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fronting the powerful. after thirteen years in power and some damaging straight election results are the most fortunate is visibly worrying me how long term will do and below market cling on to call my girl who is both drunk short one of the most free breasts and in for most of the tissues in germany. conflict zone starts october thirty first time to build a new. business d.w. news live from berlin germany's outgoing chancellor gets on with business as usual a day after announcing her plan to exit from politics uncle michael hosts the g twenty compact with africa summit she's meeting egypt's president as she aims to drum investment for the continent.
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i'm sumi so misconducts good to have you with us german chancellor angela merkel is hosting the compact with africa summit here in berlin aimed at raising private investment on the continent she's meeting with twelve heads of state including egyptian president of the fattah el-sisi the two countries are currently holding bilateral talks on the sidelines i aimed at tackling terrorism illegal immigration and other regional issues now cairo is keen to boost cooperation with germany which spearheaded the summit last year says he will be in the capital on toll thursday. we have more on the story now with our correspondents for him and nina hasa good to have you both with us here in studio three a let's start with you because you've been following elsie's visit here in germany what is the main aim of this meeting well it's always been maintaining security and security cooperation between the quit the two countries but also increasing investment of course this has been seized this platform since he came to power and since he was reelected again this
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year to increase investment and to restore investment trust in egypt's economy and this trip is it's part of that the two thousand in two thousand and seven the total trade between two countries reached about seventy six billion pardon and they're looking into increasing that as well there was the famous siemens deal in egypt the seaman's do the germans even do that in egypt which is also part of the plan to restore the economy but their course their security interests and their of course our interests as well in twenty seventeen egypt and germany signed a corporation to quote fight illegal immigration and criminal and the criminal smuggling of people according to starve and die by the speaker of the german government because of course egypt with its huge coast is a place where migrants then move on and come into europe in guinea and this is something that chancellor merkel is now trying to work on so they signed this deal
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in twenty seventeen and then in return they do get some aid part of it the official line is that it's there also to have the economic situation of the migrants in egypt but egypt has laws that actually violate human rights when it comes to the treatment of migrants so there might be a bit of a conflict of interest rate this is a key partnership you would say between germany and egypt at the same time a controversial one. has been accused of human rights violations since taking power in two thousand and fourteen is that something that the chancellor is going to address. i mean no one really knows what goes on between them but it's something that the chancellor has said that she has. addressed many times before in fact our viewers might recall in an interview a search of an interview with german chancellor angela merkel right before the elections the question of egypt and signing security agreement especially between the interior ministry the german interior ministry and the interior ministry were brought up because there is such an agreement between the two interior ministries to for the exchange of knowledge but also for actual actual exchange of information
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and things like that and the chance for then said you know we want to help egypt we do bring up these she called them difficult questions of the time but that she doesn't see that cutting of of relations or it seemed for my reading more strict measures would be would be wise in her in her opinion of the moment because she said you know germany does have an interest in keeping a country that has a sustainable economic path staved stability. and to get to maintain this relationship so she said that she brought up that she does often bring up these topics but honestly from everything that i've seen it hasn't really . brought any results since president of the foot the his that he has taken for his twenty thirteen egypt to see an unprecedented level of crackdown on the fence on all levels nothing like anything egypt has ever seen in the previous in the time before that even during hosni mubarak's here that's been one of the big criticisms
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for viewers who are joining us we are awaiting a press conference between of the c.c. and i'm going michel those are the pictures you hear her see here on the side of your screen and we will be going live to that press conference as soon as we see the two leaders appear want to come to you know here we see the chancellor again as air was saying tackling difficult questions this is just a day after she made these two bombshell announcements that she is not going to she's going to step down as party leader of the c.d.u. her conservatives and also that she's going to step down as chancellor at the end of two thousand and twenty one at the end of her term she's not going to run again but it seems like business as usual for the church. well yeah but are you surprised i mean we all know we've watched angle americal for a couple of years now and this doesn't surprise me at all i mean it is something that has been prepared for a long time it was a german initiative this compact with africa summit where she's also meeting on the sidelines that was something that i'm glad machall triggered last year when the g twenty summit was held here in germany and so yesterday she also said that one of
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her big motivations was that she thought these announcements were somehow help get the focus away from those in the coalition struggles from this navel gazing that has been going on for the last six months since we've had this government and to shift the focus away from that back on to content of politics she does want to think to move things forward and she she's showing she's demonstrating that yes she's still very much that she's still very much germany's chancellor and intends to stay that still twenty twenty one still a very important announcement that she made yesterday and germany the world are now looking ahead to who might replace her let's take a closer look. an earthquake a bombshell a day of destiny there has been no shortage of dramatic descriptions for announcement . esses. firstly at the coming c.d.u.
