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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 29, 2018 12:00pm-12:16pm CET

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w.c. . this is deja news coming to you live from berlin after more than a decade leading germany reports say i'm going i'm actually will not seek reelection as chancellor at the end of this follows earlier reports that a medal intends to resign as the leader of the conservative party. townsfolk coalition in a pair of visual elections appear to have toppled the back of the public's.
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head on a warm welcome to you i'm honored with some breaking news coming to you from here in germany on the michael says she will not seek another term as chancellor merkel is said to have told top officials in the conservative christian democratic union she will not be a candidate for reelection after her current in office that spies in two thousand and twenty one she would also reportedly give up opposition as a c.d.u. leader in coming weeks decision follows a bruising election in the state of has so but her conservatives saw their wallets result in half a century. for the very latest let's go live to our political correspondent thomas spiral he is at the christian democratic party headquarters told us a lot is the latest you can tell us from that. well the latest is that there will
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be a press conference in about an hour's time right here at c.d.u. headquarters in berlin earlier we saw top c.d.u. officials are rushing here past where we are standing and heading up to one of the rooms upstairs to precisely discuss all these latest developments that comes obviously before the press conferences that we're mentioning and this obviously reveals to what extent the c.d.u. views this as an extremely important moment the fact that anglo merkel is said to not want to continue as as party chair after the fact that she has said on previous occasions that those two things chancellery on party head. positions to be held hand in hand most of the party officials that we saw here one of the willing to talk or if they did talk very briefly they mention that that is a decision that deserves the respect from angola merkel that could probably help the party to come back after those very bad results not only in has it but also the
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very bad results that vary and sister party the c.s.u. also had in the regional elections there a few weeks ago obviously we're waiting as everyone else here for this very important press conference his press conference here where we'll find out more details about what here is at stake and what will come now after that decision there is an important party meeting at the weekend and then at the beginning of december there's a whole important part of conference where the new head of the party will be elected so there will be plenty of action from the cd you not only today but also in the next few days and also in the next few weeks and then tell us you said you've seen these leaders come and go and they obviously having a meeting now with the chancellor and we'll be speaking to the press in just under an hour but do you get the sense from the atmosphere there that the c.d.u. is currently a party in crisis. yes i do get the sense and i think it's not only neat getting that sense i think the party leadership and top party officials also recognize that
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the situation that the party is in now is a situation of of crisis and that comes obviously that refers to the fact that they have this very bad result and has said that they had this very bad result in a very of the c.s.u. the fact that even in the federal election in september they also had a result which many didn't consider to be an optimal result of for the c.d.u. the fact that anglo merkel has not only faced opposition from outside of her own party but also from inside the fact that there are more and more conservative members willing to come out and already discussed openly the end of the merkel era something dutch and i've been covering this for many many years now something that was a long some time ago not even possible to discuss and in fact angela merkel was described as someone who didn't give any other alternatives as a leader who would remain as a leader for a long time and who guaranteed the c.d.u. some sort of stability and obviously many years in power so obviously the fact that now party officials are coming out and talking openly about i'm going merkel's end
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and waiting for his press conference does reveal that the c.d.u. is a party in crisis and a party that is recognizing that something has to be done if they're going to get out of that crisis right political correspondent thomas ferrer at the cd you had quarters in the heart of london thank you very much for that live update. and turning now to our senior political correspondent peter craven with me in the studio welcome peter not chancellor angela merkel is likely to step down as fanti leader and reports all with also say that she will not run for another term as chancellor after her term expires in two thousand and twenty one what does this mean for german politics. for german politics this is this is a bombshell of. the whole of the past week in the lead up to the election in france so we've been assuming. that it could be quite dramatic. newspaper headlines have been shikse eyes were on a day of destiny for germany on sunday evening but there were i ten i tended to the
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time to think that that was a little bit extreme but i thought it was going to be a little bit more sort of business as usual that is in the first instance how it seemed but then it suddenly proved to be much more dramatic developments it has sir and now we have a situation that i think could change things completely in germany could change things for this for the christian democrats from the americans conservatives could change things for the coalition government and can change things on a european perspective so i'm sure our european neighbors and friends will be looking and very carefully at this point in time to see exactly what follows days to come when johnson became chance there for the fourth time she had said she wants to keep the post of party leader as well as be chancellor and now she's prepared to give up one straightaway report suggests and the other one she says she operates in word their ability to prepare a transcript. and my question to you is peter why she announcing that she will not run for another tell miss chancellor what is she hoping to achieve by
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make that announcement now i think it was always clear i think that sort of defensive little bit of sort of tidying up. just clarifying that she is not going to stand for chancellor again but she always said uncle america always said that if she stands in last year's election she stands as candidate for german chancellor for a fourth she will then serve for a fourth of a full term but there were always suspicions and it was always seemed josephine behind the lines that she would pose a candidate as her successor in in place that is assumed to be on the ground from kalibo or that bouncy general secretary who was put in office just a number of months ago so she's relatively fresh in office you consume that she would prove her mettle over a period of maybe two years and then america would withdraw quietly and under great come current go become german chancellor and serve two years before the next election that was i think the sort of the game plan. certainly it was assumed to be the game plan by many kind of commentators. suddenly there's
