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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  November 3, 2018 6:02am-6:16am CET

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the united states braces for midterm elections and the world's biggest economy continues to fire on all cylinders with robust growth unemployment is at a forty nine year low how will the economy impact voters at the ballot box also as the u.s. try news trade war rumbles on indonesia is waiting in the wings for a boost in business and how do you add flavor to your favorite cheese well apparently with the right dosage of metallica or jay z. we'll show you the swiss cheese maker and his musical method of maturation. crystal cobra bill and good to have you with us the final u.s. jobs report before tuesday's midterm elections shows that employers are still hiring two hundred fifty thousand new jobs were created in october the u.s. labor department announced the unemployment rate is steady at three point seven
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percent which means the live market is considered to be near full employment g.d.p. growth in the third quarter came in it three and a half percent slightly down from the previous quarter but still strong and on financial markets president trump has happened and taking credit for a steady rise in stark's of the market turbulence in recent weeks almost wiped out all of this year's games. let's bring in our financial correspondent. in new york and washington correspondent all over solid although let me start with you now the data shows that the u.s. economy is firing on all cylinders unemployment is down give us an idea of how people in the u.s. view their situation have they been benefiting. well christopher donald trump has fueled the u.s. economy and of course people have been benefiting from that you've just mentioned the numbers two hundred fifty fifty thousand jobs were created in october alone
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exceeding all expectations really wages also have gone up more than three percent and that's the fastest growth in a decade so a lot of people are finding their way back into the labor market right now that's the good news the bad news is this is a regional phenomena in many rural areas are excluded from this current economic boom and also this is a boom. in especially when it comes to the tax cuts imposed by by the u.s. administration that are more or less beneficial for people on the top floors of businesses and certain there's a certain sentiment here in the united states that only rich people benefit from this current economic boom rather than poor people also there are risks involved many economists call this boom a sugar rush so we might see an economic boom right now but the outlook is not so grades next year the growth of the economic growth might go down from three point
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five percent right now to only zero point eight and there are some predictions that even see the u.s. economy running into a recession so it's great news for now but it's not for everyone and once this boom is over it will come at a high price according to many u.s. economists yes over to you on wall street donald trump has been taking credit for rising u.s. stocks now almost all of this year's gains have been wiped out how much of that is linked to the president and his policies. well i mean since election day pretty much two years ago i was still up by about forty percent and the economy for now is still red hot but the big question is if the price for this growth has been too high and we just mentioned the tax cuts what the tax cuts also do is that they make chile pump up the debt load in the united states and also when the u.s. economy is running too hard so that could also lead to inflation that could lead
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the federal reserve to increase interest rates more rapidly and then if we talk about the policies of u.s. president donald trump another thread old so is the trade dispute was china just today the economic advisor larry kudlow was saying in an interview that he is less convinced that there will be a trade deal with china anytime soon. all of our back to you the economy fundamentals are very solid why doesn't donald trump focus more of them instead of stoking fear about immigrants as he has been doing recently. well that's right the economy is not such a big topic in the election complain and that's surprisingly because the economy is so strong that you might think this would have to be at the centerpiece facing the republican campaign but instead of that donald trump is focusing on fear mongering about his key issue migration there was this very controversial ad that was published yesterday showing thousands of migrants crossing in
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a caravan crossing mexico right now and showing them basically as nothing but a bunch of murderous and rapists and that the donald trump of course delivering his solutions for this problem he wants to deploy thousands of soldiers to the southern border he wants to stop granting citizenship for children off migrants so those are the points he's making right now and this is how he wants to convince his voter of a base to go out and vote in four days from now in an atmosphere of fear that we're witnessing here and yet back to you briefly if you can which outcome would investors prefer on tuesday well if history is any guide it doesn't to matters so far since world war two we hit eighteen mid-term elections and each time the stock market went up twelve months past the election the s. and p. five hundred on average was up by an astonishing seventeen percent no matter what the outcome is the only question is that the stock market overall already sold some
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of those gains prior but as i said if history is any guide each time after the midterm election since world war two the market has been trading to the upside and scored in new york and all over solid in washington thanks to both of you. british and german banks were among the poorest performers in the latest stress test by europe's top of banking regulators overall europe's banks are showing much better resilience and capacity to withstand financial shocks following the two thousand and eight global financial crisis regulators said the european banking authority tested forty eight lenders and thirty three came through a simulated recession and market crash following regulatory reviews the european central bank is likely to ask weaker banks to strengthen their finances. as the u.s. chinese trade war rumbles on southeast asia is waiting in the wings for a boost in business a shift from china to other low cost production centers is already underway and tit
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for tat terrorists are speeding up the process indonesia is one of two on it if but it will have to invest in infrastructure to keep up the w.'s money claridge reports from jakarta. the singing of these caged birds in the indonesian capital is almost drowned out by the rumble of passing vehicles the metropolitan region is home to more than twenty million residents traffic there is a nightmare jakarta's air is heavily polluted it is while the indonesian economy is growing by five percent a year but the infrastructure can't keep up experts say more roads are urgently needed if the country of two hundred seventy million is to realize its full potential it provides the upper limit for the growth clearly if you don't have mass rapid transport and all that stuff but in a way it does create an interesting opportunity also like motorcycle tax you don't see that anywhere in the world except maybe very densely populated with crazy
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traffic then the value proposition of having a motorcycle becomes very very attractive. there are sixty thousand motorcycle taxis on jakarta's roads they carry passengers and goods but they are no substitute for expanding the road network indonesia's government is planning to invest billions of dollars in the country's roads. a lot of potential the current government is focusing a lot of attention on infrastructure and investing a relatively large amount in certain projects that are also being realized on. the study of jakarta as building a subway. the rapid transit system will have up to thirteen railway lines. there's now a sense of optimism in the southeast asian country which is attracting many foreign
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investors last year they pumped a record thirty two billion dollars into the indonesian economy. farmers have tried it and so have gardeners playing music to cows roses can improve milk yours and plant growth now a cheese maker in switzerland wants to increase the quality of his emtala with some selected to topping the plainest some mean heavy metal and fine a pop. in this traditional nineteenth century cellar where swiss emtala maturing beyond is exploring a very unconventional question could cheese be sensitive to music he hopes to show that the power of music can influence the characteristics and flavor of the cheese . bacteria are responsible for the formation of the taste of cheese with the enzymes that influence its maturity i'm convinced that you miltie temperature and nutrients are not the only things that influence taste sounds ultrasounds and music
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can also have a physical effect. or they would think little since september the cheeses have been blasted with sonic masterpieces under supervision of the nearby university to test the effect. but in this experiment it's a question of pairing different cheeses with different types of music here we have rock we just took a very famous song from led zeppelin on that. other cheeses armature to techno and one is getting mozart's magic flute but the advanta already has a favorite. i hope that hip hop she's both turned out to have the most flavor. it would give us an opportunity to get in touch with the young people and tell them come and see when we treat the cheese well we can even have a delicious hip hop cheese. with a fight in hip hop is that van flow hopes his hip or cheese is
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a sound investment next march experts will taste the cheese and decide if musical cheese strikes a note. all right i'm off to have some chatter and listen to some chili peppers let's see if that doesn't using thanks for watching i don't think we can. control.
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