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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 1, 2018 11:00am-11:31am CET

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this is from berlin why did a brand new boeing seven thirty seven fall out of the sky divers in indonesia find one of the black boxes the plane that crashed shortly after taking off from jakarta on monday they hope it will help to explain the cause of the tragedy that claimed the lives of nearly two hundred people. also coming up nearly five years after the revolution has ukraine lies the aspirations of its people to move closer to europe we look back and forward as german chancellor angela merkel talks with political leaders in kiev. and calling briggs it should be close between britain and the e.u.
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given london's vast financial services basic access to the european market after breakfast. thank you for joining us divers in indonesia have found a black box from the passenger jet that crashed on monday killing one hundred eighty nine people they hope the device will shed light on the cause of the tragedy the lion air boeing seven thirty seven went down thirteen minutes after taking off from the capital jakarta authorities have asked families of the dead to try to identify their loved ones by looking at some of the belongings retrieved from the sea. plucked from a watery grave. the family beside themselves.
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villagers are on hand to support them as they grieve. a funeral of one of the victims of lion air flight j.t. six one zero but there's still no clear answer about why the plane crashed on monday. the investigation continues much more of the plane remains hidden beneath the sea surface. but since monday divers have located some of the body of the boeing seven three seven now they found its black box one of the salvage teams said they dug deep and found it buried in the debris on the sea floor. salvaging the box from the wreckage means aviation experts can begin piecing together what went wrong. so we will let the transportation safety committee do their job.
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and we have requested boeing help determine the criteria needed for inspection. to find out the cause of the crash. knowing why the plane went down fifteen minutes after takeoff will be of some comfort to the relatives identifying victims is a huge challenge forensic team is examining body parts others are sifting through clothes and belongings to identify their loved ones the details are related to my husband's shoe we just wanted to be sure because those in charge of identifying the victims say we can help them with identification but they're not his shoes they are different they are red so i can confirm they are not his and it could take weeks to analyze the black boxes data but his discovery is a huge moment for families of the nearly two hundred victims and for indonesia a nation once more in mourning. let's bring in journalist because the pedestal arrow is a journalist are following this story for us from jakarta ricardo why did it take
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several days to locate the black box. morning. well there has been several of the calls that this search and rescue team have faced one of them's is the strong currents. that they have encountered also we're talking about a very modern sea soil that has resulted in very low. on their rescuers on the ground looking for survivors on the black boxes and finally this is an area. from the national oil company that i mena so. easily and that has delayed the whole process and now that they have it what information could the black box provide authorities about the causes of this crash . well the permission in the black vote it's going to be is going to take
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a while to be analyzed by a national transportation safety. in this case in particular these one month for a preliminary report and it will take another six months according to the rector of the home of the. full investigation report that some of the sources of these same home if you have have said that he may think that given a year or so of the moment they need to analyze all the data and it's important to say that the only phone one of the devices. that the flight so this soon looking for the one with. the five of those moments before the crash right the flight data recorder they're still looking for ricardo given all of that how much closer are we really to finding out about the causes of this crash. well. understand by the sort of the. everyone. special
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begins we're looking for. the moment. in the company of the most complete airliner on history of art students and investigation these. remains what they hope to see but. i think for. going to have to wait sometimes they don't know what of course the story will are. all right journalist riccardo pedestal reporting for us from jakarta thank you very much. thank you. now to some other stories making headlines around the world a new study has revealed that the earth's oceans have absorbed sixty percent more heat than previously estimated researchers say the findings will have a major impact on the effort to keep global temperature under the target of two degrees celsius warmer oceans destroyed vital organisms and cause extreme weather.
