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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 3, 2018 3:00pm-3:16pm CET

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i'm more determined to do something here for the next generation the idea being barman series of global three thousand on t.w. and omar. this is good news live from berlin the final push to reach voters just days before the u.s. midterms voters are being hit by a barrel of political ads from both parties we asked experts to tell us which issues are really on the minds of americans and take a look at presidents past and present hoping to influence the results. of u.s.
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sanctions are on their way back to be around as promised by u.s. president donald trump after falling to kill the brand new deal this set to hit hard on monday targeting crimi just sectors of iran's economy. and it's being called the game over for european football as we know it leaked documents show the continent's top football clubs have been quietly planning to seize control of european football and form their own elite league we'll talk to one of the reporters who broke the story. i need to welcome to the program democrats and republicans in the united states are making their final pitch to voters ahead of next week's midterm elections and leading the charge are two presidents with rival visions former president barack obama and current commanding chief donald trump both out warning voters on the
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campaign trail for many this election is all about the different versions of america represented by these two men and here's some of what they had to say. the end it should not be a matter of partisan politics to say we don't target certain groups of people based on what they look like. or how they. enforce who they love. because we don't want to go back to the obama days of low wages high unemployment rising crime open borders far left judges a presence of regulations horrible horrible horrible trade deals. with all of the rhetoric telling people how to vote what are the issues that americans really care about well our washington correspondent has this found out.
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government spending you must. build the wall with the midterm elections approaching voters are under a barrage of political ads from both parties republicans got a big thrill. just in case i need to round up criminal illegals and take a moment will democrats then helmer i approve of town halls bad singing in this message are both trying to drill their respective messages into the political conscience of the american electorate so it's getting less. real. and very confusing what are actually the topics the political agendas which make voters interested and going to the polls coming november sixth according to our experts panel the political topics voters really care about in the midterms are well i think the biggest issue that's forefront right now is health care the top issues in this election are the economy health care immigration trade and guns the
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economy health care trade and then local issues the economy it's booming issue repeat for the republicans trying to get voters to cast the ballots for them the message don't vote democrats you lose your job and pay more taxes or as the president puts it democrats produce republicans produce jobs however republicans have just now started something like an economy perhaps a template in the campaign the economy and health care always issues that are elections health care that's a bread and butter issue for the democrats the republican failed to replace the affordable care act better known as obamacare health care a winner for democrats so what happened to immigration and guns trump is clearly trying to nationalize the immigration debate nationalize the gun debate. immigration a biggie for the president. racism the least racist person but the latest campaign posted on president twitter account has sparked accusations of being blatantly
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racist politics anybody. for democrats trump is the gift that keeps on giving not only is the liberal democratic voter base fired up about going to the polls come november sixth. it's specifically white educated suburban women who voted for trump in two thousand and sixteen who now seem to be turning to the democrats i think i share the conventional wisdom that the democrats will regain the house of representatives that the republicans will perhaps cedar to in the senate no matter what the outcome on november sixth will be the twenty twenty presidential campaign has already started since as they say here in washington every election is always a referendum on sitting president. meanwhile twitter has suspended thousands of automated accounts encouraging people not to vote in tuesday's elections in a statement by twitter on friday the social media giant said it had removed a series of accounts that were quote attempting to share distant formation in an
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automated fashion many of the books reportedly posed as democrats and were kicked off the platform in early october the company says the upcoming midterms are the most tweeted about in the site's history. iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei is slamming u.s. president donald trump after the u.s. announced it would reinstate all sanctions against iran khamenei said the u.s. would be the ultimate loser over its decision and says the world disagrees with trump's decision to pull out of the twenty fifteen nuclear deal the renewed restrictions are due to hit on monday after having been lifted for the last three years the extensive sanctions will curtail iranian oil sales exports and shipping industries as well as cut the country off from international lenders and foreign business partner. when i joined by the guardian's iran correspondent saeed kamali dechen thank you for joining us saeed so the u.s. says that these sanctions are aimed at the government and not the ukrainian people
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is it going to work this way i mean this sanctions let me be very clear the sanctions target everyone inside iran sanctions talk a townsend's of patients in need of lives that are not sins and as you found out yesterday or indeed there is no exception i mean of course sanctions are not directly targeted at medicine but in practice at least as we saw seven years ago five years ago as well they are going to be a huge obstacle to imports of sense and life makes sense lifesaving medicines to iran because basically it bears no banking relations between iranian balance outside iran i mean when i today when i'm talking to you there's not a single tear one european bank that is doing business with anyone with anywhere inside iran so if you're a pharmacist inside iran if you're a pharmaceutical company in need of those huge medicines that you need important medicines and you need you don't have any ways of bringing home all right so say
