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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 5, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm CET

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play. play. play. play. play. this is you know redos live from berlin maximum pressure on a message of defiance from iran with u.s. toughest sanctions yet coming into force the country's president says tehran will bypass the measures and calls on the country to resist but what will the follow be for ordinary iranians will get the latest from tehran also coming up. u.s.
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voters gear up to cast their ballots in midterm elections the vote is being seen as a referendum on president donald trump could a surge in female and minority voters help propel democrats to victory polls open in less than twenty four hours. plus tapping into a new creative find in africa contemporary art fair in nigeria showcases some of the best the continent has to offer we'll talk with one artist who's made it big. as in the wonderfully to go up by our back to their winning ways after eight there we will victory against just the dura for that sees them leap frog tired munich in the table or have action an analysis from all of the weekend's games. while the rock thank you so much for your company everyone. iranians are bracing
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themselves today after the trumpet ministration re imposed sanctions on their country the iranian foreign minister dr arden the sanctions targeted ordinary people the u.s. reintroduced the measures today after pulling out of the iran nuclear deal back in may the e.u. says it regrets the reintroduction of the measures the effect all areas of the iranian economy including the oil and financial sectors. iranian markets like this are where economic reality rubs up against real lives the mere threat of sanctions has seen food prices here double in just a year shuttered store fronts speak to the hardship i'm going to do is directed closer to home how all of you could team up because these disasters are inflicted on the people by our government i don't recall and the thousand trumps can't do anything to us how much the support of. the effects
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are felt beyond the bizarre with iran's oil and finance sectors watched it major international companies are withdrawing from tehran at this advertisement business they have had to sack several staff. that's really heartbreaking it's heartbreaking for the people that we talk to to say that i'm so sorry there is no business and therefore if there's no business i cannot give you a job they've studied they're excited about what they want to do in the future. now how hope is being taken away from them the man behind the sanctions u.s. president donald trump hopes they will maximize pressure on iran iran sanctions are very strong the strongest sanctions resolver of. we'll see what happens with iran but they're not doing very well i can tell you iran is not doing very well but to run shows little sign of bending a defiant president hassan rouhani pledge to ignore the sanctions while they're
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showing this is an economic war we're standing up to a building enemy yes that he said on hussein was in front of us today it is trump there is no difference. and talking tough and testing their military hardware to. these drills designed to send a message as you ran ramping up the rhetoric in a bed to stop economic hardship from turning into anti regime sentiment. and the earlier we spoke with there you're a pastor a correspondent with german public broadcasters a day after covering this for us in tehran and we asked him what these punitive measures are designed to do. you know officially the u.s. government denies that aiming for a regime change in iran although they would definitely appreciate it so the iranian leadership is convinced that this is the actual driving force behind the sanctions
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and my impression is that if the u.s. expect the sanctions to bring the people to the streets i don't think that this is going to happen the opposite is actually what you can see like in many cases when there is pressure being put on an even disputed government that people unite behind this government so but if the idea is to bring iran back to the negotiating table and even include their ballistic missile program into these talks i think that this is much more likely to happen than any regime change in iran. you're speaking to me a little earlier and now with me on the set is our correspondent and iran expert to reset tupper so happy to have you here with me i want to get your view on the fact that the top u.s. let's pick up where where you're left off the top u.s. envoy to iran brian hook i went on the record saying that iranians have lost their confidence in the clerical establishment how supportive do you think iranians at
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this very moment are of their leadership well the very much depends on who you ask because iran society is split up in two groups one is really supportive of whatever the need to shift no matter what and the other one is very critical no matter what they do so it's very critical if you want to convince the people who are right in between those groups how iran's government will react with the sanctions and how they manage. to make it easier for people to live with those sanctions because it's the ordinary people that suffer most from those sanctions actually they suffer already with unemployment very high and food prices up by fifty percent according to iran's central bank so that's why the government is already distributing food to millions of low income families the question of course is how long can they be doing that just subsidizing food for instance the stated objective by the trump ministration is to stop all iranian crude exports is that even an achievable goal of realistic goal i mean doesn't the world basically need iranian crude right now
