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not for god w.'s overfocus. this is news live from berlin why did a brand new boeing seven thirty seven fall out of the sky divers in indonesia find one of the black boxes of the plane that crashed shortly after taking off from jakarta on monday they hope it will help to explain the cause of the tragedy that are claimed the lives of nearly two hundred people. also coming up a blast from the past a former rival emerges as the front runner in the race to succeed c.d.u.
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party leader will explain why free dish maps could mean merkel's days as chancellor our number. all she wants to do is work by the indian t.v. reporter. and subject to constant sexual harassment by men including police officers so what's her problem you went to the northern city of to try to find out . and pressure grows on tennis stars rough on a doll novak djokovic to pull out of an event in saudi arabia that's after the murder of a saudi journalist. the country's a desperate to be a major player in sports but it's facing a big backlash. i'm swimming so much going to thank you for joining us divers in indonesia have found a black box from the passenger jet that crashed on monday killing one. eighty nine
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people they hope the device will shed light on the cause of the tragedy the lion air boeing seven thirty seven went down thirteen minutes after taking off from the capital jakarta authorities have asked families of the dead to try to identify their loved ones by looking at some of the belongings retrieved from the sea. a body plucked from a watery grave the family are beside themselves villagers are on hand to support them as they grieve. a funeral of one of the victims of lion air flight j.t. six one zero but there's still no clear answer about why the plane crashed on monday. the investigation continues much more of the plane remains hidden beneath the sea surface. but since monday divers have located some of the body of the boeing seven three seven and now they found its
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black box one of the salvage teams said they dug deep and found it buried in the dead on the sea floor. salvaging the box from the wreckage means aviation experts can begin piecing together what went wrong. we will let the transportation safety committee do their job. and we have requested boeing help determine the criteria needed for inspection. to find out the cause of the crash. knowing why the plane went down nearly fifteen minutes after takeoff will be of some comfort to the relatives identifying victims is a huge challenge forensic team is examining body parts others are sifting through clothes and belongings to identify their loved ones the details are related to my husband's shoe we just wanted to be sure because those in charge of identifying the victims
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say we can help them with identification but they're not his shoes they are different they are red so i can confirm they are not his and it could take weeks to analyze the black boxes data but his discovery is a huge moment for families of the nearly two hundred victims and for indonesia a nation once more in mourning. our southeast asia correspondent boston heartache is following all the latest developments for us why did it take authorities several days to learn. the black box. well apparently sumi it's not so easy to find not only the black box but also the fuselage of the plane fuselage of the plane i'm sorry which which appeared which you would think would be easier to spot now what makes it difficult diver say in the authorities say is that first of all the current seems to be very strong the water isn't very deep it's only some thirty meters deep the current seems to be very strong down there that's what divers have to fight with also apparently there's energy
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pipelines down there which makes the search for anything that's any parts of the plane or whatever they're looking for. more more difficult as well now of course these flight recorders they send out signals so it makes it easier for the search teams to find them and of course the divers that went down there they had devices that allowed them to receive those signals and that's how in the end they found this one flight recorder now even once they knew where it was it wasn't easy to retrieve it because as the diver said who did bring it up to the surface they said they had to think down deep as we heard in the report there's the sea floor is muddy and it was covered by debris as well so it wasn't easy to retrieve that and it's only one of two flight recorders that they found now they have to see what information they can get from that and that's a question how important is this black box what information are authorities hoping to glean from it. this is crucial in the
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investigation to any plane crash really the information that's on these flight recorders now the one that they retrieved is the data recorder which means that that's the recorder that has critical data of not only the engines but also of altitude of speed of vertical acceleration of all the instruments on the plane so they're hoping to find out if there were any technical problems we know that this plane experienced technical difficulties the day. before the crash now the airline says that these technical difficulties were resolved before it departed on that final flight now maybe with the with the data from the recorder they're going to be able to find out if there were any other technical problems now of course they're still looking for that other recorder which is the cockpit voice recorder so me bustin with all of this information how much closer are we to finding out about the causes of this crash. but i think this is one
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critical step and one very important step as i just said we're still looking or they're still looking for the cockpit voice recorder which records the conversation inside the cockpit and then the conversation with air traffic control as well so that's going to deliver crucial in for information as well now the authorities have said it's going to take some time to pull the data from that recorder and for a full analysis they said they might have a preliminary report within a few weeks or a month maybe but full analysis is going to take several months and they're going to be it's going to take some time to figure out and they're not going to jump to conclusions i'm pretty sure because this was obviously a very brand new this was a brand new plane and the authorities have already said that these planes are they have to undergo further inspections now special inspections in indonesia but so far they haven't discovered any problems so it's going to take