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australia has announced it will relocate asylum seeker children sent to the pacific island of now to by the end of the year now into the country strict anti asylum policy arrivals are sent to remote pacific camps the decision comes after a string of reports of abuse and suicide on the island. pakistan's leader has called for calm after a christian woman on death row for blasphemy charges was free in a televised address prime minister imran khan urged the country not to be incited by islamist extremists protests erupted after the supreme court released the first woman sentenced to death by hanging for insulting islam. and millions of residents of mexico city are preparing for a major water shortages as authorities carry out maintenance work on one of the main supply systems it's expected that house of the capital's eight million inhabitants will be. without water for at least four days. german chancellor
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angela merkel is in kiev today for talks with her ukrainian counterpart petro poroshenko her visit comes as the country marks prepares to mark the fifth anniversary of the my down revolution which began with demands for closer ties with the e.u. five years on has ukraine moved any closer to europe connelly takes a look. this is how it all started with a handful of people taking to modern square protesting against president a coach's decision to abandon a long awaited dissociation deal much to fear of angry moscow within weeks the protests are growing to tens of thousands of people europe wasn't the only issue but the european flags were hard to miss. the protesters had no shortage of prominent guess from brussels showing their support among them to ease chief diplomat at the time catherine ashton. was three months later and present in a coach was gone fleeing to accelerate. just
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a matter of weeks later and ukraine finally signed dissociation agreement at over two thousand pages long it covers everything from animal welfare to judicial reform but asked most ukrainians what the association deal means to them and they'll most likely answer two things travel and trade. no more queuing up for visas no more hefty visa fees for many ukrainians visa free access to the area has been the most tangible change. no surprise then that present person come up to end a visa requirements with a lavish ceremony on the country's border with you. under the terms of the deal ukraine also gained preferential access to european markets the e.u. has long been ukraine's biggest single trading partner since osi asian came into effect trade between ukraine and the block has been growing by over twenty percent
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a year but what the association agreement these people protesting for didn't include was a firm promise of future membership instead it merely acknowledged ukraine's quote european aspirations decision makers in kiev hope that in time brussels would offer a road map to membership five years later. and there's still waiting. to be a polite but very definite no now. that report from the nicolas connelly and he joins us for more from kiev hi nick good to see you how much support is there today among ukrainians for moving towards the e.u. . well the polls do show a strong majority across the country for joining the e.u. having said that when you people how likely they think it is to happen most of them seem to have got the message from europe and see. joining the e.u. something that's often the future and there is growing disappointment.
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with expectations that couldn't be met so that is something that is changing remains pretty widespread if we look at what has happened in the last five years after my don russia annexed crimea in april of two thousand and fourteen. there have been multiple efforts to bring peace to. visiting kiev today she's been a big part of pushing forward those peace efforts why haven't they really succeeded . me. those talks the two different rounds of the. process the fundamental problem here is that the process would involve on the one hand the. separatists in eastern ukraine closing. the border to russia which currently porous . fresh elections.
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in those elections giving them new. status. seems willing to make that move both sides. seem to be more satisfied with the status quo than taking the risk of making and making a concession they both seem to think that. it's better to not risk making concessions in the hope that. will prevail. between a ukrainian president. and. russia's vladimir putin it is a difficult relationship has he helped overcome the hostility. i think definitely the beginning that was an important role people weren't picking up phones to each other in those first weeks and months of the conflict here since then that has changed somewhat and we understand the presence. they have
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channels of communication i think the fundamental problem here is that russia and russia's elites don't see ukraine as a genuinely foreign country they don't recognize ukraine's ability to set its policy and they see themselves in saudi goes in ukraine say any move that ukraine makes is extent going to be unpopular it's not so much about the chemistry between the leaders as that fundamental disconnect. has expended a whole lot of diplomatic capital over the last five years in ukraine not just in minsk but also in terms of shoring up european sanctions against russia following the crimea that was something that was deeply unpopular with lots of european governments but through her coordination they have prevailed in spite of all those challenges are only reporting for us from kiev thank you nic.
