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if you're watching the d.v.d. is still to come a cheese macon switzerland is investigating with the music and in fact the taste of this cheese yeah we'll have that story and more coming up in business. it was in need of news coming to you live from london do stay with us. what's coming up for a look going to sleep you have plenty to talk about here on the double. mondays legal every weekend here w. . germany street by street. most colorful. the influenced. the most
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traditional trying to do all at any time. check in with the web special. take a tour of germany state by state on d w dot com. u.s. sanctions over the nuclear deal with will hit iran next weekend as the u.s. threatens to punish anyone doing business with iran many european firms i was drawing from the country and its average iranians who are really paying the price as cost of living soul. these days are tries to take advantage of trade tensions between the world's two top two economies by luring in germany. you're really. could make it up
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a cheese maker in switzerland wants to improve the taste of his. butt playing heavy metal and hip hop to this change. business to business in berlin the final u.s. jobs report before next tuesday's midterm elections shows that employers are still hiring it's a welcome development for republicans ahead of the vote the u.s. labor department said american employers added two hundred fifty thousand new jobs in october while salaries rose at the fastest pace since two thousand and nine unemployment held steady at three point seven percent that's a forty eight year low in september the aftermath of hurricane florence weighed on jobs growth. for more analysis on that we now go to our correspondent at the front and stock exchange daniel kolbe daniel it seems that those who voted for donald trump actually are reaping the benefits when we can expect that from claim that just days before the midterm elections is he right is that all his living.
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yes you're right garrett u.s. president donald trump is not really known to be very modest about himself so we can be very sure that just days before the midterm elections he will use every opportunity to talk about the job numbers and that credits of course just go to him what investors actually give him credit for some of his projects they still call that tax crude form and cutting down the corporate tax a really good idea and do believe that in fact this gave the economy a boost and also created jobs but he seems to forget that many other projects started already under the administration of u.s. president barack obama but one thing is clear the midterm elections are crucial the president is currently come painting at two sometimes even three locations per day and also his announcement today of reimposing all sanctions on iran will be certainly a topic that many of his supporters are. going to like the route and the exact
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benefited a little bit today because of the president while there were reports spreading that he wanted to find an agreement about the ongoing trade conflict with shine our shares made of john for a couple of hours but after this was not confirmed they went a little bit down again. hope in frankfurt thank you. for it isn't german banks were among the poorest performance in the latest stress test by europe's top banking regulators overall europe's banks are showing much better resilience and capacity to withstand financial shocks following the two thousand and eight global financial crisis regulators said the european banking authority tested forty eight lenders which account for more than seventy percent of banking assets cross the eurozone. went to iraq where the poor are expected to bear the brunt of us oil sanctions taking effect next week the cost of living has soared in recent months leading to protests against the government and
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the reaal keeps falling because of the uk upcoming sanctions with heavy demand for dollars or no ordinary iranians trying to protect their savings iranians earning average wages can afford little nowadays. the value of the iranian currency the reaal has tumbled food imports medication and electronics are becoming more and more expensive many arrhenius have little hope of finding a good job u.s. sanctions have frightened away foreign investors german companies that recently opened offices in iran are already pulling out of the country because the trumpet ministration is threatening to penalize them the u.s. market is much larger and much more lucrative. i mean so today represents the german packaging machine producer multivac in the gulf region it's much more difficult to do business in his homeland because u.s.
