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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 6, 2018 8:00pm-8:15pm CET

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long drawn to w.c. november focus. this is day to day your news live from berlin moment of truth the most important u.s. midterm elections in a generation are under way after a fierce campaign americans are casting their ballots we'll tell you what's at stake and why the poll numbers also coming up cameroon's president colby begins his seventh term in office with a pledge to confront the country's english speaking separatists even as the hunt continues for dozens of chinup schoolchildren. and the nazi concentration camps to
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talk was the place of sure for and as the trial of one of its guards begins in germany account survivor tells d.w. why it's so important to keep talking about the past. i'm seeing you so much god it's good to have you with us millions of americans are voting in the most crucial midterm elections in decades donald trump is not on the ballot but the vote is being seen as a referendum on the u.s. president's agenda now surveys suggest the republicans will look keep control of the senate and that the democrats could take back the house of representatives and that will put them in the position to push back against the president's policies but the battle promises to be tight. it's their first chance to vote since trump's election back in twenty sixteen the american public is going to the polls
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the midterms are widely seen as a referendum on the president would he change anything about his first two years in office regret that you wish you well there would be certain things i'm not sure i want to reveal all of a but i would say tone i would like to have a much softer tone i feel to a certain extent i have no choice but maybe i do and maybe i could have been softer from that standpoint but he hasn't toned down his rhetoric in the midterms campaign accusing democrats of being weak on migration and. democrats are inviting care of their day after caravan of illegal aliens to pour into our country overwhelming the schools you are spittles and your communities. the democrats not so secret weapon former president barack obama he's been on the campaign trail taking aim at the president often abrasive personality the killjoy
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this country is on the bill who we are is on the ballot. what can i. thank. what kind of politics we expect is on the ballot how we conduct ourselves in public life is on the ballot how we treat other people is on the ballot. there are likely to be swings to both sides across america and deeply conservative texas a surprisingly strong showing for a democrat but rulebook seeking election to the senate for. just a few weeks ago democrats felt fairly sure of recapturing both the senate and the house but polls suggest the race is still wide open. we're joined by nicole renford from the german council on foreign relations she specializes in transatlantic relations good to have you with us these midterms are being called
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the most important in a generation there's huge interest around the world how closely are european leaders watching this faute i think european leaders and european decision makers watching this with great interest i'm not so sure how much interest there are in germany because being a lot have a lot of political turmoil going on at the same time in germany but the us is our most important partner and of course it would be very interesting to find out if the democrats win the game the majority of the house ok if that happens you know what is at stake here for europe what are the possible outcomes for europe if the democrats do we take the house is that a good thing for the european union for germany when they need the election is a national national implications and not so much on the foreign policy agenda however they are certain issues like the iran deal but also the general relationship to europe which might have an easier time when the democrats gain
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strength because traditionally they have been very close relationships especially with germany a good relationship. with both parties but the relationship that the democrats has been particularly intense over at the pasta here so it might might have been it might be that the effect would be a bit more positive when it comes to how do we do germany and the u.s. communicate do you think this could be a turning point for us german relations or housetrained have they been under the trump administration one of the first year or the first encounters between the german government and also the u.s. government very difficult the tone has changed the way the u.s. has been deal. with germany is very different under trump and the election is important but again the effect on foreign policy in this election is not as
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important as a general election often the president so limited expectations of the outcome and what will change after this is still saying europe and other parts of the world would deal with the difficult and very different united states and there was no one in the past decades you mentioned there's been a strange ties the rhetoric has been tense between the u.s. and germany in particular over issues like iran we've seen the sanctions come into effect also in trade what has been the biggest obstacle do you think to this point well that europe and the particular germany work very hard to deal with comes through and the fact that the sanctions will be implemented now means even though in the europeans came up with some of turn it if ideas and also promises splits respect to the iranian government the did the deal looks a little bit like it did it took they might not be able to really protect german
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companies or european companies who still deal with iran if the united states. if you do with iran you will see visits for your business with us and european companies will not be able to withhold that pressure you're saying that you don't foresee a huge difference in foreign policy but if the republicans retain the house and the senate donald trump has indicated that he could double down on his policies is europe prepared for that whatever that might mean where of course there are very very smart and reliable republican partners as well but if we view the election as an election over trump mainly and on his policies and if the republicans will be successful yes. it will be a confirmation that he will continue all the way he and. we saw him in the last yeah and we will have difficult and tough times with this president article
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run from the german council on foreign relations thank you living up to some other news now and cameron's veteran president paul b. has been sworn in for a seventh term following elections marred by violence and allegations of fraud as well the majority french speaking nation for thirty five years c. has ruled out succession for some troubled regions where the english speaking minority is calling for more independence on the eve of b.s. inauguration seventy nine school students were kidnapped in the engle phone reacher a massive hunt is now under way for them the government is blaming the separatists but it's not yet clear who is actually holding the children. this footage purportedly shows the dozens of students kidnapped speaking into the camera they say they were taken by separatists but that can't be verified. those. who lost money on the loose. and.
