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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 7, 2018 6:00am-6:31am CET

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please nine hundred eighty not forgotten ligi w.'s november focus. made a shift in the balance of power in the u.s. congress but not quite the blue wave the democrats had hoped for this is. special coverage of the u.s. midterm elections. obviously candidates that have been praised the president embraced his policies and that he's gone in the campaign for and worked hard for the bush team that pay off democrats will clean up corruption to make washington
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work for the american people republicans will only continue the toxic g.o.p. college you're trying he is an incompetent and corruption we as conservatives being led by president trump we've got to prove why our way is thank you why what works in the state of indiana is going to work for the rest of america we have got to stop talking to friends we've got to bring people together national president i want you to be president of united states stopping to find. a midterm election with several historic first including the youngest woman ever elected to congress and the first openly gay candidate to win a gubernatorial race in washington that republicans hold on the u.s. senate it seems secured with wins in key back battleground states the democrats retaking power in the house promising more presidential oversight in ending eight years of republican.
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i'm burnt goff in berlin it's good to have you with us tonight much of the world has shifted its attention to the united states waiting and seeing in fact a shift in power they are tuesday was the most closely watched midterm election in modern u.s. history voters chose a do congress with all seats in the house of representatives for grabs and a majority of seeds in the u.s. senate as well it would take a look now at the standings in the house of representatives with the votes still coming in particularly from the west coast of the united states that we see right there the democrats there making games they are predicted the call is out that they will regain control of the u.s. house of representatives as we said ending eight years of republican rule in the
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house we can take it over now to the u.s. senate and the hopes of the democrats to retake control there were dash to early in the evening in fact the republicans not only maintaining control of the u.s. senate they have also taken extra seats now surpassing the fifty seats needed to control the u.s. senate in texas republican ted cruz he has survived what was considered the most serious challenge to his seat in the u.s. said it cruz held his ground against the democratic challenger but over wark democratic challenger earned almost a celebrity status in his bid to unseat the incumbent but in the end it was not enough despite. the democrat being able to for in millions of dollars into his campaign coffers for the senate race cruz is still the u.s. senator from texas in the last hour the us president donald trump he has given his
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first reaction to the outcome of the elections in very typical trump style he tweeted simply this tremendous success tonight thank you to all our those take the story now to our washington or spy and maya slater she joins me now from capitol hill good evening to you maya so we've got the u.s. president saying it was a big success was it. well that very much depends which party you were rooting for brand is not necessarily a loss for the republicans as you said yourself they actually made gains in the senate there's a little bit of a surprise but also there were several key gubernatorial races for which the results are still coming in that everyone was watching a sort of bellwethers of how the country might be going in the future and we just saw the democrats least in florida conceded to republicans and these were very not
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only highly washers fiercely fought races in both florida and we're still waiting for some results coming in from georgia but it seems like president trumps support for these republican candidates dragged them across the finish line and more or less so for the republicans definitely a lot to celebrate tonight but of course the democrats are seated for the republicans a lot to celebrate tonight for the democrats certainly not a disappointment either not only did they regain control of the house they're on track to gain even more seats than they thought they may have with around thirty five seats again looking to be the projection as of right now so a divided congress for a divided nation a lot to certainly unpack of there yet there's a lot to impact there and if there's also a want in trying to understand how we got to where we are tonight the exit polls earlier in the evening told is that people were more concerned about health care
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than immigration where they went to vote today or yesterday by now i'm does that suggest that the u.s. president by hammering on the immigration issue that he chose the wrong issue to to ride in to victory. well it seems like in the weeks and the days leading up to vote that just is now concluding he was really trying to whip up his base and immigration we have to remember back in the two thousand and sixteen campaign was a one of the issues that really resonated with trump's supporters he has had this gift practically handed to him in the form of this caravan of migrants and refugees we presume that are coming up through central america presumably heading for the southern coast the southern border i should say of the u.s. and he was able to point to this group and say look at these people this is exactly
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what i'm talking about we need to secure our border which is really something that as you said is just catnip for trumps and martyrs but for a lot of people who are independents who are undecided democrats especially that is not something that resonates with them in issues like health care particularly obamacare the affordable care act and the republican attempts to repeal the affordable care act which happened early in trump's presidency that is something that they are really passionate about defending and in fact expanding that law and let's talk about turnout it is a white should i mean we had other news outlets just using the word gigantic huge turnout we know that forty million people took advantage of early voting compared to twenty nine million four years ago this is a significant increase and going into this election this increase was equated with a positive result for the democrats was too much promised there.