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now to the fallout from the death of saudi journalist. is even having an impact on the world of sports tennis stars rough and a dollar novak djokovic are under pressure to pull out of a vent in riyadh next month now this follows allegations that the saudis murdered in their istanbul consulate roger federer has already turned down an invite to a country which is desperate to shift the spotlight to sports. they're vying to finish the year as the world's best player rafael nadal and novak djokovic are two players at the top of their game and major star attractions which is why they've booked to play this exhibition in saudi arabia a country now firmly in the spotlight after its alleged involvement in the murder of dissident journalist jamal khashoggi not to mention its role in the ongoing conflict and humanitarian crisis in yemen. a collision between sport and geopolitics despite increasing attention on the actions of the saudi arabian
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government both players gave choreographed responses this week. they had a commitment since. he started. on a list last. so of course we're trying to take in consideration everything all the options. i can see because as i said just the question before we have to get more information. on what's happening so we can make a rational decision whether it's good to go. world wrestling entertainment is also holding an event in saudi arabia this week despite the controversy there's no intention here to cancel business is business. in its quarterly statement w w e
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acknowledged a heinous crime but said the company has decided to uphold its contractual obligation to saudi arabia's general sports authority and stage the event. attracting big name athletes and sporting events is a major goal for saudi arabia neymar in his brazilian teammates were in town last month for a friendly match with our tribals argentina images like this are priceless p.r. for a country trying to grow its sporting image both abroad and at home where fans can see their idols up close. and i hope this will just be the beginning and that in the future you will have more games in every region. not. a lot it was an indescribable feeling to watch a world class game like this and still brazil are a very famous team some of the team well known as well it was a wonderful game i mean they did that through its general sports authority saudi arabia has invested heavily in sports if the exhibition goes ahead djokovic will
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pocket one million dollars each for their participation big money but at what cost . right ben is here with business now and some possible movement on brags that possibly a british official says prime minister to reserve may is close to striking a deal with brussels that will give banks and other financial companies continued access to the european market off the break that it would mean that financial services in london would not have to move their headquarters to the confidence to continue doing business with the rest of the e.u. the british pound gained point six percent on the news financial sector is crucial to british interest it contributes an annual one hundred twenty billion pounds to the u.k. economy. business leaders are demanding clarity over trade post breaks it. stalled the irish border is a key problem once a focal point for sectarian tension it's now become a place full of promise. the border running through the tiny irish community of
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months is hardly recognizable anymore to drive the few miles to derry has become something quite normal in recent years derry is in a. more than oil and which is part of the united kingdom before the border was heavily guarded if you look for them you can still find relics from that time most people here don't want to go back to that the open border has brought many people jobs and a studio income it's also made the region attractive to tourists. one hears a similar story everywhere along the five hundred kilometer border between northern oil and the republic of ireland. but bricks it is making people here nervous for a long time known tradesmen have worked on both sides of the border up businesses have branches in both countries and if hours long border controls were reintroduced the tourists who have brought the region modest prosperity would also stay away.
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reporter sullivan is from the border region and was just back there last week tell us and describe to us how the situation there has changed over the years from from when you were born right right up until today well when i was a child i was born the year he's and i remember we used to regularly visit family in county donegal which we had to go through the border to reach and at that time it was a case of driving up to a heavily militarized border with british army soldiers who would come out check the car generally there if they knew at that stage what people to look out for not but it was quite a tense time as a kid i remember crossing the border and i can only imagine what it was like for people who live directly at the border crosser all the time in terms of the present time from the ninety's on so when the master treaty was signed pretty much that was the end of the costumes and the only checks that are meant for security checks and then that ended in the late ninety's with the good friday agreement of one thousand nine hundred and since that time life around the border region has if not quite
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flourished greatly improved understandably because there's no border there anymore so it's just like any normal place so what a business is now telling you you spent four days there reporting for us. just last week what sort of stories that you hear there's a lot of fear and concern a lot of businesses i mean the level of cross border interaction commercially is huge understandably supply change or supply chains are entirely dependent on an open and free border there's roughly thirty five percent of northern ireland's exports that doesn't include what go to great britain arch of the republic of ireland and there's not sure exactly the percentage for the other way around but it's roughly one billion a year so this huge huge levels of interaction and there's obviously massive fears that any return to previous coast and posts or border arrangements like existed previously with potentially ruined us that level of interaction at the very minimum jeopardize that so some of these businesses taking precautions yeah absolutely i mean a lot of them have already cut back their accounts the business owners i spoke to