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a lot of disruption things happening very differently and we don't know whether i'm going to mark or we hear that she wants to stay in office as chancellor but that's going to be a difficult act alongside somebody else's party chair after the demoralizing defeats they've had in recent times i'm not sure that that is something that you're better polls through for another three years effectively as german chancellor obviously there are the big question is how much can be weakened if she gives up the post of party leader and stays chance there but it did the question is what was the election result in half of the tipping point for. this kind of discontent within their own party against her leadership the second point but i'll come back to the figure with two defeats in a row that was important first the first division in bavaria two weeks ago this this defeat then it has and yesterday evening but also the the train the broad the longer trend in terms of support for the party over the last couple of years everything around angela merkel hinges i mean i'm going to list last couple of weeks has been saying we should not obsess on the refugee situation as being the
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only policy in german politics and it certainly we don't but it certainly is if it's an albatross around his neck and in twenty fifteen when germany's borders were opened to allow many many of them hundreds of thousands of refugees to come and live in germany effectively. that was certainly a start of a new era for germany in a start of a new era for i'm going to medical. and she has always been pinned down about that is that is that is her that is going to be her legacy in effect and at the time twenty fifteen per conservative party had forty percent backing among among the voters no it's down to somewhere around twenty four twenty five percent that means the party is melting and they must have been like the social democrats have been in public mode and this is perhaps an expression of some of the public right peter cave and thank you very much for that and alison of course we'll be following developments closely and you'll be providing more analysis as the day goes on but
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thank you very much for now. if we not draw another for political correspondent simon young he set up on a mentoring studios summit was not just the c.d.u. party which suffered a heavily in the elections and has but also the s.p.d. how is the news. meccas a likely kind of a not a standing for the party post going to go down with a coalition partners in berlin the center left s.p.v. which isn't a grand coalition at the national level with americans c.d.u. work or start news has come as a big shock to the s.p.d. as it has to everyone else and if angle americal is going to cling on as john slur it's not only the her own party that she's depending on but of course her coalition partners who are currently keeping her in that in that role they are looking at these bad results they've had in this regional election and in bavaria a couple of weeks ago and in other elections recently and they're saying to
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themselves well you know we've got to change something here we've got to sharpen up our image got to make it clear to the voters what we add to a government where our policies are and people some within the s.p.d. today are calling for a major party special party conference to be held to sort of decide on a change of direction going forward as we have the chance the mechanism the huge pressure within our own party and given these reason restall election results is the s.p.d. leader and the analysis also under great pressure to leave the party and get new leaders in place to renew the party. yeah i mean there are some within the within the s.p.d. he said she's not the right person she doesn't have quite the right sort of drive and doesn't have the communication skills to show what the s.p.d. can do can show how much you know social democrat policy is in what the government
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is doing but she herself in a press conference this morning said that you know today is not the day for personnel decisions what's needed is for a collected and calm analysis of the results and there's going to be a meeting of the leadership next weekend and there will be more meetings in the days and weeks ahead of course to work out what the right response sees the party have said there are five key policy areas including things like pensions policy in child care policy and so on a core social democrat policy areas if you like where they say they want to bring forward policy and legislation over the next twelve months if they don't see that and they can't put a clear s.p.d. label on it then there's no point in being in government with angle americal and they may well therefore pull out even before ban and that presumably would spell the end of americans chancellorship rights it seems like only germany's big
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political parties the both of them and the governing coalition and sums of crisis mode and of course thank you very much for your latest reporting from there simon young and up on a mentee studious. just turning away a little bit from jail and politics and being york today for some other stories making news around the want in a gun is fun one person is dead and several more wounded after a suicide bomber struck near the country's election commission headquarters in the so-called islamic state has claimed responsibility for the attack. a court in bangladesh has sentenced a jailed form of prime minister to an additional seventy years in prison. see here in five bitches she was found guilty of abusing her power to raise money for a charity named after her lease husband she's already serving a five year prison term in a separate corruption case. a powerful earthquake has struck off argentina
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far southern coast a magnitude six point four tremor hit about three hundred kilometers south of the town of fear are a popular tourist hub there has been no tsunami warning issued and no immediate reports of injuries or damage. the leicester city football club has confirmed the death of its owner richard city of other nupur he and four others were killed after the helicopter spiraled out of control and crashed in flames of the club stadium on saturday night trans have been being tribute to the victims. in baseball the boston red sox have won the was series off to beating the los angeles dodgers in game five the red sox have been the dominant team was season and cad that fall into baseball's showpiece event they captured the series four games to one thanks to a superb display of batting and pitching the victory spot to one celebrations off
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the game and they extended the streets of boston it was the red sox fourth one series talked to in fifteen years. you're watching the news coming to you live from london monica jones is standing by she have of business headlines for you so do stay with news if you can and for the latest on our breaking news to go to our web site deed of the dot com for the latest for me under that shima by finale. lieut.


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