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one alleged member of the separatist group who is filming the boys also appears on camera before turning it back on to the children telling them that they will be going to school there now. was to steer. good to school year. the students are all from by men in the western english speaking part of cameroon separatist groups like the amber boys are waging an armed struggle for independence in the majority french speaking country. in the past they have attacked and killed teachers to disobey orders to keep schools closed but this time the group says it wasn't involved and accuses the army of staging the whole thing to discredit them the children were taken from their dormitories before dawn. along with three staff members. the local governor came to the school to meet with some of the parents he
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assured them that children will be brought back home. just by the words. used to. do. to make. the people of the book to brag about to consider most. measures. but this is a group of men and gods. the incident deepens the atmosphere of fear and is likely to lead to more students staying at home in the future now to some other stories making news around the world french judicial sources say they have uncovered a plan to attack president eman mccomb police have arrested six members of the radical far right official said the plan was vague and not final but that it was violent. the spanish coast guard says at least seventeen migrants have died trying
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to cross the mediterranean from north africa in the past twenty four hours rescuers picked up more than one hundred others and took them to the enclave. the funerals have been held in the syrian city polarise for nine members of the extended family children a flash flood of with the weekend the family drowned when the village that they rented was swept away three other people were also killed by flooding in the same region. and around twenty palestinians have been injured by israeli forces while trying to break the decades long maritime blockade off the gaza strip israeli military fire tear gas and live ammunition at protesters nearly forty fishing boats were forced to return to shore. the former guard of a nazi concentration camp has gone on trial here in germany the ninety four year old man is charged with complicity in the mass murder of prisoners during world war two prosecutors say that the defendant didn't take part in
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a specific killing but that you must have known inmates were being murdered at the camp he says he had no knowledge of what was going on he was a guard at the still tough concentration camp a nazi occupied poland more than sixty thousand people died in that camp one survivor from start off dora boat has made it her mission to tell her story she spoke to did up is tania kramer sometimes it is difficult to tell her story door huzzahs as a child she spent several years in the statoil of concentration camp her parents and her sister were killed in the holocaust born in poland doris family fled the jews get involved so to lithuania from their door of us to puerto to the studio of concentration camp near done thick i can only tell you what happened in the in the years sings that they will never forget oh never forget that i was hungry day and night i will never forget that and my mother died from hunger because
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the little piece of bread that she got she gave to me it is estimated that over sixty thousand people were moochers institute of gassed executed or killed spoke stream labor conditions and frequent epidemics. remembers both the fear and the daily violence off the nazis what they did it's not he was not human you don't settle a child into a holt can of water the learned you have done to make a child. pick up a twenty killer cement with a head through pick up. and i couldn't so i was beaten up. only daughter and her brother survived the holocaust in is version got married and raised a family since then she has made
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a term mission to talk to children about her experience. syncs which they. the germans put on our shoulders. it's incredible they're far seeing that whoever knows it and when it ever knows how to shed it was. as they should. because i need that we can prevent another holocaust it is important for her she says to speak out for the many of the children who didn't survive to keep them memory alive don't use tanya kramer reporting for us there are reminder now of our top story that we're following for you here on g.w. u.s. voters are casting ballots in what many describe as the most pivotal midterm elections in decades the poll is being seen as a referendum on donald trump's presidency with
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a strong showing democrats could take back control of congress. and stay tuned to g.w. for continuing coverage of the midterm elections in the u.s. we'll continue to look at what's at stake in america and for the rest of the world we have full coverage and analysis on a web site as well t w dot com thanks for watching. time for. projects that are changing the climate for. d.w.i. .


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