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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 3, 2018 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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this is the daily news live from berlin acquitted and found innocent have brought so many but still not free the husband of christian pakistani woman as you know baby tells me he fears for her safety off of the government strikes a deal with islamist hardliners protesting the decision to free. also coming up u.s. sanctions are on their way back to iran as promised by u.s. presidents donald trump of the vowing to kill the iran nuclear deal the sanctions are set to hit hard on monday targeting of three major sectors of iran's economy.
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mackinnon thanks so much for joining us a christian pakistani woman whose case has made head well to headlines is not yet free despite a supremes court decision finding her innocent of blasphemy and lifting her death sentence all the a baby's husband a sick must see has told you in an exclusive interview that he fears for his wife and the rest of their family's safety it has also now emerged the lawyer has fled the country the supremes court decision to acquit the stokes days of protests by islamist hardliners bibi was sentenced to death of blasphemy in two thousand and ten off to neighbors accused of insulting the prophet mohammed.
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you can find the full interview with baby's husband on a website stay w. dot com and for more on this we're joined by shanta zia he's a human rights campaigner in pakistan who lives in toronto thanks so much for joining us now your father solomon. your father salmond says it was a former governor of punjab province he was assassinated in twenty eleven off the he demanded a pardon the a baby the supreme court has now finally ruled that she should be set free yet she remains in jail why. the religious parties and baucus on have pulled off what can only be described as a judicial judicial coup by breeding the country to a halt they have expected an agreement from the government of pakistan with a judicial sensually handed over to this religious mob from the courts of pakistan giving them the right to due to do or have any verdict overturned and to receive
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a verdict of the over all of the like and this is perhaps the most humiliating concession ever made bye bye bye bye by a nation state in the history of democracy and can only be described as a death warrant of democracy so now basically a c. a b. b. faces a shot in trial where after having spent nine years in jail after having been found innocent by the highest court in the country she is going to be retried by by a court demanded by a religious mob essentially. essentially demanded at gunpoint but i just want to say what what is at trial over here is not just the fate of us here bibi what is at trial is also the fate of pakistan as a nation state to decide whether it is a function of a nation state or a theocratic moment. shunyo father was knighted because of his support for a baby that kind of violence must be a huge to terror and for anyone campaigning for religious tolerance in pakistan.
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yes that's true there are very real dangers and. we face these dangers knowingly because we believe in a buck a song where our pakistanis are equal regardless of race religion gender class ethnicity or any other. denomination that divides humanity and i believe this is the only pakistan were fighting for what do you think needs to happen to both religious tolerance and freedom of speech to be improved in pakistan. after four decades all very misguided domestic and geopolitical policies the country has had tremendous amount of very deep amount of radicalization another country needs to go through a systematic and well thought out the radicalization plan judicial reform such as
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the ruby and of the blasphemy law can really be a bot or grows out of that erotic realisation programme would also have to come with it is is creating social justice better governance creating opportunities and of course education these are the big essentially the ingredients of a of a modern nation state chant of a thanks so much time thank you. that's a look at some of the other stories making news around the world in northwestern pakistan thousands of people have attended the funeral of an influential cleric known as the father of the afghan taliban samuel huck a prominent pakistani cleric was killed in a knife attack at his home on friday. in egypt thousands turned out for the burial of six members of the same christian family killed in a terror attack on friday they were returning from a baptism at
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a coptic ministry in minya provence when the bus they were traveling in was ambushed by islamic militants. iran's supreme leader ali hama knight has slammed president donald trump after the u.s. announced it would reinstate all sanctions against iran common i said the u.s. would be the ultimate lose a decision and says the world disagrees with trump's decision to pull out of the twenty fifty nuclear deal the renewed restrictions are due to hit on monday they've been lifted for the past three years extensive sanctions will curtail iranian oil sales exports and shipping industries as well as cut the country off from international lenders and foreign business partners. we're joined now by the guardian's iran correspondent slade. thanks for joining us i need iran supremely to come anigh has fired off a round of tweets about the sanctions let's start by taking a look at just one of them he writes the u.s.
