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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 30, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm CET

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the most famous around him for most politicians fear in germany. conflict zone starts october thirty first on g.w. . this is deja vu news live from berlin a world beyond merkel a day after i'm gone marco announces her planned exit from politics she takes germany's foreign policy spotlight live this hour we're covering that speech at the g. twenty compact for africa conference here in berlin for the german chancellor a chance to cement trade legacy as a champion of development in africa. i'm
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sumi so much kind of good to have you with us looking ahead to a future beyond germany in the world can now contemplate this coming reality a day after the german chancellor announced her plan to exit from politics but today merkel is back at work set to appear in just a few moments at the g twenty compact with africa summit here in berlin we'll cover that live but first a look at what's next after michael's announcement that she'll resign as leader of her party. an earthquake a bombshell a day of destiny there's been no shortage of drastic descriptions. announcement. s. is. firstly at the coming c.d.u. party conference in december i have decided not to run again for c.d.u. party leader and secondly this fourth term is my last and as chancellor of germany
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start at the election in twenty twenty one i won't run again and see the chancellor candidate nor will i run for a seat in parliament nor will i seek any other political office. and sleep. merkel has previously said that the two jobs chancellor and party leader should go together but after eighteen years heading the christian democrats the moment has come where she feels she can only do one of. the disastrous results in the election in her search should be seen as an opportunity for the whole government to change merkel said above all the cooperation between christian democrats and social democrats needs to improve for their part merkel's s.p.d. coalition partners are also licking their wounds after a terrible result in sunday's regional vote their leader andrea knowledges whose future in the job has also been questioned it was clear but lessons have to be
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learned at a national level. here you can fry we are absolutely determined to ensure that we can continue our work in the coalition it needs more commitment and more determination to leave behind the problems of the past few months. opposition parties are already seizing their chance to capitalize on miracles weakness. america is giving up the wrong job this won't make government more stable it will merely slow the death of the coalition. for long. but the much diminished grand coalition will limp along for now with a severely weakened chancellor at its head who will follow her a c.d.u. leader several candidates have already thrown their hats into the ring there could yet be a public battle for the soul of the c.d.u.
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for now merkel's tone remains thoughtful and sober as ever but as the chancellor spoke it was impossible not to feel that slowly she is giving up power. job. it has always been my wish to carry out my state and party judi's with dignity and one day to leave them with dignity but i know that in politics this cannot always happen in a planned way i split the plan. that is the measured magical way of saying i may not be chancellor for very much longer our political correspondent nina is following the story for us hi nina good to see you so two important announcements from chancellor merkel that she's stepping down as party leader in december and as chancellor in twenty twenty one what does that mean for her coalition government. well obviously after those bad results in both the bavarian and the hess elections for all the parties that are involved in the current
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government coalition here in berlin it was clear that there was a lot of pressure that something needed to change and angle americal believes that she has somehow helped ease the pressure and taken off the pressure somewhat by making those announcements so that ideally all the parties involved in the current government coalition can get back to work that they can overcome those in a coalition struggles and this navel gazing but of course there are also those who say that machall is extremely weakened and that this announcement to resign as party chair is weakening her even further and that the question of who's going to be her successor as party chair could even spell more trouble within the coalition so there are very differing views here on what it means for the government that question about her successor has been gaining a lot of speculation that we've seen in the last twenty four hours a possible future chancellor coming from the c.d.u.
