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tv   Kick off - More than Football  Deutsche Welle  November 2, 2018 3:30am-4:00am CET

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people here don't have a clue about feminism but there are women who want to instigate change in every day life for justice and equality. under the skin of russia's women starts nov thirteenth on w. . a little bit about the. i. i. i. and it's a land of romance shows knows what cuisine and of course world cup winners
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and worthy ones to do with. our reporter only movie wants to know just how good french club football is could actually be the best league. post the last three a slice of name on combat pay and cavani plus every every beat you can name i'm moving our cardio in france but if all these big five looks at least up where bosham all public has career began before moving from lille to stuttgart and this summer winning the world cup would lead to long. out of. the top. up our good series pays a visit to the homeland of vulture mop up on to ground zero for show with a distinctly french playbook. and back in the bundesliga we look at a resurgent frankfurt venue found stability unsub. pivotal role.
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and glad back surprisingly good start is thanks in part to new group wrote a new song play out. here we go party. if you want to talk about the best and it's about time we talked about the country of the world champions and the league that over the last twenty five years has given us some of the best players of all time it's time to talk about brands and could it actually be the best me. i'll tell you where france is the best of europe's top five leagues and weren't like behind all the other big cases. we'll start with the best. feeling ever might not always get a lot of love. for me from suspect that it was a player. you want to play in french the. yanks.
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but there is a lot to love about french football and france's top flight is at the heart of that above all when it comes to creating and nurturing young players there's no better lead in europe for consistently producing world class talent and isn't you know good football kind of what watching football is about if you want to see and to know the big stance the big talents of tomorrow you have to see the french. see it's a french football like i met him to talk about the highs and lows of the game in france. he it's like approaching martin let's go back in time a little to nineteen ninety eight. french football was on top of the world after the team won the world cup on home soil the heroes came through clubs all over france started. must say captain ishant but no on top
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score on radio monaco and stalwart sense about blanco. two years later they took the european title to the french system had become and shining like two thousand and one the german sends a lot of love from football coach to two friends to avenue q what are they doing in every profession and cloaked in france and germany and make like a copy paste of the french system for the original remains the best fast forward to twenty eight st and france is still the superior force when it comes to bringing young talents three every every year you have big big names who begin our careers in france which have a big club you look like or have french players that call academy talent who are real madrid barcelona manchester united and city chelsea eventers and of course p.s.g. . approached about it and i think france the world cup because there are so
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many players playing in the big clubs but i have to say i am also very very glad that top french players also are staying in france and that's the next big thing for france creating these players is great keeping them is king and making really competitive. the newfound wealth and success. is helping make that a reality we are very very glad that those players are staying in france also. p.n. end up in the french niigata it's a very very big thing and that's causing other clubs to try and hold on to their best talent if they want to have any hope of competing for the title they're listening to squeeze a few good things out of the stars the full cashing in and that's being helped by foreign investors like us billionaire frank mccourt you see in france now we have a lot of private investments not only in pakistan's army you have it in musée with frank mccourt's so i think the next to yours. it will be a lot of
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a lot of money we throw to the front of course it's not just keeping local talent in france that makes p.s.u. fortunes a real bonus for league it also allows the club to bring some first rate foreign talent so the only name off i still lots of criticism for moving from barcelona is to be s.g. people thirty take it a step down and start playing up front with amber frey and carney is some kind of self-inflicted torture the truth is p.s.g. is one of the few clubs that has a genuine chance of winning the champions league it's the same reason his new coaches didn't go true for anyone or to spend on the internet as he goes through our top two probably some trauma why because the fins we can win the champions league with. france is unrivaled when it comes to developing young players and maybe we could see p.s.g. get from a top club football with a national team already there in the international game but hold on let's be honest here not everything is rosy in french football p.s.g.
