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tv   Kick off - More than Football  Deutsche Welle  November 2, 2018 8:30am-9:01am CET

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does not include his constant boost side by. people who put big dreams on the big screen. the movie magazine fundi demi and. nicole because in germany to learn german public because. why not learn with him d w z learning course because fake. i have. i. believe i.
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sense land of romance shows what cuisine and of course world cup winners and wooden ones to. our reporter not only movie wants to know just how good french club football is good it actually they've been besley. it post the last tree a slice of name on combat pay and cavani plus every every year you have big you can . begin our cardio in france but it's all these big five looks like league where a bunch of more pub ask of me began before moving from meal to stuttgart and this summer winning the world cup would lead long. to cut. up. our food series pays a visit to the homeland of bottom up obama to ground zero for show. with
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a distinctly french flavor. and back in the field we look at a resurgent frankfurt venue found stability and sebastian alma's pivotal role. and glad back surprisingly good start is thanks in part to new group wrote on the song play out. here we go party. if you want to talk about the best and it's about time we talked about the country of the wild champions and the league that over the last twenty five years has given us some of the best players of all time it's time to talk about brands and could it actually be the best league in europe. i'll tell you where france is the best of europe's top five leagues and weren't locked behind all the other big hits is. will start with the best. feeling ever and might not always get
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a lot of love. failure to sing for me try to speak to me as a player you really want to play in french the. yanks. but there is a lot to love about french football and france's top flight is at the heart of that above all when it comes to creating and nurturing young players there's no better link in europe for consistently producing world class talent and isn't you know good football kind of what watching football is about if you want to see and to know the big stance the big talents of tomorrow you have to see as a french and go. see it's a french football expert i met him to talk about the highs and lows of the game in france. that would. be it's like approaching martin let's go back in time a little to nineteen ninety eight. french was on top
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of the world after the team won the world cup on home soil the heroes came through at clubs all over from started down i must say kept in the show but no top score on rain at monaco and stall was sense about blank come on telly a two years later they took the european title to the french system had become a shining light from two thousand and one to german center not a lot for a football coach or a true true friends to have a nuke ok what are they doing with every professional club in france and germany and make like a copy paste of the french system for the original remains the best fast forward to twenty eight sane and france is still the superior force when it comes to bringing young talents three every every year you have big big names who begin our careers in france which have a big club you look like all have french players at that cool academy talents who are real madrid barcelona manchester united and city chelsea eventers and
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of course p.s.g. . proud about it and i think france won the world cup because there are so many players playing in a big clubs but i have to say i'm also very very glad that top french players also are staying in france and that's the next big thing for france creating these players is great but keeping them is key to making really competitive. the newfound wealth and success of paris is helping make that a reality we are very very glad that those players are staying in france also. the end up in the french it's a very very big thing and that's causing other clubs to try and hold on to the very best house if they want to have any hope of competing to the toilet so they're listening to squeeze a few good things out of the stars the folk cashing in and that's being helped by foreign investors like us billionaire frank mccourt's. seems friends now we have
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a lot of private investments not only in bipartisanship you have it in my say with frank mccourt's so i think for the next two years it will be a lot a lot of money throw tune fine of course it's not just keeping local talent in france that makes p.s.u. fourteen a real bonus for me it also allows the club to bring some first rate foreign talent so the only name off ice the loss of criticism from moving from barcelona is to be s.g. people said to take it a step down and start playing up front with and that may uncover any is some kind of self-inflicted torture the truth is p.s.g. is one of the few clubs that has a genuine chance of winning the champions league it's the same reason his new coach is that he didn't go true to anyone or to spend on the internet he goes to out to probably why because the things he can win the champions league with are my preference is on rival when it comes to developing young players and maybe we could see p s three get for us at a top club football with
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a national team already there in the international game but hold on let's be honest here not everything is rosy in french football p.s.g. suddenly becoming successful just because they become billionaires place there isn't some fairy tale and it isn't necessarily good philly participants are. more than five hundred million euros. in france and you know two hundred eighty five thousand seems complete when their budget is so much bigger than that all of that rivals well for the most part they can and the results of that sadly obvious it makes the science all right pretty one sided mostly. and although there's always hope that it seems will have a miracle season like monaco a couple of years back you can't expect that to happen very often it's a little bit like now in germany you know you have by. then you have a daughter born in the same thing in france or afghanistan or ma they are under.
