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tv   Focus on Europe - Spotlight on People  Deutsche Welle  November 2, 2018 10:30pm-11:01pm CET

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series. to be. discovered. subscribe to the documentary. alone welcome to focus on europe with me peter craven no i was born in england and when i was growing up the u.k. was very much under the shadow of what was called quite simply the troubles the violent clashes between protestants and catholics in northern ireland thanks though
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to the good friday peace agreement signed in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight the border between north and south is today completely open and unhindered but briggs it the looming british exit from the e.u. threatens to trigger a return to well divisions and old hatred catholics in the north fear that a hard brags it will cut them off from the republic in the south most protestants meanwhile are desperate to remain fully within the u.k. as a result for people like elfin mccrory the mood in northern ireland is increasingly bringing back memories of the troubles. the memories never fade memories of the troubles in northern ireland. alpha mcroy witnessed in one thousand nine hundred three shankill road bombing
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which claimed ten lives it was one of the most devastating attacks perpetrated by the ira in the years of the northern ireland conflict. people and all over the people summer day and some are injured some are wondering day is twenty five years on the memory is still in people's remained the heart is still there and the loss of people who have lost loved ones are still dark. this period of bloodshed and the twenty years ago irish nationalists who were mainly catholic wanted northern ireland to leave the united kingdom and join a united ireland paramilitary groups were active on both sides more than three thousand people died as a result of the conflict. alfie mcroy is protestant he says the shankill bombing marked a turning point previously he had paramilitary sympathies but the incident taught him how important it was to support the peace process the northern ireland border
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discussion triggered by breaks it has reopened old wounds. were still getting republicans really range shooting of people and mourning place of a very so this community i live and work in has been on the thing for thirty odd years . paramilitary organizations still exist on both sides the catholic enclave are gone it's just a few streets away from shanksville road. this is where thomas petty the shank obama grew up a member of the ira he was killed in the explosion republican activists such as de fan will commemorate him as a hero. republicans have traditionally saw that as long as the arc of peace means m.p.'s and the irish people have their interest occupation. former member of the ira alex maskey is an honorary speaker at this memorial event
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for fallen ira fighters. he has turned his back on the ira a politician who belongs to shin fein a party dedicated to the reunification of violent he supports peace building work and flatow rejects the prospect of an irish border as a result of bragg's that. you see as an attack on the peace process we certainly see it as the prospect of order maiming the peace process and her husband made the presence of trying to reestablish our institutions here all the more difficult so people here are angry about drugs that then they will not take a brags of sitting on the hans. hard border is a red flag for many here. looking for a great leader needs to be our little respect that that takes away the hard part of so that people felt as if they were part of my little part of all ireland but the concept of the good friday agreement you tipped out away from us and then things
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every television for all the years as a member of the complex and not come here. often mcroy in this protestant friends want to remain in the united kingdom and don't want the special status for northern ireland that the e.u. is backing. from amy in a statement that the u.k. will be leaving. so we treat god as a reassurance that we are just as important to them as i see any scots in the welsh but trails the big word not brax it bracts it means accept we're worried about betrayal mcroy desperately hopes that northern irish peace will not be undermined by brags that for now it seems all too likely the conflict will return to the region. we are not slaves those words were chanted by migrant workers as they voiced their anger over the way they are being treated italy the mainly african protesters say they work on the inhumane conditions to support
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a shadow economy including everything from tomato plantations the prostitution many of them are from one of italy's most notorious refugee camps border metanoia it's called in our reporter who's been there to find out for herself just how bad things are. sixteen of their colleagues died on their way to work within just a few days now the workers say they've had enough they harvest crops yet they're treated like animals they say they're paid two or three euros an hour and have no rights. they're protesting exploitation and repression. you know it you know we start work at seven sometimes at five and often work twelve hours the legal minimum wage is seven year olds an hour and at least fifty a day we work long hours and get less than twenty that's not normal weight we demand dignity respect and legitimacy in a different way than only not
