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the conflicts. conflict zone with tim sebastian. w. . this is the w.'s line from the beginning of the end of the merkel era germany's chancellor rules out standing for another term will also resign as head of her conservative party disastrous returns for her governing coalition in two recent regional elections of course the chancellor towards the exit after more than a decade in power also on the program no sign of survivors from rescue workers in indonesia and locate they bring in human remains but none of the one hundred eighty nine people on board the crash line a flight from. rio de janeiro celebrates into the night for new
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president. the man they call the tropical trouble it's the first time in decades as a right wing populist has taken brazil's top job the result that leaves the country bitterly divided. i'm phil gale welcome to the program. has announced that she will relinquish the leadership of her party in december and step down as chancellor at the next election the move follows disastrous results for conservatives and based state elections chancellor merkel has dominated german politics for more than a decade but has been on the scene as domestically since last year's national elections. an earthquake a bombshell a day of destiny there's been no shortage of drastic descriptions. announcement.
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s. is. firstly at the coming c.d.u. party conference in december i have decided not to run again for c.d.u. party leader and secondly this fourth term is my last stand as chancellor of germany. at the election in twenty twenty one i won't run again and see the chancellor candidate it nor will i run for a seat in parliament nor will i seek any other political office. and the. merkel has previously said that the two jobs chancellor and party leader should go together but after eighteen years heading the christian democrats the moment has come where she feels she can only do one of them. a disastrous result in the election in her search should be seen as an opportunity for the whole government to change merkel said above all the cooperation between christian
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democrats and social democrats needs to improve for their part merkel's s.p.d. coalition partners are also licking their wounds after a terrible result in sunday's regional vote their leader andrea knowledges whose future in the job has also been questioned it was clear that lessons have to be learned at national level. here you can fight so we are absolutely determined to ensure that we can continue our work in the coalition it needs more commitments and margit stimulation to leave behind the problems of the past few months. in. opposition parties are already seizing their chance to capitalize on merkel's weakness. america is giving up the wrong job this won't make government more stable it will merely slow the death of the coalition. for long. but the much diminished grand coalition will limp along for now with
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a severely weakened chancellor at its head who will follow her a c.d.u. leader several candidates have already thrown their hats into the ring there could yet be a public battle for the soul of the c.d.u. for now merkel's tone remains thoughtful and sober as ever but as the chancellor spoke it was impossible not to feel that slowly she is giving up power yagni a mug of interest it has always been my wish to carry out my state and party judy's with dignity and one day to leave them with dignity but i know that in politics this cannot always happen in a plan the way i split the plan. that is the measured miracle way of saying i may not be chancellor for very much longer. so a movement to stay in german and indeed european politics let's turn to dump you chief political correspondent i'm going to cry and welcome but i. will start with the
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chances conservative party look at the german coalition so let's start with the conservative party she's stepping down as chair what does that mean it could to give them a chance to begin governing proactively rather than reactively and to begin disentangling their fate and their future from the person of the chancellor and also from the past because she has come to be very very controversial including within her own party for the decision that she took in two thousand and fifteen to admit hundreds of thousands of refugees to germany and whatever you think about that decision the fact is that there has been bitter bitter strife within her party and in particular with its bavarian sister party the c.s.u. in regard to that decision and that has overshadowed many of the parties other topics there are other accomplishments and so essentially this is
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a potential restart for them to get refocused on the work and on the future ok and for this the shaky coalition that has limped along since the start of vision what does losing this chancellor mean similarly it could be a kind of shock therapy it could be a catalyst for a restart for everybody to get focused on the work of governing certainly that's what the chancellor had in mind she said as she made her announcement that the image that this government is conveying is absolutely in acceptable that's those are strong words from uggla merkel so clearly she is hoping that again by taking her person and her past decisions out of the equation to some degree she then allows the coalition to get back down to business and the fact is they have. been passing legislative initiatives with important socio economic consequences in the area of health care in the area of pensions and in the area of early childhood