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a while until they really come out with with a conclusive report as to why that plane in the end actually crashed our south-east asia correspondent bastion harder for us thank you. time to catch up on some other stories making headlines around the world a new study has revealed that the earth's oceans have absorbed sixty percent more heat than previously estimated researchers say the findings will have a major impact on the effort to keep global temperature under the target of two degrees celsius warmer oceans destroy vital organ. isms and cause extreme weather. islamists in pakistan have blocked a key highway in islamabad to protest the release of a christian woman on death row for blasphemy hardliners in the capital are calling for bibi to be publicly hanged despite the landmark ruling she says she plans to leave the country. a human rights group says women in north korea routinely face sexual abuse by officials human rights watch claims a problem is so widespread that some women aren't even aware they're being violated
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activists claim the kingdom's human rights record is being ignored amid an international push to improve relations. australia has announced it will relocate asylum seeker children sent to the pacific island of now ruled by the end of the year under the country's strict asylum policy arrivals are sent to remote pacific camps the decision comes after a string of reports of abuse and suicide on the island. and millions of residents of mexico city are preparing for a major water shortages as authorities carry out maintenance work on one of the main supply systems it's expected that half of the capital's eight million inhabitants will be without water for at least four days. here in germany one of chancellor merkel's former rivals has launched a campaign to take her place just days after america announced her phased exit from politics. politician turned lawyer says he can unite the divided christian democrat
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party as its leader matt says a staunch conservative who has been critical of medical in the past though he now says they could work together michael took over his position as parliamentary leader of the conservatives sixteen years ago. melinda crane spoke to patrick a german m.p. and member of a party and also a supporter of matt's candidacy. it's just in sport tell us how would the c.d.u. change if we teach math becomes party leader he says of himself that he is business friendly and conservative in values what would that mean in terms of policies i think we have a good situation now that we have three candidates in the conservative party for the leadership i think other parties would be really happy if they have got that situation i think it's a further math comes into power of leadership he can bring the different groups in the party together the conservative economic liberal group and also the ones who
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are very close to christian topics so i think he can bring these people together under one leadership he said today that he would like to sharpen the conservative profile of the party and he made it clear that he'd like to win back some of the voters who have drifted away for example to the right wing nationalist a.f.d. he's not going to do that with business friendly policies what might he do i think that is belonging to the conservative topics to the conservative issues of the party he said that he will answer in short very clear answers. to the questions that has been rise by the i did the ultra right party so i think he will give very clear on cers to this concert of questions what about in terms of foreign policy he said of himself that he's a trance atlanticist that he's pro european but the chancellor would say the same thing what's he likely to do differently i think in many questions we won't see so
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many difference but on the other side he has very good connections transatlantic as you pointed out and i think he was in the european parliament he has good connections to other european countries he stands for transatlantic relations and for european relations with his whole biography so i think that's also a strength of the mets now he was of course once seen as a rival of the chancellor. she edged him out of power can you really imagine them working together in tandem until twenty twenty one i think so because uncle americal did a good job in the last year's flu schmetz point of that i would also and also i think we need a change in the party the time is there so i think there will be two or three years where both have to work together and i think that will be very powerful for our party and that's a good thing. thank you very much for being with us. for a year watching d.w. news still to come so long the pun day comes from
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a place in india where a few women work outside their home she overcame the odds to become a t.v. reporter but now she's forced to spend part of her working day fighting off sexual predators. but first to the fallout from the death of saudi journalist it's even having an impact on the world of sports tennis stars rough and a dollar novak djokovic are under pressure to pull out of an event in riyadh next month this follows allegations of saudis murdered in their istanbul consulate roger federer has already turned down an invite to a country that's desperate to shift the spotlight to sports. they're vying to finish the year as the world's best player rafael nadal and novak djokovic are two players at the top of their game and major star attractions which is why they've booked to play this exhibition in saudi arabia a country now firmly in the spotlight after its alleged involvement in the murder
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of dissident journalist jamal khashoggi. not to mention its role in the ongoing conflict and humanitarian crisis in yemen. a collision between sport and geopolitics despite increasing attention on the actions of the saudi arabian government both players gave choreographed responses this week. fall the situation . but i had a commitment. last . something happened. so of course we're trying to take in consideration everything all the options right now i can't say more because as i said just a question before we have to get more information. on what's happening so we can make a rational decision whether it's good to go. world wrestling entertainment is