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a much nicer when we're here to work and live well many united lawyer afraid of us africans but we don't kill anyone i only want to good life i'm not a bad person i am more than thirty thousand harvest workers often refugees without residence permits work here around for most live in illegal settlements known here as ghettos. and you know no we don't want to live in the ghettos either no one wants to live in those conditions but we need documents to rent apartments and good jobs so we can pay the rent and live well but when i woke up. we visit the biggest ghetto in the region. it's existed for more than three decades. about a thousand people live here. we know that journalists are unwelcome. union representative but i fail if i call in and comes with us she's been fighting
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for the residents rights he also works in the legal refugee camp next to the ghetto he says conditions in both places are intolerable. the style of the a hole in the fence at the back of the gates presented people from the get a coma. to the refugee hostel and vice versa to. governments and on to governments communicate. get a residence go over to eat or see the doctor refugees come into the ghetto to go to the bordello or in the bars and restaurants. here. peter is from nigeria he's angry he came to board to work he's got a contract but says he hasn't been paid he's rented a mattress for thirty year olds a month and a barracks rafaela promises to help him. live in my morning
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they're already getting there and that is their end of that i don't have any of it in just to see again and then i go to the police and tell them you don't give you money. for base no hope for you there's no. the migrants live together in national groups they're from senegal somalia mali or nigeria and have set up their own infrastructure at least within their means. there's running water contaminated of course. and a toilet in what is nearly a private space. we meet her son who doesn't want to show his face he lived in germany for four years and was then deported to italy he came looking for an education and a better life he found the hells of europe drugs crime prostitution and
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exploitation he's unimpressed by italy's extreme right interior minister who is that just yells but i don't care i've been living like a dog in europe for a levon years this is where i ended up he could send me to africa but he doesn't have the guts. to bumiller but if you get. not that only five people live in this container and actually work together with italian thieves the only italians go and steal they bring the stuff here and i buy of course additional but many italians hate the refugees yet without done they'd lose an important market the ghetto is like a small town with restaurants and bars businesses that are illegal in italy like prostitution are thriving the nigerian mafia has it up to bordellos here. a little customers are italians who live in fudge and italian employers pay criminal bosses of work gangs. together was established its own economy because you
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need a barber a bar restaurant on a mechanic mechanic or mark west of a part italian demand has made illegal exploitation like harvesting and prostitution into growth businesses into and put out these automatic yes that. their labor is needed but no one wants the migrants around they work until they drop but are poorly paid they live under a pile in conditions that few people care. on a very different oh let me take you to the small village of bowa tap in the far north east of turkey and what makes it so interesting well firstly women are in charge which is itself relatively unusual in turkey remarkable too is the fact that they've emancipated themselves by producing a local variety of cheese the taste just like swiss m. until it is on the menu of some of the best restaurants in istanbul now the mastermind behind all this is who's clearly very proud of what she and the other
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women in the village have achieved. what is a tiny village more than two thousand meters above sea level not far from turkey's border with armenia. things are a little different here than elsewhere in turkey here the women have the say whether out in the fields or in the barns. the reason for this is a long story it began with swiss cheese zoom run chairperson of the water pose agricultural cooperative tells visitors to the village museum about a certain german named alexander kaiser. he came here over one hundred years ago and realized that the lush meadows on this plateau provided the ideal conditions for making m. and all cheese. i like something because it in this village owes a great deal to alexander kaiser and to his daughter she diligently carried on her
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father's legacy they left us a lot of cheese recipes that i had to take the time to learn. how to do it. and the other women in the cooperative don't just make any one of the milk cheese they specialize in turkish cars grab a year with a little imagination rub year sounds like greer a variety of swiss cheese. this culture great grandson of the german pioneer knows how this came to be today he's one of the few men with any real say. but i do know that. my great grandfather came here with us was friend on their way back from the caucasus after the up peoples of russia's october revolution. they had a cheese dairy build here along the swiss model was the no prize or even designed the building himself. but you know and they were the first to make cars grab your
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cheese here. but later the cheese dairy fell into disuse and the legacy was forgotten many of the village men left during the one nine hundred sixty s. and seventy's looking for work. but the women stayed and revived cheese production in the tradition of its pioneers. zoom run in or help to rebuild the old cheese dairy her husband has never hesitated to give her whatever support he can get. darling he said if you think you are up to this task and you believe in yourself then i believe in you to back you up. today forty six year old there is something like the villages cheese ambassador her husband helps out he admits that it's an unusual situation.
