. to trade fair brings together more than two thousand three hundred exhibitors to present their latest technology on an area the size of seventeen soccer fields. the french ministry of defense is also exhibiting here. so just demonstrate the latest weapon systems and do p.r. for the country's defense industry. like his predecessor as president emanuel visited the fan. c.e.o. of dust so evy ation showed him the how fine fighter jet. fighter jet was developed
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almost entirely by france france had withdrawn from a multinational european project the euro fight a typhoon in one nine hundred eighty five. just to c.e.o. trump he is also president of the french aerospace industry lobbying group g. fuss. there's a lot of it was a lot of the support of the president of the republic is important because in france the president is the head of the armed forces the fifty m. to go to those he determines what the future needs will be. bodies will be out he decides on the missions and he observes how the material or military technology operates in conflict zones that it will tell it's important to show him the products made by the manufacturers so that we can respond to his needs to sit.
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he only is home to one of the few french institutions that is taken a critical look at the government's lobbying on behalf of the defense industry. tony fulton a researcher at all says this lobby ism is part of a larger initiative. there's almost a kind of familiar with relationship between the arms industry and the state. to the expansion of arms exports is given an absolute priority for someone who you know some time before two thousand and ten france ramped up its weapons exports says explicit really was a new economic strategy just particularly with respect to the middle east and of the rupee hoffa aussie you know tomorrow. morning no no don't turn says a deal with india is emblematic of the problematic nature of state support for the arms industry. during a visit to new delhi then president false well known to praise d'souza fun as the best fighter jet in the world you know with some time later
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a deal came to fruition india purchased thirty six fire fighter jets for nearly seven point eight billion euro news. that deal was sharply criticized by fall term among others not least because the five jets a nuclear capable. command corps and the teacher's union expires which have an article in the indian express makes it clear that india purchased the rafal largely because of its nuclear capability and just for israel clear but you know it's not us who said that morning news it was actually indian defense minister model whop perry carr who stated that india was interested in the rough all because of its nuclear capabilities to. come to the decision or carry. the sail stoked regional tensions pakistan embroiled in a decades long conflict with india worried that the nuclear capable have found
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would embolden india to launch an attack. but when it comes to making money such considerations don't seem to trouble french weapons exporters we inquired about the deal a french government spokesperson referred us to the ministry of defense which didn't respond at all. there's been little public debate in france about this deal with india. vault with these out over three need to show you more well is the sale of arms is not just a means to the arms industry which of them were to boost the any tire french manufacturing industry save all female dog the arms industry larky by such an important role that weapon sales have become a matter of survival or even sales to dictators if need be all over the example of
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the me at least. france has grown dependent on its defense industry in recent years the country's economy stagnated and unemployment rose but the defense industry flourished in twenty sixteen french arms exports totaled some sixteen billion euro ins. with support from then president or long island does so also sold its fighter jets to egypt and qatar. the current french government is also not ging things along shortly after taking office president marc home agreed that france would deliver weapons worth some twelve billion euros to qatar deal includes twelve for fire fighter jets political and economic gain seem to go hand in hand. that backing by france's government and military is the envy of the german firms the federation of german security and defense industries is headquartered in central berlin it's
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a lobbying group for the country's arms industry. and the associations director hunts kristoff at sport dean is a former board member of two shin corp he also wishes germany would model itself on france. because. of yeah we also see this when the german and french industries are competing abroad. how to feel that happens quite a lot of shows the french government is far more engaged and that includes government ministers they're more willing to meet with customers than the german government is. the official position of the german defense ministry is clear military procurement must follow rigorous standards and the defense industry must follow the rules defense minister was an affront to lie
