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nineteen. forgot to w.'s overfocus. this is. business as usual for germany's outgoing chancellor a day after announcing her phased withdrawal from politics in america hosts african leaders including egypt abdel fattah el-sisi at the g twenty compact with africa summit also on the program. the man accused of being germany's worst post-war serial killer admits killing one hundred people prosecutors claim the former nurse murdered patients out of boredom and fantasy. deadly storms strike it's of
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a fierce winds and rain killed at least ten and venice is swamped with record high water levels. i'm filled welcome to the program german chancellor angela merkel has returned to business as usual following monday shock announcement that she's planning to retire from politics in twenty twenty one today she's hosting a summit in berlin without an african heads of state say the chance of a pledged a billion euros for a new fund that aims to tackle development on the continent mass migration from africa has been one of the topics that has dogged her chance of the ship since a controversial decision in twenty fifteen in more than a million refugees. on the sidelines of the summit sat the chancellor told the press that a phased withdrawal from frontline politics would not affect german foreign policy . i think the biggest seating position
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in international negotiations will not be changed or affected in any way you can only say that i will now fully focus on my job to stay ahead of government understands the list of possible candidates for the chairmanship of the c.d.u. party is concerned as i said yesterday it is an open crisis and as the previous chairwoman in my political life i've learnt that question of succession are questions that you shouldn't intervene in because it's never worked and that is something i will definitely have to stick by so this is an open process and people of throwing their hats in the ring will watch it and we'll see what happens at the party conference in hamburg. thank you let's hear more from chief political correspondent belinda crane welcome linda. says this is business as usual the negotiating position will not change but can she now be relied on to deliver for
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international partners. certainly they seem to hope so there were a number of european and international legal leaders who have essentially paid tribute to her decision over the past twenty four hours and said that they expect to continue doing business with her until the end of her term as chancellor in twenty twenty one and clearly the chancellor's take on this is that she and her government can now finally get down to business yesterday when she announced her decision she said that her government had conveyed a completely unacceptable image and in fact the perception not only here at home in germany but amongst many international partners of this country is that the government has been very very self-absorbed riven with internal dissent essentially ever since it took office just last week i have to diplomats one for perhaps one from poland told me that they have the feeling germany has been absent in
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international discussions of crucial e.u. issues over the past six months so clearly the hope would be that now with this matter clarified that the government can begin to look toward the future and can begin to actually do the real work of governing including in international relations is the chancellor herself as a broker as an international leader weaker than she was at the height of her power absolutely but is she weaker than she was say the day before yesterday or at the beginning of this last term in government no absolutely not and i think she remains a vastly respected figure in europe and internationally and i wouldn't i wouldn't be too quick to call or a lame duck and tell you so that's got to go and be chancellor internationally and fly the flag while here in germany well very must be a good deal of horse trading going on tolkien's sure that the whole trading on the
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reactions and political beldin. absolutely there is a scramble for the position of her successor that will not be decided until early december at a conservative party conference but a number of hats have already been thrown into the ring and they range from outspoken rivals and critics of the chancellor one of whom she actually pushed out of power as the head of the c.d.u. parliamentary group years ago he's now come back and said he'd like to lead the party in a new direction there is another critic of hers the quite conservative health minister young. a fairly young member of her party and then there is her designated successor her favorite who is currently the general secretary of the party that's on the great camp colleen bower she certainly would carry on in the chancellor spirit if she were to take over probably the chancellor absolutely would stay out her term if either of the other two rivals and critics take over the party
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leadership we may see uncle america's term in power and sooner rather than later chief political correspondent melinda craig thank you. so at the news in germany's biggest post-war serial murder case for the nurses admitting killing one hundred patients forty one year old neil's made the admission join his trial for mass murder in the northern city of bremen already serving a life for previous killings at two different hospitals the scale of his alleged crimes has shocked the country the defendant is accused of committing mass murder his motivation according to the prosecution boredom and vanity. and unusually large crowd turned up to witness the proceedings the trial was taking place in a conference center to accommodate the crowd many relatives of the victims of. the trial is unusual because there are so many people involved who have sent one