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who has emerged there so far as a favorite. i would say we have to focus on three names at the moment three people have put their hats in the ring and essentially they stand for two different directions that the party could be heading first of course there is secretary general and they come very much a close medical ally chosen by america as new secretary general of this year who would mean a continuation both in demeanor and in policy of medical herself and then there is inspiring and flake metsi and spawn obviously being the health minister in the current medical cabinet mats a long drive a long standing rival of i'm gone macaroons who left politics essentially fifteen years ago who was ousted by anglo american as parliamentary group leader at the time and he probably sees it as some kind of possibility for revenge so at a party conference in december the conservatives they see do you will have to
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decide which direction they want to take in the future you know we start chancellor merkel essentially seize the initiative silencer critics by making the announcement that she did yesterday but can she last her full term until twenty twenty one. well that will very much depend on just how well she can work together with her successor as party chair i mean that i've met are both vocal critics of ongoing battles and then certainly not if they are one of them is chosen as the successor are not going to make her life easier as chancellor and of course it also depends on the junior partners in the current government coalition the s.p.d. the social democrats who have a lot of soul searching to do themselves and who have lost their profile somewhat in the current government coalition and they are looking ahead to some important party conferences where they will decide whether or not they want to stay in the current government coalition if they don't probably going to look at fresh elections and that would mean an early end to uncle americal xah term as chancellor
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all right our political correspondent nina hoss i thank you nina. at a time that germany was grappling with its cultural legacy and today germany's government is marking twenty years since the creation of the role of a federal commissioner for culture and the media two decades on it's proven a boon for the german arts sector. after a long day for german chancellor angela merkel in political berlin there was reason to celebrate on monday evening twenty years of the german government's commission for culture media in a speech to six hundred guests merkel underlined the significance of culture particularly in times of divided societies noida of on the record curiosity for the cultures and they when us of one's own culture go hand in hand the better we know our own cultural background the better we can understand the cultures of other people and countries see similarities and understand difference is the best so we
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can also find the way to a peaceful and fruitful togetherness in our world. and on the phone for the fin. overshadowed by two dictatorships in nazi germany and former east germany the responsibility for germany's culture had long remained in the hands of the country's sixteen federal states never again was art culture and media to be abused by the state for political purposes. but didn't consuls in guns are chased a very important for giving food for thought they can be uncomfortable they keep us fit in thinking and they keep a democracy awake because sometimes they are difficult. responsible sedate for the funding of more than seventy institutions to be is also tasked with lead in the way in dealing with germany's past so that it may continue forward into the future as a coach and nation. well after
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a night of celebrating the culture and media commissioner merkel now turns her attention to her foreign policy legacy and deepening germany's engagement with africa she is a hosting a summit here in berlin aimed at raising private investment for africa the initiative was launched during germany's g twenty presidency last year of the so-called compact with africa merkel is expecting twelve heads of states to promote economic growth on the african continent. and thomas sparrow is covering the summit for us here in downtown brooklyn i thomas let's talk about the timing of the speech it's been a day since i'm going michael met that announcement of a phased departure from her role as chancellor how is that changed the meaning of this address. well i don't think he has changed it a lot because this is something that was planned well in advance in fact this g. twenty compact with africa program was part of germany's g twenty presidency in two thousand and seventeen it is a project that has continued since then and it just happens to be
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a coincidence that it is being held today right here in central berlin a day after i'm going to calls announcement obviously i'm going. to a certain extent has overshadowed what comes next but i'm. still very much intent in showing that work continues as normal that they want to make sure that they they come and they come to terms and they realize the goals that they set out in their coalition agreement in fact africa was mentioned more than twenty times in the coalition agreement that i'm going to conservatives signed with the social democrats with the s.p.d. and that is why i'm going to merkel is very much. trying to focus on her goal of working hand in hand with african countries and that's why she's holding here this summit with african leaders tom is just a note for our viewers this summit is taking place and we are expecting the chancellor to speak at the summit we're going to listen to her live that's the box that you see there on the bottom of your screen for our viewers thomas here some of africa's top leaders are here at this summit and this is been a centerpiece of cooperation between germany and africa what is their perception do
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you think of merkel's announcement of her and on coming out departure. well one of the key elements of african german corporation has obviously been this compact with africa but it's not the only program that germany has when it comes to african countries in fact they have various different programs from different ministries here in in germany so obviously from the african perspective the fact that anglo merkel is slowly but surely putting an end to her term as chancellor might come as a with a big question mark as to what will happen with these programs that different german ministries and obviously the german chancellor as well have been carrying out with african countries one of the key elements here coming from different lists is that the word consistency that these. grahams that are being developed hand in hand with african countries should be consistent should be long term shouldn't be changed when one political leader goes in another political leader so that will be one of the key challenges that anglo merkel will have here with african leaders and is
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probably one of the questions that african leaders have as well when it comes to their commitment with angela merkel and her government thomas given some of those question marks tell us more about what is on the agenda for this summit for the german chancellor and for these african nations. will probably reveal some new strategies when it comes to this contract with africa with a different african nations that are taking part the whole idea behind this compact with africa is to promote private investment including in infrastructure and working hand in hand in sort of bilateral way with each country and then obviously as a whole in a compact with africa as well in order for these countries to make reforms that could then help them obviously to achieve goals and to bring and promote that investment that germany is very interested in so obviously there is something in the background of all this and that is the migration crises many african migrants have come to europe and one of the key goals of germany and by the way one of the key goals of other african of other european leaders is to try and create