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education all of those are achievements that are scarcely seen the voters see this government as completely self-absorbed as riven by internal divisions and the voters in bavaria and in the state of hessen have sent a very clear message saying they're sick of the divisions and just just to be clear chancellor merkel is stepping down as party leader in december and the chancellor in twenty twenty one so we'll still see a bit of a yes or less she gets overtaken by events as we all must. so we're looking at a sea change that in german politics and of a merkel era absolutely it is a historic moment there's no question whatsoever she was the first woman to head a major party she has headed the c.d.u. for eighteen years she's been governing for over ten years she is a very very important figure in german politics the big question for the last six months has basically been is she going to go as a victim of
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a disorderly messy transition or is she going to take her own fate and thereby also her legacy into her own hands and leave in an orderly fashion and with dignity certainly this indicates the latter so that's one aspect what follows this and of course is change poses the implicit question will this also mark a kind of a change in german politics will we see a turn to something different we simply can't say that it depends very much on who succeeds her as head of the party on who succeeds her as chancellor on what various other political actors do so an open question on that but certainly this is a historic moment ok let's look at the runners and riders and as far as the replacement as leader of the seat. hugo's look at several different hats already thrown into the ring quite diverse in fact a person many view as the favorite to follow her up would be her designated
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successor essentially and a great come karrenbauer she is known as a moderate much of the chancellor's persuasion centrist liberal that's one then there are two men whose names are being mentioned one of them has said he definitely is a candidate that's yes he is the health minister at the moment he is young he has been viewed as a very conservative almost nationally consumed nationalistic lee conservative but he's been undergoing a sort of a self directed transformation lately to something a little bit more compassionate a little bit more socially oriented perhaps because he very much would like to be chancellor that's one person third person hasn't confirmed yet that he's a candidate for this position but his names being mentioned fleetest matts he was an old rival of the chancellors she pushed him out of power he is nonetheless a leading figure in the conservative party known as being very close to business he's had a very important position as
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a lawyer for the last eight years or so and he would definitely take the party into business friendly direction so those are the three hard to say where this is going to go we will talk about this more and more i'm sure in the coming weeks and months of a lot of chief political correspondent melinda craig thank you. d.w. has been speaking with members of the public new lens a brand the gates and we asked them what they made of americans decision. i think she's done a fantastic job but she's just lost support maybe she also doesn't feel up to doing the job like she's always insisted on doing and i'm thankful for what she's done but maybe it's time for something new. as. her workload in half so she has more time for governmental work but. someone new will take the chairpersons job mean a breath of fresh air in politics. let's take
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a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world a female suicide bomber who blew herself up in tunis the its capital the country's interior ministry says nine people including eight police officers were wounded the incident reportedly took place in central to this near the city's landmark municipal theater police have cordoned off the area. the prime suspect in the deadly shooting in this weekend is due to appear in court forty six year old robert bowers is accused of carrying out a mass coming on saturday and the morals been set up outside the tree of life synagogue in the city eleven people were killed. at least one person dead and several more wounded in afghanistan after a suicide bomber struck near the country's election commission headquarters in kabul the so-called islamic state has claimed responsibility. oh officials in indonesia say that the one hundred eighty nine people on board
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a plane that crashed into the sea are likely to be dead line at domestic flight last contact with air traffic control ten minutes after taking off from the capital jakarta emergency crews are still looking for the main wreckage but have located daybreak and human remains. as darkness fell in indonesia rescuers started the grim task of carrying the bodies of those killed to sure. they had initially been talk of finding people alive but as the divers began locating human remains they ruled out the chance of anyone surviving the impact of the crash. but . my prediction is no one has survived because we only managed to retrieve body parts that are incomplete. and it has been hours since the crash so it is possible all one hundred eighty nine people were killed. people are still waiting for answers as to why the plane went down one specialist
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aviation website checked its progress minutes after takeoff the pilot reported a problem and requested to be allowed to return to the airport the request was granted but then the plane made a sudden sharp dive into the sea. for the families and loved ones waiting at the destination the region about one hour north of jakarta the news could not have been more us. i waited until after eight am but there was still no word so i asked an official then he said the flight to lost contact. with. the crash is also a blow to indonesia's safety record the plane a boeing seven three seven max eight was just a few months old the airline said a recent technical problem had been repaired now the pressure is on for the country
