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do you think he'd be able to heal the wounds of this very polarizing divided election can he bring the country together do you think. we would like so but i don't believe in return least not so. because this society steve politically divided us to this company now famous were fighting against fame and networks of social networks like facebook or whatsapp and the myself i was blocking friends and it's really difficult at this moment because he is also adopting such a hard speech. about sex is more for b. and racism all these years and now he's adopting that surely. more moderate tone as you said but it's not so easy to change that because it's now it's running to spread all over to society just hates. uniting the country you see is
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one of his biggest challenges what do you see and says other priorities main priorities as he takes over as president of brazil while he has a program that's quite superficial this was a critic for his cup pain and at the same time i think he was trying to call to fight violence against violence for example he would allowed everyone to have a gun in the country in terms of environmental also he's going to defend the interests of the agribusiness in brazil and he's planning for example to take brazil out of the perris agreements that's fighting climate change has been talking about guns and it concerns that the military could start playing a greater rule in the country because he himself is a military officer and he's spoken controversially of a positively about the military dictatorship use of the defriended torture how
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wanted are people that the army could start to play a bigger role under his. leadership yeah actually this is predictable but of course there is. people are really worried about that at this moment some people that still remembers the time of the dictator starship this was not so a long time ago and that's like thirty years so. i would say he's also bringing some militarists to his own call for the man's so let's wait and see but the people are some part of the society still worried about it and what about the role of the evangelical should now right after his victory speech he had a little prayer with the banjo banjo posture and everyone sees this as a deeply symbolic move what role did this than general church play in his election victory do you think actually a big role they would say because they were supporting him since the beginning also
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to this eventually call a new pentecost oh i would say not not just in the church but also in the poor places like fellows in brazil they are quite spread around the priest so i would say he has a big support also there is a channel television that's was openly supporting him the record so in that he has also supported the congress from his deputies so he should be really carry on with his supporters and he's won by a clear majority in the in the second run and he is now the president of brazil with as you said many challenges ahead of him a christian at amalia a brazilian journalist and correspondent for global global news which is brazil's biggest t.v. network thank you so much for that analysis. thank you you're watching the news returning now to our top story chance to angela merkel is reportedly planning to give up her leadership of the country's conservative christian democratic union
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merkel is said to have two top c.d.u. fissions she will not seek reelection as party leader but she would still like to remain in office as chancellor merkel has led the c.d.u. for the last eighteen years how decision follows a bruising election in the state of hester where her conservative saw there was result in half a century. let's go live to our political correspondent thomas sparrow he is at the christian democratic party headquarters to most what's the latest there where you are. while we're waiting for this press conference right behind where i'm standing at the c.d.u. headquarters we've seen many top officials of the c.d.u. actually rush past and go up to one of the top floors where there's a party gathering in order to discuss all these aspects most of them have refused to talk to the press or if they've done so they have done really very
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quickly stressing for example that the decision of anger is one that could help the party come out of this particular crisis that we've been discussing they have also been asked on various occasions who they would like to be the next party chair if in this decision actually is confirmed later on today but here they have been very careful not to stress any name saying that first and foremost it is something for the party to discuss internally and only then it will be presented officially so again most of the officials that have come in here most of the top c.d.u. politicians have been tight lipped refusing to answer many questions before the this news is actually to happen and get confirmation of the news that whether chancellor angela merkel will stand for party leadership or not but what is your sense of the mood and atmosphere there like thomas do you get a sense that the c.d.u. is a party in crisis mode right now. yes i do get the sense that the c.d.u. is a party which is now in
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a crisis it is not something that is probably new but that has been going on step by step and it obviously had a very bad day yesterday and has a very bad day in a very sister party the c.s.u. also a few weeks ago so it is something that has been going on and on and something else that i have been able to gather here today is the fact that anglo-american doesn't only have now big opposition externally maybe from other parties but also within the party there are voices that are becoming louder and louder and they are stressing certain areas where they do not and sara lee agreed directly with the chance of the chancellor for many many years here was seen as obviously the key leaders one that didn't present any other alternative but obviously now we're seeing as the discussion evolves that maybe some of the names might come to the fore and that this incision by angela merkel not to stand again as party chair might actually give way to those names that have been maybe discussed privately or in some of the rooms above but they're now being discussed more and more openly