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and says the state doesn't provide sales support to the weapons industry. this is kind of the been this is not a task that our armed forces should be involved in into steam ex paul to guns the economics ministry has authority over arms exports which is principally for one overriding principle which is that we adhere to our political guidelines on and despair itself is just a customer is no clue and while she was state secretary in charge of military procurement kathleen zuda sounded a different note. to carter unflagging with event were seeking inquiries and international competitions for the boxer it's an armored vehicle that's really very good that's of the economic we're very satisfied with it tenders are in process and there are competitions underway and australia has written and we're providing support to us and these are nato or nato equivalent countries and we want to do business with them and can support them with a clear conscience shop display i've given talks and written letters we're trying
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to help the company and so i have kind metalheads sit so two hundred eleven boxes to australia much to the delight of shareholders. the support the german defense ministry provides to the arms industry is also evident at the dustoff palace just outside berlin every year military attaché said military offices meet here with representatives of major defense companies. the meeting. it's organized by the german association for defense technology also a lobby group. and its executive board includes german parliamentarian's who sit on the defense committee as well as representatives of major military contractors such as tireless five eight mine and mine many times. indeed as the office defense industry representatives can take part in
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a kind of speed dating event with aspiring german military attachés initially for a fee. the company is arrange meetings with lawmakers. critics say that events such as these are when military contractors lay the groundwork for state support of their arms export deals. it's coming it's not the job of our federal government or ministry of defense or of individual soldiers to devote time or money into helping the german weapons industry sell their wares but a detail palace that's exactly what seems to be happening visits by high ranking bundeswehr officers mentioned the credibility to the meeting. in twenty seventeen brigadier general yogen books gave a welcoming address the year before major general van of eisenberg who was then head of the armed forces office in bonn gave an address foreign military attachés
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are also invited journalists are not permitted to attend. this is the only for this is a sales of the germans arms industry advertise of its products and military attaches bring that back home to their own countries it's not transparent in front of him that's the case with all weapons exports of course nobody wants to talk publicly about the fact that the federal government is promoting weapons exports here. some projects are also receiving concrete support as a directorate titian corp hunts close stuff at spur dean was responsible for a frigate deal with india. eos defense minister also to fund our line for help. she gave a trunk trip line. during my talks with defense minister party i expressed the fundamental willingness on the part of the german government to provide support. for. in the summer of twenty sixteen the indian navy commission two thousand cloke
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to overhaul two submarines after the deal went through its board dean sank the defense minister. this was perceived as very positive in india and has significantly strengthened our competitive position and our project i would like to thank you for that. soon afterwards he again asked the defenseman. for assistance in a sale this time he was negotiating a billion dollar deal for twelve submarines with australia. with this letter i again take the liberty of asking your personal support for our submarine project in australia. or. whether the german defense minister actually helps to some corp is unknown the deal never materialized. contrary to her claim the german defense minister appears to at least occasionally
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provide backing for arms deals a ministry spokesman commented the german government will support exports activities with our foreign trade and other instruments on a case by case basis the federal ministry of defense will offer its special expertise in the areas of development procurement training and utilization. the extent of that support is reflected in a deal with algeria chancellor angela merkel visited the country in two thousand and eight among the topics on her agenda during her meeting with president abdelaziz bouteflika with human rights and freedom of religion in twenty fourteen algeria bought two of these huge frigates from tucson corp on closer examination it became apparent that here too the german government had provided backing to the arms industry in this case turning the german navy into a marketing tool. following an inquiry from the left party the
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government confirmed that twenty naval instructors provided training to algerian soldiers at german naval academy's and on german frigates the program ran for two and a half years. for algeria the training provided by the german armed forces was a decisive factor in the deal without the promise of training from the bundestag. it might well not have gone through a system when this ferry probably emits a minister my father wonders for how this is a problem just a bit when you ask around an area mixed clear that these extra missions are a burden that that highly trained german officers and then c.e.o.'s are being assigned to train foreign soldiers and then they aren't available to train their own recruits who. paid more than ten million euros for the training of its soldiers eighty percent of that field went to the defense budget the rest to the finance ministry.