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our society has a very patriarchal structure the men make the decisions. opinion the women here the chief the place they deserve. the women of want to pay are selling their grubby year hand over fist they barely even felt the effects of turkey's economic crisis visitors. crowd into the village store but this isn't the only place to buy their cheese it's old all across turkey and even exported as far as hong kong detention center want to keep it we had twelve thousand visitors last year we're glad to have them because it promotes the development of our village. and it helps the women get a head. start. to this should set an example for rural areas in turkey the hinterland always gets left behind but as we can see women with creative ideas can change that. zoom right in there and seize off another bus load of visitors
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then she has to drive the cows out to pasture. the women of blighted pay may have most of the say but it looks as if they've also got most of the work. you know how i wonder would it feel to hear that you were drinking water is contaminated with arsenic well that is the fate of hundreds of thousands of people mainly in serbia but also in neighboring croatia and hungary arsenic in the bedrocks of those countries is exposed many towns and cities to potentially carcinogenic water supplies miroslav a zamboni is a mother who is terrified every time her children go anywhere near the tap water and to focus on europe visited her in the serbian town of their own yameen to find out why local authorities are doing so very little to protect her and others who fear for their future. judge shows what comes out of his
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tap at home just. a yellowish liquid can. i will of the review. here this is our tap water to fill up with as you can see it's yellow what you can't see is that it smells and tastes awful immunities. it's also highly toxic it's contaminated with arsenic up to twenty five times the maximum allowable concentration so the authorities declared the tap water off limits fourteen years ago but the town of said i mean doesn't have any other water every time it was lava sabo turns on the faucets the poison flows. in and. some by worry this is an enormous problem i'm even afraid to take a shower in this yellow water. she won't let her two sons
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drink the water the family has a water cooler but that's expensive the people of sudan yameen spend up to one third of their income on water. some eight hundred thousand people in the region are affected. arsenic occurs naturally in the water here says. an expert on water purification sometimes the concentrations exceed thirty times the allowable limits . of the rectum arsenic can cause skin cancer directly. as well as prostate and lung cancer and so on. another potential hazard has yet to be proven and we think it can harm future generations as well. nobody really knows how much harm it could do so far no studies have been done on the toxic waters effects and the authorities hardly seem interested in finding that out. i proposed an epidemiological study like would be done
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anywhere else in the world to find out how many people have been sickened by the water. but the authorities wouldn't do it. will not sit by and take it anymore she and other townspeople gathered in front of town hall carrying jugs of yellow water. the city government won't accept any other criticism. from everywhere. in the city of new ninas tried about twenty pilot projects to set up a high quality water purification fortunately without success. this shows that it's not at all easy to deal with this problem. some are just disagrees his citizens initiative has been looking for solutions for years. and then switching to the well i don't think the authorities are even interested in solving the problem they use it to bring in financing for all the
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various pilot projects with people. one project the water factory was built by private investors years ago it only operated for a few days then the city remembered the water supply is a public not private matter now the city's taking over the plant for a hefty price. response kept it to a second concept of the focused very skeptical because we don't yet know if this plant is even suited to purifying this water. but we do know that it doesn't have the capacity to supply water for around seventy thousand residents. this if you know that's not an eco so far says no engineer from the local water works has been allowed to inspect the plant yet professor tells us he offered the city a water purification facility years ago that was big enough to supply the entire region. small crack that with support from the european eureka project we developed
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a solution for the population i was in there was economically viable. consumers would only have to pay a small sum for water they're required to buy they never accepted that solution relating to audition you can yeah every which i know. is stunned and furious to hear this what is the normal naugle poured out on a lot of people have been deceived by the authorities again and again. but. it's no wonder they seem resigned now. the law galluses and as they voted for certain promises that were made and nothing's happened. so for now mito slava uses only rain water on her tomato plants.