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here in berlin and given the huge amount of interest in these developments at almost do we have any timeline as to when the party and the press conference there could start. well you know while it is stated for about a for a few hours but that was it depends on the meeting that's going on right here in the party headquarters after that obviously if they do announce what we're discussing which is very likely according to what other party officials have been saying right here then obviously the debate will move on us through what could come next there is an important party leadership meeting at the weekend and then as you said there's the big party conference in december where the new party chair would then be elected from going to merkel obviously an incredibly important moment because she has stated previously on various occasions that the chancellery under party leadership are two posts that go hand in hand if indeed she doesn't give up that one element the idea of being the leader of the party then for her it would be
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a very very difficult moment but according to what we've been hearing from party officials here that could also maybe open the door for the c.d.u. coming out of this crisis that has now obviously reflected itself in the very in those very bad results in the regional polls in hesse and also in bavaria right on the spiral at the cd you had quarters thank you very much for that live update and of course we'll come back to you as soon as that press conference starts there. now if you're just joining us that we recap our top story for you. reports say i'll america will step down as chairperson of the christian democratic union party mecca reported it bans to stay on as chancellor merkel's move comes after disastrous returns in a pair of elections has searched on sunday and bavaria earlier this month the greens and the far right are turning to for germany the f.t. can order way support from america's coalition megacolon to govern for the so-called grand coalition of conservatives of the left of center social democrats
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meco has led a party for eighteen years since to the year two thousand and she had previously said she would seek another two year term as party chief as you mentioned conservatives were hammered in sunday's vote and has said they only just managed to cling onto power there while america schoolish and part of the social democrats were handed a bitter defeat of their own yes a sobering of and for chancellor merkel's christian democrats in the has the state capital the c.d.u. premier can remain in office but no one is calling this result a success the disappointment is even greater among the social democrats this is the s.p.d. is worse result in has the state elections out of nearly four and a half million voters and has about sixty eight percent cast their ballots the results underscore the flagging support for chancellor merkel's coalition government in berlin with punishment for both the c.d.u. and the s.p.d.
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party leaders in berlin are now ready to change course student for politics at the federal level contributed a lot to our losses in hester and there are two reasons for that firstly something has to change in the end. we have a lot of work ahead of us so i think the condition of the government is unacceptable. that's these are they even we have to ensure the government does what . it was elected to do an end our fighting up that says i think whether we govern together or not the people expect us to do what's right and deliver results but support for the greens doubled from has this last election five years ago it's their best result in the state of venice i'm believe. this result is evidence that people from mainstream society a longing for another kind of government with different ideas combine is this do this while arguments also. the far right if he garnered nearly thirteen percent of the vote and his entering houses parliament for the first time it will then be an
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all sixteen of germany state parliaments following the election has a pressure is increasing on the government in berlin to turn its words into action . senior political correspondent peter craven is bit me in the studio peter we saw the disastrous election and has said for a chance that the cd you bought him and why did this particular election become the tipping point as far as she was concerned because she'd been under pressure for months now. i think i can only imagine that within the party somebody has taken on the americal aside it would have to be somebody very senior and somebody with very high standing and said. this doesn't work. and if i had to guess who that personality could possibly be just sort of what what kind of area within the party in terms of sort of gusts status to be somebody like for control of the former finance minister be very many minutes are very many of our viewers and i
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think there are a lot of things have gone on the. there is a reaction to some of the anglo-american centrist policies within the party some of the more conservative wing of the party of never quite accepted in the dean looking for the moment to fight back and also i think it's the longer term the polling on the voting trend not just a third force these two elections back to back effectively. as i mentioned earlier . in the twenty fifteen when the whole refugee policy debate began and i'm going to medical open the germ door allowed germany's borders to remain open for so many people to come in the party was polling at forty percent and now it's down somewhere between twenty minutes or somewhere around is to be under twenty five maybe twenty four percent it's a policy that we're i mean we look at the social democrats and we think they're in an existential crisis but so too since yesterday of the christian democrats and i think they wanted to get in there very very quickly and head to head this front
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office soon as possible and both seem to indicate that the refugee crisis the migration crisis is near not top of the agenda for most people going to vote but be that as it may it was clear that anglo american was facing deep discount content within a section of our own body we remember that she was trying to get one of her preferred candidates elected to a post and she tossed that. bring house the will was elected to replace folk out of of one. i'm going to trust aides and he was the chief whip in the party he was the person who within the party structure was guaranteed that anglo-american would have the majorities for the policies that she wanted to pursue and that had been a long arrangement that i'm going to was very comfortable with and then suddenly out since the blue a new name came came up wrote brink house and and won the votes against. and that was viewed as very significant a real slap in the face for uncle americal and certainly
