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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 30, 2018 8:00pm-8:16pm CET

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this is. from berlin tonight the news that german chancellor angela merkel will not run for reelection seeking in the world can miracle ever return to business as usual a day after announcing her phased withdrawal from politics is hosting african leaders including egypt. and the g. twenty africa summit merkel unable to avoid questions about her stunning decision also coming up he murdered because he was bored and that's how prosecutors describe the man accused of being germany's worst post for more serial killer he's admitted
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to killing a hundred people. off it's good to have you with us the leaders from around the world are beginning to realize what her decision means it has been twenty four hours since german chancellor angela merkel announced her gradual withdrawal from power today she hosted african leaders in a fund raising drive aimed to reduce migration to europe and ironically this is the issue that more than any other has hastened the chancellor's political. just a day after announcing she's to leave the political stage within three years angela merkel was back showing that for now she's still at the heart of things germany is hosting african leaders as part of a drive to boost investment in the continent you have on your to your mind so you
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want to send a clear signal today namely that a good and profitable neighborly relationship with africa is important to us because. we are neighbors we are partners and we europeans take a great interest in african countries having good economic prospects good to the tough with the big he even. under development is a problem in many parts of africa and it's a key cause of the mass migration which has created new pressures in europe. the g twenty compact with africa program launched by germany a year ago aims to create jobs in africa and encourage young people to stay in their home countries the current chairman of the african union says there are already signs it's working as a result of financial. reform now for gun union has achieved the
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savings of percent in our next budget and the member states paying it with it a share of that being. germany has also launched an even closer partnership with a group of countries such as senegal morocco and ethiopia berlin is offering extra money but the support is dependent on reforms. that form and we want the african countries to carry out reforms for africans must do more than ourselves above all on good governance and combating corruption these twelve countries are doing this it's what this proof of that is and often we believe in economic cooperation. but. on the compact for africa has generated new investment though some say progress is too slow and others question who benefits more africans or western firms but the leaders gathered in berlin were clear that this public and private investment is
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a win win for both europe and its southern neighbors. and we can say without equivocation that africa is indeed open for business. help for africa's economic development could be the right lesson from the migration flows of recent years and become a key part of metals legacy. and of course the question is where is all of this money going to go to talk about that i'm joined right through the big table by you to be reporter christine one voice she has spent years reporting from africa's good . have you hear of the program christine i know that the leaders they all had that stunning decision of miracle on their mind that she's going to leave here politics but they still try to get back to business as usual today of these investment programs are they going to help the people who need it most in africa the poor and the unemployed if they will if would be the short answer you know brant when i
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engage youngsters on the continent via social media a lot of the time people are asking me how can they get to germany crissy enough got a degree in engineering how can i come and get a job in germany because they're on top of charities on the continent and so wherever we're talking about job creation i think everybody can agree that that is going to be beneficial to young people on the continent i mean the figures off that the population will double in the next that he is and then you've got two point two billion people and you've got in excess of four hundred million people looking for work so anything along the lines of private sector from the developed world coming in and setting up shop on the continent creating jobs will help it almost to create the infrastructure that's needed to accommodate this of those operations which would be beneficial to communities there is still you know i know we hear about these these conferences and giving money to africa people usually think that this is aid you know via a chip but what about german companies actually going to africa and setting up plants in the offices in factories there or are they keen on doing that you know we
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have there is a strong presence of jim companies on the continent but i think what you will sense from a lot of invests is in the develop well it is reluctance on the part off and they've got vetted reasons infrastructure in certain places is just not adequate enough and in many of these countries a lot of the countries that are on this partnership with africa unfortunately don't have reliable electricity for example because really you build a factory away in a country where there isn't reliable electricity so those are some of the concerns governance is also an issue corruption is an issue and these are all valid concerns of the part of waste and their users just what do you say to the critics who say there have been. years of decades of aid has been given to these programs for infrastructure for helping good governance and sometimes these countries have nothing to show for this is true but i think we're also starting to see that you know there is a leaf being turned and i think you heard it from some of the the leaders that are represented here today saying look we've got a bad track record but we're also making progress there is improvement if you look
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at all governance even if you look at reports that are coming in from international finance issues like the old bank of the i.m.f. may do say you know things like ease of doing business in is improving some of these countries are climbing up in terms of core option rankings you aussie infrastructure projects some of them being funded by china coming up on the qantas so there is progress being made and i think that the message from the african leaders this to say look you've got to take a look at us a little bit more closely than you normally would asia comes to mind often and this is where the money goes and we had medical say that but give us a good look we are making progress and a platform like this really allows these leaders to showcase some of those programs and remember this money comes with with the reforms that are attached to it that you know they are in this serious forms before a country can qualify for such investment ok christine when with some one of our best reporters from africa thank you very much we still make here and get to be. more on the sidelines of the so much to riches are going merkel told the media