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for two thousand called the frigate deal was worth two point one billion euro news . at the time industry lobbyist tunstall is still fights but dean was head of marine systems. many customers have difficulties assembling operating crews for the devices providing them adequate training and maintaining the necessary level of expertise. that is not to lose of course a partnership with the blondest fair which has the necessary training academies and the staff to carry out the training is an enormous benefit and one that i believe must absolutely be taken advantage of. to sustain midst of all of that was still seems to be on the system is designed to benefit the defense industry but under this system a german company reports a profit as well as subsidy from german taxpayers who were never consulted via its
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bill if we were to consult them the fact of the surveys are clear eighty three percent of germans favor stopping all arms exports from specialities from falling stock that was toxic spotted. the german ministry of defense replied in writing to our inquiry. due to the importance of algeria in terms of security policy the federal government has a substantial interest in to operate. the training support group posts were only filled when vacancies were available this means the temporary vacancies were permitted when national interests had priority. france by contrast except such collaboration is a matter of course like the german bundeswehr the french armed forces also deploy soldiers to train foreign troops in the use of french made weapons and on board french naval vessels for example on board the flame multi-purpose frigate which is
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the product of a french italian collaboration. the family longer dock shown here setting sail from the military port of to loom is one of the most modern warships in the world along with naval capabilities its equipped for anti submarine and anti aircraft warfare. its equipment includes cruise missiles which allow precision attacks on land targets from a great distance. the frigates were clearly designed by the french company naval group which is more than sixty percent stay turned a single frigate costs more than six hundred million euro news the commander of the long duk field is proud that the family warship is also being sold abroad with two waterfalls of all new but if they get within the shore friends has sold
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multi-mission frigates to morocco and egypt. that do not hold up part of our mission is to support weapons exports that help expand french influence and help implement our strategic interests. it's that simple. focus. in june twenty fifth a family frigate was officially handed over to egypt the french minister of defense at the time joey revealed attended the ceremony yes. yes the deal was worth billions but the french navy had to do without a frigate that had originally been built for its own use. this was a blow to the french navy particularly because the frame frigates have a high failure rate. in just four months the french frigate was revamped to suit the needs of the egyptian navy instructors from the d.c.i.
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group a public private company provided training to egyptian crews in handling a high tech warship. i need to force a woman just feel for say the when the french government or the french industry sells equipment abroad you know we also offer training for the equipment orchestra was different that they did that morley live french navy of course supports our industry. they do take our partners by the hand and help them make the most of the greatest of whites but they will. call off on. the french navy now conducts multi day maneuvers with egypt every year the maneuvers look much like this training simulation in which the warship is attacked by a foreign fleet. in
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this way france isn't only exporting weapons but forging permanent relationships with foreign governments in these export decisions questions of human rights in the purchasing country seem to play only a small role saudi arabia is one of france's most important export partners. the war waged by saudi arabia and yemen has claimed many thousands of lives millions of people have been displaced saudi arabia is also known as a state in which human rights are often violated but despite this humanitarian disaster the arms exports continue. in twenty sixteen the french government approved weapons exports to saudi arabia were seven hundred sixty four million euros. for arms control research or twenty four turn one deal is especially troublesome. in twenty sixteen then saudi interior minister mohammed bin
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nayef was awarded the prestigious french legion of honor for his support in fighting is the most extreme. as minister of the interior benighted had been responsible for hundreds of executions the french media dubbed the award the legion of dishonor. truly consumed going to be so good to everyone knows that saudi arabia is not a democracy because it's an authoritarian regimes under the rule of a clan comprised of several families. or maybe human rights violations carried out in saudi arabia are very well documented. want to go on the country as waging a brutal war in yemen a more correct so. even more. given this the honorary award is truly unlawful one more in the most of it because from.
