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tv   Kino - The Movie Magazine  Deutsche Welle  November 1, 2018 10:15pm-10:31pm CET

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a reminder of the top story we're following for you google employees around the globe have walked off. what they see as the lenient treatment of executives accused of sexual misconduct. in new york dublin london. and singapore. you're watching. more of the top of the. lead. the. league please ily.
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leg. room. leg . hi and welcome to a new edition of favorites seven is a magic number in the movie in the magnificent seven it's code for camaraderie in the seventh seal it's a metaphysical metaphor and david fincher seven shorthand for original sin today
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show is all about. namely seven german talents on the cusp of international stardom . seven faces of german cinema you need to know. starting with these two. ski specializes in offbeat characters hard on the inside but with plenty of soul within. he looks a bit weird and plays weird characters. and i think the worst thing that can happen with any form of endeavor is that it turns out mediocre people say yeah it was nice just gets a lukewarm response. but there's little chance of that happening to him he's
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received praise from high quarters. no he really said that i was the best we've ever seen he's talking about director misha hunnicutt who cast truck of ski in happy. man from to the point that. the president took up ski was also what isabel passed side on the red carpet in cancun in twenty seventy then. in twenty eight team he won the german film prize as best actor for his performance in two months two boys in the i. mean. if. you know your. what show friends local ski the new international star from germany.
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is now and it's not as clearly they haven't figured out yet that i can handle just about any assignment like here as a contract killer in a swedish crime thriller. dark her. first movie role freddy demanded a lot of her in a science fiction film pandorum she gave ben foster a good thrashing. and says i'm fine it's always been something i could build on the fact that i can rely on myself and on my body and can handle it well. her athleticism is no accident born in east germany in one thousand nine hundred one to tell it was
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a gymnast before turning to acting that solid basis in sports helps her when preparing for action films such as the superman movie manish steel. but she's now being offered a wider spectrum of films getting the chance to show she can do more than just action movies we're sure can play just about anything. yes after lynn for los angeles but she's already making a name for herself in hollywood they expect to see her coming soon to a theater near you international success also seems a given for our next hour thanks to one film in particular. is a record of young fathers with their lives on the in the forty one plan is. going to make i called up to. some to hello as an ambitious businesswoman the daughter of an practical joke loving father it's the role of
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a lifetime. and that's good too she says of course it's wonderful to get a role like this and to master it without failing miserably to show it and. there's no hint of failure here the film has been showered with praise and prizes including a best actress award for her love from the european film academy. was. sometimes hello was born in one nine hundred seventy eight she studied acting at the else bush school in berlin and began working in theater. while. she made her first big on screen impression ten years before tony abbott in requiem she plays a girl supposedly possessed by the devil who was subjected to an exercise of law shall hear from you because it's going over the top guy. this is but it's thanks to tony adman that she is now on the wish lists of many international directors we're sure as i'm sure her love will have a few more surprises
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a person leave in years to come pick you up thank you. for your nice night became one of germany's hottest young actors thanks to a television series. so it's a political posts from the traditional. to. the doj monday eighty three was a flop on german t.v. it was very well received internationally. viewers in more than one hundred countries followed your last night as an east german spy in west germany at the height of the cold war. the actor has appeared on t.v. shows around the world to talk about the role that's made him famous but. for in one nine hundred ninety in the back here last night i went to his first audition after seeing an ad in a newspaper the start of an impressive career. which has included a role as
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a teen who gets mixed up in anti foreigner violence in northeastern germany after the fall of communism and eunice knight is just getting started. like you on us now our next favorite began acting when she was still teenager she's not as well know and yet as our other favorites but we think that's about to change . lives lisa freeze likes to look at new worlds from several different perspectives before saying yes to them and intellectual at heart she prefers more serious projects. like playing a woman with cystic fibrosis and a drama about assisted suicide and even my mum. or the survivor of a killing spree who knew the murder. lift lisa flea's was born in berlin in one thousand nine hundred her career started when a boyfriend gave her a flyer from an acting school. i chose to i was one of the family for its most
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complete insanity to t.o.b. was. to is not an easy job as shown by this film about an artist's colony in which leslie sophie's plays jen an idealist struggling for true freedom when you know this is bizarre oh my he didn't ask me. the u.s. entertainment magazine variety has named her one of europe's top acting talents and we agree. he's been acting since he was eleven louise hoffman has even been a guest at the oscars. yeah ok do this. now another david letterman of mine in which he plays a german p.o.w.'s assigned to clear mines after world war two was nominated for an
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oscar. and she appeared in dark a mystery drama and the first german series produced by netflix. i mean if you want to be an i want to like eric deuce on the edge i really enjoy that i want tell stories that have relevance in advance and. such as this drama about abuse and violence at a protestant reform school. because ultimately. born in one thousand nine hundred seven luis hoffman is the only one of our magnificent seven with no formal acting training but that doesn't seem to be hindering his career. louis hoffman was fourteen when he got his first starring role playing tom sawyer in a german adaptation of the mark twain classic the last member of our magnificent seven is another one dark and not yet twenty five she's already being compared to
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the great romy schneider some call her the best actress of her generation that's thanks in large part to one film. it was her work with french director fuss was all that got polar bear noticed outside germany. she plays ana who is mourning her fiance killed in action in the first world war she needs a young frenchman and falls in love with him she has no idea that he is the one who killed her fiance in battle. to seek a husband in him and. how libya was so convincing in the role that the jury at the venice film festival gave her the marcelo must try jani award for best newcomer. it gets down to i'm not interested in presenting myself in
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a certain way or in making sure i look beautiful because it was honest it's important to me that the emotional truth is there or that i show why a person decides to do a certain thing that i've all meant as a physical and child. polar bear was born in one thousand nine hundred five at the age of eight she took a feature class and later studied acting in london. cast her as a young woman who falls in love with an estonian anarchist. and she plays an artist's muse in the latest film by the lives of others director fury on hang on us mark. we are certain hollywood will soon come calling for palin bear. that was our magnificent seven our favorite faces to watch in german set about which would make
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your list write to us with your personal favorites we're back next week with a new edition of kino until then i'll see you at the movies. more intrigued the international talk show for journalists to discuss the topic of the week the announcement sent shock waves across germany uncle america's preparing to leave politics after eighteen years she's stepping down as leader of c.d.o. any twenty twenty one at the latest chancellorship will will it be a bumpy transition and who might succeed that's our topic aquatica. quadriga
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next d.w. . car floyd her. car culture. car a hair. cut from a. superfood stylish dialogue gone. lifestyle during. the moment sixty minutes on. the floor. slid. carefully
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i don't know if this suit going. to do good. discover who. subscribe. to. the. welcome to quadriga following a dismal show way into state elections here in germany the conservative party woke up to dramatic news this past monday chancellor angela merkel is preparing to leave politics after eighteen years she's stepping down as leader of the c.d.u.
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and in twenty twenty one up the latest her chancellorship will end will it be a bumpy transition and what will the change mean for german politics at home.


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