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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 1, 2018 4:00pm-4:15pm CET

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this is the w. news live from berlin so why did a brand new boeing jet fall out of the sky divers in indonesia find one of the black boxes from the plane that crashed on monday minutes after taking off from jakarta investigators hope it will help to explain the course of the tragedy that claimed the lives of nearly two hundred people also on the program. germany's chancellor talks of talks with ukraine on her visit to kiev and america promises plenty of investment in the country to solidify its ties with europe. and india's
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halting progress on women's rights t.v. reporter sonny pandey says she's subject to constant sexual harassment by men think through police officers redoubling heads to the northern city of agra to find out why. i'm phil gale welcome to the program divers in indonesia have located the black box from the lion at passenger jet that crashed on monday it's of the device will shed light on the course of the tragedy in which at one hundred and eighty nine people died the boeing seven three seven went down thirteen minutes after taking off from the capital jakarta authorities have asked families of the dead to try to identify their loved ones by examining belongings retrieved from the sea. a body plucked from a watery grave the family are beside themselves. villagers
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are on hand to support them as they grieve a funeral of one of the victims of lion air flight j.t. six one zero but there's still no clear answer about why the plane crashed on monday. the investigation continues much more of the plane remains hidden beneath the sea surface. but since monday divers have located some of the body of the boeing seven three seven and now they found its black box one of the salvage teams said they dug deep and found it buried in the deputy on the sea floor. salvaging the box from the wreckage means aviation experts can begin piecing together what went wrong. we will let the transportation safety committee do their job. and
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we have requested boeing help determine the criteria needed for inspection. to find out the cause of the crash. knowing why the plane went down nearly fifteen minutes after takeoff will be of some comfort to the relatives identifying victims is a huge challenge a forensic team is examining body parts others are sifting through clothes and belongings to identify their loved ones the details are related to my husband's shoe we just wanted to be sure because those in charge of identifying the victims say we can help them with identification but they're not his shoes they're different they're red so i can confirm they are not his and it could take weeks to analyze the black boxes data but his discovery is a huge moment for families of the nearly two hundred victims and for indonesia a nation once more in mourning. we'll get more from d.w. southeast asia correspondent batten hearted welcome bastion let's start with this
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black box which has been retrieved and what sort of information does it hold. well that depends very much on which black box they actually found because initially they thought they found the flight data recorder that would record technical information from the flight from all of the instruments from the engines information like pressure vertical acceleration speed direction altitude these kinds of things but also what they're not but then at the press conference they said they're not one hundred percent sure yet if that was actually the device that they found because possibly they found the cockpit voice recorder that would record audio from the cockpit that would be conversations between the pilot and the copilot for example or with any other member of the crew possibly but also warning signals that. any instruments in the cockpit for example that would help
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investigators piece together what happened in the final moments of that flight so we don't we're not sure yet which one of those recorders they found but either way it will hold vital information for the investigators when they try to figure out what caused this accident feel so it's so it just looks like we are getting closer to finding out. yes definitely but also the investigators said that it's going to take a while it's going to take a few weeks to download the data from that device that they found today and of course they're still looking for that second black box and then they might release a preliminary report in a month from now but a final analysis will not be released until. a few months later maybe six months even and they'll not want to jump to conclusions as to what caused this
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crash because that will that will have far reaching consequences bill it's taken several days to to find this device is not unusual have a particular set but. well they know pretty much exactly where that plane went down and where they lost contact it's only a few kilometers off the coast of java and also the sea isn't very deep there it's thirty to thirty five meters but apparently what's been difficult is the current that seems to be very strong also the sea floor seems to be very muddy and also apparently there are energy pipelines down there so those are all things that have made it difficult for the teams to find pieces of that plane but these flight recorders obviously they found it because they emit signals that help the divers locate them and of course the divers that went down they had equipment that helped them receive those signals and that's how they circled in on the flight recorder
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but we heard in the report even once they had located it it wasn't easy to retrieve because they had to take it out of the mud and from under the debris so now they're looking for that second flight recorder and they're hoping going to find it along with the fuselage of the plane will. pass in hot thank you. to india and country rocked me to movement on twitter over recent weeks women mainly in the countries english language media have alleged sexual harassment influential editors and reporters but what does the me to movement mean for field reports is far from the country's megacities either your family cars been to the northern city of less than two hundred fifty kilometers from delhi. but an assignment on the television news channel. she's one of the few female t.v. in the conflict of one point five million people. after graduating with
