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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  October 29, 2018 6:15pm-6:31pm CET

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earth home to millions of species a home worth saving. has much of those are big changes and most start with small steps global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world like news crews from the climate change to green energy solutions and
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reforestation. they create interactive content teaching the next generation about environmental protection and we're determined to build something here for the next generation global ideas the multimedia environment series on t.w. . the. german chancellor angela merkel announces she won't go for a fourth term as the news emerged the euro slip spots european stock market investors seem overjoyed we'll tell you what. brazil elects far i've put this in a bowl so naro us president is he really that tropical trump can he make brazil great again. most emerging economies have very little in the way of public.
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since we take a look at how pakistan's streetside dentists fill the gap. this is it of a visit some as a berlin welcome bureau briefly dips to a low of one dollar thirteen when chancellor angela merkel announced she would be seeking reelection in twenty twenty one and stepped down as party leader by the end of this year but european stock markets had a different take as the news broke germany's dax put on a immediate two percent spurt it was a pretty clear statement of the market that's we can considerably in recent weeks so why were markets so buoyant after america's announcement a little earlier i asked our financial correspondent koeppen fracture where the. person. who under point the really.
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been going on in the grand coalition. also. of the financial world because many forms are also needed. also he. will comment at the moment. any more wrong. in the past with also other european leaders knowing going to be termed big reforms like the ones that very much. about the budget of italy or also all of the cooking a little bit longer. financial correspondent daniel cope they're reporting from france often strange. britain's finance minister philip hammond has been laying out his spending plans for the coming year this fall's
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budget is the last before bragg's it next march when the u.k. is set to leave the e.u. and promises that britain's economy will grow by one point six percent after breaks it he also expects a drastic fall in the deficit but today's budget will have to be completely overhauled if britain crashes out of the e.u. without the withdrawal the. brazilian link stocks got a lift today boosted by the country's presidential election which saw the victory of controversial far right candidate gioia bowles an hour ago he announced economic reform and particularly overhaul of brazil's costly pension system and privatisation of its state owned enterprises now his supporters expect balls and now to deliver on his companion promises. brazil sun somber and fun. the south american country is a symbol for parties and celebration that's the one sign. but the other side looks
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different millions of brazilians live in poverty thirteen million of them are unemployed a rate of twelve percent the second highest in latin america and they're struggling with the ever increasing cost of living then there are the extremely high taxes which are supposed to flush money into the coffers of the state. but that's obviously not enough over the past five years the national debt has risen from around sixty percent of g.d.p. to a current level of almost ninety percent the reality which is already slipped by around twenty percent this year recently hit a two year low after years of recession the economy is beginning to pick up again but only very slightly. the incoming president has promised many things. he plans on selling state owned companies and using that money to pay off the state debt but the most important state owned corporations
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such as petro bonds and banker to brazil remain exempt. in addition he's declared war on massive corruption. i'm joined in the studio by vanessa fisher from a business who grew up in brazil so as a brazilian passport and covers the country quite regularly when asked what was the main economic issues that might brazilians vote for was in our what if we repeated his share of brazilians and specially from middle class income families is that they feel robbed and basically on a system where you pay a higher amount of taxes and you basically get nothing in return so they argument that you have to pay in to a public health system just to give you an example you have to do that everybody has to contribute and at the same time you pay double because you have to pay into private one because the service isn't. public sector is how bad it is not enough if
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you can put a little bit of money aside he will put your children into a private school because the public school the level of education is so bad that you have to filter and will not compete on the market and at the same time you will pipe a high end of high amount of for measures security measures for example because you have the risk of getting robbed every day on the streets so this is this makes people are so fed up and so enraged about this that they have the feeling all their taxes their their financing corruption basically and also now was very his election was he was very successful in channeling this anger with corruption. the business community seems to be quite happy about his elections the reality is our stock in the mix is jumped to a record high today why this is very interesting because both from their own himself he doesn't have a very defined economic agenda i would say but he has
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a. political economic adviser and he's quite famous and he's outspoken and he's also the designated finance and economic minister his name is paul ghettoes he's a market liberal and he comes from the university of chicago and yesterday night just to give you an example he already saved we're going to change the social democratic economic model and these changes are going to be sweeping so. we have to expect a serious cut in in social benefits for poor families what was implemented under losing us for this and what the former president and the working party we have to expect privatization program that was already mentioned he had already mostly get is already has one hundred fifty state owned companies on his list it remains to be seen how many of those will be privatized and more neoliberal course and economy definitely but as of his i thank you very much. how we in is just around the corner
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and millions of americans are expected to celebrated the u.s. national retail federation annual survey says more than one hundred seventy five million americans are planning to spook around the festival of horror could help kick off a retail boom in the u.s. during the last quarter total spending on costumes and decorations is expected to reach nine billion dollars slightly short of last year's record a strong showing by shoppers gearing halloween to be a sign that the u.s. economy is still robust despite the stock market volatility. and of hillary doesn't scare you the next story definitely well where do you get your teeth fixed when you have really too much street food well in pakistan you go to a street dentist have a look. polishing and cleaning for about two dollars that prevents cavity. because i got it i don't have enough money for the dentists in the
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hospitals they charge thirty to forty dollars just for cleaning so it's better to go to the street dentists who can do it for only two dollars they can even fix the teeth. it's all about improvise ation of the open air clinics in the pakistani city over pindi for many locals street dentists are the only option for dental care the average pakistani earns around one hundred dollars a month. but the experience is not for the squeamish. one but i don't have a lot of things here and we have a special chemical which we apply and works well we can't do root canal treatments because we don't have the equipment for that our patients are poor and with a doctor look at them under no one and do something for your teeth polish and clean them noise dust and poor hygiene that's what patients put up with but business is booming for the dentists. treat up to one hundred patients
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a day. these dentists earn between twenty and twenty five dollars daily that's a lot of money in pakistan but for the patient it all comes down to trust it's almost impossible to know how qualified the street dentists are. or. going to china a factory where robots will build robots swiss from a.b.b. plants to build a one hundred fifty million dollar factory in shanghai which is slated to open in two years a.b.b. will produce industrial robots which will then be moved to other factories to build cars or simple electronics machines will work alongside was just a virtue of just a few humans even autopilot carts will follow robots around the factory carting necessary supplies the decision to invest heavily in china comes as a tense trade dispute is playing up between washington and beijing. banking giant
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pages b. c. of britain said on monday that their pretax profits rose twenty eight percent to five point nine two billion dollars in the third quarter of the year the bank cited strong revenue growth in its main global businesses as main reason shares of the bank up three point eight eight percent after wide ranging cutbacks that so fifty thousand jobs axed in an overall announced in twenty fifteen the bank is now planning to hire again as it seeks new growth areas. and that's it for me and the business scene here in berlin now chris of call up we'll have an update for you in the next office for watching.
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the. results confusing brings action to ensure. that small self-made can do. maybe even do something you can see. it's a good piece of tonnage it's well. tomorrow today next doubling .
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