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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 5, 2018 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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to equality. under the scheme. starts november thirteenth. from berlin tonight a message from the to the leaders of iran act like a normal country or watch your economy crumble the u.s. today slapped what he calls the toughest sanctions against iran. to resist but will . they be able to do the same also coming up the fate of
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a christian woman accused of blasphemy and hangs in the balance tonight information minister. in an exclusive interview about the woman's future and u.s. voters gearing up to cast their ballots in midterm elections the boat being seen as a referendum on. with a strong showing democrats could be his plans for the next two years polls in the u.s. open in less than twenty four hours. good to have you with us tonight iran is vowing to resist u.s. sanctions designed to cripple its economy sweeping penalties targeting the country's vital oil and financial sectors are now in force and washington is promising to pile pressure on tehran after pulling out of the nuclear. back in may
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the u.s. now wants to force iran to abandon its nuclear weapons programs iran's president hassan rouhani says that his country is in an economic war with the u.s. and that the same sions will calls ordinary iranians to suffer. iranians think carefully about what they buy these days especially when it comes to luxury goods this woman says she mostly window shops because of the economic hardship. given. to hop on over the high prices negatively impact every individual and every family it was a barbie houses the people used to be happier. now whenever they want to buy something they have to weigh up whether they really need it or not he doesn't need to know the real simple jewels. food prices have doubled over the past year just know the threat of sanctions long before they took effect. iran's national
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currency the reality has lost more than two thirds of its value over the past twelve months in relation to the us dollar. devaluation of the currency threatens my existence other people's existence the psychological pressure means people queue up to buy dollars to be on the software side. now that u.s. sanctions are enforced the situation is likely to deteriorate further. high prices have also put medicine out of reach for many. prices for medicine have changed a lot maybe eighty percent i can't buy my own medicine anymore i haven't taken it in two months. some are angry at the us of this at their own government. we've never really lived without sanctions we don't even know what it feels like or whether our lives would improve then and that is thanks to our own government not
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the better try to go to the motor city. facing economic isolation terror and has pledged to overcome the sanctions it says the measures and fair and illegal for that heritage and we are in a situation of economic war. fronting up the bullying enemy yesterday we faced saddam hussein today we face trump there's no difference. the victims of the sanctions are the poor and the middle classes it's the ordinary people of iran who suffer the most. and with me here at the big table now is our very own research oprah she has reported numerous times from inside iran tonight she's here at the big table with this is good to see if the recent let's talk about what the top u.s. envoy to iran brian took what he said today he says that iranians have lost their confidence in the clerical establishment stiff how supportive do you think iranians are of their leaders tonight well that of course very much depends on who you ask
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because iran's society is pretty much split up and those who support their leaders no matter what they do in those who have very critical and what probably many as other people who are right in between those two groups and to convince them that iranian government is trying to reduce the impact of the sanctions on ordinary iranians for example they're already handing out food baskets for families with low incomes and that's the thing they're doing hope to ease that but of course if things get worse there might be more protests so that was the regime of fraid of them or the afraid of of poor people or the middle class rising up yeah of course that's what they're always accusing the us off like that they're fueling regimes. but even if there are protests it doesn't mean regime change is iran's a grownup. the ject of the job the ministration says here is to stop all renewed crude oil exports is that. well apparently right now the answer is no because
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the us administration issued a waivers to its ban on buying iranian oil several country to country as like china india japan and turkey washington says those eight have demonstrated that they're already reducing the amount of all they're buying that it's a special situation in that they don't want to disrupt the energy markets but still if prices went up after sections come into effect there's a huge exceptions that china india turkey regionally tehran has tried to assert its growing influence with these sanctions with the force it to rein in some of its activities well so far the iranian leadership has not shown any signs of backing down to washington of course and the government has always rejected fresh negotiations because they say they wouldn't get anything in return if they made changes to their ballistic missile program or their foreign policy and it's also very important to see that those are issues that the iranian government doesn't even fully control because it's in the hands of the revolutionary guards and they
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are like a very poetical group that was designed to save the islamic revolution so they don't really are afraid of confrontation with washington and tehran says it's going to bypass these things and tells you to do that while they have a lot of practice doing that because during the past decades for a number of years there were sanctions in place and some people actually very very rich like bypassing the sanctions they used like foreign bank accounts in other countries or just relabeled goods they want for import and this time iran is not even alone in this task because also there you the chinese and russia say they want to find ways to still trade with iran aren't worth one of the reasons for here at the big table with us tonight there's always stories thank you. well the fate of a pakistani christian woman is back in the hands of the country's supreme court is the most hardliners have filed an appeal aimed at reversing her acquittal on blasphemy charges bibi's spent eight years on death row before