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now have you heard of switzerland's smallest village corriveau is its name it's located in the southern count on of to chino and the population totals just twelve none of whom are children the young have all moved away and left only the elderly behind the big question now is can the village survive well the local certainly hope so and some of them have come up with a very original idea for how. this picture postcard village nestled in a deliberate rally in t.g. no is home to just twelve residents. quarter though is the smallest municipality in switzerland. i should look at don't see everyone here is old in their eighties nineties everyone's old. flat he shouted out a lenient seventy six she comes from cardiff but moved away fifty years ago today
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she's visiting her brother who still lives here many others also moved away with it really there's no working quarter pro and there are no families with children are long past lots of people live here now there's nobody. it's a doozy it's sad to see could it go in this state. that these three men are planning on waking up the village from its long slumber by turning it into a hotel and i'd better go do foozle or scattered hotel. the narrow alleys would be the hallways in the village square the lobby and the buildings would be converted into vacation cottages and hotel rooms. just like this one it's been vacant for decades. i mean for the. this bus timetable has from one nine hundred sixty times seems to have stood still
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inside these granite walls. but did in decent house say of a man who lived here died in the early one nine hundred sixty s. or was moved to a home and for the safety get a yacht english daughter. he didn't have any children so the house was just left and went to rack and ruin were disorganized now it's time it was renovated and lists starts with that scene. but most locals have their doubts about the ambitious project few of them are willing to talk to reporters. well i don't believe it'll work i won't believe it until i see it. former mayor claudio's katrina's also skeptical at fifty five he's the youngest resident and the only one who actually works he says that before a hotel can be planned the village needs to invest in new parking spots and a new sewage system although in the long run he does think
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a hotel would benefit village. spirit or so i hope that the hotel will reverse corruptors fortunes and draw new people to the village who might start families it's the only chance of survival we have and when you couple see that it that. for now the future of the village hangs in the balance. funding for the project still isn't in place. boeing has not turned into a hotel its fate as an open air museum seems see. and what a pity that would be the people of color pro firmly insist that we do need places like their village since they're the ideal backdrop for a digital detox surely they are right and that's all from focus on europe this time around thanks so much for joining us if you'd like to see any of our reports again just go to our home page on d w dot com forward slash focus on europe all visit our
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facebook page d w stories and do come back next time until then bye bye and chips. good move. from.
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close. to. home ah. genius in truth. searching for the parts of yesterday's. reinvents rundown buildings and from chance to clinch what would a place. create. taking
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fewer. w. more or more for. this because g.w. lose margaret from berlin to bring in our correspondent material harm is erroneous and joins us from rio de janeiro we're going to find out what happened to debbie is selling a dingy is the head of the environment teeming with new feet of the correspondence that russia has applied for. and we do have some of breaking news that's coming into us now it's all about perspective closer up w. news. thank you for joining us. nico is in germany to learn german. emerged in the cold why not learn with him online on the mobile and free to suffer from the w e learning course nicholas fic.
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i don't think that it well i guess sometimes i am but i said nothing when for the research i haven't thinks the can for gemma culture of looking at the stereotypes aquatics sitting here thinking of the country that i now know the time. kenya needed save the day for this drama day out because it's all about a new guy my job to join me to meet the gentleman from the w. post. was a shoe made because of. the first global disaster of the twentieth century. no more to end all wars cost millions of lives. world war one. mum found some burn marks the hundreds anniversary focuses on. what has humankind
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learned from the great more. as it learned anything at all. is real she's an impossibility. plain luck. nineteen eighties not for god the w.'s november focus. the united states is set to reinstate all sanctions against iran that were removed under the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal the new measures will go into place from monday targeting the financial shipping and energy sector eight countries including turkey will be given waivers to keep buying iranian oil.


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