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also holding an event in saudi arabia this week despite the controversy there's no intention here to cancel business is business. in its quarterly statement w w e acknowledged a heinous crime but said the company has decided to uphold its contractual obligation to saudi arabia's general sports authority and stage the event. attracting big name athletes and sporting events is a major goal for saudi arabia neymar in his brazilian teammates were in town last month for a friendly match with archrivals argentina images like this are priceless p.r. for a country trying to explore grow. an image both abroad and at home where fans can see their idols up close. and i hope this will just the beginning of all of that in the future you will have more games in every region of rio. not that it was the usual a larger although it was an indescribable feeling to watch
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a world class game like this and still another brazil are a very famous team some of the team argentina are well known as well it was a wonderful game they did that through its general sports authority saudi arabia has invested heavily in sports if the exhibition goes ahead djokovic will pocket one million dollars each for their participation big money but at what cost. let's get more perspective on the story with simon chad work he's a professor of sports enterprise that salford business school in england hi simon thank you for joining us how important is it for saudi arabia to really project itself as a major player in sports. the important thing is not just to see this is a p.r. exercise or a soft power exercise what saudi arabia has done is to fundamentally commit to a national sport strategy which is in part linked to the broader developments now taking place in the country so clearly the country wants to reform and to give one example the rules want to promote the role of women in society one of the things
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that they've done therefore over the last twelve months is for the first time to allow women to attend football matches and so to pull out individual pieces and say it's because of money or because of politics or because so in which i think is incorrect this is much more what broader much more all embracing all encompassing the many people money mansion and yet this strategy has been overshadowed by jamal khashoggi death that what impact is it think it's going to have from a sports perspective will nidal and djokovic for example be forced to pull out. alternately they may. there's a considerable amount of pressure coming out of the united states right now and i know a lot of businesses in sport are running scared of the potential consequences ultimately as as we heard in your package earlier there are contractual obligations but i think it's a really difficult one now particularly for western organizations for western sports stars to read because on the one hand clearly something terrible has
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happened and deserves condemnation but at the same time a lot of the people involved people like the da will be looking at this and for seeing the potentially lucrative nature of participating or doing business in saudi arabia and this is not just confined to them it's comply for the competitions for leagues for national teams for sponsors for commercial partners so reading the saudi arabian situation situation right now is really really challenging one for sports sam and what questions is that raise about the region in general you know fifa is considering expanding the twenty twenty two world cup in qatar to neighboring states how likely do you think that is. obviously there's a very fractious situation right now in in the in the gulf region in particular with with cattle are at loggerheads with with saudi arabia united arab emirates and others one of the interesting aspects of what is now emerging out of this whole situation is a sport potentially will be used as
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a tool of international diplomacy and so the proposals for twenty twenty two potentially to become a forty eight team world cup i think is part of a much bigger player with fee for at its heart where we might see a resolution to the ongoing conflicts and football and sport will be a central part of the already interesting insights there simon chad worker from the software business school thank you so much and here. last month an indian government minister was forced to step down after he was accused of sexually assaulting a female colleague the minister m.j. akbar denies the allegations which stemmed from his time as a newspaper editor the claims have unleashed a flood of accusations against other suspected sexual predators in the workplace did it is sonia found a car went to the city of agressor some two hundred fifty kilometers south of the capital delhi to meet a young female t.v. reporter as she reports now the journalist is constantly harassed but says speaking
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makes no difference. put in the time and the loony on the works put a television news channel. she's one of the few female t.v. reporters in the conflict of city of one point five million people after graduating with a diploma in journalism suddenly struggled to find. one t.v. station refused to hire her another situ could anchor but not work in the field so lonely refused to give up despite the challenges maybe they were going to. see i the man i come across in my work police officers even reporters say things like come and have tea with me spend time with me meet me after work i'll drop you home some of them are really forceful it makes me uncomfortable and skid. i block these men's numbers on my phone i'm here because i want to be a reporter not because i want to spend time with men we have and i was. there
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a man had up. today she's interviewing a group of men in the park she wants to get their views on women empowerment and gender relations at a time when india's need to movement rages on twitter many female journalists in india's big cities have alleged sexual harassment by senior editors and colleagues news of those allegations has also put a down to the men here have strong views about it you may lie yes these women who are speaking out were not oppressed or subjugated they are professional qualified women why did they stay silent for so long and why if they suddenly found the energy to start screaming me to media that i don't think men are capable of harrison women the way it's portrayed in the me too movement the women making these allegations are just seeking publicity they want to be famous. you know i get the mail for salumi to have a cement on the job is very real but she says she can't speak of young men with