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the french state often sweetens its export deals with political and military favors to foreign governments in late twenty sixteen france even sent in a frigate to provide active support to the saudi blockade of yemen. but president michel also maintains a close relationship with the arab royal family one of his first state visits was to riyadh. and the president marcos eoghan the happy so did what but why did president mccone visit saudi arabia hold up of it all because saudi arabia is an important country that plays a key role in solving many crises and problems in the middle east sixty muswell more or posh. by contrast germany officially prohibits arms exports to countries that are at war and countries with dubious human rights records. such exports require
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a special exemption which is granted only when the export serves german interests such as combating terrorism. on its own website the german government states that it's pursues a restrained responsible arms export policy. arms exports are not a tool of economic policy. but germany maintains close ties to saudi arabia and regularly exports weapons to the kingdom. chancellor angela merkel's most recent visit to riyadh interest lose. seventeen when she met king simon. to talk to give alms exports was not on the agenda that topic has long been a hot button issue in the german media but so far the german government hasn't changed its stance exports continue either through exemptions or by reducing the deal through a third party country. saudi arabia has been one of the
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german defense industries best customers. and it's repeatedly been ranked number one in the annual the. fund was towards technically the weapons technology that goes to saudi arabia is very wide ranging. for example airbus is joining together with partner firms to build a complete border security system that uses state of the art technology that nearly all saudi aircraft the board in yemen contain german made components saudi arabia bought german drones and also received instruction in them from german soldiers. thirty six assault rifle which has been the standard issue rifle for the german armed forces is also produced under license in saudi arabia. the same goes for the g three assault rifle and the m g five machine gun we've got a long tradition of armaments cooperation. in twenty sixteen the
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german government so nearly five hundred thirty million euros worth of arms to saudi arabia the gulf kingdom is the third largest purchaser of german military technology. the images of destruction coming from yemen and saudi arabia's role in the many thousands of deaths have so far done little to change german export policy to business deals take precedence damages that's all this talk of human rights of christianity of our values are little more than empty words three things are at stake here profitable for profit and profit period feet poked. the current governing coalition has said it will enforce stricter guidelines and that weapons will no longer be exported to countries directly involved in the human conflict but the previous government had made a similar announcement little came of it germany sold more weapons to non e.u. countries than ever including to countries with a dubious record when it comes to democratic and human rights. it would seem that
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official government statements play little role in policies on the ground germany continues to allow the boundaries of the military and the private sector to blur. in germany today essential military tasks such as providing drones or operating military training centers rely on the patisserie patient of private defense contractors soldiers and civilians have become nearly indistinguishable. think enough money and i believe that at some point will no longer be able to tell the difference between the bundeswehr and these private contractors view which has been such a process of symbiosis there are so interwoven that it's hard to see where the boundary is anymore and kind of this without these private service providers the bundeswehr would no longer be operational not only abroad but within germany as well in our globalized world where the german bundeswehr will be constantly
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confronted by challenges what if for example was purchased by a foreign company let's say from china would they then be involved in our national defense how do we deal with questions like this in the future when and so i can flog. these questions almost pressing in from most french defense contractors a majority owned by the state but the close proximity of the state to the arms industry poses a risk democratic oversight of the industry is even more difficult in france than in germany. germany and france are still miles away from the u.s. where private contractors serve as a kind of mercenary force. but if he can or make considerations increasingly come to govern defense policy germany and france could find themselves at a crossroads. or a get more accurate forty think it's
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a troubling development for both political and democratic reasons. decisions regarding military intervention must be made by the state and be subject to democratic rules here. if i move back when military activities are outsourced to private companies we risk that the wars will be waged in order to increase private profits yes we are fair. and especially if you want to boost profits for shareholders is she for i mean anything exciting a war will do that before they'll always be the temptation please quote baltic. germany and france are facing similar challenges then militaries are in transition and both are likely to see their wills and missions continue to expand in the future. both the french and german armed forces are struggling with financial i'm structural problems and so far there appear to be no easy answers.
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law. the audio. business news live from beirut and also full face had to see is at a synagogue in the united states a gunman killed several people at a jewish boy ship in the city of pittsburgh police officers are among those who think shot a suspect is being held in custody we will go live to our correspondent. also in the program a fresh pause to find peace in syria to president demands a new constitution for the war torn country he's been hosting his russian french and german counterparts at a summit in.


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