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pasi conference in december i have decided not to run again for c.d.u. possibly into and secondly this fourth term is my last as chancellor of germany. at the election in twenty twenty one i won't run again a cd you chancellor cand nor will i run for a seat in parliament nor will i seek any other political office and invites you to sin and sleep in. mecca has previously said that the two jobs chancellor and party leader should go together but after eighteen years heading the christian democrats she said the moment has come where she can only do one of them. back of said the disastrous result in the election has said should be seen as an opportunity for the whole government to change above all governing coalition partners christian democrats and social democrats must cooperate better. for their part the s.p.d.
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are also licking their wounds after a terrible outcome in sunday's regional vote their leader under the analysis whose future in the job has also been questioned it was clear that lessons have to be learned at the national level. he didn't fight we are absolutely determined to ensure that we can continue in the coalition it needs more commitments nation to leave behind the problems of the past few months. for gun rights and. opposition parties are already seizing their chance to capitalize america's weakness. america is giving up the wrong jobs this won't make government more stable it will merely slow the death of the coalition. from. but the much diminished grand coalition will limp along for now with a severely weakened chancellor at its head there could yet be
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a public battle for the soul of the c.d.u. . all right you know we heard it there a week and a chance or a lot of questions now being asked about what's next what does this mean for a chancellor merkel's government going ahead. there are two differing sides differing view points on this question i would say that there are those like including an american who say that she has essentially brought back the topic the focus on the topics at stake and that is now the coalition can get back to the table that they cannot actually tackle some of the projects that they've agreed on when they first formed this government six months ago and then of course there are those who are saying that with those devastating results not just in hester but also in the various for all the parties who are involved here in the coalition government in berlin something needed to change something does need to happen and under medical is we can do of course but maybe this in element has weakened to even further because of course now the debate is wide open about who's going to fall or
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chancellor and then there's also the junior partners the social democrats who have some soul searching to do so. amid all of this debate i should just remind our viewers that we are waiting for a press conference from chancellor angela merkel and the egyptian president abdel fattah el-sisi a chancellor merkel is hosting african leaders as part of a g. twenty compact with africa summit that's been taking place in berlin today and these two leaders have been holding bilateral talks are expected to give comments briefly to the press so we'll be going live to that but you know it just goes to show that foreign policy has also been such a central point or part rather of the chancellor's time in office what do you think the main issues are the she will still want to to get to in her remaining time is chance or however long that may be. a well the maximum time would of course be till twenty twenty one when the next planned elections will take place for chancellor and she is not going to run for a fifth term but she knows that between now and then there are
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a lot of topics that need to be tackled on the european stage but also into. nationally first of all there's of course breaks it here there's the european elections that are coming up next year in may she's trying to keep democracy alive in europe essentially and she sees us selves as a strong anchor in europe she has ruled out that she will take of some people speculated that she might take a post in brussels or in the u.n. trying to influence politics from a different position they're often leaving politics there and she ruled that out yesterday but then you know she has ruled out other things before so will the left to what but definitely european politics remain very important she believes in the united europe and she believes that europe can move things forward if they are need to stick together and she sees this as an important that that's european politics further afield we've seen that another central foreign policy piece is that germany's deepening cooperation with africa that's why we're seeing this compact with africa summit here in berlin today and again these bilateral talks between
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egypt and germany we mentioned that one of the main topics here is also tackling illegal immigration or how important is that for egypt what is egypt looking to get out of that. i mean this has been a long strategy of. germany looking at the second jump and i'm sorry but it looks like we do have the chancellor and president i don't see see there let's listen in for a little bit you know very hard once again. this time c.c.v. and president of each of us here joining intensive cooperation and today he is gets to talk compact with africa conference when egypt is an important. conference we see but also number of projects on trial economic cooperation. and this means we can say that this reform partnership and the reform measures. to try i do look back to my last visit in cairo with pleasure to. happy to