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money and i can't afford to make enemies of the men who harass me what's the point of making a complaint if it's police officers themselves harassing me who do i complain to and who can i complain to about saying you reporters. it's a question the can on his boss dismisses really started news twenty people a year ago he says the company has a zero tolerance policy but he still hasn't set up a complaints committee as mandated by india's workplace laws against sexual habits meant the decision to hire a female reporter at his channel is read an opera but your hands reasons have little to do with the quality of the biggest only finally he was one to see a female reporter i want to see how she talks how she reports they're attracted by that nowadays you see that everywhere even if you go to a shop you'll see that. women are appointed at the sales counters or at the checkout it's a way to attract customers for us to having
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a female reporter is about increasing our viewership and or ratings. for families in small town click on business degree to deal with the me to account stay at home in this conservative neighborhood few women work outside their homes so long as parents come from a village in north india with good i'm not allowed to wear jeans on phones laugh loudly or even speak with boys so loony has fought hard to get away she now has big dreams saloni wants to get out of entre and join a national t.v. network entirely to get better training and work experience. all right ben is here with business and there's some confusion over brags that and the banks lots of confusion today prime minister the reason i'm a spokesperson says reports of a break that banking deal a speculation and that ago she asians are ongoing a british official had said they were close to striking an agreement with brussels that it gives banks continued access to the european market after breaks it that it made lenders abandon wouldn't
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have to move operations to the concert the financial sector contributes an annual one hundred twenty billion pounds to the u.k. economy. so we are talking about a big deal here but there hasn't been a death of a good joins us from brussels to give us the latest i saw the pound shooting up on this news what does that tell you bat. the markets are very nervous and eagerly awaiting every bit of positive news on brics it because there's so much at stake and time is running out you have to see that forty percent of all european exits are currently managed in the city of london so there's a lot of money involved and the bangs already moving out of london to other parts of europe too haven't been through to establish a new business model so no wonder that the markets on the other hand there is no
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the even though tentative. market access so if there's any logic in the market then the pound should go down that some point again well as you mentioned time is running out but may spokesperson says that the negotiations are ongoing i mean could we get a deal in the next days or weeks. or that there are negotiations ongoing that's also confirmed here by the e.u. commission in brussels. it is nothing is agreed and until everything is agreed and that also applies to the banking sector that means that if the boy the issue was going to northern ireland is not resolved that this is the biggest stumbling block then nothing has agreed yesterday. that minister was very optimistic and said we both have a deal on the twenty first of the limit today he paid it back and second oh no he was misquoted so the exit show is still going on stay tuned show
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goes on all of nothing and i think it for us in brussels thank you very much business leaders that demanding clarity over trade post breaks it and go she ations the stolt the irish border is a major sticking point once a focal point for sectarian tension it's now become a place of prosperity. the border running through the tiny irish community of muff is hardly recognizable anymore to drive the few miles to derry has become something quite normal in recent years derry is in northern ireland which is part of the united kingdom before the border was heavily got it if you look for them you can still find relics from that time most people here don't want to go back to that the open border has brought many people jobs and a steady income it's also made the region attractive to tourists. one hears a similar story everywhere along the five hundred kilometer border between northern
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ireland and the republic of ireland. but bricks it is making people here nervous for a long time now tradesmen have worked on both sides of the border up businesses have branches in both countries and if ours long border controls were reintroduced the tourists who brought the region modest prosperity would also stay away. the top stories we're following for you. have found the. plane that crashed on monday killing one hundred eighty nine people they had to devise will shed light on the cost of him you. will have a. center
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of the conflict zone confronting the powerful. after thirteen years in power in some damaging state election results are going to cause all sorts is visibly waning how no photos and good luck will cling on some calm my guess is most gun shy but one of the most famous and infamous politicians in germany conflicts so for.
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d.w.i. . the style of being with. your lomax still looks. just stunning live in concert. and outstanding architecture. and style essential. to your home in sixty minutes p.w. . scars cover and forget women in russia have to live with violence sexism and oppression nothing finalizes no lead russia. where putin is patriarchy rooms today women's
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rights were already gaining traction hundred years ago. people here don't have a clue about feminism but there are women who want to instigate change in everyday life for justice and equality. under the skin and. she is with arsenal. after thirteen years in power and some damaging state election results and going to merkel's or thirty is visibly waning she's giving up the leadership of the christian democrats but she'll stay on as chancellor my guest this week here in berlin is vote. one of germany's most famous and infamous politicians a former finance minister for the christian democrats now.


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