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a sign that the times were perhaps changing yeah and also reinforcing your point that support for within the party was being routed by some of your own members now we heard from thomas about who is outside the see the headquarters johnson lamech as he had what is maybe expecting a press conference and of course we'll go there live as soon as that starts but you know what things don't know if it a pita was that you know. i'm going to make a lot has said that she always wanted to be leader of the party as well as chance at the same time if she were to give up disposed of party leader of the party conference in december how much would she be weakened politically you're exposed because you are then at the behest of the party rather than in charge of the plan so you can follow us mold where the party is going and what the what the core policies what the identity of the party is and i'm going to michael has made this party in her in her own. shape and form. she's made it to
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men sent a moderate centrist party and there's there are many within the party have not been happy with that but she's been able because she has been party chairperson she's been able to make sure that the party stays with her moves with her defense. that snow looks. much more exposed place right in the fringes of pulling outwards as we're seeing a major change in the political landscape in germany with the larger parties looting losing support and the smaller parties winning on the basis of the loss of support for the larger bodies we come back to that in a bit but first the list to check out with the markets how they are reacting daniel cope is in a frankfurt down here and now the dax in frankfurt is pushing up with since chancellor angela merkel announced a decision not to run for party leader anymore of course it's not a confirmed decision as yet but that's what we're expecting what are traders telling you might be the reason that the markets seem to like news this news.
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back secondly hi there i'm retired you know we are closely monitoring this breaking news situation also here from the trading floor and i guess you can hear you can see it in the background when there's a news was breaking the blue chip index that's really made this jump here we are seeing right now here plus of one point nine per cent and also investors have been rather disappointed about the performance. off the grand coalition here in the past and it seems now that they're seeing all of this also as a new chance for the country we have to remember that she's not stepping down as the chancellor if this would have been the case today i'm sure we would have seen a massive landslide here at the markets happening but all of this is now considered kind of as a slow good buy off anglo-american investors can handle the situation very well and let me also tell you even though germany's economy is not doing bad at the moment
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investors have been asking and this would be of course also the hope for a new leadership possibly a new chancellor also in the future that we would see reforms also happening for example like in the united states like tax reform with competitive tax rates as we are seeing them in the united states so there is also some hope and i guess because of that we are seeing this big plus here at the moment at the market and done in that is a very decisive reaction looking at the board behind you to news that german chancellor angela merkel might be stepping down as spotty leader at the party conference in december thank you very much for bringing us up to date and of course we'll keep checking in with you once the news does get confirmed. no let's. not do it because one simon young he is it up on a mentee studios someone tell us more about you know how the news about mick stepping down is likely to go down with total addition to the center left as speedy
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. well the social democrats of course are also very worried about their situation this morning they did very badly in this regional election in. losing about eleven percent of their support there so they need to go back and consider what it means for them but there have also been questions about whether their leader andrea knowledge can continue in her job because it's a sense that the s.p.d. on its own even not looking at the whole coalition government the s.p.d. on its own is in a is in a drift and doesn't really know what it stands for as knowledge is said today and they still have to distill term in that but she said in a press conference this morning that you know today is not the time to make decisions on party personnel they're going to be looking at these results and what happens over the next few hours and few days at a big party leadership meeting next weekend but there are concerns today that the
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result of what's happening and in particular of merkel's decision might be that the s.p.d. decides to pull out of the coalition government with medical and that would force new elections of course under the under under nonis is staying for the moment but i don't know how much pressure is she to quit given this election result yesterday when the party did so poorly and given that the youth off the s.p. these also a very very keen at the party must go through a period of renewal to make it attractive to voters once again in the country. yeah i mean under and all is says too that she stands for party renewal after a very bad results in the national election a year ago it's just that many within the party blame her for the failure. to show that that process is going forward a lot of people have been saying the real problem is communicating what's happening
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in the government and which parts of government policy are down to the social democrats they have pushed a few things through on on pensions or on on the housing market which is which is experiencing a serious bubble in many major urban centers around germany where people are finding it hard to find affordable housing and education is a key topic where the s.p.d. of have a lot to say as well but perhaps the voters in the country at large don't really think that there's that much in it so the blame has been handed to andria knowledges you know he's a party leader but doesn't have the same responsibilities of course as anglo-american leading a government right of course a lot of people feel that unlimited coopted a lot off their social democratic s.p.d. agenda and took credit for it within our own a coalition government but some of the young adult bottom interested is thank you very much for now we'll return to you as soon as more details become available. let