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there and seems to be yes that's why washington this issued waivers to eight countries so they can still buy iranian oil for example china agrees taiwan turkey for example they said that they see that these countries are trying to reduce the amount of oil they're buying from iran that they have special circumstances and that they don't want to disrupt the energy market and still oil prices went up after the sanctions came into effect bed to maybe i'm this time the world will not have to do without iranian oil anyway because iran has said. we've heard that they want to bypass the sanctions and it's not the only country that wants to do that because china russia and the european union countries that also signed the nuclear deal said they want to bypass the sanctions well and create measures and ways to make it possible for companies to trade with iran you know are several have to just see how this all plays out its early days recently finally tehran has tried to assert its growing influence in the in the middle east and there's this rivalry
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with saudi arabia that's been well reported with these sanctions these very very tough sanctions coming into place will that rain in some of terrorize influence abroad well so far the iranian leadership has shown no signs of like giving way to these demands from washington they have rejected fresh negotiations from the start saying for example that their regional rival saudi arabia is doing exactly the same things that they're doing without getting punished for it and also to iran doesn't really expect to get anything in return if they start talking about it's a listed missile program for example its foreign policy and you also have to see that the government is not fully in control of these areas of policy because that's the revolutionary guards job and they're a powerful group this actually designed to protect the islamic revolution so for them they don't shy away from confrontation with their favorite enemy the u.s. they actually. if they have confrontation that's good for them because that
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justifies their existence or it iran expertize that topper always good to have you with us looking forward to seeing you report from tehran thank you for. meanwhile we're going to shift our focus now to the united states where democrats and republicans are making their final appeals to voters ahead of the midterm elections which take place tomorrow here's a poll is widely seen as a referendum on donald trump's administration widespread dissatisfaction over the trump presidency has fueled a surge and women and minority candidates standing for election across the u.s. now in a deeply conservative texas one woman is hoping to channel that discontent into an election victory and a seat in the state house of representatives. every weekend ana maria ramos campaigns door to door in dallas texas why because she wants to convince undecided voters to go to the polls her goal is to be elected to the texas house of
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representatives ana maria is female latina and a democrat not an easy combination in conservative texas. i had somebody who talked about slavery bravery was ok those are hard conversations to have and that you respect the individual they're giving you their time you just say thank you we'll agree to disagree and then you move on. ana maria is campaign headquarters is her own living room when trump was elected president she felt like she had to do something because his politics and image of women did not represent her as a person. i hope that is the woman when i get elected and i will when i get elected fight for young girls to be ok to speak up and i have little girls now will come to me at events and say how do i become how do i how how do i become a strong woman like you women's anger has been a motivating force in current politics not only is there a new movement in dallas but across america as well the organization and his list
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supports women like ana maria who are becoming politically active they call it a pink wave in twenty sixteen nine hundred women have registered in the u.s. after term selection the number rose to forty two thousand but these women find the female resistance movement ridiculous the trumpets of america like to meet up at the polo club the high society ladies support trump on social media in election campaigns and with their donations they feel a call to defend their president and their own prosperity oh my god he's a guy he's a man he doesn't he doesn't take a hard alpha male i'm all about you know alpha male and i don't want. my little boy or women united for trump the president stands for their values they want a strong economy at all costs and are against immigration and abortion the world of
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the trumpets is clearly structured there is one hero trump and many villains. oh so here's a man that's encouraging the entire country the only reason that you hear otherwise is because the media is an arm of the democrat party in this country and that means they are anti america and they are anti trial because from what everyone would do well two worlds that seem incompatible and in the final days before us mid-term elections both are fighting to gain ground. all right let's bring up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world. because saudi arabia has told the united nations that it will prosecute the alleged perpetrators in the killing of journalist jamal this is a newspaper in turkey reports that a saudi team purportedly sent to investigate hostile the slaying in istanbul
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instead worked to remove evidence. the controversial head of germany's domestic security intelligence agency hans mohsen has been ordered to take immediate retirement interior minister or say ha for me the announcement some time ago he's been under pressure to drop mohsen since august when he appeared to downplay violence targeting migrants. investigators in indonesia say the black box data recorder from a downed lion air flight shows the jet at a damaged airspeed indicator the instrument was reportedly problematic during the last four flights of the boeing seven three seven aircraft to crash late last month killing all one hundred eighty nine people on board. the parties in germany's fragile governing coalition have been confronting their futures at