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well it certainly brings up shades again of the two thousand and sixteen election when turnout in early voting was also huge and it was predicted that this was going to mean that it was in the bag for hillary clinton we have to remember that people who vote early were people who are probably already going to vote so it's hard to read a lot into those numbers except for how many people are turning out and whether or not records are being broken and i think we also have to remember is just as a rule in american politics the more people show up the more the democratic party tends to win so while this may have been a good early indicator for the democrats and they may have gotten their hopes up the poll that really matters as an aphorism that we love to say here in the u.s. the only poll that matters is the poll that is on election day we have to watch the numbers that happen on election day so while early voting certainly is a great boon to a lot of voters out there you have to wait and see what happens on the day of and you know what the people including the the b.t.o.
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we were burned years ago with these polls predicting the outcome of the u.s. presidential election and you saw a lot of pull back after that but still there was a lot there were a lot of news outlets and a lot of candidates relying on polls going into this election do you think there are still lessons to be learned here i mean at the end of the day are these polls are we living in a fantasy world trying to improve these polls to be something that maybe they never will be. yeah there's one thing americans love it's a good poll and a good prediction and a good prophecy of what is going to happen after the twenty sixteen election we did see pollsters become much more conservative in the models that they were building to try to guess what was going to happen donald trump is nothing if not a norm's shatter or which is certainly one way to describe what happened at that election. and what we have to remember pollsters build their models off of
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previous elections in order to predict what's going to happen and the twenty six election was really just something that this country had never really seen before in terms of turnout in terms of who was voting for whom and so it was hard to then take that information and apply it to this but we do know that a lot of pollsters were much more conservative in building these models perhaps redeeming themselves a bit in the eyes of the american public and getting a little bit more accurate with the way this turned out because we have to say this night not a lot of surprises really you know of surprises and we know based on just what we've heard tonight from our guests that the pollsters will have plenty of business come twenty twenty our political correspondents maya suede are on the story for us tonight from capitol hill in washington d.c. my thank you. all right here the big table with me now is tyson barker he is the program director of the fellow at the aspen institute germany here in berlin so
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we've gone through the night tyson and what does this all mean for the united states in the world well it sends a clear message to the world which is the u.s. continues to be politically polarized that there is no united. u.s. political let's say face image to the world message to the world the mandate here is decidedly mixed and we will see changes there will be investigative power in the house by democrats they will be able to use a subpoena they will be echoing a lot of the messages out of the investigation going after troops tax occurrence trying to use the budgetary power to make clean energy and climate change an issue but it is not the clean clear message that the world was hoping for is it though is it a lesson to the world that is you know always scrutinising american democracy that the checks and balances that the constitution provides are actually working that
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that's a big part of it and the other message if there is a clear message is that democracy is messy and it doesn't always sin these clear messages in the world it doesn't know it or door to its own public its own electorate i mean you cannot look at this electorate and say that is the decisive mandate to do x. or y. because the message is so muddled the white house spokeswoman sarah huckabee synergies book just a few moments ago to reporters about what happened on this midterm election night take a listen. i think james carville said it best when he said anybody that was in dissipating a blue wave tonight's not going to get it maybe you get a ripple but i certainly don't think that there's only way or behind him right there i don't think. maybe you get a ripple you don't get a wave well i mean as she's probably pointing out you know the white house is obviously going to highlight the good news of the night in deep red states ruby red states the factor played a very positive role for republicans in districts and suburban districts women
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turned out to me to movement went from a movement to a real political force and delivered a lot of democrats and what we're seeing right now is the swing area in the united states continues to be the midwest where a lot of these states the old blue wall as tell young conway would say you know when for trump and twenty sixteen is delivering a lot of these victories in governor's races and house races the democrats these cleavages in american society that we talked about that maybe shocked two years ago it seems that they're just more permanent than they were even a year ago i mean we're talking about for example the urban versus the rural divide in the united states it's that divides getting wider is it i mean there is a sorting process as a literal physical sorting process have taken place in the united states and a lot of countries in the world you know people who used to work in manufacturing for example in a state like missouri are leaving missouri a lot of those blue collar workers that would have union members that would have voted actually democratic maybe they lost their jobs in state and voted for trump
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maybe they left and left a state that is less educated white or older and tends to vote for republicans so you're seeing the self sort and that's reflecting in the politics is what is what do you see if we are looking forward to two thousand and twenty how is that going to play out in the next election i think it's going to come boil down to a handful of states like it always does those states that flip the big three pennsylvania michigan and wisconsin are probably going to be the decisive. states in the next election as well and if all those democratic states remain in the democratic column and those trump states remain in the trunk column and they will decide the next president. we heard tonight didn't we saw in those exit polls that health care was the number one issue for people at the same time though donald trump for a majority of voters was the motivating factor they got these they got people to go in vote so how do you read that i mean people want health care the same time. some
