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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  November 2, 2018 2:15pm-2:30pm CET

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the pair are getting used to their new quarters for the next week or so but there is always a reminder of home. you're watching d.w. news get heard all first we'll have your business headlines coming up in one minute . frankfurt. international gateway to the best connection self road and rail. located in the heart of europe are connected to the whole world. experience outstanding shopping and dining offers and try our services. be our guest at
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frankfurt airport city managed by for. this you know i mean in your minutes i'm going yes. what i'm going to miss you know what i'm what what in organize you don't notice that there. is as if to say yes it cannot i've only said that i'm going on what they're being funded. to. google admits it's grappling with the issue of women's rights that follows a worldwide mass walkout by workers over the company's handling of sexual misconduct allegations in the past. and solve these days or tries to take advantage of trade tensions between the world's top two economies. by luring in germany.
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as it did up your business as walk up stuff at google offices around the world have staged an unprecedented series of walkouts and protest at the company's treatment of sexual misconduct allegations waves of workers all wrong the globe demanding several key changes in how these issues out dealt with in the online at the online giant the so-called walkout for real change comes a week after the new york times details sexual harassment allegations against senior executives organizers of the walkout for real change have hit out at what they say is a culture of complicity dismissiveness and support for perpetrators of sexual harassment and misconduct at the company at the tech giants headquarters in california hundreds of employees took part in the hour long walk out. there are so many stories that we've heard for so long and it's time for action can
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change real change that's why we're calling. it that there has been for real change . similar protests were organized at google offices around the world including the web giant e.u. headquarters in dublin last week the company disclosed that it had fired forty eight employees including thirteen senior executives for sexual harassment in recent years. in london bad weather kept most of the demonstrators inside but some braved the elements to take the protests to the public. so we walking out to support fully any workplace that is something the rest and i think sure that the right is protected. google employees in singapore tokyo and many other cities also walked out one of the key demands of the walkout is an end to for stubber treason which is used to stop complainants from suing we're going public the demonstrations come after a new york times report allege that google paid
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a ninety million dollar golden parachute to a senior employee who was dismissed for sexual misconduct. by markets around the world such this friday this optimism because tensions between china and the u.s. could be cessed said that also lifted the mood at the asia pacific conference of german business and indonesia it's a key event in the region for business leaders and government representatives to discuss economic ties between germany and its partners in asia. modern cosmopolitan an economically growing this is how the indonesian capital is portraying itself at the asia pacific conference almost one thousand top managers and politicians came to jakarta a representative of the indonesian government spoke in german to the crowd. many people know that i'm the only german speaking member of president we don't as cabinet. who is of this but the friendly words couldn't dispel the misgivings
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german economy minister peter out meyer spoke plainly the patent protection is tennis is a part of the. package. we have to be. part of the foreign investors are welcome in indonesia astra one of the largest industrial companies in the country even introduced a german dual study system still german companies have to make a little bit of effort if they want to do business here they probably have more preferences in a country such as a sign our friends but don't forget indonesia we grew at five percentile is growing at six percent is probably a bit time now it's time probably for germany also a little shift some of the investment in an asia. minister out myer called for more cooperation introducing germany's dual study system to jakarta was the first step. our reporter. covering this meeting
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for us and she caught up with germany's economy minister. she asked him how worried he was about trade tensions and rising economic nationalism. why we have to be very cautious and concerned about some protectionist tendencies crowing in different countries worldwide but i found in this. conference wide consensus that we have to preserve a free and open market economy rolled wide that is rule based a respect for w t o rules because open and free market access means optimized our location of resources it means more drops better us and higher standard of living for millions of people worldwide germany is seen as part of the solution not us part of the problem and therefore there is an increasing interest
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in cooperating with germany and have suggested business people here in this conference even called for in the alliance to promote an open economy how could this look like well we have heard today. social media and in many fora an international debate and this international debate has to be inspired by people advocating free and open trade because we believe it is so whiter for our economic success and that's economic success of countries like indonesia drap pan and china is closely linked to the economic success of advanced countries in europe like dr many fronts the u.k. and therefore. arguing in favor of free trade promoting negotiations on the on free trade equipment between japan and the e.u. between saying your poor and e.u. between indonesia and australia and you that means. spreading we are spreading this
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philosophy that is so important as. a loss of. lives that europe's banks are waiting with bated breath for the results of the latest. stress test on the financial sector the reports tests the resistance of the banking sector in the eventuality of a heavy crash the london based european banking authority and the european central bank put forty eight european lenders under the microscope together those accounts for more than seventy percent of bank assets across the eurozone among. eight german banks including the country's biggest lender dortch and six french lenders for each from italy and from the u.k. . let's bring in a man who's stress tested on a daily basis by me and my colleagues here in the studio down here in france with that what is this stress test good for and what exactly is being tested there.
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that was a good one garrett finally somebody was understanding me. but anyway let's talk about the lenders and their stress tests and investor compares that a little bit earlier and said this is like a yearly doctor's appointment for the lenders around the e.u. and also in norway from a starting point off their financial positions at the end of two thousand and seventeen the banks were confronted with a scenario where the european union's g.d.p. plunged by two point seven percent between two thousand and eighteen and twenty twenty on top of that the tests also simulated that unemployment would be rising by more than three per cent to a level that we saw the last time during the financial crisis in two thousand and nine the interesting thing is that this could be a potential scenario off the heart grex that the banks of course know that but nobody is really saying this officially i don't know what are you hearing there from the central bank other any candidate is likely to fail this stressed just.
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well this test is not really about failing or passing this was the case before georgia banks for example favor stresses in the united states so investors will be closely of course monitoring how daughter bank is doing and also how italian lenders will perform so yeah i will be waiting for the results. in frankfurt thank you very much. when searching the cheese shop for the perfect chunk of cheddar promise gourmets have probably never grow vendors over what kind of music was played to their cheeses you might find this sounds a bit crackers but as swiss cheese maker has now embarked on an experiment to test the impact of music on m. and ta one of switzerland's most famous chains is absolutely serious. in this traditional nine hundred century cellar where swiss maturing. is exploring
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an unconventional question could cheese be sensitive to music and importantly could it improve the flavor. but i'm convinced that humidity temperature and nutrients are not the only things that influence taste sounds ultrasounds and music can also have a physical effect or they seek since september the cheeses have been blasted with sonic masterpieces under supervision of the nearby university to test the effect. in this experiment it's a question of pairing different cheeses with different types of music here we have a rock we just took a very famous song from that zeppelin and. other cheeses are being mature to techno and one to mozart's magic flute. player has a favorite. i hope that hip hop cheese will turn out to have the most flavor.
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it would give us an opportunity to get in touch with the young people then we could tell them come and see. when we treat the cheese well we can even have a delicious hip hop cheese fight in. the hopes his hip hop cheese is a sound investment in march a jury will taste it and decide if musical cheese strikes a note. could make could have. been up there for you. next hour in the meantime check out twitter and facebook friends thank you very much for watching.
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a clue about feminism but there are women who want to get sticky change in everyday life for justice to quality. under the skin of russia's women starts nov thirteenth on g.w. . i want to welcome to another fun filled star with me your host megan lee as usual we are making our way to the most interesting places in berlin and beyond here's a look at what's coming up.


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