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a second day of talks here in berlin small portion wings in recent state elections have left both the christian democratic union and their junior coalition partner the social democrats scrambling to chart a new path the center left s.p.d. is facing deep criticism over its role in the so-called grand coalition and perchance on america's conservatives the race is on to succeed her as leader of the party. since uncle americal announced that she will give up the conservative party leadership many have been worried that it may weaken her international standing but the chancellor refuted that does the i think the democratic search for a new party leader is common practice in other countries as well i'm not worried about that in any way as. at the start of the second day of the cd use party leadership meeting the mood was visibly good it says if merkel's decision to
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step down as party leader and the upcoming race for her successor have lifted the conservative spirits. we have a selection process now it's going to get really exciting at the regional conferences party members are looking forward to meeting the candidates and finding out what they stand for it'll be democracy at its best but obviously they will quote you. i think other parties would welcome this it invigorates the c.d.u. it motivates the party more really is yet across town the social democrats had also gathered to discuss their future and the governing coalition after bruising results in two recent station lections their leader andrea nonis was under pressure to shop and her party's profile. message was one of solidarity and it was underlined by knowledge giving her statement flanked by her party colleagues. you have months ago hacked we stand united we believe in the power of cohesion and
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about sort of we're convinced that nothing is missing from our country more than a political party that stands for solidarity within society above all else and that party is the s.p.d. does the s.p.d. . asked whether an exit from the governing coalition was discussed knowledges answer was brief night no that did not come up to my. after weeks of speculation about the future of the coalition it seems the s.p.d. is set to carry on until mark of success is chosen at least. and stephen is here now with a look at the e.u.'s budget dispute with italy hi steve that's right little of the pressure is growing on italy's redraw its twenty nineteen draft budget now the meeting in brussels today eurozone finance ministers lined up behind the e.u. commission in this row with italy brussels has rejected italy's spending plan an
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unprecedented move and given the country a few weeks to submit a new version italian prime minister josep a qantas said there is no plan b. to his program which is big on deficit spending. now for more on the meeting let's turn to our brussels correspondent georg matis georg we've heard already a lot from brussels about at least budget what did we hear today from euro zone members themselves a finance ministers here in brussels were pretty reunited when it comes to italy's fifty mond of the commission rather hear that italy should hand in a new trial for budgets they spoke of dialogue as well that so that showed some room of flexibility but the advice for instance from the french finance minister was very clear take the hand that has been reached out to you from the e.u. commission send in a new budget. so what happens next what's the next step. well the next step is that italy has time until the thirteenth of november to hand in this new
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budget if they miss that deadline the commission decides could decide to slap them with a fine with a financial fine there's a whole hierarchy of fines they they could face and that could be decided as early as in the next euro and then the next to your own group here so it would be finance ministers who have to decide whether they actually want to find italy i'm guessing that will take some time to figure out if there's going to be a fine and then working within the system which is likely to happen first that the e.u. punishes italy or the markets for its defiance why if it comes to fines the e.u. is not exactly a speedboat so if you just have to look at the numbers if you want an answer in what i can see here is borrowing costs have upwards ever since the commission has rejected the telly and draft budget then of course you have the credit ratings what i can see here is downgraded towards junk territory so there you have your answer it'll be markets which will be much quicker but of course built into this is that
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the markets punish italy than the e.u. itself is punished too can the e.u. really afford for elite to be punished whether by itself or by the markets that's really the dilemma here the use walking a tight rope on the one hand they do want to show and all ministers today emphasize this the rules are working you've got to stick to the rules if you're in the club of nineteen countries who have the euro as a currency as a common currency on the other hand they face the dilemma that they do not want to enlarge the rift between roman brussels they do not want to fuel euro skepticism in italy seeing that italy is the euro zone's third largest economy do you sense that there's room to compromise on either side of this debate right now. hard to say it misses very determined that they do want italy to change this italians have indicated that they're not so flexible everyone here has violated more or less against these rules but nobody has been as consciously doing this as multi baited
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as the italians have done it now and so i think there's little flexibility here in brussels from the other members of the eurozone. so a bit of brinksmanship there before hopefully something actually happens is there for us in brussels thanks. and we go back to live now with more news thank you so much stephen the fate of a pakistani christian woman is back in the hands of the supreme court pending an appeal by islamist hardliners against her acquittal on blasphemy charges as c.f.b. spent eight years on death row before a supreme court ruling found her innocent last week the b is believed to still be in custody in pakistan speaking at a press conference in the hague her lawyer said he fled pakistan fearing for his life after hardline violence erupted following the acquittal of his client. and joining me now on the phone from islamabad is pakistan's minister of