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once again welcome the president here in berlin yesterday. we have this multifaceted relations in culture and education we enjoy close cooperation in training and development corporation but we are also addressing issues of the civil society after all there have been problems for many years that we have gradually sold thing regarding people working for konrad adenauer foundation in cairo but we all worked on this intensively and can therefore say that successes have indeed been reached. we know the domestic policy challenges faced by egypt which we discussed again today germany would like of course to support egypt in some of these series partly that is the expectation that many young people have with this graying population to achieve good education and
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we have very interesting and important programs for this program of one hundred schools for example which has been arranged in close cooperation with academic exchange service we also are trying to improve future cooperation among universities where we keep encouraging the president always says he wants to be the president of all egyptians and he's currently enjoying a second time in office but we are encouraging him to develop civil society and see that development as an opportunity egypt has to find its against challenges with the neighboring countries in the sinai peninsula for example and from our angle egypt has an eternally long border with libya where again there are major challenges to contend with and that is one reason why we discussed the prices today and how some governmental system of water might be achieved. involved in all this we are supporting one u.n.
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commission a salamander me for also exchange views rick. the syrian situation. in the forthcoming yeah egypt is going to be very important for our partnership again because they will shortly assume the share of the african union which makes egypt a very important partner also as far as you might gratian is concerned. we've discussed the five star it's maritime border is brilliantly controlled by egypt so that de facto there is no migration to europe but it starts from egypt even though there are many refugees living in egypt. that is something which is a great respect as well and is one of the areas where we are supporting every effort that egypt is making in order to achieve economic reforms i'm also giving them. a financial in loan no five hundred million euro tallied where we are
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starting to consider paying the second tranche and we'll continue discussing these matters there very intensive discussion thank you for being here and i hope we'll enjoy for cooperation in the future as well so sure you can say that with. thank you very much madam chancellor. at the beginning i would also like to express my respect for the german chancellor for germany and how we appreciate mrs very highly. we. here mrs merkel and germany are undertaking as we shall. i would like to congratulate you on what you have done. many has indeed achieved a great deal while you wanted to be the ones we. respect the germany and germany also for what you do this country has standards for refugees that lead
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to good. i dedicated atlanta i did that. and i actually made that we have had a lot of cooperation which has been very fruitful in a variety of meetings between nato and the german chancellor as a result of the high ranking of this is exchanged with germany colleagues coming out to egypt for example this has underlined our cooperation ladies and gentlemen we had a very good meeting today where we've been that is causing our binah travel relationships with mutual ties between both countries so we would like to reinforce this partnership even more ridiculous when we're looking at utilizing the german strength within the european union. egypt has seen many challenges in the area of the mediterranean which we would have to cope with the water what i do
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appreciate is on ties regarding order for the economic relationships development trail we are also supporting each other when it comes to combating terrorism and our conversation has again underlined that international efforts need to be undertaken against terrorism which is a threat to the world as a whole lot of the military cooperation is also important when it comes to border control and again today combating terrorism where egypt is playing with a major role that egypt has also been housing millions of refugees within our borders despite that we're still trying to prevent illegal migration to europe which we are doing starting from twenty six change in the year so in motor control that is important but cannot be the only matter that helps we need economic development in the country as well as the shape that it is sensible to do by the
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fear that the crises in the middle east that we keep witnessing. out also. the subjects that we're discussing we flocked in march of two different options which exists and we've seen that it's very important for many countries in the middle east to remain. peaceful because the whole question of peace in that region is the name of alton there are many international convention is just about this peace as well corp egypt and germany and the trade volume again is an indicator of the good cooperation between our two of the countries let me emphasize in this context we are very grateful to germany for supporting economic reforms there is a program which germany is offering to help our infrastructure and also to help the training and education that these are some of the poor areas by