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suddenly becoming successful just because they become billionaires place there isn't some fairy tale and it isn't necessarily good for. more than five hundred million euros. in france and snow two hundred eighty five thousand seems complaint when their budget is so much bigger than all of that rivals well for the most part they can't and the results of that sadly obvious it makes the so it's all right pretty one sided mostly. and although there's always hope that it seems we'll have a miracle season like monaco a couple of years back you can't expect that to happen very often it's a little bit like now in germany you're not yours by your arm and. then you have gotten one and the same thing in france for us but it's not our money they are untouchable and then you have your own man say. but i think so long the qataris as in paris will. and
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a lack of competitiveness in the link of course has an effect on fans and from last season legal for the lowest attendance rate is among europe's top five late on average less than twenty three thousand people showed up at french top flight games things don't seem to have improved in the new season many teams are currently averaging attendances of less than twenty thousand. if you're only fans aren't bothering to watch matches live. that's not a good sign french public. say ok probably would be. truer to the stadium this all points to an underlying issue with french football an issue with the french people themselves france is not a football country if you compare it with germany. we don't have this football culture that might sound ridiculous for a country that has reached three on one to the last six world cup finals but with us here. when the rest of the countries in this series have
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a glorious history of football culture. is perhaps mocking the biggest problem in france in french football is that the people in these football coach or french people in. the fields is more romantic than. in terms of tension in terms of history in terms of stadiums of course. the last place french fans certainly haven't had much to get over and when it comes to competing in your you know how many times french clubs have won the champions league all the europa league wants and even the trial by must say in one thousand nine hundred three is hardly something for french football fans to rally around the club was stripped of the french league title very same season over a match fixing scandal and this is the crux of the matter when we're weighing up the big leagues if you can't win in europe you're always going to struggle to attract the best players from around the world. and keep hold of the best local
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stars and that means the level of quality is going to fall behind the other top leagues. so how does legal rank against the of it's all five legs i think is the best for creating talents the become world beaters for club and country is the worst for football culture with no great history in the club game and not enough funds turning out to support that seems. a strange set of problems the national team has won more international trophies than the league has won european cups the country produces many of the world's best players but hardly any of them play that the only club bringing in players of that quality is making the league worse in the process. you are on in they. need a refresher. so you see the. chargers trip to. the bundesliga all the games guns and dimensions pick up highlights here on d.-day
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of the t.v. . series to the. french and fantastic football stories everybody. cheered and buckle up kick off highlights. there are also french players impacted on the bundesliga world a prime example they at contrast strength he and other key players have been showing that may's cup winning for bro it's we're not just a flash in the pan. introducing frankfurt's all some strike force is a last minute. part workers. who work in harmony. and with supreme efficiency. the fantastic old burning up the bundesliga defense and. underpinning the free flowing fireworks is coach body which is systematic attacking strategy starting here a tough. outside their own box
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a five man line across the back three more in close support when they were in position the fullback scotia straight on the offensive in combination with the deep line forwards caustic surges down the left knowing there's every chance the ball will come his way when it does he puts in a dangerous low cross and your bitch is on hand to school. you get a bigger plan and we're working hard in trying to improve every day or two teams are adapting to the concept it was undeserved credit for all the other teams of it . when they have a position themselves the structure is equally disciplined here they're on the attack against you so dog sebastian are late is the go to guy in the middle class with moving the ball on the side the straight through the middle or out wide the direct way doesn't work this time but frankfurt keep pressing to win it back. and pays dividends switching sides maintaining their shape and always with that option
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of taking it down the plank. again cross stitch delivers the incisive cross and the finish is something else again treacherous if you like to feel. that she's sick shouldn't tribute to your bridge above all those people so while i waited for the cross from caustic and full that was the only way to hit it luckily i made a good contact i'm really happy to have scored such a great goal for. it's starting to look like a very well oiled system and they above all has the ability to turn virtually any ball into a potential assist his colleagues know what's coming and can stay a step or more ahead of the opposition to devastating effect. i think this is what we tried to break here just to bridge him through for more joy to. be doing plenty of that at the moment with his height of less. this is a man time in l.a.
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also poses a real threat in the air this is the signal to set on to a rabbit and jump it in motion and pulls to redish to finish the job against black back his own three goals so far this season. i didn't ever hoped and i'm sure that way who can always make the difference one who just has to win been given much to alays in a similar catch a great he's already laid on five goals and scored six himself most recently a last gasp strike to salvage a draw at nuremberg times it was right place right time you see him but i just see guys who can all play together sebastian with luka. that's vital for the teams as we speak with a lot of firepower with even a powerhouse. sixteen goals already from the forwards alone frankfurt are having a blast. the receiver mentioned blood back have surprised many with it early season form with frank hurt have a fantastic four black back have
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a trio of wizards one of them is out of some player who is you guessed it french. mention blood back on a high it's more than twenty years since they last won any serious silverware and that was the german car with hot cohere late stefan effen bag and martin doll and leading from the front now with the owner's half man talk up asaph and allison play out the phones have another magical attacking trio in the making. jonas hoffman is currently in the form of his life he's been a club back since the start of twenty sixteen but it's only since shifting to a more central role that he's truly began to realize his long held potential. over the since he pulled my thing i was still looking for my best position and i found it now. central midfield really suits me but it's where i feel most. comfortable
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because. you can't have a switch whether you're defending or attacking you need to be permanently alert outside and very hard running i'm totally tuned in to the tactical side and i think it's also handy if you can score goals and hofmann's developing that knack as well he even managed three in one game recently with the able us distance of the roosters belgian bull with. the club i. think i. was. in the same reasons when we are feeling home and that's. my fellow forwards and under a coach who believes in me i'm enjoying myself out on the pitch was the source of the. hold up as long as gluck tax most influential playmaker these days and much admired by his colleagues. thousands of the open for he's
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a very creative an artist really and there is an ongoing credible paying some close control and he's always looking to take defenders on being i do think he's one of the best it's a good thing he plays for us with. helping build him to a third place finish at the world cup as all seems to have got even better he's formed a great understanding with hoffman and bendis the summer signing of alex song play off. this is a spot to talk about. such. as demonstrably launching new dimensions of the false front line he hoffman and as our have chipped in with a combined total of fourteen goals and eight assists in the opening nine match days there the trio at the heart of the prolific attack is second only to league leaders to dortmund which keeps this hungry collective something else to whine fall off.