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information and broadcasting mr farwell dream mr terry thank you so much for taking out the time to speak with this c.m. bibi's lawyer say for men to flip to the netherlands following threats to his life can the government of pakistan can local authorities guarantee a c. a b. b. safety in her country pakistan. yes sure she is in fact the son for my kids nine years now she's there for and even after the good sturdy she is he she is going back to release but the security around her is strictly tight and i think we are quite confident that she is the she's pretty fishy is mrs harter what do you mean by practically released ish released from custody or is she not but after the court decisions here is this the not good and not in the custody and
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sense but because of her security she is. she's under under security that's understandable there's been lots of protests from the religious right issue is se of the the taking into consideration what you just said that her safety cannot be guaranteed by releasing her if she allowed to leave the country but as you know or does the result of a supreme court i know the question led to protests in pakistan and now our review petition has been filed in the supreme court and bigger steps have been asked to be taken if there's a name on the e.c. and knowledge for the supreme court to decide how they want to go about it and i hope that the mobile for the just just refer to it as it turning but yes that's exactly the point though mr chardy the law and justice has prevailed i mean she spent eight years on death row she has been acquitted by the supreme court why does
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she not have freedom of movement and why can't she leave the country. it's well you see this is not an old greek is we have issues of extremism it's not only in partisan we lot of the union has its own issues usa has huge own issues so the different india are huge on issues so different parts of words are different issues of. that may be difficult to explain to the outer world but in pakistan we have this issue and this is not an issue that has been cleared in two weeks if you do it has a history we are actually right now the government which is very very fairly new form there's just been seven gates and we get to do is we are in the government and we have defused the situation we have tried to you know with our without using wild lands really have to do here to end that last trip now where we can bid the issue of extremism in a in a in
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a larger theme that we're moving to words and ensure i make the previous governments who fled to you know form but this menace we are committed to its commitment to preserve on this larger problem lot of all gone one is we want to take this issue on so is the government's preparing the government of iran khan is this government prepared to take this issue of blasphemy which you've just outlined is a very sensitive issue in pakistan there's so much room for false accusations dire consequences such as people losing their lives or lake as he had to be spending eight years on death row has the time come to amend this law do away with it. well frankly the first thing is not amendment the floor the first thing is you think it's an environment where we can you know the limits extremist forces we have
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done rather well in fact even focus on a position parties who are allies are really you know have criticize the government in a ready. hard way and they have come on the same phase with us so infanticide is in fact is on society at this consensus emerging against this exchange for them and which is obviously a very very thing so we hope that the first thing is the political affiliation of such groups and we are moving towards that in and also i think that if you're after we have been able to defuse a situation that had been a restaurant three hundred people have been arrested by now. in the country so the moment. we need of the three words the fourth for that kind of i hope that the world will stand with us and with the support of the world and with the board of
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the people at large in pakistan with the able to come out of position mr cherry what i wonder is is of course what you're referring to is the religious right which is has a lot of leverage in pakistan what will it take to appease the religious right in pakistan can the religious right be appeased on this issue. already know all good does not is not a religious issue frankly it's an issue of quality you know this organization that has recently been great just in the last elections. they contested elections and they contested election on the snow globe last week and all this every every week they come up with a new excuse to you know come up but to expand their walk then the bible evolved is is that how can we stop such organizations to get into election process where they
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can. where they can use such kind of agent does to get warts and put the whole society in a very ready if you approve of finally mr choudary for i let you go i've got thirty seconds last mystery in ronkonkoma need to do something a prime minister. is probably the only leader in pakistan who two who was very explicit in his expression made that speech very very brief speech i would say. he made it clear that law we take issue of this phone calls by ministers not catering abolishment of the bell. he is that he is coming back prime minister is about service. the government is moving towards moving towards the right direction and as i was telling us it's more the issue of it's not a really good or is thought kind of middle you would say. it which is the issue
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that can be solved by it is a very small anything very clinical is a huge very difficult issue mr phillips how do we appreciate it enormously that you came onto a talk with us and we hope to talk to you soon again mr chardy minister of information and broadcasting. and we'll see you after the break. cut. some love. others hate him but. why do disappoint the supporters still back donald trump the fifth of. july years after his election we take stock of. usa the trump phenomenon. the five minutes from dublin.