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hundred twenty six hope plaintiffs. they're being represented by seventeen lawyers from that means the trial is huge just because of the number of people involved and the defendant is alleged to have injected his victims with drugs to bring about a cardiac arrest he then tried to resuscitate them as a way of impressing his colleagues he allegedly killed more than one hundred people like this some of his colleagues are accused of turning a blind eye which up to about three years i'm expecting us to get justice for all the victims and that the defendant will have his sentence extended both i also hope that in the course of the trial we will find out more details about the role of the hospital's involved before you go to. the clinic and also. a very ticked is expected in may next year. business news now has got some good news about germany's unemployment rate that's roger and his unemployment rate fell to below five percent in october with only two point two
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million people without jobs the lowest rate since reunification in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight and the trend is still down what's despite strong headwinds in the global economy. a robust economy has helped push germany's joblessness rate down for the first time since one thousand nine hundred unemployment has fallen below five percent. the unemployment rate has fallen from five point eight percent in january to four point nine percent in october that is the lowest rate recorded since germany reunified in one nine hundred ninety s. the trade dispute between washington and brussels doesn't appear to have had an adverse effect on the german job market and neither has the us china trade but the recent turbulence in the market has strengthened the dollar over the euro that means that german products have become cheaper abroad also record unemployment has helped boost consumer confidence and household spending in europe's biggest economy
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but despite that the rate of people at risk of poverty is rising in germany according to experts that figure has more than doubled since two thousand and five more germans now have fixed term contracts or work part time while there is more work job security is diminishing. electronic payment company y. is. better than expected revenue growth during the first nine months of the year while germany's second largest bank on the blue chip index dark september revenues for the periods to september rose to over five hundred forty nine million euros that's substantially beating expectations. by thirty six percent to one hundred fifty million euros also much higher than anticipated is expecting business to keep expanding in the fourth quarter. so why god with
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a big surprise this year was replacing come out spunky in the dark so let's bring in a quote from the frankfurt stock exchange is this maybe a sign that the time of the big all legacy companies in financial services might be coming to an end. yeah go ahead you mentioned mass fine let's do another comparison when you compare for example why are card with bank why a card has an estimated company valuation of twenty billion euros daughter among the biggest lender here in the country only seventeen billion euros and investors are very sure that this trend is going to continue in the case of why are car they are so successful because we are seeing more and more growth in the eco mors sector and the trend for cashless payment is going to continue on with their products also smaller companies can offer their customers this services and it seems that why our crowd has had the right time to launch these products and even though investors
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like the report today the share price didn't really make a jump it still seems to be the case that heart needs to find its place here in the blue chip index stacks during the last months the share price lost here about fourteen percent but investors are sure that at the end this share price is going to develop in a very positive direction. open france and thank you. what was c.e.o. of audi who but she has been freed from prison as the investigation into his suspected role in the wide ranging diesel emissions scandal continues munich judge ordered the release on bail four months after his arrest starla posted bond and was told to stay away from witnesses is his june arrest which came while he was c.e.o. is the high point of the investigation by german prosecutors into efforts by german comic is to fraudulently lower their vehicles emissions test results audi's parent
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company folks martin has since it started on. the british government says it will begin taxing large online platforms like facebook and amazon that operate in the u.k. by the year twenty twenty that's the most significant effort yes to reshape tax codes in the digital era the two percent tax will target online firms earning more than five hundred million pounds annually finance minister philip hammond said such companies generate substantial value in the u.k. but paying corporate taxes in low tax jurisdictions elsewhere the measure is expected to raise four hundred million pounds and in the e.u. has been debating a similar tax when britain leaves the european union not only england scotland wales and northern ireland exit the block but also other sovereign british territories like gibraltar or even smaller areas but british military bases in
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cyprus and that's posing a big problem to all of farmers there because they rely on open borders to sell their goods. they may be small but these olives play an outsized role for andreas for to you their own oil is his life blood flow to you farms land on a british air force base an opera teary on the southern tip of cyprus the relationship between farmers and the british military has existed since cypriot independence in one thousand nine hundred sixty but it could change dramatically in the event of a no deal brags that. nobody has said anything not the cypriot government not our foreign minister or the british foreign minister about how this is going to work and all of oil imported from outside the e.u. is subject to a fifteen percent tariff at the moment for to you and other cypriot farmers on akrotiri and another british base to kill you in the country's east pay no taxes lawyers disagree whether the two bases would be considered non e.u.