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germany support will continue in egypt and the shop equally i am very pleased that german tourists. flocking back into egypt which again underlines the importance of our country for german tourists and let me just reiterate we really appreciate germany and the germans and would be very happy if the germans were to come back to egypt as a destination and that may once again underline the great little instant way ascribe to the friendship between our two countries and how important a continuation of discussions at all levels is in order to deepen and intensify our cooperation and this is a way in which both of us can cope with our challenges thank you very much.
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he said they wanted to visit in the city i would like to question a lot of people to help them out of the puddle if we can feel if a boy of middle aged is still in the gang. of the african union as. germany. coming out of the un security council what are the focal points of the cooperation between the actual country s. . on the basis of these many challenges that twelve mentioned by both of you and i hope that the president can answer to it later when the chancellor has an answer to that line from my point. as far as germany is concerned the un security council will be an important to rina for us when it comes to discussing conflict prevention and dealing with conflicts in general there are many jobs also for egypt here because libya is one of the items that has to be right at the top of the agenda equally we need to keep having an eye on the maiden aunts praises we briefly
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discussed the situation in gaza today that basically both of us are advocates of a two state solution which however has become rather complex because of the current situation so these are two important is is as is development because germany is again child really advocate the role of women and girls we have a lot of education programs partnerships with schools and universities so also between egypt and germany and that will help women and girls in their educational efforts and. i want to also want to say what would happen today our discussions which we have done this special conference the many meetings with african countries have shown that germany doesn't play a major role in the development of african countries but with us in a spirit of partnership as it is and we will continue working along these lines so we can develop africa. the president comes
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a lot of people mr president the chancellor several times mentioning libya what are the opportunities that you can see for a quick calming down off the wall the situation in libya will you increase pressure then order to arrive at a more peaceful situation now a question to the chancellor after you announced yesterday to be done with not running for public position of chair of the c.d.u. party anymore do you expect that your position in international negotiations like here or with discussions of president and i will be more difficult than a future and how do you view president frederick melts standing as your challenger . i suppose libya is concerned we egypt's cooperating with a lot of hartness is supporting the efforts to find a solution for libya. primarily we aim to achieve a political situation has a look at this situation in libya. particularly after what we see now happening
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after the terror attacks the last two months have become more common i think it's ok you know that but we are still making every effort and coordinate with partners to work on that we have discussed that matter with the chancellor as well that. we want it a lot and the politico is the most it was a solution and this. can only be receiving greater momentum by supporting the u.n. commission as achievements here. i think the negotiating position in international negotiations will not be changed or affected in any way you can only say that i will now fully focus on my job stay ahead of government and as far as the list of possible candidates for the chairmanship of the c.d.u. party is going to and as i said yesterday it is an open book. as the previous
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chairwoman in my political life i've learned that question of succession are questions that you shouldn't intervene in because it's never worked and that is something i will definitely a stick by so it's an open process and people who are throwing their hats in the ring will watch it and we'll see what happens at the party conference in hamburg. thank you. all right if you're just joining us and you've been watching a press conference between german chancellor angela merkel and the egyptian president of. this comes on the sidelines of a german african business summit that's taking place at the moment and berlin with a twelve heads of state and government here that the german government has welcomed it to berlin to help promote more domestic and start private investment and we have a correspondence with us for him and you know who've been watching this press conference as well hey i want to start with you because just before the chancellor and the president started speaking we were discussing a bit of what egypt is looking to get out of this partnership and we heard