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a chair that grows all buying. a house with no roof. or design highlights you can make yourself. trends tips and tricks that will turn your home something special. upgrade yourself with g w interior design travel on your to. create value back with us you're watching t.v. news only a how are going to live this is our main headline this hour. iranian president hassan rouhani says his country will proudly bypass u.s. sanctions targeting iran's crucial oil and financial sectors the penalties came into force today and are part of u.s. efforts to curb your once weapons programs and restrict its influence in the middle east the u.s. has about took place relentless pressure on tehran. around eighty people
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have been kidnapped from a school in the city of them end up in the western english speaking part of cameroon report suggests most of those abducted are children a video purportedly showing the kidnapped children has been released by a group calling themselves on bob boy friends to the armed and well phone separatists who are fighting for the independence of cameras north west and south west regions. all right let's bring in our africa correspondent you increase in lagos he just returned from an extended trip to cameroon adrian what more do we know about the kidnapped girls and boys. well in the video you can clearly see how they're scared that they're very nervous and they're are asked by one of the abductors to introduce themselves tell the names and where they are from and they are all between ten and fourteen years old and they wear
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attending one of the very few church one schools in the region that is still all that was still operating because you have to remember for almost two years now almost all schools in the region closed down after pressure from separatist groups they demanded the schools to they demanded students and parents to boycott the school to put pressure on the government now we learn from the principal that the abductors already reached out to him but they didn't ask for any rent some they just asked him to close down the school and he agreed but up until now we don't know if that means that the kids will not be released or what will happen to them i did what makes this case so confusing and difficult to kind of wrap our heads around is that these separatists have kidnapped fellow and cliff own children. absolutely i mean the obvious reason would be to say that they want to put pressure on other schools that are still open to close down as well but so far none of the groups has taken any responsibility for what has happened you mentioned the
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abductors called themselves boys before but this is like well it's a headline for all the various groups there's about ten different groups active in the region ten different separatist groups many of them have already condemned what has happened and a lot of speculation is going on in cameroon currently some even blame the government they argue that the government could be behind it to justify more violence and more force against the separatist remember that they have been blamed lots in the past month for human rights violations against separatists but also against civilians but up until now this is speculation we don't really know what has happened and to be honest with you we're not even sure if we will know a clear answer anytime soon because it is very difficult to get information from this region because no independent observer or journalist can just go there and get information yes a very scary deal for the parents as well i imagine and how this conflict is under arrest between the francophone an anglophone communities in the cameron has been
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simmering for some time is there any chance of a resolution to be found or president paul b. i will be sworn into office for another seven year term tomorrow after already thirty six years in power and he has been repeatedly saying that he is not open for any sort of dialogue with the separatists and this is what churches and independent and international observers have been calling for so most people believe that he will not change this direction and the conflict will continue and will remain as bloody as it was this year where about four hundred civilians were already killed and you increase reporting thank you very much. all right and steven is here with more business headlines for you that's right lila and it's about china open for business has been china's message during its trade dispute with the u.s. now beijing has colored itself as a champion of global free trade while washington puts up barriers that's also the
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carefully calibrated message behind an import fair being held this week in shanghai but reality isn't so simple as our correspondent lets us both and your reports. the chinese government wants this fair to be seen as an event that stands for free trade industrial robots aerospace technology and vehicles are among the many items on display but this is an ordinary industry fair it's a show and it aims to highlight china's role in the business world some three thousand six hundred companies from nearly one hundred seventy countries and regions are taking part. time to shine and it is their fair appears to be a very good platform to position ourselves politically and if you aren't here to sell products. we want to continue to position our company and promote ourselves. but it's in your account that some of. the five day their targets a wide audience