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then you have your own must say. but i think the qataris are in power is how it will be champions and a lack of competitiveness in the link of course has an effect on fans and friends last season legal for the lowest attendance figures among europe's top five late on average less than twenty three thousand people showed up at french top flight games things don't seem to have improved in the new season many teams are currently averaging attendances of less than twenty thousand. if you're only fans on bothering to watch matches live. that's not a good so in french public. say ok i probably would be trying. to go to the stadium this points to an underlying issue with french football an issue with the french people themselves france is not a football country if you compare it with germany. we don't have this football culture that might sound ridiculous for
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a country that has reached three on one two of the last six world cup finals but but with us here. with the rest of the countries in this series a glorious history of football culture. is perhaps locking the biggest problem in france in french football he says that the people in this football coach are french people. defeat is more romantic than. in terms of passion in terms of history in terms of stadiums of course french and gone the last place french friends certainly haven't had much to get behind when it comes to competing in europe you know how many times french clubs have won the champions league all the europa league once and even the triumph i must say in one thousand nine hundred three is hardly something for french football fans to rally around the club was stripped of the french league title very same season over and. and this is
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the crux of the matter when we're weighing up the big leagues if you can't win in europe you're always going to struggle to attract the best players from around the world and keep hold of the best local styles and that means the level of quality is going to fall behind the other top leagues. so how does leon rank against the other five leagues i think is the best for creating talents the become world beaters for club and country is the worst for football culture with no great history in the club game and not enough funds turning out to support that seems. a strange set of problems the national team has won more international trophies in the league as one european cups the country produces many of the world's best players but hardly any of them play there and the only club bring in players of that quality is making the league worse in the process. you are an enigma. and need a refresher. so you see. your trip to.
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the bundesliga all the games go on and emotions kick up highlights here on d.w. t.v. . series to keep. pressure on fantastic football stories everybody. to name and buckle up kick off highlights. there are also french players impacted on the bundesliga world prime example and they are on track to frankfurt he and other key players have been showing that mace cup winning to grow its were not just a flash in the pan. introducing frankfurt's zero sum strike force is a must dinner. party workers. who work in harmony. and with supreme efficiency to the fantastic for burning up the bundesliga defense and.
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underpinning the freeform fireworks is coach body good to systematic attacking strategy starting here are tough and hard outside their own box a five man line across the back three more in close support when they were in position the fullback scotia trace on the offensive in combination with the deep line forwards kasich surges down the left knowing there's every chance the ball will come his way when it does he puts in a dangerous low cross and your pitch is on hand to school. and you know the plan we're working hard in trying to improve every day or two teams are adapting to the concept it was undeserved credit for only attitude. when they have to station themselves the structure is equally disciplined here they're on the attack against you so dog sebastian i lay is the go to guy in the middle class with moving the ball on the fly the straight through the middle or out wide
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the direct way doesn't work this time but frankfurt keep pressing to win him back. and to get pays dividends switching sides maintaining their shape and always with that option of taking it down the flank. again cost each delivers the incisive cross and the finish is something else again actresses like to play god that she's. so you should probably lose your breach of the rule of those people's while i waited for the cross from caustic sure and felt that was the only way to hit it luckily i made a good contact i'm really happy to have scored such a great goal but. it's starting to look like a very well oiled system and they are above all has the ability to turn virtually any ball into a potential assist his colleagues know what's coming and can stay a step or more ahead of the opposition to devastating effect. i think this. what we
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try to play here just to bridge terms of all for joy to. be doing plenty of that at the moment with his high to a pleasure system and time in l.a. also poses a real fresh in the air this is the signal to set on table bitch and drop it in motion and it pulls to redish to finish the job against black jack is on three goals so far this season. does inch below i've often i'm sure it was well you know who can always make the difference and one who just has to win wouldn't give in which to parlay is in a similar catch agreeing he's already laid on five goals and scored six himself most recently a last gasp strike to salvage a draw at nuremberg time six was right place right time you see him but i just see guys who can all play together sebastian with lucasfilm who comes on to run to receive us there and that's vital for the teams this week to weave a lot of firepower was even. sixteen goals already from the forwards alone
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frankfurt are having a blast. the receiver mentioned blood back have surprised many with at least season form where frank could have a fantastic four black back have a trio of wizards one of them is some player who is you guessed it french. mention blood back on a high it's more than twenty years since they last won any serious silverware that was the german car with taco haley stefan effen bag and martin doll and leading from the front now with the owner's half man a sad and allison play on the phones have another magical attacking trio in the making. jonas hoffman is currently in the form of his life he's been a cloud back since the start of twenty sixteen but it's only since shifting to a more central role that he's truly began to realize his long held potential. there . suppose i think i was still looking for my best position and i found it. was
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wrong central midfield really suits me but it's where i feel most comfortable because. you can't ever switch off whether you're defending or attacking you need to be permanently alert sides and was very hard running and totally tuned into the tactical side think it's also handy if you can score goals and hofmann is developing that knack as well he even managed three in one game recently will be able to assistance of the roosters belgian ball visit. to the club i. think. i. was innocent but i feel at home in the. with my fellow forwards and under a coach who believes in me i'm enjoying myself out on the pitch was one of those of
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us who feel. as long as this club backs most influential playmaker these days and much admired by his colleagues. kids are clear he's a very creative an artist really and there's enough going credible playing some close control and he's always looking to take defenders on. who he's one of the best and it's a good thing he plays for us. since helping build him to a third place finish at the world cup as all seems to have got even better he's formed a great understanding with hoffman and then there's the summer signing of alex song play off. this is a spot to talk of i. think it. was demonstrably false the new dimensions of the false front line he lost none and as our have chipped in with a combined total of fourteen goals and each assists in the opening nine match days . they're the trio at the heart of the prolific attack the second only to legally
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display dortmund which keeps this hungry collected something else to whine for. arguably is the highest profile frenchman in the bundesliga is for sure mom still just twenty two to form a little player to help stuttgart and for motion in twenty seventeen counties since gone on to even greater glory. thank. you she's the hero no one saw coming world champion bouncer manpower for the foreseeable for a long distance from the killers hold on to play the young hero who's already got a song to his name after his world cup screamer against argentina. thanks.