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conditions in the different african countries so that people don't need to migrate in the first place and that includes jobs that includes infrastructure that includes all these projects that i'm glad michael will be discussing here with the african leaders that have come to berlin what do you think this is an important piece thomas for berlin itself oh you know what thomas it looks like we're just seeing the german chancellor get a stage let's listen to her now let me in the minute. presidents prime ministers and minister to. my your colleague mr professor. i'm very pleased to be able to her. today hugh how members of the compact with africa. and i want to bid you all a very warm welcome here in berlin and. thank you i would also like to say thank you to the organizers of this event and in africa i would like to thank the some three sub-saharan africa initiative for german business and the africa says
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the asian we would like to send a strong signal to get there that is the fact that the good profitable neighborhood relationship between africa and europe is important to us we are neighbors and partners and we as europeans have a great interest in seeing the countries of africa. having good economic perspectives and this requires government but also primarily private investment and the question is how we get from state aid to private investors and this is our major task and that is also state of the art development policy as our minister get is developing on his way out but no real opportunities and risk will always have to be weighed and compared to. the opportunities or chances for commitment coming facilitated by having better
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investment conditions both for african and european companies. apart from strengthening africa as a location for investment it's also important to establish fair trade relations between europe and africa. the prerequisites for trade and industry should be improved but done jointly is the core message of the africa have a compact with africa which we developed in twenty seventeen during the german presidency of the g. twenty the point wasn't just talking about africa but with it. and this is one of the central lessons we are learning from traditional development corporation which is frequently not leave you get the kind of success we've. wanted to see and that is why we need to talk with you the contact with africa initiative follows a different a new approach it's about an equal footing type of partnership which is aiming
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to be long lasting and to benefit all equally and of course we know that every single country both in europe and africa has its own specific cities its own the locational character so it's very important that every compact country. dance reforms on its own to improve the investment climate but equally every single participating countries should also make clear its expectations as to what kind of support they wish and what is the support they need in order to get their reforms underway in the i.w. at the world bank and the african development bank are involved in this process but never mind whether it's about putting together your own reform package or to take over the obligations and review they success of geisha is entered into by both african and non african countries this corporation is working well as i could see for myself on my recent africa trip when i could to
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a clear idea of what was happening and i may say that the first impact is already to be felt foreign direct investment in africa all together has slightly drunks in recent years but in the compact with african countries s.d.i. has risen and i know that all of you are really important giving a lot of importance to time because you need to do something quickly you know people respect quick results and expect that to happen that's what we know when we try to speed up and sells. trust of investors can be expected exactly where in the compact with africa countries have already implemented reforms and as i said earlier that. is seen in the foreign direct investment that to goes into those countries and that brings me to saying thank you to the investors and many of them are here to present that investment projects and they were they actually
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contribute to the economic development of africa while at the same time being a role model for others to say look at this continent a little more closely a continent which has four hundred fifty countries and a huge growth potential of many years we were focused very much on asia but i think in future we need to look more towards africa. we would like to support this as the german government and women looking at trade for example with ghana and senegal and then we see that there are three main. export credit is which we are guaranteed in making six hundred thirty million euros or together and as the german government we put our heads together to consider how further measures can be started in development investment fund for small and medium sized enterprises is going to be set up for both european and african companies. and that is supposed to help was finance the participation credit and ease the access into the market of these
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companies would also like to promote exports and german companies into african countries thereby making it easier to safeguard them against political risks or to ensure against defaults and of course whatever measures we are taking will depend very much on the reforms taken by the respective african countries. by the cover they provide and i can also say that obviously we cannot take over all the risks but we are going to offer more help in this respect than we have in the past this is one way in which we can avoid companies for example suffering from double taxation which is why that sort of agreement is something very important to us and we have concluded by such as an agreement already with five of the compact africa countries we may go. sitting with three other c.w. countries and i can only tell you we're doing all we can from our side to accelerate the process of these negotiations we would also like to conclude more partnerships for training and education with companies in africa and institutions
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in africa we're talking about certain sectors of industry to develop and pacific locations by setting up industrial estates for example commercial estates the last one is its new bilateral reform partnerships that we are trying to achieve with senegal morocco and ethiopia so these are some central elements of the package of measures that we are initiating again we see this as a nod on to the development of the compact with african initiative this conference here expresses the fact that we want to live and bring partnership and cooperation and that entails very much improving investment conditions that is in our joint interest and let me once again thank you all for coming here and now i am really looking forward to what i will see and experiencing at this economic forum thank you.