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a variety of forums and workshops underscore the message that the chinese government wants to send amid the trade dispute with the u.s. . do for me to notice that already the fair shows that china is an open generous country in global trade. whereas the us unnecessarily launched the trade war and now symbolizes protectionism and unilateral as i'm. sure. that meant but foreign companies also say that china isn't really an open market they face a number of barry is such as import tariffs rules that force companies to create joint ventures with local firms disadvantages when it comes to tenders at an industries that are closed off for foreign companies but china's huge market remains attractive despite the trade war. i mean we are of course dating out of it or somewhere in the middle we sell to both countries both countries are
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important i wouldn't rank them. washington has increased tariffs and impose new ones on chinese products in recent months and now the chinese government is ready to hit back. maybe you've heard of the hyperloop now here's a first look at the tunnel that makes it possible tech entrepreneur in lawn musk who is behind the project has tweeted a video after apparently walking the full length of a two mile long tunnel that's been dug out for testing next month members of the public will also get to ride the shuttle pods once the tests are completed images project is supposed to change how we travel by shooting capsules through the tunnel at nine hundred kilometers an hour. so now for the claustrophobic that's it for us with business back to live now with more news banks a lot stephen it looks very scary now it's been more than a one year since iraqi forces liberated the city of mosul from the so-called islamic state well for three years the terror group health a city in an iron grip strictly regulating nearly every aspect of public life and
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punishing some offenses with death while now freed from the shackles of residents are once again at liberty to pursue their passions and one small group of paragliders is taking full advantage of their new freedom taking to the skies once more. nor a bus runs and leaps off a low hill there's not much wind today but he's finally flying again. the few seconds of joy and freedom are extremely welcome after the recent bitter years of. freedom exertion exhaustion. if you all dogs drift away. when i fly i feel exalted. my head clears. the young men from mosul were not allowed to parent glide for three years the
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terror group i asked for a bit the sport for nor this was especially hard paragliding is his passion he had only just discovered it when it was forbidden in two thousand and fourteen he feared for his life and hid his gear. you know. i was afraid to even mention it. they could lock you away from that and kill you. but they executed some members of our club trainers and pilots. since mosul's liberation in twenty seventeen they have been able to fly again with donations and membership fees they were able to purchase five paragliders some of the first rounds are rough though some members are beginners others are still out of shape trainer thomond hamid has his hands full sometimes there is more sliding than gliding and bruises and minor wounds are common but
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they are truly enjoying themselves. ali has been paragliding since april this year the twenty four year old has been passionately training is talented and loves being closer to the sky. not i want and the fear is gone of fear of violence and also fear of flying out of great heights the fear is gone and with the volume one. fear that dominated people's lives here for three years also in the village across the road it is one of the few christian communities that exists in iraq eight hundred twenty families once lived here in karen leash most fled in august twenty fourth teen just before i asked militants descended on the village and left a trail of destruction in their wake since the liberation just over one year ago the village has been undergoing reconstruction three hundred twenty families have
7:41 pm
returned but many others chose to emigrate to the local priest tab it has been trying to breathe new life into the community here these youngsters are being prepared for their first communion the entire village is placing its hope in these young christians after all the suffering that selection is anywhere we have. two hundred forty houses built on it one hundred destructed completely and all the houses churches cement skinned gardens schools streets damage and. islamic state is now history but its legacy remains in the debris and in the trauma even now one year after morsels liberation. paraglider noor is cutting hair and shaving beards again he loves his job as a barber even that was forbidden during the i asked reign of terror its guardians
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of public morals caught him trimming an elderly man speared and he was severely punished. while i was given forty five lashings i stayed inside for three days and closed my shop that was the punishment for defying the shaving rules after that i worked as a taxi driver it's a winter storm with dixie. his sporting friend is bringing color back to mosul after the dark years of militia rule two years ago his short beard drew the attention of i asked as guardians of public morals and he was reprimanded an argument broke out ali threw a punch and paid dearly for it. johnston how to pop out. no i i feared for my life they tortured me with cables electric shocks and burns they would heat some object and then in our bodies with it i have never
7:43 pm
experienced something so horrendous in my entire life and wants me to shoot. now they're flying again to forget all of those awful memories and to enjoy their newly won freedom. the paragliders from mosul know just how precious that is now more than ever. all right you're watching news we still have a lot more to tell you about including. cuban american singer camilla kobe o. is the top winner at the m.t.v. europe music awards we'll have all the highlights of the glitz and glamour of the event coming up. this. but first to tennis or rafael nidal says he won't play this season anymore after undergoing ankle surgery today the spaniard was already a doubt for the season ending a.t.p. finals in london because of an abdominal injury in view of that he said he'd taken