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to surprise hero yet still down to earth. recession. was worth the lives of people . all over almost all the way it will be true first of all never he's also a hero in stock art from the second one to sleep got to the world cup final madness . the explosive career of a simple young man from the countryside. better manpower from zero to hero. our hero's journey begins here should mount a small province town in northern france nestled on the belgian border things are usually pretty calm here but the tranquility was turned upside down this summer. when shimon nate. achieved the unimaginable winning the world con the euphoria was
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endless the local boy transformed into the pride of a home the region overnight but he hasn't changed. places for. most of us to live in separate. shop and you won't miss a portal conditionals in me and his obituary a list of all the members should reveal. your people or could be also make sure they have received supercool before god is working just holding the thumb on. the football ground this is where pa took his first steps as a footballer and this was the first man to come to the storybook career of a boy from simone becoming world champion it all started here. because goofus aughrim all think you know. but here's where years and all of a noise in the. halls. with the money
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would. do that what is the core of the armory also set up the army to follow the will to. more control from all over the. want to see papa screw over. such shit. in these rocky sufficient that only for profit some of the one guy who. hasn't only relied on his talent his coach from the early years has carefully monitored his former charges development. of the presidency for just your. this is just it was. some great design by that of a more to do if you buy it out. of it. in of.
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his month played basketball his dad was an amateur footballer a sporting family with ambition which is why bands a man moved a little lad just nine years of age he joined the academy of top flight legal o.s.c. and just ten years later he turned his league debut under coach then easier to ask . so before we do you. you know i'm pretty sure you present a reason if we refuse we we the boston yes some people could be he meant to post a different. game inky we. could
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do. if you just don't. you know i'm telling you from upper. point much of the movie. if we. pick you to read a particular. issue women play. but pass career quickly outgrew she needed a new challenge which she found in germany actually. moved . and now she wants to my for me to make pong more. particular county sharia. law firm offer. to send off some of. could you believe but stuttgart were a step back playing in the second division but they were approaching promotion and pub are having a dream start. up for more power more flops but people these or. what
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you will i will put you up. well you lose all mythology about his will you want to get down to two hundred to want us to go up to him when they all want to use your ears on that boy saw more for me when i was on the new guy or. maybe grease it was so what. i did but he wanted a man. from the second division to world champion in just two years it's practically too good to be true but it really happened. he did get sick when your falsity on him order. did you dish. to get on with this. and macias this when your cue no song took my view. was some poverty by poppy it was good turn up eighty
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two was no. norm of you didn't want if you measured by a share for so long they were more concerned to feel that i had to give them in increments a case of the exposed young as i depart superior to mine construct their own on the proposal to be tossed me like a nice to see a beautiful world cup winner at just twenty two as a young man already accomplished more than most players ever do at the start isn't just sitting around sunbathing. ball. or swore to have it it was then to get it. wrong or caution is one of the obvious large and heavy to the. future that they're sitting. on the can do for several. years it was obvious to.
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good luck with that excess because you know. to it.
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i'm going to. be more intrigued by the international talk show for journalists to discuss the topic of the week should be enough of censure shock waves across germany angle americans preparing to leave politics after eighteen years she's stepping down as leader of c.d.o. at age twenty twenty one of the latest chancellorship will will it be a bumpy transition and like sixteen years that's our topic on twitter again. thirty minutes. more.
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players play. play . this is news coming to you live from the dangers of being a journalist in myanmar more and more reporters in the country are being locked simply for doing their job is de facto leader. you have a special report. also coming up young people have traditionally been reluctant to vote in the united states but as the parties. next week's midterms it seems that may be about to change what's motivating a mirror.


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