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very you've been listening to a german chancellor angela merkel give her first remarks on foreign policy since announcing her phased departure yesterday she's been speaking at a german african business forum here in berlin and our thomas sparrow has been following this story for us there let's bring him back in for some analysis i'm just hearing that we cannot get our correspondent thomas sparrow up on the line let's see if he can join us thomas there either. all right it looks like we'll have to get back to him a little bit later the idea of the summit the compact with africa program it came up after it became clear that in spite of its incredible need africa is often overlooked by a broad front of investors from the g twenty nations particularly when it comes to infrastructure projects and germany is one of the countries trying to boost investment as a host of today's summit. in germany currently has twelve billion dollars invested across the entire african continent that may sound like a lot but it's actually less than it's invested in small e.u.
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economies like hungary's to change that eleven african countries have joined the compact with africa initiative it's a g twenty initiative to boost private sector investment in africa through partnerships and economic reforms one of the states is ethiopia the fast growing economy is becoming increasingly appealing to outside investors because it's progressive government is liberalizing its economy it also pledged to keep expanding its infrastructure and recent peace agreements with leading every trade and somalia promised stability in the region. well we heard german chancellor angela merkel talking about how important those investments are she gave her first remarks on foreign policy since announcing her face departure yesterday at this german african business forum here in berlin and we do have our correspondent thomas ferro with us now let's bring him in hi thomas good to see you so we heard the chance or speak a little bit earlier saying there's an interest in african countries having a good economic perspective you know what set out to you from the chancellor's
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words. well exactly all those details about the compact with africa which is one of the key projects that. governments have developed with these african countries as part of their africa shot to do this was something that was developed during a. g twenty presidency when germany held the presidency in two thousand and seventeen and this is in a way the continuation of the project that i'm going to develop obviously germany no longer has a g twenty presidency but it is a project that very much fits into i'm going to cause foreign policy priorities not only with each african country specifically about with africa as a whole into something that she suddenly stressed today now when it comes to the details of this compact with africa clearly focused on two issues one obviously being that that focus on private investment from germany then on the other hand the reforms that have come in that have to come home and hand in hand from the respective african countries if they want to in a way unlock the following the funds that are coming from germany for those private
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investments and i was against that i'm going to stress today in that speech and tell us why is it so important for the chancellor she said to deepen the country's germany's involvement with africa. on the one hundred because she sees a lot of possibilities in africa there's no doubt about that in germany as an exporting nation clearly understands that there can be a lot of potential in africa but it also has to do obviously with migration this is something that cannot be ignored or set aside because obviously many african migrants have come to not only to germany but also to other european countries and part of these projects not only the compact with africa but many other projects that have been developed by different german ministries want to create conditions in certain african countries so that people do not have the need to flee or to move in the first place this is what i'm going to call and many many occasions has defined as fighting the root causes of migration and this is one concrete project where i'm going merkel thinks that this can be fought and thomas just briefly was
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this back to business today typical anglo medical speech that you heard. undoubtedly this was back to business today for angela merkel i think she doesn't want to give the impression that has reached yesterday her announcement yesterday will change absolutely everything she clearly mentioned yesterday that she wants to remain as german chancellor until twenty twenty one and this obviously means that she wants to get back to work as soon as possible but obviously everything is now being analyzed under a different light after her announcement yesterday here in berlin already to please thomas farrow speaking to us thank you very much thomas. and let's talk more about the compact with africa we have christine one who reports on the politics and business of africa for us thank you christine so we saw our report a little bit earlier talking specifically about what the point is of having this compact with africa of boosting investment in ethiopia for example being a good example of a country that is ripe for investment why is that and how do you see that perspective you know if europe is
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a very interesting case because we're starting to see that countries growth story emerge when we were talking about you know leading nations on the continent ethiopia wasn't really part of the conversation until recently and we're starting to see a strong business case image and what a platform like this to as this compact with africa agreement wait wait governments come and meet and engage the private sector from from the division of well it gives it gives that country an opportunity to help the develop will that listen we have made certain reforms whatever you know we were in the paused these are this is the progress that we've made so it's a it's a crucial platform for countries like ethiopia who need that visibility who need that publicity so to say i think we've heard even the chance to say that for a long time we've been ignoring the continent of africa we focus more on other developing regions like asia for example so ethiopian policy makers were ethiopian leaders and countries and i to be able to stand and speak to the industry engage on a one of one basis because that platform has been created in many senses you can