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president talk a little bit about that what do you think is the key there to germans cooperate germany's cooperation with egypt on various fronts i think from the you know the speeches on the surface to be pretty very much in tune but i think in the hidden messages in the more subtle uses of words and the topics that each of the chancellor and the president chose to bring up you see actually the differences between between the two leaders and what they want so chancellor merkel talked about the young people she stated this as the main domestic issue the first one of the main domestic policy issues that the egypt egypt faces it's an interesting thing to define as a domestic policy issue she didn't say security or terrorism or any of the other things that the presidency says and of course the young people is immediately a young a keyword that takes us back to the frustration of the youth that has been an ongoing theme in egypt since since twenty eleven she talked
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a bit about civil society she talked about the connaught i've now a case of course where a german n.g.o.s that was stopped and whose employees were arrested it's been a long painful topic between the german and egyptian women she said that you know we have received some say we have reached some success there but some you know there is still room for improvement and i what really stood out for me was her nod to the presidency she is now in. join his second term in office but that you know the development of civil society is something that he should see as an operating and of course the election in egypt slate this presidential election was notoriously. present you see rand virtually opposed his only up position was a man who jumped in the very last minutes of the race to sort of say face for the regime and who himself was telling the people go vote for for of the i.c.c. and the international community and n.g.o.s said you know this is part of the reason why this this race is essentially farcical that's what human rights watch
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called it the farcical reason is because civil society has been stifled in egypt so you don't have an infrastructure to support opposition and then sisi focused on military said military cooperation was very important he of course mentioned terrorism and border control of course is not surprising because he comes from the military he's a former minister of defense and. he was the one who overthrew the vent elected muslim brotherhood president mohamed morsy with the supreme council of armed forces so here you see the subtle differences between both of their speeches and merkel is known for her diplomacy but you differently see the different hidden messages in the speeches a lot of calls as well for merkel to address some of these issues straightforward in straightforward fashion with the president of the c.c. and there were protests for and against the egyptian president's visit in berlin went there correct yesterday and today of course there are the president of the at the i.c.c. does enjoy some popularity in egypt there are people that support him there are
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people that voted for him and this includes members of the egyptian community in germany as well and there have been protests from both sides you had some supporters that went outside the windows comes out of the chance that and also the ben and bird gate here in berlin to welcome different to his is there have been calls also for for for sort of welcoming parties but also n.g.o.s and human rights organizations have. organized demonstrations i mean if i'm if the international organized one yesterday and also had one to their i know that they tried to go to the embassy to give a petition to a symbolic petition if you will to present but we're unfortunately not able to to enter the embassy all right well nina coming to you know because there was of course a question there from the journalists who were on hand for the press conference this is only twenty four hours literally after chancellor merkel made this huge announcement that she's going to step down as the head of her party that she will not run again as chancellor after twenty twenty one one or term would be up in one of the questions was how difficult will it be for her to continue international
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goetia especially when relations between germany and the other country are difficult as she lost a sense of authority and that is a fair question isn't it. i thought it was interesting to see how very much in control of the situation and you know i mean this move by her was so well prepared she announces that she's going to step down as party chair the next day has a lot of influential african leaders here commending her for her efforts in the refugee crisis including l.c.c. we heard in the preceding o.c.c. who says i congratulate you and thank you very much germany so you know ungrammatical seize this opportunity to essentially work on her legacy because of course she sees her decision to not close the borders in the twenty fifteen crisis as one of the main points she is leaving behind but she wants everybody to understand that she stands by this decision and she still believes that it was
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a good one and she also wants to be seen as somebody who is still very much.


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