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lands in the event of a no deal breaks at the cypriot government says the farmers trade is safeguarded a u.k. parliament terry committee has said trade protections would lapse after brags that paying tariffs would cut deeply into farmers bottom line making production impossible for many. of us and we are facing a situation that is uncertain and that's causing us problems. it's another seemingly small but significant consequence of the u.k.'s messy divorce from europe . and that's all your business is back to fill now and extreme weather battering it's only ok thank you so much yes at least nine people have died as a brain and yes winds last much of the country the city of venice famous for its canals is a record high water levels think stream within which is fact of the country since sunday has caused severe transportation and power disruptions and led to fatalities . red alert. traffic
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partially paralyzed in league in italy's northwest. bad weather also in a popular holiday destination. further east st mark's square was submerged up to a meter and. schools and universities have been shut flooding is not unusual in venice the water hasn't reached this level in ten years. many italian regions around highest alert with schools closed in rome the scene here in madrid elsewhere in italy firefighters and civil defense working around the clock. a falling tree near killed two people and injured fifteen. shipping lanes were shut down around the island of naples and off calabria at the tip of italy's boot.
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there was chaos at the brenner pass the main route through the alps between italy and austria among six cars one person was lightly injured. there was also red alert in the northern italian region of south to rule meaning there is still the possibility of major marriage and see. the other stories making news around the world sixty thousand people have signed an open letter from jewish leaders in pittsburgh to donald trump saying that the u.s. president is not welcome in the city until he is white nationalism the president i'm first lady. following last week's synagogue massacre in which eleven people were killed. as thousands of central american migrants continue to travel through mexico towards the united states eight hundred u.s. troops are reported to have been sent to america's southern border military sources
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say there are plans to send more than five thousand soldiers there this week. a court in ecuador has rejected a lawsuit brought by wiki leaks founder julian assange of the conditions of his asylum staff in ecuador's london embassy have imposed stricter rules which are solved argued violated his rights the country granted mr solmes asylum in twenty twelve as he tried to avoid extradition to sweden over sexual assault allegations. now experts from plane make up boeing are heading to indonesia to help with the investigation into monday's crash in which all one hundred and eighty nine people on board were killed the lion f. flight plunged into the sea off the capital jakarta shortly after takeoff search and rescue workers and are trying to locate the wreckage and the flight data recorders as passengers families wait for their worst fears to be confirmed distressed family members comfort one another as they wait for official news in
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jakarta some are resigned to grief while others refuse to give up hope. riskless father was on board the flight. my father was there we're still hoping for the best because there hasn't been an official statement from lyon after. this man's brother had a ticket to. a big army massey we are hoping for a miracle and that he is fine and healthy maybe stranded somewhere. in the. sea had it though. at the port the business of finding answers is under way fuselage piled in with fragments of life. sets and rescue vessels returning from the vast crash site unload body bags alongside debris. while workers begin the mammoth task of carefully laying out the aftermath of this
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tragedy. rules of wallets and purses salvaged from the sea. indonesia's president visited the site today as the government announced safety inspections on all aircraft of the same model. officials briefing on the search and rescue described a complicated recovery situation. so far we have twenty four body bags with various parts in them they have been sent to indonesian police for identification. with all one hundred eighty nine on board the flight now feared dead dive teams are stepping up the sets for the doomed aircraft black box recorders and with them clues as to why this brand new plane crashed. say today russia
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is honoring victims of the purges the soul millions of people killed under the regime of to joseph stalin families gathered in moscow to remember the dead but the russians remain unaware of this dark chapter in the history. moscow residents wait for hours in the cold for their turn they read out the names of those murdered under stalin for many of these are the names of their relatives. who believe that if janja ivanov my mother she was fifty years old a teacher shot on october third one thousand nine hundred thirty eight. russian politicians hadn't wanted this ceremony to take place here directly in front of the headquarters of the russian secret service but in the end it did sangster the persistence of human rights organization memorial well being as if we cannot bring the murder back to life but we can honor their memory by trying to