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call the private sector somewhat lazy at times they're not willing to take unnecessary risks if you can open shop in asia why go through the trouble of looking for a business case in africa so what a platform like this does for a country like ethiopia i think one can emphasize enough is that it does create that platform or a government instead to the private sector and say we have a sort of business case there is an investment case in our country come in give us a try there are critics of this compact as well the for example one of the countries taking part is egypt and some of the critics say that this needs that european private bester to be putting money into a government of questionable human rights record. you make about you know i hear that from a lot of human rights groups on the ground who say it is also the responsibility of leaders like chancellor angela merkel and other leaders develop old to press on his haitians on the continent to do better on the right on the side of human rights often what you find is the prerequisites that are required for such agreements generally tend to go along the lines of stick your in the investments that would
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have been put into a certain country so a country like germany will say if you're going to have investment from german companies we want to ensure that they can get returns for one but also that the money that they invest in there that they can proceed to get out and so you generally tend to see that a lot of these prerequisites and all of these reforms that are required in the part of african countries before accept or before be able to receive such money does not necessarily deal with ethical moral issues like the human rights issues so you do have a lot of human rights groups saying that in as much as we appreciate foreign direct investment i think everybody can agree that that is needed you do need jobs being created in country is there must also be the conversation the pressure coming from developed countries to say improve on areas such as human rights christine you know south africa is africa is the. second largest economy rather than we do have some real drama rama pozo who is actually just getting out of the conference to speak and we want to listen to his words on this compact let's see what he has to say. to you and. me and this is an initiative which was
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a huge potential will go on just when he comes to improving and changing the laws of soviet citizens and companies are represented today by the political leaders who have come here to the come hunch over with africa over the g. twenty is a pioneering outfit aimed at supporting african nations in this. on the international scene to try and attract investment from the international arena and from africa to africa the i dare say is rooted in the fact that a quick with economic development is possible if and when african countries resells and the g twenty countries themselves as well as international organizations are all that was really together this is a way in which a better climate for private investment can be achieved as well as an improved
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standard of living in africa all of this initiative that builds on the previous g twenty initiative for africa like the of g twenty initiative to promote industrialization in africa and the least developed countries so guns and there was also a access to energy plan of the g. twenty but the compact with africa initiative is plan which i aimed at implementing and achieving. your goal the gold set by the african union and for two thousand and sixty three this can all be facilitated particularly because it involves infrastructure projects for the continent of africa out. in this effort it is extremely important that the initiative is based on the spirit of partnership where every african country can define and set its own priorities and we. continue with two of the
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compact compact with africa also represents a firm political commitment from participating african countries to a new developmental and governance approaches that were definitely unlock. activity. we applaud fellow african countries that are participating in this initiative demonstrating the value of global cooperation and coordination to what an industrialized developing prosperous africa since its launch in twenty seventeen we have already witness progress under the compact with africa initiative we now have a list of flagship projects worth billions of u.s.
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dollars which are identified but which are also earmarked for investment and this represents the enhance the involvement of developmental finance institutions among these institutions that have expertise and approaches that could be used to mobilize resources for africa's infrastructure as part of the efforts to promote private investment on the continent south africa as well as the african development bank will host the inaugural africa investment forum in johannesburg from the seventh to the ninth of november of this year the africa investment forum is a transsexual no platform bringing together international financial
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institutions sovereign wealth funds and institutional investors. south africa germany and the african development bank will also host the i knew our compact with africa investor event on the morning of the eighth of november this event presents an opportunity. to showcase improved investment conditions in african countries participating in the compact with africa as well as concrete private sector activity in these countries these initiatives complement our own efforts in south africa where we launched an ambitious investment drive this year to raise one hundred billion dollars in new investment over the next five years last week we hosted the
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inaugural south africa investment conference in johannesburg which was attended by both local and international investors and a number of german companies represented here also participated significantly there was also great interest from businesspeople from a number of african countries suggesting that there is far more potential for intra africa investment as well. as african governments work to improve the investment environment and market conditions in their own countries they will no doubt find investor interest not only from the g twenty countries but also from other parts of the continent allow me to conclude by thanking chancellor merkel