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to get to the bottom of what caused this tragedy. let's go to jakarta the latest from journalist and more so welcome to day w now i understand the relatives of those on board have gathered at jakarta airport to wait for news what's happening. so the contacts i've spoken with just said that all for all families all day have been gathered not only at the airport. where the plane left but also to the other airport in jakarta and as the reporter said they were just waiting there for a lot of news but the only news that they could get was watching the t.v. and i mean the reports coming out from from the t.v. news which is devastating and i can imagine they would have been for family members because they were bringing back body bags but they were then being told that in the body bags were not even full bodies. and then after learning that the search and
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rescue team doesn't expect to find any survivors most of the families one who were to the hospital and police station to see if their loved one could have been found or identified i've been speaking to friends of people who lost. both tell us about how bad days of unfolded yeah unfortunately in some context i haven't lost some friends in a plane crash. one friend told me that their office hasn't really done any work today and it's just become a place for a collective prayer he said that everyone at the same time just didn't believe it monday morning and come back to work like not everyone is going back to work that day in a week. and then another friend also. said to his office i'm just waiting for a miracle to happen waiting for some news to come out to say that not everyone died on the plane but i don't know if that will ever come out. the rest of the families waiting at the airport in the young into the night for news no plane passengers and
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there were tents set up from national ministries to help out but. yeah. tell us about. this is quite a big low cost all right so with all the mixed safety record. yeah. i can tell you i've flown there a bunch of times and i mean flown the flight. that crashed today. the i think the big point is there is the low cost operator and that means a lot of people need to use it to get between indonesians islands and that's of the same time where there are ferries that go in between islands but that's even even more dangerous so lion air becomes the cheaper option to get quickly which in places and. lying there in my city where i'm based in indonesia i'm in jakarta now. in the last year has had actually two crashes they've never had and
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they've had once a fatal crash in i was in two thousand and four but since then i haven't had any fatal injuries that have happened in the plane but a lot of mishaps and safety regulations that haven't been met. and most in jakarta thank you. to not to brazil with. us want to sweeping victory in the country's presidential election official results gave him more than fifty five percent of the votes while i had left as confident that as the final results were announced that was grief and joy on the streets a sign of brazil's division over its new leader. thousands of people gathered outside jaya bows and arrows home in rio de janeiro to celebrate. for his supporters the result marks a new beginning for brazil. with many shedding tears of joy as the news broke was election campaign was tough and particularly divisive
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i just sing the nation for the first time as the country's president elect from inside his own home also now a spark of unity but of their lives not of oh this is a country for a saw brazilians by birth or heart of brazil of diverse opinions colors and orientations as a defender of freedom i will lead a government which defends and protects the rights of citizens who comply with their duties and respect the laws. there were some very different scenes in sao paulo amongst supporters of his leftist opponent fernando had. and out on the street there was anger towards the one there. many protesters shouting not him. like you i'm in mourning not for me but for brazil it doesn't deserve this it doesn't deserve this ignorance. all scenarios are highly polarizing figure in brazil critics charge him with repeatedly
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making with such a mystic homophobic and racist comments and defending torture he's also praised the military dictatorship which led the country from one thousand nine hundred sixty four to nine hundred eighty five many political analysts say his sudden popularity is a symptom of the multiple crises besetting brazil. both scenarios pledged to crack down on rampant corruption and to rescue an economy in turmoil. but the former army captain is major promises being to get tough on crime he says violence in brazil has reached epidemic levels in early september also now was stabbed during a campaign rally possibly only proving his point in many people's eyes. during campaigning both in our own painted himself as a man far removed from the country's political elite but now he's in power brazilians will be wondering what he's going to do with it. you're watching d.w. news live from ballot still to come sunday's mexican grown pre-sold british drive
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on there is how much will claim a fifth world championship this career will bring you all the action and reaction from mexico and around the world in just the room. ahead of that. business desk on the business reaction to going to recent announcements that's right the euro dipped to a low of one dollar thirteen when chancellor angela merkel announced she would be seeking reelection but european stock markets had a different take as the news broke germany's dax put on an immediate two percent spurt it was a pretty clear statement of the market that's weakened considerably considerably in recent weeks so why were markets so buoyant off the mark as announcement a little earlier i asked our financial correspondent down here cold in frankfurt. when the. news was breaking it went.