7:44 pm
the opportunity to have the operation on a problematic right ankle the dolls' absence from the finals means novak djokovic she is guaranteed to finish the year as world number one. now moving to football and match day ten of the just like it is in the books and to take us through the weekend's most important stories is tom going to write from to do his first good to see you tom all right let's start with sunday's matches braman last for the second week in a row was going on well i mean they came into this game on the back of quite heavy victory in fact that was against vital friends book to play in the fourth division so not much to shout about now as you say it's two defeats in a row in the business leader and i first thought of their ambitions a team like mine is really a side that should be beating especially off the mite's had one in seven games just on those i'm philip tait up minds in front of the twenty five minutes we go. shortly after that john phillips produced this time pass to start this is really
7:45 pm
want to want to make it right. later on braman did pull one back through cloudy zero point zero which is great to see him scoring again braman but it wasn't enough and minds about their first victory in games now and next up for braman is mentioned drive back you are really in fantastic form at the moment so it's going to be pretty tricky for them to turn this around against that stuff what right talk to us about the other sunday matching yet with that was great but he like i said it is very well the season they played against it's fair to say on quite so well now does that all had just fallen off points from knowing games going into this one and as you might have expected made it looks fairly easy certainly in the second half as we're going to see now. i only five local davi came in the stands and the on the . clock back found it hard to break down the pax defense they were reduced to a few shots from distance and the home fans were not to be time i there was also
7:46 pm
a whistle at the start of the second period this time from the referee. i hand was adjudged to have handed the ball replay showed it to been a strike the decision. holden has the right eye and midway through the second half i had was again the full guy with the poor pass . that back took full advantage and eunice hoffman made it so i the finals were coasting to victory and has not scored a third after eighty two minutes i won the job easily just golf in the dumps. just second. for tom another convincing performance by a lot but i think the real deal this season i mean the real deal that kind of remains to be seen there are only ten games played out before so far but certainly
7:47 pm
they are flying very high at the moment everybody a great start to the season miss utah and has always playing really well. and they've got a really great mix of young and old players now king has had the job for almost two years now. and he's really been able to make that team his own and they had of course that fantastic win against by munich earlier on this season and you know some of the players have really been producing you know it was their best remembering that they lost against freiburg they were thrashed in the german cup by laver cues in and you know it is only november like i said with ten games throughout thirty four the table is not necessarily two instructive now they are up in second place but there's a long way to go a lot can happen exactly now and then let's talk about binary the crisis mode because they're not doing that well no they were they were held of course to a draw against fraud and that's the first on that's happened by munich in a long time now even in the games that they've been winning recently we haven't really seen them looking that convincing they struggled a little bit against mines they didn't bat great against athens in the champions
7:48 pm
league and their next game is against bruce your dorm and who are on fantastic form at the moment you know in five years really doing a brilliant job that's the nico. you know that's going to be the toughest game is played so far so yeah i think we'll have to see how that one turns out. i think that with the probably going to edge it and if they do then the pressure is really going to get cranked up for me about one small tire. i think so i was going to greatly reduce their art and turning now to champions league and liverpool coach you're going club has decided to leave cos of an albanian attackers aired on the should carry out of the squad to face red star bell curry bell great excuse me on tuesday to quote avoid any distractions security who plays for the swiss national team caused outrage at this year's world cup when he celebrated a goal against serbia by displaying an i'll be international symbol after speculation about the year reception should carry would receive in the serbian
7:49 pm
capital club set the players a mission that would allow the team to focus one hundred percent on football for him boxing retired floyd mayweather jr has decided to make a shock comeback the forty one year old american plans to fight japanese kickboxer tense in. on new yorkers new year's eve me where there is last fight was against a mixed martial law artists a connor mcgregor it was a boxing match and gross said three hundred seventy million u.s. dollars now where there's never been an actual a professional mixed martial arts fight before and as you'll hear now he says the rules of upcoming about are still to be discussed. people might seem a pretty sure we want to be honest and. i mean you know one thing we have to do we have. had that we have to have rules is rules and regulations to everything that we
7:50 pm