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is goal in imposing sanctions is to paralyze and prevent the growth of a national economy but it resulted in a movement toward self-sufficiency in iran the iranian nation used to import everything for years now it has developed a habit of producing everything. so can i ask you does this mean that ordinary iranians won't actually suffer under these sanctions. i mean the truth is that these sanctions are blanket sanctions and they're going to affect iranians from all aspects of life all walks of life i mean if you're an iranian the student is going to ring and patient you know you're going to be affected and that's why the sanctions are cruel i mean to be clear about it it's our border crossing action because they faked ordinary iranians and i don't the government of course the administration of president trump one support trade sanctions are targeted to the iranian state the reality as we've seen it you know five years back seven years back under the former president ahmadinejad is that it's not patients are going to suffer under the sanctions you know for example i spoke on friday to an iranian
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doctor who was telling me you know we have at least twelve thousand patients in iran who are suffering from bleeding the saudis who were not their lives are going to be immediately put at risk because of the sanctions because i mean of course medicine is not directly affected by the sanctions but in reality in practice because of the banking restrictions that mr president president trump is imposing there is no way for an iranian pharmacy or a formidable company to to know by those nuts and weren't ready and from abroad. there are any parts of iran's economy that such a society that will be particularly affected. i think that i mean i think the order rain ians in any industry i mean if you are as i said in the student if you're at work if your private work if you're employed by the state you're going to be affected because basically trans aim is to isolate the whole country i mean i have to say that these are unilateral measures by by the united
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states and europe britain france germany i mean arthur european countries have been adamant that they are against is sentient i mean they issued a statement yesterday that they think that the nuclear agreement back in two thousand and fifteen is working because the i.a.e.a. the international atomic energy agency it has very five twelve times that iran is a building but also. as you say the european union strongly opposes opposes the sanctions and they finance measures to ease the consequences do you think that will have any effect at all i think i mean what is happening is that europe is coming up with its own mccann is to combat trans sanctions and the question is whether that mechanics them is going to work or not i mean there in reality is that a lot of big companies who do business with iran are going to be afraid are an error on the safe side and just in a pull out of iran because of the front from the united states because frankly i mean it is important for those companies probably in the two to be very are doing
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business with the u.s. what i'm doing real business with iran but we have to wait and see when because these are unilateral sanctions and europe standing against it you have to see in practice how much iran is going to be able to be the stand these measures. again thanks so much for your reporting. and. democrats and republicans in the united states are making their final pitches to voters ahead of tuesday's midterm elections and leading the charge are two presidents with rival visions former president barack obama told a rally in atlanta have a democracy can't work when people make stuff up without any consequences and that was clearly a dig at incumbent donald trump who has warned that voting democrat would mean going back to the obama days of high unemployment unemployment wages and open borders for so with all of that rhetoric what are the issues that americans really
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care about a washington correspondent sent us this roundup. blow up government spending you must. build the wall with the midterm elections approaching voters are under a barrage of political ads from both parties republicans got a big throw. just in case i need to round up gruel legals and take a moment will democrats then however i approve of town halls bad singing and this message are both trying to drill their respective messages into the political conscience of the american electorate it's getting. real job. ok and very confusing what are actually the topics the political agendas which make voters interested and going to the polls coming november sixth according to our experts panel the political topics voters really care about it the midterms are
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well i think the biggest issue that's at forefront right now is health care the top issues in this election are the economy health care immigration trade and guns the economy health care trade and the local issues the economy it's booming sure peak for the republicans trying to get voters to cast the ballots for them the message don't vote democrats you lose your job. pay more taxes or as the president puts it democrats produce republicans produce jobs however republicans have just now started something like an ad blitz on the economy perhaps a template in the campaign the economy and health care always issues that are elections health care that's a bread and butter issue for the democrats the republican failed to replace the affordable care act better known as obamacare health care a winner for democrats so what happened to immigration and guns trump is clearly trying to nationalize the immigration debate nationalize the gun debate.
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immigration a biggie for the president racism the least racist person but the latest campaign ad posted on president trump's twitter account has sparked accusations of being blatantly racist politics anybody don't vote for that kind of fear mongering for democrats trump is the gift that keeps on giving not only is the liberal democratic voter base fired up about going to the polls come november sixth. it's specifically white educated suburban women who voted for trump in two thousand and sixteen who now seem to be turning to the democrats i think i share the conventional wisdom that the democrats will regain the house of representatives that the republicans will perhaps gain the seat or two in the senate no matter what the outcome on november sixth will be the twenty twenty presidential campaign has already started since as they say here in washington every election is always a referendum on the sitting president. let's have a look at some football now and dortmund and buy in munich have had contrasting
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results today in the bundesliga leaders dortmund won one nil at both books thanks to marco royce leave a couzens good form ended abruptly with a four one loss to hole from the time on the pressure of by and ball sneak over his side held at home by freiburg like to put a stop to hats a strong start to the season shoko were victorious book and nuremberg drew two two and on friday frankfurt got a good win at stuttgart and their two games on sunday turning to the bundesliga table and up to ten matches we can see that dortmund have increased their lead over by and to four points like up to third while hoffenheim rise to seventh in the bottom half shy to edge up while she got occupy last spoke. just a quick reminder of the top story we're following for you. christiane that pakistani woman sentenced to death of blasphemy is not yet free despite
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a supreme court decision finding her innocence and lifting her death sentence husband told me he fears for his wife's safety after the government struck a deal with islamist hardliners protesting the decision to free her. there watching the news thanks so much for watching. time for an upgrade. our church there. are holes with no. poor design highlights you can make yourself. known stoops and tricks that will turn your home to a special. upgrade yourself with g w interior design channel on youtube.


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