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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 4, 2018 11:00pm-11:16pm CET

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this is news live from berlin flooding in italy leaves dozens dead as heavy rains claim more lives across the country rescue divers and emergency teams are racing to locate survivors as and officials warn that more extreme weather could be on the way. also coming up islamists on the streets of pakistan are issuing fresh demands to see pakistani christian as you have been be hanged for insulting islam this office of pakistan's supreme court unanimously acquitted for
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lack of evidence. and with one day left before u.s. sanctions hits major sectors of the wrongs of qana me thousands of iranians rally in the streets of tehran we'll look at the impact of the new sanctions on people's lives. i knew mackinnon thanks so much for joining us. we saw soon as silly west storms have killed at least twenty nine people this week the harsh weather is battering sicily in particular a dozen bodies have been recovered from floodwaters there one family lost nine members overnight and four cost as all warning more severe weather lies ahead. they were just trying to enjoy the long weekend when the house was flooded nine
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family members including a baby in two children dead all my family's dead cries the father over and over again only this. two families had gathered in a sicilian country villa going to a nearby river encouraged by heavy rainfall burst its banks. when the richer than a with so that when these tragedies happen they happen suddenly they do not give you any warning because until yesterday afternoon it was fine here we don't know i'm so sorry for these children it breaks my heart for these children knowing what happened three other people died on the island when their cars were swept away. after surveying the area from the air prime minister. commented on the recent events or. already announced that next week in the cabinet will declare a state of emergency for all the regions that need it sicily has already requested
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we declare a state of emergency but i think this request will be updated in light of the recent tragedies. of the. heavy storms have battered the whole of the to leave for a week with the country's north being hit especially hard thousands of trees like here in the vonetta region uprooted in just a few days. more than two hundred million euros have already been earmarked for relief but damage estimates are in the billions and warnings for extreme weather are still in place six italian regions remain on high alert for new storms. islamists in pakistan are renewing their calls for death by hanging for a baby a christian woman who was acquitted after being sentenced to death the blasphemy angry protesters have stage rallies since her acquittal was announced on wednesday
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back some supreme court said there wasn't enough evidence to convict bibi of insulting islam she sat on death row for eight he is awaiting a decision her husband has now appealed to the u.s. and the u.k. to help the family leave a cost on citing fears for their lives. hundreds took to the streets of pakistan cities like here in karate on sunday to protest against the acquittal of a c. a b. b. . islam is fundamentalists have threatened to kill her if she is released and they threaten to kill the judges as well if the ruling is not overturned. but you will keep protesting until a decision about hanging assia is made we're not going to be deceived by the government's conspiracies. on friday the government agreed with an islamist party to delay aasia bibi's release and stop her from leaving the country until the supreme court makes a final review of its verdict. her husband aashiq mussy says the family is in
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danger he appealed to several western countries including the u.s. to grant them asylum. requesting mr goodere the president of the us. as you. write. in trouble in pakistan please help us. those of. c.n.n.'s children are now living in hiding in the city of lahore early in two thousand and seventeen he spoke to a german television crew and to supposing the current situation. we've received many death threats here walks free they will kill us they've also threatened to kill the judges that's why the case is taking so long everyone's afraid for their lives. now almost two years later he believes that amid the many death threats by extremists even his wife's distant relatives need to be brought to safety their
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attorney has already left pakistan citing fears for his life. earlier we spoke to. and we all stand how likely it is that the family will be able to leave pakistan well he has appealed to a number of countries and we know that before that france and spain have offered asylum to the family to be b. but the question is what is the government going to do about the agreed to a deal in which to said that they've. tried to do take measures to ban bibi's departure from pakistan if that happens then it will become very difficult for bibi to leave pakistan. will remain under threat. that was from asia speaking to us a little earlier let's have a look at some of the other stories making news around the world fighting has
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escalated around yemen's key port city of data yemeni forces backed by a saudi led coalition are launching a major ground assault to wrest the city from whose the rebels they have pounded rebel positions with as strikes and naval artillery officials say more than one hundred fifty five says on both sides were killed over the weekend. a convoy of seventy eight trucks carrying lifesaving aid has reached a remote camp for the displaced on syria's border with jordan the united nations and the syrian arab red crescent said that joint convoy would provide aid for fifty thousand people in. the pacific archipelago of new caledonia has voted against independence from france it was strong participation in the referendum and united nations observers and delegates from metropolitan france said the vote was peaceful and orderly french president emanuel welcomed the