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arguably the highest profile frenchman in the bundesliga is for sure my pa pa still just twenty two to form a little player to help stuttgart and for motion in twenty seventeen counties since gone on to even greater glory. and he's the hero no one saw coming world champion bouncer manpower for the foreseeable for. this one year killed. by the young hero who's already got a song to his name after his world cup screamer against argentina thanks thanks. a surprise hero yet still down to earth. recession. was worth the lives of people.
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overall. first of all. he's also a hero instruct art from the second book to sleep get to the world cup final madness. the explosive career of a simple young man from the countryside. better manpower from zero to hero. who are shiraz journey begins here. a small province town in northern france nestled on the belgian border things are usually pretty calm here but the tranquility was turned upside down this summer. when shema native pov are achieved the unimaginable winning the world cup the euphoria was endless the local boy transformed into the pride of a home the region overnight but the. hasn't changed. the received. more sinister
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eleven super total shock and you won't receive poor talkers officials in me as i meet your restaurant and i'm sure you know. people from pushing all criminals in actual. perceived super tool the whole god is what keep me from all. the football grounds that your mom this is where pa took his first steps as a footballer and this was the first man to come to the storybook career of a boy from simone becoming world champion it all started here. because goofus augur most things you do. but it will years and all of a noise on the polish don't know that a false. argument over the money with his own set off of all that it went on is the core of the. armory also set up the army to follow the will to
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a. more controlled phone though he did. want to say papa. and his rockies official can only support some of the old guy who. hasn't only relied on his talent his coach from the early years has carefully monitored his former charges development. this is true just it was the source of great vision by that very mode should you do if you buy it that's. a clue that. a love over if you think you can see it i was a key. it.
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is months played basketball his dad was an amateur footballer a sporting family with ambition which is why ben's a man moved to little at just nine years of age he joined the academy of top flight legal o.s.c. and just ten years later he turned his league debut under coach then asia. all we do you. keep a comedian actor and. you know i'm pretty sure you present a reason if we refuse we we the boston yes some people could be he meant to post a different. game inky we could have it with every city. could you could. if you just don't. you know i'm telling you from upper of. some point much of. that
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the. key to it a particular would be nice to. see women play. but pass career quickly outgrew he needed a new challenge which he found in germany at stuttgart. moved . off and now she wants me to meet pong woke. up and can think of. her laugh and offer it to them and then we had to turn off some of. could you please but stuttgart were a step back playing in the second division but they were approaching promotion and past have a dream start here apart from open war for. the people there or. what you are up what you are up. well you lose your mythology about his will and you
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want to get down to two hundred to want us to go out and win and they are going to use your ears on that boy saw more for me like when i was on the new guy or. maybe grease it was so what. i did but he wanted a man your mom or your dick still. some sort of better. sort of seeing sid we get a piece of you committee today. from the second division to world champion in just two years it's practically too good to be true but it really happened. somebody did get sick when your falsity him or. did you dish. to get on with this. and mosses this when your cue no song harvey took movie. was somehow very key by papi airbus could turn up eighty
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toward. the movie you didn't want if you measured by sharon for simone they were more concern to food but i had to give them in increments a case of the expired young as a deposit she appears to have ongoing conflict there are no known to come up with alternative hospital and it's a serious abuse world cup winner at just twenty two as a young man of ours already accomplished more than most players ever do but the story isn't just sitting around some meeting. hall. to prepare for perceived. or swore you to have it it was then to get it. wrong or causes one of your persuasion every two vote to put you at their side did that. on the can do for several. when i was three. years it was often just said to him like i am. going to move
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could achieve success because i. think the thing.
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european stars deliver frozen performances. dance meets pomp and hip hop plays by british fans until the ribbon breaks with the boy the beat serving the first love the feeling let's just a hint of melancholy from the switzerland's rising star in the end the be cause for fifteen minutes about.
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