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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 6, 2018 3:00am-3:03am CET

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quality around the world you guys are starting class warfare the response to that statement should be yes we are starting class won't be in because we're time nick which he can actually disrupt an economy. the bridge. to. exclusive report starts november seventeenth t.w. . voters in the us are getting set to vote in crucial midterm elections and both democrats and republicans have been making their final appeals to voters the poll is widely seen as a referendum on donald trump the democrats are hoping to cash in on dissatisfaction with his presidency to win back control of congress so the people of. the oil it's
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very donald trump says he has chosen oil markets stability over inflicting maximum damage on iran the pressures on a rainy and oil exports will be increased gradually u.s. sanctions were reinstated on monday the sanctions which also target finance and shipping were originally lifted three years ago as part of an international deal to limit iran's nuclear program. video has emerged purportedly showing some of the around eighty students kidnapped from a school in the city of banda in the western english speaking part of cameroon it's believed they were taken by a group of separatists waging an armed struggle for independence and the majority french speaking country. the controversial head of germany's domestic security intelligence agency hans-georg mohsen has been ordered to take immediate retirement interior minister must feel for has been under pressure to drop math and since august when he appeared to downplay violence against migrants.
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in just a few hours the world will witness the u.s. midterm election american democracy in all its by neary brutality republicans versus democrats blue states versus red states jobs and loss tonight two presidents are closing out the campaign one with a plea to trust in the truth the other with promises propped up with everything bought i'm brink off in berlin this is the day. this is what the court the lectures of our life there's a this deal is going. democrats produce republicans produce the. character of our nation is on the ball doing
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nothing. else for millions is on the ball.


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