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and head government but more importantly the german business community for the steadfast commitment. and focus on africa to ensure that the various initiatives that they have embarked upon and they are about to embark upon do truly succeed and we can say without equivocation that africa is indeed open for business or we are delighted that we have this opportunity for african countries to present viable ben and investable approach or we invite you to take a march q no interest in our continent thank you very much. welcome back you've been watching the south african president there obama pose a speaking at a german african a business summit that's taking place here in berlin about the compact with africa
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that's the name of this summit that we're seeing today. is with us to talk more about this with us christine what is in this compact for south africa we heard cyril ramaphosa really supporting it there essentially and i think south africa is in a very sort of unique and interesting position in the sense that it is a g twenty members self but also on the other side of things when it's not a compact with africa member would also like to benefit from the g. twenty investment into south africa you know that when sort of was the came into office nothing a long ago and he's messaging was i'm going to bring in more investment into the countries south africa is in recession as we speak a stab in the high unemployment rates these are some of the things that he has to tackle going into this there is an election coming up and the a.n.c. to get into so they have an honest little bit is in a very unique position in that it now needs to make a case to vote to say you know all those promises we made about a new presidency and turning a new tide in south african politics we're going to did have on the job so you know
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in as much as he is speaking as you know co-chair with michael from a g twenty perspective he's also of a signaling to to the private sector that we too are open for business. is that we have turned a new leaf that the zuma era which was associated with corruption and cronyism is behind us we're moving forward we're making the necessary reforms you're dealing with a new south africa so lots on this in terms of sort of up with his credibility as well of the markets welcomed him i remember looking at the markets and watching the south african rand sol when the news came in that he's coming in to take over from jacob zuma a lot of business leaders in the world have dealt with him he is a wealthy businessman himself and so there was this idea that this is the person that's going to the things around in terms of south africa's economy so he's integrity is at stake it wasn't a case to to prove himself it was more about is he going to disappoint people and i think a lot singeing on that investment coming into southern africa as well for him so more investment in these compact countries can do south africa as well and it's a short oppose as well it is ok this is the first visit to germany as south
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africa's leader tell us about the relationship between these two countries oh yeah i mean that relationship goes way back as we speak you've got the presence of german companies in south africa and the job creation i think the number is that of a one hundred one hundred thousand jobs that have been created as a result of german companies having a presence in south africa you're talking about a comic is that just to give you a sense of how far that relationship goes diana for example which makes a mistake has been vehicles they've got a province in the south african promise of fortune is a bit i remember listening to factual because they tell us about how excited they would get to build in a symbol a coffin nelson mandela so you can imagine how far back that relationship goes in terms of you know how long jim companies have been in south africa when nelson mandela came out of prison one of the cars they rode in was a mercedes benz that had been assembled in south africa so it is a deep sort of a relationship between these two countries but what we've seen over the last few good is under the zuma era was that when the private sector needed to make
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a decision about further investing in south africa there was reluctance so while we didn't necessarily see capital flight. in the sense of universities bans closing shop as they were looking elsewhere we did see people having the conversation about should be further invest in this country and that they didn't see happening so i think that is aware of the fact that at some point you know foreign direct investment was not pouring into the country the way that it should and remember we're still talking about the gateway into africa the south africa's unique position in that it's still the country that most private sector companies will still started and then venture into the rest of continent for a number of reasons infrastructure etc it's when yvonne so we talk about it being the the second biggest economy but in terms of how advanced it is it really is right up top on the list of african countries at the moment so that that's a perspective for south africa a second largest economy in africa what about the countries that are part of this compact we looked at the german perspective why
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it's important for the chancellor to deepen germany's ties with africa how do the countries in this compact view this type of investment is there skepticism you know you know if you listen to african leaders talking about this i mean if you listen to the one president paul kagame last year for example one of the first things he said was you know investment isn't bad we can never say no to investment it's good if you if you if you have private six to play is come in and say we want to open shop in your country i mean that's job creation i mean that means that infrastructure is going to be built to be able to accommodate those types of business ventures but i think where the criticism comes in and i'm just names of people on the ground i'm talking to africans who say we appreciate the investment by private states of players but we also want an environment where jobs can be created by africans so all good and well to say you know we're going to open his emails factory in a in a certain country it can only create so many jobs what needs to happen is there has to be an environment where entrepreneurship can thrive when people can go to a bank access financing and start up their own business and i think everybody
11:42 am