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particularly in the agriculture sector and in the manufacturing sector particularly on the southern side of the border they've already started cutting back on their northern accounts and started looking for alternative suppliers which remain in the e.u. and then on the northern side there's a lot of businesses that are looking into set no basis on the southern side of the border so in the event of a hard so-called hard bags it and return to questions arrangements that they will have an e.u. base close to home that the underlying so i mean all those measures is taking a toll that will cost money what about the full in the value of sterling as well i mean that would be affecting them too what a good yeah well that's something that's already noticeable so obviously all the stuff i'm talking about is hypothetical but the thought of starting israel has already happened and when you have two different currency regimes just across the border from each other people are not going to be spending money in a different jurisdiction and obviously a lot more expensive for them to do so so a lot of the business owners i spoke to in the republic of ireland side of the border have said they've already noticed quite a decrease in the amount of northern coast and they're getting particularly again
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and just normal shopping towns and stuff along the border personally is this something that frustrates you the whole briggs it issue and the fact that it's affecting where you come from. home and the potential of the region it does frustrate me immensely and that's common across the board amongst people throughout ireland north and south regardless of their political persuasion because it's i think there's a degree of frustration particularly with the braggs appears in the u.k. that they have jeopardized something without actually realising the costs during the u.k. independence referendum. sorry just one more question is there a positive the could come out of all of this i know some people are talking about irish unity yeah absolutely it has sort of accelerated that question in the event of a bad brags it on the north struggling there could be a huge increase in support for enough cash mullard thirty strong levels of support for it but it is probably not quite close to a majority yet but certainly if things continue in the van that they're going and
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if the regs it is particularly bad there could be sufficient support for what's called a border poll which the british government could potentially call and that could lead to reunification of the sullivan interesting stuff thank you very much for your reporting of the coming in today. the us will reimpose most ancients on a run on monday that affect oil gas and financials european companies have been pulling out and that's already it's. seppi de s.m.c. is once again looking for a job the thirty four year old iranian will soon be unemployed again that's because her employer german manufacturer in giant siemens is leaving iran and if they commit crime currently economic situation is very difficult it's not just affecting foreign companies but iranian ones as well i've been writing job applications since i was told i was going to lose my job but i haven't had a single response yet carmack at. seventy day has been working in the h r
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department examines for three years before that she worked for a norwegian company but that company also pulled out of iran because of the u.s. sanctions so every day as says she is reliving a bad experience. since i heard the news that i've had real trouble simply getting up early in the morning it's so demotivating to have to put so much effort into something only to be let go and there's nothing we can do. sippy day it does her shopping in the evening but that is especially hard for her prices skyrocketed in the last year and now she has to consider if she can afford even the most basic foods like milk the shop owner has now gotten used to his customers looking at the prices very closely. they want to do list prices have gotten so high that my customers often pick up a product only to put it immediately down to seeing the price now they really only
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buy the necessities. in recent weeks iran's currency the rio has lost about eighty percent against the dollar import goods have now become a luxury even the instant coffee which seppi day has decided to splurge on today. back home she watches the news the future of her country depends on international politics especially when decisions made in the united states have higher than normal people pay a high price we're losing our jobs and we can't afford to pay the rent anymore the nuclear nonproliferation deal was signed and now we know that signatories is pulling out i still hope that it holds up and we can once again look to the future i think it should. be day it has little hope in the european union's plan to develop a trading platform with iran too many companies have already pulled out of the country and it's people like her whose lives are in the balance. german
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motorists have filed a class action suit against v.w. over emissions trading new legislation allows consumers here to jointly sue companies for damages for the first time according to the plaintiffs holds fogging deliberately cheated drivers by using software that manipulated emissions results diesel owners can sign up to the litigation for free such lawsuits have been common practice in the us since the nineteenth century you had to refund the full purchase price of vehicles for most customers there. is following this story for us from frankfurt. if you there and you can hear me tell us about not only v.w. but the other car makers as well b.w. isn't the only one that was caught cheating. are they in trouble as well. yes ben i can hear you clear and very good here from the frankfurt stock exchange yes we're already hearing from the eighty a c. that's the biggest german club that the interest of their members is extremely big
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so we're talking here about potentially millions of car owners who could join this lawsuit and yes we have to remember they are other car companies here in germany that have been cheating as well opel audi just to name a few of them so yes potentially other lawsuits could follow as well that you hope for is that the preferred stock exchange loud and clear thank you. you're watching the news live from berlin we'll have more for you next hour of a. global .
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object. his style to be a. good still looks. just stunning living concepts. and standing architecture. in style essentially. europe.
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poison is coming out of the taps in the serbian province of vojvodina the drinking water is contaminated with dangerous levels of arsenic protests are ineffective forty's are impassive and concerned residents are incredulous. toxin from the time. sixty minutes. scar's cover and forget women in russia have to live with violence sexism and oppression enough i've seen that violence is normal in russia. where putin's petri arche lines today women's rights were already gaining traction hundred years ago. people here don't have
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a clue about feminism but there are women who want to instigate change in everyday life for justice and equality. under the skin of russia's women starts november thirteenth on g.w. . i want to welcome to another fine a failed edition of euro max i'm your host meghan lee today we're getting in the spirit of hollowing here's a look at what we've got lined up for you today. we discover the scary side of the scottish capital edinburgh. is forty three behind the wheel and.


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