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this is deja news live from birth land taking stock in ukraine nearly five years after the my dog revolution as the country realized the aspirations of its people to move closer to europe we look back and forward as german chancellor angela merkel holds talks with political leaders and kiev also coming off a blast from the past a former rival of angle americal emerges as the front runner in the race to succeed her as a c.d.u. party leader we explain why friedrich mao tse could mean merkel's days as
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chancellor are numbered. as in football the second round of the german cup has concluded in the brewing fashion with another outstanding performance by a wayside by our labor crews that hi go ahead next team knocked five unanswered goals past gladbach as they advance into the third round. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program german chancellor angela merkel is in kiev today for talks with her ukrainian counterpart petro poroshenko her visit comes as the country prepares to mark the fifth anniversary of the my don revolution which began with demands for closer ties with the e.u. five years on has ukraine moved any closer to europe didn't use nick connelly takes a look. this is how it all started with
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a handful of people taking to modern square protesting against president coach's decision to abandon a long awaited dissociation deal the much to fear of angering moscow within weeks the protests a ground to tens of thousands of people europe wasn't the only issue but the european flags were hard to miss. the protesters had no shortage of prominent gas from brussels showing their support among them the diplomatic match of weeks later and ukraine finally signed dissociation agreement at over two thousand pages long it covers everything from animal welfare to judicial reform but asked most ukrainians what the association deal means to them and they'll most likely answer two things travel and trade. no more queuing up for visas no more hefty visa fees for many ukrainians music free access to the area has been the most tangible change leap no surprise then that present pershing come up the
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end of these are the ones with a lavish ceremony on the country's border with you. under the terms of the deal ukraine also gained preferential access to european markets the e.u. has long been ukraine's biggest single trading partner since o.c.a. came into effect trade between ukraine and the block has been growing by over twenty percent a year but what the association agreement these people were protesting for didn't include was a firm promise of future membership instead it merely acknowledged ukraine's quote european aspirations decision makers in kiev hope that in time brussels would offer a roadmap to membership five years later and they're still waiting for the answer seems to be a polite but very definite no now. and from kiev we're joined now by. connelly who brought us that report so nicholas chancellor angela merkel visiting kiev today
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since my don that ukrainian revolution of nearly five years ago has she been the european partner that the ukrainians wanted and hoped for. she is the leader which is definitely. the best. getting crucial point of view in ensuring. russia's involvement in eastern ukraine the sanctions against quite considerable opposition countries fearful of losing trade with russia. being. keeping those preventing those from being. disappointed she didn't veto. that will that will link to russia i will basically. irrelevant to
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the. makes ukraine to russian. europeans interests in ukraine. she has been a key in keeping. how about when it comes. because we know that one of the main hopes of the protesters. stamp out corruption within the country where does that stand. even in corruption court but we're still waiting for a big. conviction. of. a top that you mentioned. the roadmap to e.u.
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membership for ukraine why isn't. offering the country that. i think. seeing the the feeling. that with all the new members the scene of the last decade it's just become too unwieldy and even its new members actually genuinely signed up to all the values and that come with the e.u. membership there's also the fact that even if ukraine which we offered some kind of membership there are lots of other countries in the queue as it were before ukraine there's turkey with its pop population that has kind of a status so if it were to make some kind of offer to ukraine they'd have to also offer something to do something which would be very unpopular in germany the problem for ukraine with not having some kind of perspective of joining the e.u. it's very difficult to try and gather the will for reform if there's no real clear
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destination for this journey at the moment lots of different reforms happening but there's no overall vision of where ukraine could be in ten twenty or thirty years nicolas connelly in kiev thank you. let's get a quick check now of some other stories making news around the world divers in indonesia say that they have for tree of parts of the black box from a crash crash to lie in the air flight in the java sea the developments could be critical for establishing why the brand new boeing seven thirty seven crashed just minutes after taking off from jakarta on monday all one hundred eighty nine people on board died. pakistan's leader has called for calm after a christian woman on death row for blasphemy charges was freed in a televised address prime minister imran khan urged the country not to be incited by islamist extremists protests erupted after the supreme court released. the first woman sentenced to death by hanging for insulting islam. and millions of residents
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of mexico city are preparing for major water shortages as authorities carry out maintenance work on one of the main supply systems it's expected that half of the capital's eight million inhabitants will be. out water for at least four days. at the start of the week angle america announced that she was stepping down as leader of her party and would not seek reelection as germany's chancellor in twenty twenty one since then a number of people have thrown their hats into the ring to take her place one of them a former arch rival for direct mail is leading in the polls meet chancellor merkel's old rival the man she once ousted is back to challenge her. he . needs a fresh start and renewal. needs a forward thinking political discussion and i believe that means to see that you