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a supreme court ruling found her innocence last week g.'s affectively been stopped from leaving pakistan pending the appeal speaking at a press conference in the hague her lawyer today said that he fled the country fearing for his life after hardline violence erupted following news of the acquittal. or d w spoke with pakistan's information minister a short while ago when we asked him whether ozzy abebe is safe to remain in pakistan giving the violence and the intense anger over her case. she is a she has been particularly for the security. industry at least. i think quite confident that she is she is really a fish is popular cool to see and she is obviously not in not in the city and but because of for security she is. she's under
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a new security. that was pakistan's information minister speaking with us earlier but here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world video has emerged reportedly showing some of the around eighty students kidnapped from a school in the city of bomb india in the western english speaking part of cameroon it's believed that they were taken by a group of separatists waging an armed struggle for independence in the majority french speaking country saudi arabia has told the united nations that it will prosecute the alleged perpetrators in the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi now this as a newspaper in turkey reports that a sold the team for port at least sent to investigate ship seize clay slaying in istanbul instead worked to remove evidence the controversial head of germany's domestic security intelligence agency you see him there hundreds of new york mussing has been ordered to take immediate retirement the interior
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minister of germany made that announcement earlier today he's been under pressure to drop monson since august when mawson appeared to delve play violence against mine. oh voters in the united states are getting set to vote in crucial midterm elections and both democrats and republicans have been busy making their final appeals to voters the poll is widely seen as a referendum on us president deltron democrats are hoping to cash in on dissatisfaction with his presidency and win back control of congress also over to washington in just a moment but first here's a look at what is at stake in the midterms tomorrow. the midterms are first and foremost about congress and they can make or break
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a president's agenda republican control of both the house of representatives and the senate has made trump's life relatively easy so far but if democrats flip one or even both houses the good times may be over the entire house all four hundred thirty five seats are up for election as they are every two years republicans currently hold two hundred thirty five democrats one hundred ninety three seats that's a lot of distance to the two hundred eighteen majority mark but democrats hope that the slew of republicans leaving their seats this year along with enough anti trump fury among voters will deliver them to house so all eyes are on the thirty or so toss ups races that polling data have is too close to call. on the senate side republicans rule with the slimmest of majorities fifty one of one hundred seats sounds like good news for democrats but only thirty five seats of those are up for election most twenty six are ones democrats and independents allied with them need
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to defend that makes victory harder polling data suggest maybe just six seats in all are toss ups as the minority party democrats have been limited in effectively resisting trump but what if they win in both the house and senate they could block his agenda and introduce their own they could investigate the myriad allegations of abuse and misconduct facing trump. in the senate democrats could reject trump appointees up for important positions and they could impeach a long and fraught process that starts in the house and ends in the senate democrats have history on their side as the president's party usually suffers in the midterms whether that trend stays true won't be clear until ballots are in. the u.s. capitol my colleague. from washington good evening to you all over so why is there so much interest in an election that doesn't involve picking a new u.s. president. well you're right donald trump is not even on the ballot himself but he
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made this an election all about him and he's basically fighting for approval of his america first policies his policies of protectionism tariffs the tax cuts and also withdrawals from international agreements that we've seen in recent months so what's here at stake is the control of chambres of american congress as we've just heard in your report. on the house of representatives as well as the senate now if the republicans were to defend their. year which they currently hold that would not only mean an approval of donald trump's politics of recent of the last two years but it would also empower him to carry on just the way he did in the past now if the democrats would gain the upper hand say for instance in the house which is the most likely scenario right now that would weaken donald trump the democrats could then block certain policies and they could also trigger an impeachment process
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something that donald trump wants to avoid at all costs over what key reason should we be looking for to morrow. well as always in the u.s. elections it's about the battlegrounds and it's about certain states and in some states the situation is pretty clear where else in other states we're looking at very tight races and one of the most close to one of the closest watched races is in the southern state of georgia where democrat stacey average was the former minority leader in the georgia house of representatives is trying to become the first female african american a governor in american history and her opponent which is the current secretary of state brian kemp is fighting fiercely against her and he launched a probe off the democrats of georgia over an alleged hacking attempt to doesn't have any proof of that and the democrats call this also an election stunt but it
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certainly reflects the overall atmosphere here in these midterm elections that are all about a rhetoric of division and of all of winning at all costs yes well senate there our correspondent oversoul it's on the story for us tonight in washington however thank you. well you are up to date with the w. news live from berlin we'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news dipsy of the. skin the by. the time and in the end this to me you are not alone tis the year and we will send you back. are you familiar with these. smugglers one liners and. what's your story.
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with them as women especially in victims of violence in. take part in.


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