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given that you've said these sanctions will affect everyone what will their reintroduction mean for every day. i mean these are the most stringent sanctions that the president tom has imposed on iran the first set of sanctions came into effect in august but the sanctions is about all embargo in a country which is heavily still dependent on oil so that means all aspects of iranian lives iranians from different walks of life are going to be affected if you're an iranian a student who are planning to go abroad for your our education for example if you are i mean if you want to go on holiday or anything it would be hugely effective i mean we've already seen the iranian currency basically collapsing in our dollar is true times pricier than last year and we've seen a wave of protests in the streets and these are primarily because of pressure from outside and ironically it's going to be europe that is going to bear i mean and the pressure on if people are going to leave iran the first place they would go would
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be let the europe and ironically of course europe is opposed to president trance policy on iran and yesterday as well the e.u. was very strong that i mean these sanctions are not in a should not be imposed basically because as the i.a.e.a. the international atomic energy agency has very five twelve times iran has a bit better off so basically dissensions are unilateral imposed by the u.s. and also they are they are frankly you go illegal as well because you had the international court of justice ruling not long ago and yet trump is hoping to use these sanctions to force a run into signing a new nuclear deal how likely is iran going to do that i mean every if you look back to two thousand and fifteen when that agreement was signed i was covering it from geneva and other places myself i mean it was a result of tuileries off negotiations and and i doubt personally that there's going to be any deal but in what is on the table of course it doesn't address
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a lot of issues that americans are concerned with like it of the south program for example but it was not supposed to address the matter if we're going to the first place if it was. you know it was. few days iran has a big don't bother oops i mean iran has shipped out most of his enrich uranium goes i mean a lot of incentive to use inside inside iran and there is no sign whatsoever that the r. and d. are changing that are to do so. and thank you for your insight. now days after she was found innocent of blasphemy and so her death sentence lifted pakistani authorities are still holding. bibi in prison in an exclusive interview her husband a sikh manzi told d.w. the have fear that he fears bibi and the rest of their family. are not safe he says she is not safe and is appealing to the government to take care of her security earlier pakistani government said it had struck
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a deal with islam is to end days of protest over the verdict of bibi's case who would keep bibi in pakistan while the supreme court decision to free her is reviewed a star turn to some of the other stories making news around the world a group of migrants traveling from central america to the united states has crossed from guatemala into mexico more than a thousand people are estimated to be traveling together and earlier and larger group of migrants has now reached central mexico though about half of the members have dropped out u.s. president donald trump has found to block these groups at the u.s. border. an indonesian diver has died during the search for victims of the downed indonesian plane a massive rescue operation has been underway since the lion air flight crashed on monday divers from the indonesian navy are searching for debris and the remains of one hundred eighty nine people in the cartel. it's
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a little bit pricey the handwritten original lyrics to elton john's breakout hit song are going up for auction in new york the sweet words are expected to fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars there was of course a british thing as first big hit in one thousand seventeen. the first shock revelations are emerging from a database called football leaks and they include a plan by europe's top clubs to radically change the face of football by forming a new league of their own here's a look at the role of germany's top buy in munich in the allegations. behind the scenes byron munich has been plotting an attack on europe's soccer structure according to documents seen by germany's spiegel magazine byron's corporate attorney began planning to leave the champions league back in two thousand and sixteen byard together with a handful of other elite clubs are aiming to set up their own super league breaking away from european soccer's governing body you a thug. we must send
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a message to you if we don't need you i'm being frank about it and we need to do this otherwise we can't get what we want negotiations and that's the secret plans to break with the way to end the champions league have already up the pressure top clubs have been given more money and more power in the season. but the football league's documents show other clubs have taken the lead in plans to split from. a binding declaration of intent is supposed to be signed this month the super league would be launched in the twenty twenty one twenty two season. byron munich is named as one of eleven founding members in the exclusive european super league there would be no relegation other clubs such as dortmund could join their ranks by invitation only. it's obvious that these plans these ideas exist and i think some of europe's biggest clubs are working to make it happen.
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where we draw the line is any suggestion that we could leave the bundesliga that's unimaginable for dortmund or for that. but not for byron the secret documents show the munich club has already examined whether it could lead the bundesliga but then a board of the idea responding to media questions byron said it had no knowledge of the reported declaration of intent and that the club doesn't comment on confidential talks. earlier we spoke to christophe venter behind investigative journalist a german magazine der spiegel who is part of the team that released this story and he told us what these revelations could mean for european football. this is a very important moment in european football because it changes the policy trucks are fundamentally so far you if i has always organized these kind of competitions now the most powerful and the richest clubs say they don't need to
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a fight anymore and they were able to pressurised into a reform where they would gain even more paul and more money and we've seen this in the past couple years in national competitions that that they have become more lopsided because of that money so it's very interesting for every football fan to see how this whole a struggle turns out. that was christopher into a box speaking to us an idea you know watching did have been his life from brain games we'll have another update at the top of the hour thank you for watching.


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