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to a level off. point the really. been very much. going on in the grand coalition. and also. on the financial world because many. are also needed though we also hear. a comment the moment hearing. any more strong. in the past will now also other european leaders knowing going to term big reforms like the ones that very much. talk about the budget or also that all of them a little bit longer and. there
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britain's finance minister philip hammond has been laying out his spending plans for the coming year this fall's budget is the last before brags its next march when the u.k. leaves the e.u. and promises that britain's economy will grow by one point six percent after breakfast they also expect address it fall in the deficit but today's budget would have to be completely overhauled if britain crashes out of the e.u. without ever drawn deal. helloween is just around the corner and millions of americans are expected to celebrate it the u.s. national retail federation says more than one hundred seventy five million americans are planning to book around the festival of horror could help kick off a retail boom in the u.s. during the last quarter total spending on monster costumes and decorations is expected to reach nine billion dollars slightly short of last year's record but this one showing by shoppers during halloween could be a sign that the u.s.
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economy is still robust despite recent stock market volatility. doesn't scare you enough the next story most definitely will because where you get your teeth fixed after eating too much street food or in pakistan you go to the street dentist. polishing and cleaning for about two dollars that prevents cavity. is not that i don't have enough money for the dentists in the hospitals they charge thirty to forty dollars just for cleaning so it's better to go to the street dentist who can do it for only two dollars they can even fix the teeth. it's all about improvise ation of the open air clinics in the pakistani city of pindi. for many locals street dentists are the only option for dental care the average pakistani earns around one hundred dollars a month. but the experience is not for the squeamish.
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but i don't have enough things here and we have a special chemical which we apply and works well we can't do root canal treatments because we don't have the equipment for that our patients are poor and they will develop a lot of them under no one and do something for your teeth polish and clean them noise dust and poor hygiene that's what patients put up with but business is booming for the dentists. treat up to one hundred patients a day. these dentists earn between twenty and twenty five dollars daily that's a lot of money in pakistan but for the patient it all comes down to trust it's almost impossible to know how qualified the street dentists are. or that's frightening she should. hear. in the next hour let's go to sports and formula one racing lose house installed to a fifth world championship when american grandparents sunday it was red balls of
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nuts fresh up and who won the race in mexico city riding this immediate challenge hamilton would start a third of the grid the brit couldn't manage a place on the podium when the end of his fourth place finish was was enough to secure a fifth world title only seven time world champion michael schumacher has ever won all. of the baseball the boston red sox have won the world series after beating the los angeles dodgers in the game five the red sox have been the dominant team all season and carried that form into baseball's showpiece event it captured the series four one thanks to a superb display of batting and pitching the victory sparked wild celebrations extended to the streets of boston. was the red sox fourth world series title in fifteen years. on the football rail the dreaded looks like they're preparing to sack their head coach you learn a lot better game after
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a disastrous five one defeat to boston on sunday at this former spain coach took over at real madrid after the world cup but his team's been troubled from the start and the sides currently languishing in one place in the spanish me at the clubs believed to be lining up former chelsea boss antonio context as his replacement italian was sacked by chelsea back in july and he's now a favorite to take over at madrid. just times remind you of the top stories at base our germany's chancellor i go america has enough she will not stand for another term i see elections in twenty twenty one she also said she would stand down as chair of her conservative democrat party the move comes after heavy losses from the host conservatives in recent state elections. and rescuers in indonesia found no sign of survivors from the water their flight which crashed into the sea of jakarta in total one hundred eighty nine people aboard and.
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i forget you can always get to d.w. news on the coach just download from google play all from the opera still if you access to all the latest news from around the world this was push notifications but i think breaking news you can also use it to send us photos on videos. that's it you're up to they will feel up to talk off beat our other forget you get over latest news and information around on our website if you haven't got a state don't leave dot com have a good day. lowering
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the range and. generally is most long distance hiking trail. it's going to be exhausting it may be my shoes it will look like this. is it in style over one hundred and seventy kilometers a trail unspoiled nature. d.w. . resets the
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confusing game brings action to incent. that's most software can do. maybe even decide for themselves two thirds of the hundred units. it's a good it's easy to tell it is well. to morrow to dick him sixty minutes on the w. . scars cover don't forget women in russia have to live with violence sexism and oppression a lot of saying that violence is normal in russia. where putin is petri arche lines today women's rights were already gaining traction a hundred years ago. people here don't have
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a clue about feminism but there are women who want to instigate change in everyday life for justice and equality. under the skin of russia's women starts nov thirteenth on w. today i'm go.


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