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has to be clear about its core values i'm going to america had taken over his position as parliamentary leader of the conservatives sixteen years ago many say he's never forgiven her he carried on as her second in command for a couple of years then in two thousand and nine he left politics he returned to his day job as an attorney joining an international corporate law firm he's also sat on the board of governors for several companies including the world's largest asset management firm black rock so far is one of three contenders for the party leadership he's considered the most conservative among them and would represent a clear break with merkel style of politics. although he's been a critic of the chancellor and her government since she took power in two thousand and five he says now they could work together he's been. convinced that i'm going to michael and i will get along under these changed circumstances. and in
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a way that we both see fit. merits is a business friendly conservative has close ties to the private sector are controversial and has made him a target for criticism. the christian democrats will decide who will succeed chancellor merkel as their leader at a party conference in december if matz gets the job germany's conservatives will have to brace themselves for drastic change not least because his rise could spell the end of on them america as chancellor given their differences she may not want to stay in office much longer you're watching news still to come on the program u.s. president donald trump is known for using fiery rhetoric to fire up his base as the midterm elections approach his language is becoming increasingly uncompromising but can words lead to acts of.
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round two of the german cup is done and dusted and i'm joined now by dave brown. to walk us through wednesday's games that we're going to start first with the bundesliga side and talk a bit more about against fire leverkusen which was quite a game it absolutely was fire leverkusen it demolished nothing which was quite the result and by liberties in the time just keeps clicking in their last two matches both of which were away and the big sides scored eleven goals and they seem unstoppable at the moment let's take a look. after this six to dropping of braman on sunday leave a coup is not plenty of momentum heading inspect last week. by had an exceptional stuff kevin fall and sets up a d.m. plan to open the scoring up to just five minutes. it seemed like every time they were. labelled coups and scored yet by would they get a second just before the break. and
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despite being up a gear in the second half bias showed no mercy better robbie with his side stood in the sixty seventh minutes. thank you glove box collapsed by on the counter-attack embedded robbie on the school sheet again just ten minutes later. and as if by hadn't had enough dominate cause pasta fall and who had made the final nail in the coffin five nil the final school as level coups in march on so the last sixteen. absolutely brutal but now elsewhere dortmund at a tough time against union berlin but eventually got the virtue was this the result that you expected yeah dortmund second division side in your own berlin three two which was a bit of a surprise that it took them so much to get there they needed a one hundred twentieth minute mark or rice penalty just to be the slower division team so to call that result expected was just really tan it was a bit of
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a shocker but when your own endorsement didn't play each other in the cup two years ago and not also what the penalty is so maybe it's just something about you knowing that dortmund can't quite figure out and second division ki-l. gave a very impressive account of themselves against freiburg tell us a little more about that game they did they beat the good team freiburg two one it was especially impressive because five actually scored in the first minute so they did great job to scrap back and win it. and if you're hoping for a fairytale cup run cuellar one of just four second division team stone the tournament. so it might be time to hop on that bandwagon tell us a little bit more about what you might have found surprising some of the other games some of the highlights for you sure the shell command which they beat cologne the penalty is after having two. equalizer in the match ending one one in regular time really jumped out at me shako are a historic team they're really big side but they've been miserable to start the season and a lot of times bigger teams look to the cup as
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a way to kind of get confidence back playing the smaller teams but i think such a tough groundout result against the second division probably did the opposite for them dave brown nick from sports thank you. u.s. president donald trump is threatening to deploy fifteen thousand troops to the mexican border to prevent a caravan of immigrants from entering the country trump has been stepping up his rhetoric against foreigners ahead of the midterm elections next tuesday can such rhetoric lead to physical violence alexander phenomena reports from the campaign trail. on the complaint trail again in north carolina nevada arizona although his name is not on the ballot donald trump wants these midterms to be about him he's firing up his supporters by grabbing some of the most divisive issues and using them to keep his base afraid and furious the democrats are
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becoming angry unhinged mob determined to get power by any means necessary everything we do they can destroy a very quickly a democrat victory in november would be a bright flashing invitation to every traffickers buckler drug dealer and illegal alien on the planet come on and. his supporters love what they describe as telling it like it is. i love him i think he's chosen by god to help us hopefully he'll build a wall and do it quickly keeping his base angry this strategy carried him to the white house in twenty sixteen trump is hoping it will work this time as well donald trump has built his political career on railing against other people telling crowds who they should fear and hate he is president not despite his nasty rhetoric but because of it in recent weeks however trams tone has increasingly come under