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me not return to female political correspondent peter craven was it me in the studio to be just getting reports now unconfirmed reports coming in that i'm going to america has said that she will stay in office as john thirty and off her tell him as. the final tell but she will not stand after that for reelection no surprise. no surprise i think i i think that that is there are there was no way that anglo-american was going to go on after a fourth term in office to the cliched term but which is very appropriate here it's been used a lot in the last weeks and months here in germany fatigue fatigue with chancellor merkel on behalf of the voters and elements of our own party and rank and file but fatigue perhaps also herself with the office and you know is that there have been times there are days when she has very good days and she looks as though she's very interested in a very mccallion sort of way in the job at hand then there are other days where she
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looks desperately tired and perhaps just a little bit disillusioned with less she finds herself given the way these machinations which are going on behind the scenes within the c.d.u. do you think she'd be allowed to stay as chancellor till the end of elected all do you think there will be pressure on her to ease out before then i think they would almost certainly be pressured to raise their hands and i think that would be tensions with the social democrats that would make the would make the well nigh impossible for the coalition to continue to have also been thinking my thoughts while you were talking to simon just now and you were talking about the division of the roles of the chancellor and the policy chair i think there is a possibility the creative possibility here for a role for angela merkel effectively for so long she has been germany's senior foreign minister there's always been a foreign minister playing a sort of a junior foreign minister role and i think i'm going to be left on a on a long leach to go out into international affairs and be the very very highly respected woman that she is and let german politics domestic. politics take
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a little bit take care of itself a little bit more because then she has become less respected than she had to do was how the extremely high polling rates and sixty seventy eighty percent over a remarkably sustained period of time that is no longer quite the case she's not a revival figure by any man who needs her she's not support people anywhere near a spot killer she once was on the international stage she still has an immense start there's great work to be done for european leader and i'm going to medical structure that he she needs more time and space to do that even i don't see or do you see her playing second fiddle to anyone else within the country she can obviously but she let me johnson or she would remain chancellor within the equation you know. it's very difficult i mean. there's always been discussion about whether anglo-american it's a team player or somebody who just has a very quiet killer instinct. that would give us more moments to look out to see
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whether you know which direction we go and who is the real anglo-american the same way it was she is still kind of you know we have to going to remind of you she's still very popular in both you know she's among the top few politicians in germany and as you said internationally she's hugely admired and respected go on this story and that is a policy always has been she gives her a ride with a long enough rope to hang themselves. and that's fair enough i think i think that we've seen that down the years especially with many men who challenge i'm going to be you know allowed to self-destruct and have done so dutifully ok. thank you very much for now a p.c. of course we're still waiting for confirmation as to what's happening but let me give our viewers a recap of the state of the top story that we're following for you use reports say that i'm going to back it wants to give up a chance to ship off to the end of the term in two thousand and twenty one this follows earlier reports that she will step down as chairman of the christian democratic union party maker has led her party for eighteen years the move comes
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after disasters. medical school edition between conservatives and the social democrats in a brand of regional elections on sunday and bavaria earlier this month two names have been circulated as possible replacements. as the head of the c.d.u. party former head of the conservative block in the blender stuck mats and the card see the new secretary general on the great. gonna. be still waiting to live confirmation from the sea the u. headquarters we're also monitoring the body headquarters of the s.p.d. the other party the grand coalition as soon as we have confirmation from those two offices we've been talking with you thank you very much for company for now thank you very much and i'll see you again very soon you're watching the news coming to you live from london for me and with that she must have been a senior political editor thank you for that company.
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i'm not proud of they will not succeed in dividing us about not succeed in taking the people off the streets because we're tired of this dictatorship. taking a stand global news that matters d. w. made for minds. i'm not laughing at them well i guess sometimes i am but i said nothing when i pick up a new job and think sneak into german culture looking at the stereotype clad but if you think the future of the country that i now know i'm playing. lead it seems ridiculous drama. it's all about ok. i'm a joke join me from the german fundie guppy. post. was assuring me because of. the first global disaster of the twentieth century.
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this is deja news coming to you live from berlin after more than a decade leading germany reports they are going to make a bid not seek reelection as chance left at the end of this follows earlier reports that a medal intends to resign as the leader opens up to poteet the answers you counsel of coalition in a pair of visual elections appear to have toppled meccas from a public. place.


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