do on live so i'm pretty sure was speak with. the guys from our team we are going to sing so we will walk through and do we have to do. do you believe. that scummy lads have a singing for may get hit that their last year's m.t.v. european music awards at this year's awards in the spanish city of bilbao last night she was nominated in six categories and won a whopping four of them in the wrong way and that meryl from our culture desk is here to tell us more we'll never get that song out of rock has been sitting here but i'm going to stay there forever big winner yeah i mean actually grows a big winner as you saw that was last year she performed havana that said it all
7:51 pm
going really in many ways she this year she's won best song best osas best video of the three big ones she also won best u.s. act as well so for as you said and she gave some really charming acceptance speeches now another artist who i think had some acceptance speeches very doing sleeve as it were was ariana grande who was no one i saw in five categories and she went home empty handed however it was very much a night for female artists a car to be won best newcomer do a lipo won best paul packed and a great night also for the larger than life nicki minaj who was that she was best to fall and she also won best look and she's the perfect person to perform these award ceremonies isn't she's she's over the top style and last night she didn't disappoint. thank you. but
7:52 pm
yes the. nicki minaj kicked off the proceedings with a performance of her new hit good form. along with all the glitzy spectacle the sears e.-m. is also offered some political commentary and the winner award presenters diego luna and michael paine on both mexican americans prefer to interact like two u.s. president on a trump it's nice to be celebrating music here because music brings people together music brings nations together it's right well governments are trying to do the opposite some of them yeah there's one trying to build a wall you know example if they want us to pay for it ok jay and this year's winner of the global icon award janet jackson gave her own contribution to the me to movement. i am one of those women. women who have been
7:53 pm
gagged both literally and emotionally women who have been abused women who have been intimidated women who have lived in fear i stand with you do you. but music was still the main focus of the evening with highlights including bebe rex as dramatic performance of her song i'm a mess. of the soul so bold as somebody. told me choose to. my the event closed with american d.j. marshmellow who also won the best electronic act of war he and british band best deal performed their hit happier. about. great performances there are robin now there are also
7:54 pm
national awards every time at the a.m.a.'s let's talk about how germany did yeah well there are five nominations from each country only one wins we were hoping to see here over. a band called final fishville a would win not just because of the name which would be translated as fine cream fillets of fish really but also because we're going to feature the same time tomorrow at the spot but they didn't actually see the winner this time around not really a big surprise because it was mike skinner now mike skinner is. seventeen years old but would you believe he's been called the german justin bieber he's already though have to number one albums this is what's interesting not to hit singles it's the number one albums he's had it's social media that really made him a star is one of he was actually one of those t.v. talent shows didn't when he started putting his stuff online and all when going and
7:55 pm
going and this is actually a version of an old song an old italian pasta song called bella chow he's now got millions of followers on the social media big whacking called start with warner brothers own it's their way if you went that way and we've got more on our website robin absolutely d.w. dot com slash culture and i was all i said i'll be talking to creamy fish fillets tomorrow looking for that. ok thanks so much rob and have a good one and before i let you go remind you of our main headlines this hour. iranian president hassan rouhani says his country will proudly bypass u.s. sanctions targeting iran's crucial oil and natural sectors the penalties came into force today and are part of a u.s. efforts to curb iran's weapons programs and restrict its influence in the middle east and pakistan's information minister has told the w that a sea of the the christian woman found in. a sense of blasphemy charge just last
7:56 pm
weekend released from death row is under tight security i'm quoting very safe all this after his lawyer told a press conference in the hague that he had fled and that fears for his life. a little rock n roll in on behalf of the entire you're seeing right here thank you so much for spending this a part of your day with us on the news of course continues right after this. move.
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was. some love. others he'd like to. see. why you disappointed supporters still but donald trump says a. few years of jury selection we take stock of. us is the term phenomenon. exists for you joe. the fast pace of life in the digital.
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shift has the lowdown although whether it shows a new developments useful information and anything else worth knowing. presents the reason is fine it's. looks over the shoulders of makers and users. shipped in forty five minutes. later we were. when we were. in the percent of americans at some point in our lives will experience hardship listening. to. enter the conflict zone with tim sebastian faulks been challenging those in power
7:59 pm
asking tough questions demanding. as conflicts intensify i'll be meeting with key players on the ground in the sun zones and. cutting through the rhetoric holding the powerful to account facts of the conflict zone. conflict zone with jim sebastian on t.w. . a new.
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this is. a message from the trump administration to the leaders of iran act like a normal country. and us today so calls the toughest sanctions yet against iran tehran is vowing to resist but will. be able to do the same we'll get the latest from tehran also coming up the fate of a christian.


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