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scrutiny after an outspoken trump supporter was charged in connection with an attempted bombing spree that targeted high profile critics of the president and c.n.n. . and off to an anti-semitic mass shooting at a synagogue in pittsburgh the suspect had threatened to on line against jews and migrants words do matter says to ron as exum director of the anti-defamation league in washington and organization fighting anti-semitism and he believes that public figures like the president should be aware of that fact it's very difficult to divorce some of the philosophy in the espousals of people as being enemies or people as being threats to the actual actions that have taken place it is words have implications and they unfortunately
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sometimes lead to violent action mike immediately after the latest attacks the president did make a point of decrying political violence calling for national unity and more civility in public life and his press secretary fiercely defends him very much as a temporary first thing that the president did was condemn the attacks both in pittsburgh and in the pipe bombs the very first thing the media did was blame the president and make him responsible for these ridiculous acts that is outrageous but nevertheless trump refuses to tone down his rhetoric blaming the media for what is going on in the country and continuing his campaign fear mongering about issues such as i mean gratian and phrase he hopes that will pay off on election day. and more news now with ben physical and a v.w. is car troubles continue german motorists is set to file
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a class action suit today over emissions changing you legislation allows consumers here to jointly sue companies for damages for the first time according to the plaintiffs for its five and deliberately cheated drivers by using software that manipulated emissions results these alosi. can sign up to the litigation for free such losers of being a common practice in the us since the nineteenth century b w had to refund the full pushes prices vehicles to most customers their. business leaders are demanding clarity go to trade post bragg's it negotiations a stalled the irish border m a just sticking points once a focal point for sectarian tension it's now become a place of prosperity. the border running through the tiny irish community of muff is hardly recognizable anymore to drive the few miles to derry has become something quite normal in recent years derry is in northern ireland which is part of the united kingdom before the border was heavily guarded if you look for them you can
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still find relics from that time most people here don't want to go back to that the open border has brought many people jobs and a steady income it's also made the region attractive to tourists. one hears a similar story everywhere along the five hundred kilometer border between northern oil and the republic of ireland. but bricks it is making people here nervous for a long time now tradesmen have worked on both sides of the border up businesses have branches in both countries and if hours long border controls were reintroduced the tourists who have brought the region modest prosperity would also stay away. reporter ben is from the border region and was just back there last week tell us and describe to us how the situation there has changed over the years from. when you were born right right up until today well when i was
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a child i was born the year he's and i remember we used to regularly visit family and county donegal which we had to go through the border to reach and at that time it was a case of driving up to a heavily militarized border with british army soldiers who would come out check the car generally there if they knew at that stage what people to look out for not but it was quite a tense time as a kid i remember crossing the border and i can only imagine what it was like for people who live directly at the border crossing all the time in terms of the present time from the ninety's on so when the master treaty was signed pretty much that was the end of the costumes and the only checks that are meant for security checks and then that ended in the late ninety's with the good friday agreement of one thousand nine hundred and since that time. life around the border region has if not quite flourished greatly improved understandably because there's no border there anymore so it's just like any normal place so what a business is now telling you you spent four days there were pouring for us just last week what sort of stories that you hear there's a lot of fear and concern
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a lot of businesses i mean the level of cross border interaction commercially is huge understandably supply change or supply chains are entirely dependent on an open free border there's roughly thirty five percent of northern ireland's exports that doesn't include what go to great britain arch of the republic of ireland and there's about i'm not sure exactly the percentage for the other way around but it's roughly one billion here since he's huge huge levels of interaction and there's obviously massive fears that any return to previous coast and posts or border arrangements like existed previously will potentially ruined us that level of interaction at the very minimum jeopardize that some of these businesses taking precautions yeah absolutely i mean a lot of them have already cut back their accounts the business owners i spoke to particularly in the agriculture sector and in the manufacturing sector particularly on the southern side of the border they've already started cutting back on their northern accounts and started looking for alternative suppliers which remain in the e.u. and then on the northern side there's a lot of businesses that are looking into setting up bases on the southern side of