agrees that in terms of what governments to government can do at least reach the max of that and when you talk about privacy. if private investors come in you know you're going to create so many jobs what needs to happen is people on the continent need to be able to mobilize within themselves and create resources and just a classic example of a cocoa industry for example see the two biggest cocoa producers on the continent in the world right on the continent that's called deval and got it we're talking about one hundred billion dollar industry between those two countries they only have about a five percent stake in that only five billion comes back to those countries out of one hundred billion dollars industry and what's the reason for that we did not have the capacity on the continent to produce the people are saying that capacity needs to be brought back to the continent so we're not just exporting but that we're also refining and taking this to the second of manufacturing on the conscience of they would be the criticism i think nobody would say we don't want the investment but it has to go a step further well a lot of hope that this a compact with africa can be a platform for more private investment that summit taking place today here in
11:43 am
berlin all right christine mcguire for us thank you very much. let's take a look now at some other stories making headlines around the world a former nurse has appeared in court in the german town of oldenburg charged with the murder of one hundred patients forty one year old neil's who is already serving a life term for killing two people in his care at two hospitals between two thousand and two thousand and five key confessed to carrying out more murders while in prison. indonesian authorities are using underwater beacons and sonar detectors to try to find the black box recorders of a passenger plane which crashed into the sea on monday the lion air flight lost contact with ground staff shortly after takeoff with one hundred eighty nine people on board search teams that do not expect to find any survivors more than sixty thousand people have signed an open letter from jewish leaders in pittsburgh to u.s. president donald trump saying he's not welcome in the city until he fully denounces wife nationals the president and first lady are set to travel to pittsburgh later
11:44 am
following last week's synagogue massacre in which eleven people were killed. brazil's president elect higher both in our west promise to withdraw government advertising from media organizations he deems to be lying both in our one sunday's presidential vote by a landslide despite his support for torture plans to open up the amazon rain forest to big business and derogatory comments about women gays and blacks it's. turning out the u.s. for the countdown has begun to the midterm elections is just one week away midterm elections take place halfway between presidential elections every four years democrats and republicans are vying for control of both houses of the u.s. congress here's a look at what's at stake. the midterms are first and foremost about congress and they can make or break a president's agenda republican control of both houses has made trump's life relatively easy so far but if democrats split one or even both the good times may
11:45 am
be over the entire house all four hundred thirty five seats is up for election as it is every two years republicans currently hold two hundred thirty five over democrats one hundred ninety three calise are on the thirty or so toss ups races that polling data have is too close to call. on the senate side republicans rule with the slimmest of majorities fifty one to one hundred seats but polling data suggest maybe just six seats are toss ups. if the democrats win the house the senate or both they could block trump's agenda. they could investigate allegations of abuse and misconduct facing trial in the senate democrats could reject trump appointees and they could even have the numbers to start the long and fraught process of impeaching trump.
11:46 am
well the democrats were shocked and splintered by president trump's victory over hillary clinton in two thousand and sixteen now many are asking what the party stands for beyond its anti trump stance. if there is a blue wave coming from washington it might look something like this during brett kavanaugh is confirmation hearings for the u.s. supreme court angry activists of all genders and colors turned up to protest in numbers this is a key strategy the democrats have been banking on make people show up and party leaders are pushing the message that to restore democrats to office people especially women need to vote well just let women know in america that their voices do matter that their vote the votes matter and that what they do with their time between now and november absolutely matters is how do you think democrats are going to do in the midterms are you optimistic i think they will win. many democrats agree with joe brown's assessment they think voters are motivated and of just enough show up the democrats will have an easy victory. people are really fired
11:47 am
people are angry and people are going to vote i do hope so i think that there's a lot that needs to be done and i think hopefully this is mobilizing people to take some action and i think that people need to get out. because the people are going to be the ones to change the tide ok but it's a tale of two parties for everyone who's pushing voter turnout there are plenty wondering exactly what they're turning out for and the democrats need to rally together and actually put together a proper candidates platforms that aren't just. the democratic party is also have to change because what it has done so far hasn't kept a lot of it's also held. white men and women in power when it needs to also highlight more diverse voices and hold on to a status quo that's not going to cut it anymore because it doesn't include enough. what do the democrats stand for this has been the question the party has been unable to answer since the last twenty sixteen presidential. actions and while the
11:48 am
kavanaugh confirmation hearings may have activated the democratic voting base it also riled up republicans the only thing that is sure the democrats cannot simply be the party of not trump it's one thing to take advantage of the mood in parts of the country but analysts say that approach needs to be paired with the solid party platform professor jason mollica american university in washington d.c. says that if democrats merely engage with trump style of politics they were grab it they need to come up with a different strategy and i think if they end up losing and not gaining any seats or gaining one or two but the republicans still have power they're going to have to think of a different strategy going into the presidential election. trump feeling in the country didn't succeed in this case brett kavanaugh was confirmed it was a strong message the democratic party needs to give americans a reason to vote for it beyond not liking donald trump.