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of them well that move that poll on the issues showed health care is number one and immigration is number two so i think for those health care voters they were voting democratic and for those immigration voters who were really worried about the caravan that is the border security that kind of thing they were voting for the republicans and that kind of played out that image one thing it's important to note it in addition to this mixed mandate is also the fact that this election delivered an eight point five percent advantage to the democrats that is a wave the thing is is that there's a huge wall there's a firewall that that structural advantage that republicans have built both in these ruby red states which were most where the democrats were defending turf and these gerrymandered districts seem to overcome that is really difficult and you know for the road some of these gerrymandered districts could be gerrymandered again come two thousand and twenty after the next census and you know with the republicans not losing as much power as predicted they stand to have power in two years to start
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really drawing just one question there's the governors in the state legislature and that is more of a win for the democrats tonight right wrecked all right tyson baker as always thank you very much. well in the lead up to the midterm voter suppression was a major concern in many states a group of volunteers from georgetown university in washington d.c. set out to regain trust amongst voters now they are the first to collect sample based data from polling stations to find out whether this vote has actually been fear in free. i absolutely see a containment dome healthy. ok i mean that's a high is one of over one hundred and twenty fallen to is who support the organization observed d.c. they are collecting data on the election process and polling stations in the district of columbia because according to them this was missing during past
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elections. this is the first time that this kind of observations ever happened in the united states it's called sample based observation and what that means is that an observer is assigned to a specific polling place and stays there the entire day reporting and information about the process this information includes whether polling stations were opened on time if the vote was entirely secret and if people with disabilities could easily access the polling station and then are there magnifying glasses of the intended one place. ok. the results are then immediately analyzed by ben at georgetown university the final results will be published online and made accessible to politicians and voters so far it's looking good. the core mission of the grant that i was awarded was to try and rebuild some of the trust that may be lacking in the united states right now and in our own small been
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a way we're trying to do that through election to go to work for the next elections and then his team hope that this type of observation will simply be i know manatee not only in d.c. but everywhere in the u.s. . women are voters have turned out in record numbers now this should be celebrated as a victory for democracy instead in some states it's turned into a travesty voters have had to wait in line for hours as polling stations are battling with broken voting machines we've been there before her illness and is here to take us there again karl well it's. just the good news is the majority of the voting has been done we're seeing the result again that was not the case though in about five states that we've seen so far lots of problems being reported voters documenting the issues at their local polling stations one of the biggest problems has been these long lines at the polls we've seen that video let's take a look it is just crazy how long people have to wait we go to your home state brant
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this is your orth carolina the video shows two to three hours to get inside this polling station but eight thousand registered voters here in that area not enough polling stations to go around in atlanta georgia battleground states a night a local reporter here on the ground documenting saying hundreds of voters here waited hours this morning see cuz there were only really voting machines not enough take a look at this line this is also in georgia a local voter here capturing this scene that is just going all the way down the hall. you know george judges in georgia actually kept those polls open than they should have been originally this is in new york some voters actually giving up their walking out saying it's too long a two hour long wait apparently some of the machines there were broken lots of crowding we saw even bigger problems broken scanners. shortage of voting that cereals and even as you will see here faulty voting machines this video taken by voter in indiana you can see he's trying to vote for the democratic candidate he
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keeps pressing there and he has the faltering back to the republican and it's not the way it's supposed to work a voter here took a picture inside his voting booth separate problem he writes you know i feel something is wrong take a look at the picture of the. basically there's a lid that's open he has access to the machine's insides you can see a u.s.b. stick exposing the inner workings clearly not the way it should be there you know all the talk after twenty sixteen was about safeguarding elections from foreign interference right yeah but this is clearly something that's happening domestically just old machines not enough resources to have a smooth and fair elections on cases i remember right after the twenty sixteen election to we had members of the the committee that came over from the o.e.c.d. that went to the united states and deserve the elections they said the u.s. has to invest more money in voting machines and in how clearly aren't we we've got a number of historic results yet first historical lurches let's talk about some of
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them quickly let's start with the first muslim women elected to congress you can see them here this is ilan omar she's a somali refugee she immigrated to the u.s. a teenager she made history tonight along with one other muslim woman rushy that's will be from michigan brant let's take a look now at another historic first this was the scene take a look at this video. was of those years that's for the first openly gay governor ever elected in the u.s. he's jared polis albee colorado's new governor continuing a blue trend of course in that state as well one more historic results to talk about this is a little bit overlooked the state of florida actually voted to restore voting rights to former convicts and this tweet kind of sums up the historic nature here not since the twenty sixth amendment which lowered the voting age to eighteen as
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a single change in the law extended the franchise to as many people as florida did today this is a big deal this will add one point four million new voters to the states florida of course notorious for these very small margins remember the year two thousand one point four million that's a big deal and it's also a big deal that the state has one point four million people that are incarcerated carol but that's that's another storm or so they're out of jail now able to see others and i both corners and as always thank you very much. when he ran for president back in two thousand and twelve and lost against barack obama now mitt romney could be making a comeback after winning the u.s. senate seat for the state of utah romney takes over from retiring republican you told senator orrin hatch had held the position for more than forty years for decades romney has repeatedly denounced trump in the past as a fraud and a phony but it's unclear what relationship he currently has with the u.s.