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the border so in the event of a hard so-called hard bags that return to questions arrangements that they will have an e.u. base close to home that the underlying so i mean all those measures start taking a toll that will cost money what about the full in the value of sterling as well i mean that would be affecting them so you would get yeah well that's something that's already noticeable so obviously all the stuff i'm talking about is hypothetical but the thought of starting israel has already happened and when you have two different currency regimes just across the border from each other people are not going to be spending money in a different jurisdiction and it's a lot more expensive for them to do so so a lot of the business owners i spoke to and republic of ireland side of the border have said they've already noticed quite a decrease in the amount of nor them. they're getting particularly again and just normal shopping towns and stuff along the border personally is this something that frustrates you the whole brigs of issue and the fact that it's affecting way you come from and the potential of the region it does frustrate me immensely and that's
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common across the board amongst people throughout ireland north and south regardless of their political persuasion because it's i think there's a degree of frustration particularly with the braggs of tears in the u.k. that they have jeopardized something without actually realizing the costs during the u.k. independence referendum. sorry just one more question is there a positive the could come out of all of this i know some people are talking about irish unity yeah absolutely it has sort of accelerated that question in the event of a bad brags that on the north struggling there could be a huge increase in support for an ardent thirty a strong levels of support for it but it is probably not quite close to a majority yet but certainly if things continue in the van that they're going and if the braggs it is particularly bad there could be sufficient support for what's called a border poll which the british government could potentially call and that could lead to reunification sullivan interesting stuff thank you very much for your reporting of the coming in today. the united states is reimposed most sanctions on
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iran from monday next week that affect the oil gas and banking sectors washington will penalize countries and companies that do not hold to reigning in oil imports well though it may give some nations a little more time european firms have been pulling out and that's hurting the people of iran. seppi de s.m. sar is once again looking for a job the thirty four year old iranian will soon be unemployed again that's because her employer german manufacturing giant siemens is leaving iran and if they can make land currently the economic situation is very difficult it's not just affecting foreign companies but iranian ones as well i've been writing job applications since i was told i was going to lose my job but i haven't had a single response yet carmack at. seventy day has been working in the h r department examines for three years before that she worked for a norwegian company but that company also pulled out of iran because of the u.s.
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sanctions so every day a says she is reliving a bad experience. since i heard the news that i've had real trouble simply getting up early in the morning it's so demotivating to have to put so much effort into something only to be let go and there's nothing we can do. said he day it does her shopping in the evening but that is especially hard for her prices have skyrocketed in the last year and now she has to consider if she can afford even the most basic foods like milk the shop owner has now gotten used to his customers looking at the prices very closely. i don't know you do list rises have gotten so high that my customers often pick up a product only to put it immediately down after seeing the price now they really only buy the necessities. in recent weeks in iran's currency
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the reale has lost about eighty percent against the dollar import goods have now become a luxury even the instant coffee which seppi day has decided to splurge on today. back home and she watches the news the future of her country depends on international politics especially on decisions made in the united states. but how one even normal people pay a high price we're losing our jobs and we can't afford to pay the rent anymore the nuclear nonproliferation deal was signed and now we know that signatories is pulling out i still hope that holds up and we can once again look to the future and they should. be day out has led to hope in the european union's plan to develop a trading platform with iran too many companies have already pulled out of the country and it's people like her whose lives are in the balance. well this was at a quick reminder of the top story we're following for you q a b w. german chancellor angela merkel is in kiev today for talks with her ukrainian counterpart
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after poroshenko her visit comes as the country from as much of a fifth anniversary of the my down revolution which began with demands for closer ties with think european union. watching c.w. news live from berlin see you next hour. ninety
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three cents. confusing game brings actually to incent egypt. that's most self-made can do. maybe even decide the number of the hundred leads. it's a good it's egypt tonnage and the world over. to borrow to dick. w. . entered the conflict zone confronting the powerful the fastest thirteen years in power in some damaging state election results are going
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to start seeing is visibly waning how low can go to congo muckle cling on to calm my guess is most gun shy today one of the most famous and infamous politicians here in germany conflicts so folks in sixty minutes on g.w. folks. they make a commitment. they find solutions. they conspire. africa on the move. stories of both people making a difference shaping their nation. and their continent of africa on the move to stories about motivational change makers taking their destinies into their own hands. d.w.
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multimedia series from africa. d w dot com africa. hello and welcome to a new edition of tamara today the science show on t.w. . coming up on the program. fresh brewed coffee is it healthy oh not. our skin is literally crawling with millions of minute creatures. and our water is laced with traces of medication how can it be.


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