11:49 am
now football's german cup is known for matching powerhouse clubs from the bundesliga with lower division teams that dream of making it big and we do have one match coming up tonight mighty buy in munich playing against fourth division wordings how's it may not be a blowout for byron though the amateur club has already knocked out second division dinamo dresden to get to where they are and they are eager to put up a bit of a fight against the big club. moving housings cup dream continues they've already knocked out one huge opponent to normal to grazed in the first round and now they find themselves the center of attention once again this time every competitive captain don you know slipknot is determined to enjoy the occasion. and some special games like against dresden when you see the pictures it's a fantastic feeling during the game i find that bit tougher to enjoy but this time i'd like to actually try and soak up the atmosphere was it was also is all going to
11:50 am
be nice. so it's and it doesn't mean however that they're just out for a casual pick about. it's a you know what a full on we're all avidly we all want to push ourselves the limits and see what we're capable of why shouldn't we try and win. so good why not indeed the stars might just a line coach and we comb ass and certainly isn't ruling out the possibility. because we need to play the game of our lives and we need buy in to have an absolute disaster then we might just have to slimmest of chances. one problem for rooting hausen is to ground their home the heck a v. and start your own is deemed too small to host a clash so it will be played in neutral neighboring brooke the home side of the us without their home advantage. still these players have a chance to continue writing history in the name of their modest community club.
11:51 am
they can to take you. right mike is here now with us some very good numbers from the german labor market yes it's getting better and better sumi germany's unemployment rate fell below five percent in october and that is the lowest level ever recorded by the federal employment agency in total two point two million people were without a job and that is fifty three thousand people on the dole than in september engineers masons programmers were in high demand the rock solid labor market is likely to further boost consumer confidence and household spending in the europe's biggest economy which has seemed to mystic demand overtake exports as its name growth driver in recent years. well that's something to discuss with our financial market correspondent daniel corp frank the daniel if you can hear me yes there you are so a rock solid labor market but does a rock solid labor market equal
11:52 am
a rock solid economy. but monica the entire engine here of the german powerhouse are still running at a very high level of but many analysts are also telling us that we are also not anymore on this record level that we had about a year ago and this not just in germany but also entire europe we've got the latest growth figures a short while ago for the eurozone which is declining by is zero point two percent according to all start in the third quarter of this year and talking about the unemployment figures see of germany again it's taking all that the unemployment rate in the former east germany is with almost two percent higher compared to the west and job market is mostly difficult for people over the age of fifty five we're seeing in this category of the highest amount of unemployed people here in germany yeah the same time though i mean we hear it again and again that many companies a desperately looking for skilled labor is there any improvement inside there. you
11:53 am
know this is a very interesting question because yes there are indeed eight hundred twenty four thousand open jobs here at the moment forty four thousand more than one year ago highly specialized and trained people are missing teachers are very much wanted most of open jobs also here in the health sector all of this could create lots of problems in the future the good news is that we are learning that in many states here in germany that more and more refugees refugees can fill open apprentice of gaps with them does without them rather the gap would be most likely even much higher and i would create possibly even more problems right thing in frankfurt thanks much for those. that and when britain leaves the european union not only england scotland wales and northern ireland makes it to the block but also other sovereign british territories like gibraltar on even small areas like british
11:54 am
military bases in cyprus and that's posing a huge problem to all of fondness there because they rely on open borders to sell their goods. they may be small but these all of play an outsized role for andreas for to you their own oil is his life blood flow to you farms land on a british air force base and are pretty eerie on the southern tip of cyprus the relationship between farmers in the british military has existed since cypriot independence in one nine hundred sixty but it could change dramatically in the event of a no deal breaks in. the middle of the well nobody has said anything not the cypriot government not a foreign minister or the british foreign minister about how this is going to work and all of oil imported from outside the e.u. is subject to a fifteen percent tariff at the moment for to you and other cypriot farmers on akrotiri and another british base to kill you in the country's east pay no taxes
11:55 am
lawyers disagree whether the two bases would be considered non e.u. lends in the event of a no deal brags that the cypriot government says the farmers' trade is safeguarded a u.k. parliamentary committee has said trade protections would lapse after brags that paying tariffs would cut deeply into farmers bottom line making production impossible for many. of us that we are facing a situation that is uncertain and that's causing us problems. it's another seemingly small but significant consequence of the u.k.'s messy divorce from europe . china is rolling back a twenty five year old ban on the use of rhino horns and tiger bones in medicine china's cabinet says it will allow certified doctors and hospitals to use paws from animals raised in captivity excluding sue animals illegal trade will still be punished conservation groups however describe the move as a significant setback for efforts to protect the animals from extinction they fear
11:56 am
the decision will lead to increased poaching of the few of them thirty thousand rhinos and four thousand tigers still left in the wild they are pods are used in traditional chinese medicine to cure fever inflamed joints and impotence. you're watching the news live from berlin more coming up at the top of the hour.
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the date of your news live from berlin a long goodbye from the long time chancellor angela merkel announces a phase out exit from german politics children sign as party chair in december and make this her last term as chancellor we take a look at her potential successors also coming up a deadly storm strike italy fierce wind and rain lashed the country killing.


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