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today that her phased withdrawal from politics will not affect german foreign policy. i think the because seating position in international negotiations will not be changed or affected in any way you can say that i will now fully focus on my job as the head of government and as far as the list of possible candidates for the chairmanship of the c.d.u. party is concerned as a said yesterday ease and open crisis as the previous. woman in my political life i've learnt that question of succession questions that you shouldn't intervene in because it's never worked and that is something i will definitely stick by so this is an open press is a very good people of throwing the house in the ring we will watch it and we'll see what happens at the party conference in hamburg. thank you rather the german chancellor angela merkel their list full of our chief political correspondent but
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with the crane she's on the story for us tonight well if you know i know that the german chancellor i can imagine that she wishes that the world would operate in think as as she dogs it is very slow or maybe thought out manner but that's not the way politics is can we say that she's now a lame duck chancellor we know with three years she won't be there anymore. certainly her influence and power are diminished in comparison to the height of her power when she was mediating and shaping europe's response to the sovereign debt crisis the greek economic crisis or russia's incursions into crimea but if you look at where we've been for the last six months one would have to say frankly it can't get a lot worse germany absolutely has not been at the table it has been the government has been at least perceived as being extremely self-absorbed riven with divisions
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just last week i had both the french and polish diplomat tell me that as far as they're concerned they're essentially not getting any response out of berlin on key concerns and issues so clearly this was a bet on the part of the chancellor she said as much yesterday that by doing this she can free up the government to continue to start concentrating once again on the actual business of governing and i have to say tributes poured in over the last twenty four hours from european it international leaders who clearly assume that they are still going to be interacting with uncle americal for some time to come so she's very experienced she has a lot of influence and a lot of good connections on the world stage and i don't think we can write her off as a lame duck yet we get write her off as a lame duck. but she wants to stay in office another three years and that's an eternity in politics will she be able to do their. absolutely depends on who her
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successor is as head of the conservative party if it is the woman she has been grooming as a successor on a great. who is the secretary general of the conservative party then possibly she may see out her term until two thousand and twenty one if it's one of the two gentlemen who have thrown their hats into the ring they are both rivals in one case an erstwhile rival of the chancellor who she actually d. a d. moated as head of the parliamentary group of the conservatives some years ago and also the health minister who has been a critic and a rival in the past as well if it's one of them we could well see a shake up in the party that eventually leads to her leaving office earlier but it's absolutely to send to say that party conference isn't until early december and who knows what will happen in the interim for the chief political correspondent
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linda group story for us tonight with the thank you so here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world nigerian authorities of launch the series of deadly crackdown on shiite muslim protesters demanding the release of their imprisoned leader stock zaki the military says at least six people died when soldiers fired into the ground demonstrators say dozens more have been killed since saturday britain's prime minister has once again ruled out a second referendum over the country's membership in the european union speaking in norway today to receive me there were plans for a general election to break the board sit deadlocked lays in all slowed to discuss the u.k.'s departure from the e.u. with nordic and baltic leaders. as thousands of central american migrants continue to travel towards the united states the pentagon is deploying more than five thousand u.s. troops to the border with mexico another two to three thousand soldiers are
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reportedly being put on standby a typhoon across the northern philippines has left at least six people dead typhoon you two brought down power lines and trees are ripping roofs from homes and stores the wind and rain also triggered deadly landslides last month typhoon monk who left more than one hundred people dead or missing. in germany's biggest post-war serial murder case a former nurse has admitted to killing one hundred patients a forty one year old knows her go made the admission during his trial for mass murder in the northern city of bremen today he's already serving wife for previous killings at two different hospitals the scale of his alleged crimes has shocked the country the defendant is accused of committing mass murder his motivation according to the prosecution boredom and vanity an unusually large crowd
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turned up to witness the proceedings the trial is taking place in a conference center to accommodate the crowd many relatives of the victims this is . the trial is unusual because there are so many people involved with and one hundred twenty six plaintiffs in having represented by seventeen lawyers and that means the chinese huge just because of the number of people involved the defendant is alleged to have injected his victims with drugs to bring about a cardiac arrest he then tried to resuscitate them as a way of impressing his colleagues he allegedly killed more than one hundred people like this some of his colleagues are accused of turning a blind eye. it's up to about a little three if i'm expecting us to get justice for all the victims and that the defendant will have his sentence extended i also hope that in the course of the trial we will find out more details about the role of the hospital's involved as of
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. the clinic and also and all book. a verdict is expected in may next year. i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day to see if it. sucks for state school. or first climbing less of a minute or as grand the moment arrives. joining a regular chain on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary during an orangutan returns home on t w don't come to tanks.


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