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sanctions have cut off iran from the international financial system. a lot of customers now find them difficult to do payment to us and even these days with the current economic situation and because of the. mentality happening the iran market . a currency iranian currency is also depreciated towards the euro and it become more difficult. a simple bank transfer from iran to germany or in the opposite direction is now a problem few european banks are willing to carry out the transactions because all the major financial institutions do business in the us and fear reprisals maku spec a measuring of the federation of german banks says the u.s. sanctions are not the only reason doing business in iran is difficult the a canoe from basically we can do business in iran but we have to be sure that it complies with money laundering in terrorism financing laws that's very difficult because iran has relatively little transparency in its commercial sector there is
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a lot of state interference in the economy even by the revolutionary guard. stott. god and all modern tough. given these doubts a bank would rather stay away from iran combats bank had to pay billions in penalties for violating u.s. regulations the choice between iran and the us is clear for the international finance industry their risk is simply too high compared to the opportunity to turn a profit in iran and the u.s. market is simply too big and too important. germany's economy minister appeared to take in business leaders to jakarta today for the asia pacific conference of german business it's a key event in the region for business leaders and government officials to discuss economic relations between germany and asian pop of course the trade spat between washington and china is on everyone's mind. modern cosmopolitan and economically
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growing this is how the indonesian capital is portraying itself at the asia pacific conference almost a thousand top managers and politicians came to jakarta many are worried about global trade thomas limbo member of the indonesian government greeted visitors in germany. italy but the friendly words couldn't dispel the misgivings german economy minister peter spoke plainly. when he handed this protection is handed a part of the package. we have to the. foreign investors are welcome in indonesia astra one of the largest industrial companies in the country even introduced the german jewel study system still german companies have to make a little bit of an effort if i want to do business here they probably have more
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prevalence is in a country as a sign our friends but don't forget indonesia we grew at five percent is growing at six percent is probably a bit time now it's time probably for germany also to. shift some of the investment . because my are called for more cooperation introducing germany's jewel training system to jakarta was the first step. with the asia pacific region becoming increasingly important. cleric who covers the conference for us asked trast klaus noirmont of safety labs if the read. can be an engine of global economic growth. pacific region a strongly gained in economic importance over the last year do you think it can continue to be an engine of economic growth. i believe asia pacific bill indeed continue to be a growth engine for the whole world and why for one it has
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a very good demographic situation here with huge young people a huge amount of young people joining the workforce then we also see relatively stability and diversity of economic and political systems in the region which also enable companies to operate in the region very well and thirdly also we have a lot of innovation power coming in the last ten years specifically from here which we also see to rather spend going forward. farmers of try that. playing music cows oil plants can improve milk yields and plant growth fast now a cheese maker is going one step further he wants to prove the taste of his cheese by you guessed it playing heavy metal and hip hop music to it while it matures and yes i'm serious. in this traditional nineteenth century cellar where swiss emon tallinn maturing beyond is exploring
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a very unconventional question could cheese be sensitive to music he hopes to show that the power of music can influence the characteristics and flavor of the cheese didn't think that bacteria are responsible for the formation of the taste of cheese with the enzymes that influence its maturity i'm convinced that you miltie temperature and nutrients are not the only things that influence taste sounds ultrasounds and music can also have a physical effect. or they would think. since september the cheeses have been blasted with sonic masterpieces under supervision of the nearby university to test the effect. that a man in this experiment it's a question of pairing different cheeses with different types of music here we have rock we just took a very famous song from led zeppelin one that. other cheeses are mature to techno and one is getting mozart's magic flute but they had found that already has
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a favorite. i hope that hip hop he's both turned out to have the most flavor. it would give us an opportunity to get in touch with the young people and tell them come and see when we treat the cheese well we can even have a delicious hip hop cheese. with a fight in a van full of hopes his hipper cheese is a sound investment next march experts will taste the cheese and decide if musical cheese strikes a note. she's won all eleven update for you in the next hour thanks all should. try.
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to poison is coming out of the taps in the serbian province of vojvodina the drinking water is contaminated with dangerous levels of arsenic protests are ineffective the author already has are impassive and concerned residents are incredulous. taksin from the time. next d.w. .
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and isn't it time for the good news and eco africa people and projects that are changing our environment for the better comes up to us to make a difference let's. get to it implement magazine. long d w. l o and welcome to focus on europe with me peter craven now i was born in england and when i was growing up the u.k. was very much under the shadow of what was called quite simply the troubles of the violent clashes between protestants and catholics in northern ireland thanks though to the good friday peace agreement signed in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight the border between north and south is today.


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