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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  November 1, 2018 2:15pm-2:30pm CET

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stay at home in this conservative neighborhood few women work outside their homes so long as parents come from a village in north india would go through i'm not allowed to wear jeans on phones laugh loudly or even speak with boys saloni has fought hard to get away she now has big saloni wants to get out of fog and join a national t.v. network in davie to get better training and. earth home tunes of species a home worth saving. here which is on those are big changes and most start with small steps global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world like to use the term climate boost green energy solutions and
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reforestation. they create interactive content teaching the next generation about environmental protection and we're determined to build something here for the next generation global ideas the multimedia environment series on d.w. . to. get a good look at it. for the first time in german legal history judgments come launched class action suits guess who's the first in the dark it's full stop for the diesel emissions trading scandal. and the main sticking point in bragg's it talks remains on resolved how to keep the sense that for a father of kilometer border between the u.k. is northern ireland the republic of ireland free of controls. also the shell bearing the brunt us sank. in iraq already changing ordinary lives european
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companies pull out of the country. this is the business on behalf of as well german motorists are said to file a class action lawsuit over emissions trading today new legislation allows consumers in germany for the first time to jointly sue companies for damages according to the plaintiffs deliberately cheated drivers by using software that manipulated emissions results v.w. designers signed up to the litigation for free subchannels it's common practice in the u.s. since the nineteenth century w. had to refund the full purchase price of vehicles to most of the american customs this. was bad news for v.w. bring in. the frankfurt stock and straight down here pull down the share price and how relevant will that be for the w.'s bottom line you think. here very interesting
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garrett when i was talking with an investor this morning about this situation he told me that he was pretty sure that most likely their share price of a volkswagen would go down it finished yesterday with a big class of two per cent and in the first minutes off the trading day the volkswagen shares were indeed for just a couple of minutes in the red and then they recovered now they are even here in the green zone with a class of more than one per cent it seems to be the case that analysts and investors are not as worried at the moment because all of this if this goes through it's going to be an extremely a long prose that it can probably even take a couple of years until we would get a verdict from the courts here in germany and even if a court would rule in favor off that these are the car owners here in germany they would still have to go individually also through the courts even. more time would
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go by and i guess because of that investors and shareholders are not at war and we're even seeing this class here at the moment don't you know cope in frankfurt for us thank you very much. this confusion around breaks it the times in london had reported earlier that britain was close to striking a deal with brussels that was it would give banks and other financial companies come to new access to the european market after briggs's it would have meant that u.k. banks would not have to move their headquarters to the continent to continue to do business with the rest of the e.u. the british pound gain point six percent on the news but later on thursday a source told the reuters news agency that no deal had been moved this spokesman for the british government also said there was no deal for financial sector is crucial to british interest it's it contributes an annual one hundred twenty billion pounds to the u.k. economy. was now the subject of bragg's its business leaders from ireland demanding
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clarity over trade post breaks it because free trade has been a matter of war and peace in northern ireland the irish border region has been a focal point for sectarian tensions for decades decades but now it's become a place of prosperity. the border running through the tiny irish community of month is hardly recognizable anymore to drive the few miles to dairy has become something quite normal in recent years dairy is in northern ireland which is part of the united kingdom before the border was heavily guarded if you look for them you can still find relics from that time most people here don't want to go back to that the open border has brought many people jobs and a steady income it's also made the region attractive to tourists. one hears a similar story everywhere along the five hundred kilometer border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland. but bricks it is making people here
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nervous for a long time now tradesmen have worked on both sides of the border up businesses have branches in both countries and if ours long border controls were reintroduced the tourists who brought the region modest prosperity would also stay away. more i'm now joined by. a vote of just come back from the. story on our website that is d w dot com slash business of course. if this in this story were dealing with the prospect of bragg's it for that border region what's the mood that i would say the mood is one of concern and worry amongst business owners on both sides of the border there's a great deal of uncertainty as everyone knows around bags at the moment no one exactly when the next summer is going to be whether it's november or december let alone the terms of the final exit so business owners are worried about the
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possibility of course has been restored they're worried about the possibility of their supply chains been affected so just a great deal of uncertainty and needn't a great worry and concern me for decades it has this border region was a focal point in the troubles as we call it. but then also the friday agreement. wasn't even factored into the referendum compan really much at all for thirty years the troubles caused three thousand five hundred deaths in northern ireland done so menard and indeed some in mainland u.k. and that a lot of that violence happened around the border region and a lot of it was related to incidents of the border and customs posts on british army presence and so on so to even think about returning to any form of a border regime to a region which had such problems around the border before is quite dangerous and reckless even though no one's saying that it's nestor going to need to return but to even risk it is too high a price just briefly explain to use the old border how how was that know it's an
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open border in the e.u. border but it can cause what was it like before very quickly i mean the border with established in the one thousand twenty s. and then right up into the nine hundred fifty s. there was fairly loose customs arrangements not so much of the so this late in the northern side were relatively loose then when the troubles flared up in the late sixty's and then threat the seventy's the british army came in over at the time the coast times came down gradually with shared membership between the u.k. and ireland of the of the e.c. at the time both the troubles continue to get worse so it became a heavily militarized border i can remember as a child and the nineties you had to cross an army checkpoint any time you want to cross that border which has over two hundred roads by the way there was roads that were unapproved and so on so forth at this stage though over the last twenty years since as you mention the peace agreement the good friday agreement the border has become essentially nonexistent an invisible border it's driving across the border today is no different than driving from brandenburg into another point to stand in germany or in any normal country you wouldn't know it was there a century of course everybody's worried that these border with could be could
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return thank you very much of the business. u.s. is re imposing sanctions on iran from monday next week they'll affect the all gas and banking sectors washington will penalize countries and companies that do not hold our raney and oil imports although it may give somebody a little more time european firms have been pulling out already and the average people of iran are now suffering the consequences. is once again looking for a job the thirty four year old iranian will soon be unemployed again that's because her employer german manufacturer in giant siemens is leaving iran and if the economic situation is very difficult it's not just affecting foreign companies but iranian ones as well i've been writing job applications since i was told i was going to lose my job but i haven't had a single reply yet carmen. said the day has been working in the our department
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examines for three years before that she worked for a norwegian company but that company also pulled out of iran because of the u.s. sanctions so every day a says she is reliving a bad experience. mattia bad since i have had trouble even getting up early in the morning it's so demotivating to have to put so much effort into something only to be let go and there's nothing we can do. does her shopping in the evening but that is especially hard for her prices skyrocketed in the last year and now she has to consider if she can afford even the most basic foods like milk the shop owner has now gotten used to his customers looking at the prices very closely. the prices have gotten so high that my customers often pick up a product only to immediately put it down again after seeing the price now they
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really only buy the necessities. in recent weeks iran's currency the reale has lost about eighty percent against the dollar import goods have now become a luxury even the instant coffee which seppi day has decided to splurge on today. back home she watches the news the future of her country depends on international politics especially on decisions made in the united states. perhaps. even normal papal pay a high price we're losing our jobs and we can't afford to pay the rent anymore the nuclear deal is signed and now one of its signatories is pulling out i still hope it holds up and we can once again look to the future. has little hope in the european union's plan to develop a trading platform with iran too many companies have already pulled out of the country and it's people like her whose lives are in the balance.
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and that's it for me and the business team we. have an update for you of course in the next hour in the meantime do check out twitter on facebook social media feels also that lots more of those stories on the background on our website which is w dot com slash business of course before you go here's a real time check on global markets at bezout if you very much for watching bit of your business by. going to.
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