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president that will be interesting to watch also interesting to watch are the demographic groups in the united states how they're changing and what that means for. the vote tells some key demographics vote or if they vote at all that can make or break a party or an election for a party so william know a good prospect here at the big table they've got what millions of voters from all walks of life in the u.s. and we love to put them in nice little categories don't like to we like to have more narratives we like to try to figure out what all this data all this polling means that you know political parties the pollsters we in the media we're all looking for answers we're all trying to find our stories but of course these are not model this monoliths you know people of color women youth etc this is a this is the the country and when elections in the united states as they do break down to such such few districts and few voters small changes in these larger bloss
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to make a huge difference and just to take two examples. we have evangelicals for example evangelical christians are long known for being die hard republican voters most consistent republican voters that america has as much as eighty percent of them voted for trump which was even higher than previous strong showings for republican presidents in the past and in this election we started seeing very small but organized groups of evangelical christians starting to question whether donald trump really was representing their christian faith is they side so you have one group for example called vote common good and there founder doug padgett he has a video out on his organization in this bus this bus tour that they're doing to try to that they were trying in the weeks leading up to to try to attract evangelicals to vote democrat and to flip congress first democrat think we have
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a video we might have the video i'm not quite sure when it come up basically it's him showing saying you know this is not our christianity this is not what jesus wanted you know jesus taught us otherwise open borders not. separating families all these very divisive things that donald trump has been doing in the name of the united states and protect the united states and what many evangelicals voted for he's saying no we want something else you have the video i don't i'm not sure if we have the video that we our faith in the teachings of jesus call us to be those with open arms not with closed borders it is the faith in jesus that compels so many of us to goodness and to kindness and to life in this country and not to want to vitriol frustration and gridlock. what about latino what role i mean again are we talking about one voting bloc here they have course you know they're often seen that way they're often treated that way but of course talking about people from dozens of countries with their own socio economic
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backgrounds some very religious some not religious so there's a lot of intersexuality here of of who these people are and for a long time there's been this assumption that latinos because they come from many come from immigrant backgrounds and especially now with trump being so anti immigrant and having such vitriol against immigrants that they would naturally vote democrat you know that quinnipiac poll show that fifty percent of latinos find donald trump unfit to be president is actually lower than many other groups they found him even or even more people found him unfit to be president but that doesn't necessarily translate into meaning they're automatically going to go vote for democrats for example you know latinos have some of the lowest voter turnout in united states in two thousand and fourteen for example which was a low voter turnout in the last midterm election across the board they were the lowest of the low at about twenty six or twenty seven percent there's up to now about twenty nine thirty million eligible latino voters in america only about seven million are actually registered to vote so big gap between the tweener anger and
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anti trump anti republican and actually going out and voting for someone else it's just you know listen to be learned just like with the pollsters that you know what you think has always been true may not be true at all we have blue cross as always we thank you all right let's take one more look at the results for the u.s. house of representatives on this midterm election night that is quickly coming to an end you can see right there the signs are as we've been hearing now for the last couple of hours that the democrats are going to retake control of the house of representatives getting more than the two hundred eighteen seats required to take control and if we go over to the senate. it's a similar story but it's going to go in favor of the republicans the republicans will maintain control of the senate and it looks like they are going to pick up extra seats compared to the last election so the hopes by the democrats of taking
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full control of the u.s. congress those hopes will have to wait for the next election. all right that has been our coverage of the the u.s. and midterm elections of historic elections but the entire world has been waiting and watching with us tonight thanks for the company for all of us here in berlin we'll see you again at the top of the hour with more news from around the world. don't panic. it's only art. to masada senos wed like installations our networks which link us to things on earth and beyond. the argentine artist is convinced and everything is interconnected to. want to experience his works first
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