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understand how all this could happen and how we can ensure it never happens again that. most of the participants are elderly only a few young people are here. to continue the but it's a to this subject it was a dark period and subject history that people choose not to talk about hotly not to cause themselves any pain as soon as much nice to send them to support the disgust and the mood of the government shows absolutely no remorse it's not like in today's germany for example and you see that in me and according to opinion polls half of all russians think positively about stalin soviet victories in the second world war are on the curriculum in schools and universities but fewer and fewer russians are aware that millions of their countrymen were executed imprisoned or deported under stalin his regime eighty three year old victim was held for years in a gulag was new to you see a google program today when i watch russian television i see crime shows
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entertainment and business shows and excuse my frankness pornography is easy to create here just. but i don't see many programs of real substance. mala said you write to him for a month see why you perhaps that's one reason why today only a minority of russians consider stalin's crimes to be inexcusable. that humans have killed off sixty percent of all vertebrates animals on the planet since nine hundred seventy and his latest report the world wildlife fund describes this as a mass extinction accelerated by global consumption and its victims include some of the earth's most impressive wildlife. he was the last male of his species this northern white rhinoceros died in kenya in the spring now only two females remain it's one of the best known examples of recent species extinction the world wildlife federation is report paints a bleak picture since nine hundred seventy there's been
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a sixty percent decline in the population of over sixteen thousand studied vertebrates that's mammals fish or birds but all. the threats from most animal groups include the loss of habitat such as the clearance of forest for the cultivation of palm oil or soya over use that means hunting fishing and those things and the contamination of habitat added to that climate change is now a big factor conservationists in germany are reporting at the klein in wild bees and butterflies the w w s says the use of pesticides in agriculture is to blame but it's not just politicians who have a duty of care of all of these on this journey towards transformation we also need businesses and consumers it's always possible to choose products that you knew are ecologically better. in the case of the northern watch rhino some hope remains alive researchers have produced an embryo using artificial insemination but the
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breakthrough doesn't combat the cause of species extinction. football's german cup is known for much in powerhouse clubs from the bundlers league against lower division teams who dream of making it big one such clash happens tonight as mighty by a unique take on fourth division road in house and it may not be a total walkover for buying though the clubs already beat the second division team to get this far and they're eager to put up a strong fight against the defending german cup champions. human being housings cup dream continues they've already knocked out one huge opponent to normal to grazed in the first round and now they find themselves the center of attention once again this time ever competitive captain daniel flood nine is determined to enjoy the occasion in the. special games like against dresden when you see the pictures it's a fantastic feeling during the game i find
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a bit tougher to enjoy but this time i'd like to actually try and soak up the atmosphere as it was. certainly doesn't mean however that they're just out for a casual kick about it so you know it's wonderful on we're all out really we all want to push ourselves the limits and see what we're capable of why shouldn't we try and win. why not indeed the stars might just a line coach enrico marson certainly isn't ruling out the possibility. we need to play the game of our lives and we need buy in to have an absolute disaster then we might just have the slimmest of chances. one problem for rooting hausen is the ground their home the heck a v and start your own is deemed too small to host a clash so it will be played in neutral neighboring brook the home side without their home advantage. still these players have
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a chance to continue writing history in the name of their modest community club they'll do they can to take it. and so to the korean peninsula where sport is playing a role in the thawing relations between north and south on monday youth team players from both sides are faced off in the opening match but big regional tournament. the gesture of fair play at the start of the match both teams were highly motivated for the game it kicked off an under fifteen zinta national youth tournament in june shown capital city of the gang one province in south korea the visiting team playing in blue got off to a flying start scoring twice before the break during the match fans mostly wave flags displaying a unified korea though the supporters may not have been completely impartial north korea went on to win the match three one since the winter olympics sports diplomacy has played a significant role in building trust amid bilateral talks and after
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a lot of the young players did their bit too i hope we can go back and forth play more games and have a friendly relationship with each other. i want to see a night soon so we can play football together again the fans too seem to enjoy the friendly competition between two nations that had until recently rarely contested anything in a friendly manner. just reminding the top story at this hour german chancellor angela merkel has met with her egyptian counterpart until fattah el-sisi say. as part of a fundraising drive for development in africa it was a chance as a first high profile appearance and she rolled out standing for another attack. as it showed up today more at the top of the hour or of course on the website at www dot com have a good today. into
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