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a diploma in journalism suddenly struggled to find a job one t.v. station refused to hire another cit she could anchor but not work in the field so lonely refused to give up despite the challenges and everything. i the men i come across in my work police officers even reporters say things like come and have tea with me spend time with me meet me after work i'll drop you home some of them are really forceful it makes me uncomfortable and scared. i block these men's numbers on my phone i'm here because i want to be a reporter not because i want to spend time with men we have and i have. a man had up. today she's interviewing a group of men in the park she wants to get their views on women empowerment and gender relations at a time when india's need to movement rages on twitter many female journalists in india's big cities have alleged sexual harassment by senior editors and colleagues
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news of those allegations has also put her down to the men here have strong views about it you may lie these women who are speaking out were not oppressed or subjugated their professional qualified women why did they stay silent for so long and wife they suddenly found the energy to start screaming me to media i don't think men are capable of harrison women the way it's portrayed in the me too movement the women making these allegations are just seeking publicity they want to be famous. and i get the man for the loony to have a cement on the draw is very real but she says she can't speak of men with money i can't afford to make enemies of the men who harass me what's the point of making a complaint if it's police officers themselves harassing me who do i complain to and who can i complain to about saying you reporters. it's a question that the loonies boss dismisses we've started our own news twenty four
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years ago he says a company has a zero tolerance policy but he still hasn't set up a complaints committee as mandated by india's workplace laws against sexual harassment the decision to hire a female reporter at this channel is read an article but your hands reasons have little to do with the quality of the eggs on only one day he was one to see a female reporter i want to see how she talks how she reports they're attracted by that nowadays you see that everywhere even if you go to a shop you'll see that. women are appointed at the sales counters or at the checkout it's a way to attract customers for us to having a female reporter is about increasing our viewership i know ratings. for families in small towns like aga there's an easy way to deal with the me to account stay at home in this conservative neighborhood few women work outside their homes so long as parents come from a village not india with goods are not allowed to wage in own phones laugh loudly
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or even speak with boys. saloni has fought hard to get away she now has big dreams saloni wants to get out of congress and join a national t.v. network in duty to get better training and work experience. to take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world a human rights group says women in north korea routinely face sexual abuse by officials human rights watch says the problem is so widespread that some women aren't even aware they are being violated at the risk claim the country's human rights record is being ignored the middle international push to improve relations. is well received pakistan has blocked a key highway in islamabad to protest against the release of a christian woman on death row for blasphemy despite the landmark ruling hardliners in the capital are calling for ask your baby to be publicly and his baby says she plans to leave the country. the man charged with killing eleven worshippers
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a synagogue in the u.s. city of pittsburgh has pleaded not guilty to all forty four counts against him for secure of robert bowers appeared in court as funerals were held for victim for several of the victims prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for the attack which occurred at the tree of life sitting on saturday. german chancellor is in major is in the ukraine for meetings i would strengthening tires and continuing the peace efforts in the country's east until america has just met with our president patrick pichette. ukrainian officials are the two leaders are focused on discussing flashpoint issues including the controversial expansion of a russian gas pipeline and the ongoing conflict in the russian border doesn't that mediated the minsk peace agreement between russia and ukraine three years ago that was has repeatedly been violated. this is how it all started with
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a handful of people taking to modern square protesting against president in a coach's decision to abandon a long awaited dissociation deal the much the fear of angering moscow within weeks the protests a growing to tens of thousands of people europe wasn't the only issue but the european flags were hard to miss. the protesters had no shortage of prominent guess from brussels showing their support among them the chief diplomat at the time catherine ashton. three months later and present in a coach was gone fleeing to accelerate. just a matter of weeks later and ukraine finally signed the association agreement at over two thousand pages long it covers everything from animal welfare to judicial reform but ask most ukrainians what the association deal means to them and they'll most likely answer two things travel and trade. no more queuing up for visas no more hefty visa fees for many ukrainians visa free access
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to the area has been the most tangible change. no surprise then that present pershing come out the end of these are the ones with a lavish ceremony on the country's border with you. under the terms of the deal ukraine also gained preferential access to european markets the e.u. has long been ukraine's biggest single trading partner since so ca sion came into effect trade between ukraine and the block has been. growing by over twenty percent yes but what the association agreement these people were protesting for didn't include was a firm promise of future membership instead it merely acknowledged ukraine's quote european aspirations decision makers in kiev hope that in time brussels would offer a road map to membership five years later and they still waiting the answer seems to be a polite but very definite no no. that's it you're up to date so have more for you
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