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outcome. now the future of germany's governing coalition between angela merkel's conservatives and the social democrats is topping the agenda at two closed party meetings in berlin today c.d.u. party is holding its first session since the chancellor announced she would stand down as party leader the social democrats are debating whether they want to continue working with merkel and have policy calls for an exit from the governing coalition have been growing louder to be s.p.d. suffered a bruising results in two recent state elections their leader and now alice is under pressure to show posses profile or pull the plug on the current coalition. for more on this let's speak to the chief political editor. who's in front of the c.d.u. party headquarters now the city used to focus is now on finding a new party leader a successor to underline that tell us
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a bit more how this is going to work. well that's what's being debated in those party headquarters behind me what everybody walking into the building today seem to agree on is that there should be a whole series of regional party conferences this is all about listening more to the party grassroots something many felt that america has lost touch with recently and that's something these three lead candidates will most likely have to face to go into those regions introduce themselves and make the case that they can be both the new leader to reposition the c.d.u. in the middle and for it to rediscover its conservative roots something many here longed for and you mentioned that there are three main candidates but it is looking likely that will come down to a contest between the centrist natural i lay. and the right wing conservative just. is there a favorite between those too. well we see some polling coming
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out but these are very early days and now we have twelve candidates potentially in the race already with the party conference at the beginning of december on the sixth seventh and eighth deciding the outcome there i believe come come bob became secretary general of the c.d.u. because she got the support of the america that at the same time is a strength and a weakness she currently polls at some thirty nine percent in one poll i must stress that came out today matt seems seen as the other lead contend he was actually pushed out of politics essentially more than decade ago by none other than uncle americal herself and he's polling at some forty four percent now there's an internal joke here at the c.d.u. that it's a bit like james dean he died the political death and that's what everybody kept remembering him and kept talking about him so there's
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a lot of hopes pinned on him again spawn the health minister he's only polling at about eight percent so there's some expectation that he might be out of the race eventually but this is seems to be pretty much an open race something that is very unusual for the conservative c.d.u. that has become an anglo-american party all right he doesn't use cheap political editor thanks so much. iranians have staged mass protests against the united states one day before new american sanctions go into effect against the u.s. has spiked since president trump decided to withdraw from the iran nuclear deal and tens of thousands took part in protests across the country which also marked the storming of the u.s. embassy thirty nine years ago a key event ahead of the islamic revolution. a show of defiance this protest takes place annually but this year tensions are running high
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. facing new american sanctions on monday the regime is shopping its rhetoric. in parliament the man once in charge of negotiating nuclear policy with washington compared the united states' current leader to one of iran's bitterest enemies. now mr donald trump like former iraqi dictator saddam has decided to fight the iranian nation he wants to directly oppress and torture the iranian nation. but elsewhere in tire and worries a growing about the impact of the sanctions they're expected to further drive up consumer prices and why heavily on the country's growth right which had been recovering from an earlier round of penalties. we can see the effect of sanctions in this bizarre. there was a man here today who did not have money to buy a lotion for his baby because the economic situation is getting worse the people are very poor and times are hard each one. expects like iran's large and become
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a protests in january to the country's deteriorating economic situation and the fear among regime supporters the latest u.s. sanctions will only deepen iran's problems and further undermine the foundations of the islamic republic. french president emmanuel mccoy and german president. have attended a concert in strasburg cathedral to mark the one hundredth anniversary of the end of world war one the event featuring music by german composer luke fishman beethoven and french compose a crude debussy kicked off a week of commemorations in dozens of world leaders are set to meet in paris next weekend to mark the centennial. and staying in the french capital in tennis novak djokovic has suffered a surprise defeat by russian catherine hutchens off in the final of the paris
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mostest joke of it in blue beat roger federer and saturday's semifinal but dramatically ended is winning streak of twenty two matches with world number one the story that was number eighteen one in the straight sets seven five six four despite the defeat which will still take over as tennis world number one on monday . now thousands of people have gathered in southern taiwan for the burning of a ceremonial boat as part of a taoist ritual to wardle disease and bad luck more than ninety volunteers from the seaside township of don't gang spent three months building the intricately decorated boat according to fold more the boat belongs to one yeah a divine a mystery who has the power to cleanse people of evil spirits and disease. now the bundesliga show is coming up next after a short break will be discussing plans for europe in super league with full up
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under sleepy midfielder sheldon inzy also bring you all of sunday's goals and see if blood could manage to jump up to second in the table and their clash with local rivals just as we've got in just a couple of minutes. that's it for me for now thanks so much for watching t w. it was a human made cataclysm. the first global disaster of the twentieth century. want to end all wars cost millions of lives. world war one. the worst the hundreds anniversary of exactly. what is humankind learned from the great war.


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