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tv   Euromaxx - Lifestyle Europe  Deutsche Welle  November 7, 2018 6:30am-7:00am CET

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this is g.w. news more of the from berlin to bring in our correspondent for syria homs a really strange so from rio de janeiro now we're going to find out what happened with music up your correspondent sometimes gets a smile and we do have some other breaking news coming into us now what it's all about. w. news thank you for joining us. hello and welcome to our show to your remarks lifes that europe has what's coming up today. impressive showcasing time out that they know and it's coming up in celebration. of silence it is a day in the life of a young musician i am not an. explosive breath taking
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images on the rocking ok most in iceland. but land based artists a less than a single comes up with the most amazing ideas that have seen all dreams of us traveling in eco friendly balloons cup just instead of airplanes has already developed the plans for his project the technology to stay at these flying objects standing it's working on right now tell us that at seattle is presenting his ideas at a major exhibition in paris and our reporter with dan to find out more. visitors to dis exhibition in paris can't help but get caught up in the way it's gonna start to see you know we. here at the pele to tokyo the artist has captured the spirit of the times and interpreted the ideas behind the worldwide web and social networks
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quite literally. have been in our kind of have six hundred forty million years ago much before we came here and have a resilient and they are in the corner of our houses and they quote exist without us our houses out of nature four of them as in very my being president and now we said oh you spy that you're here now are given my want to hear what i have to say. act his biggest show to date sort of say no aims to give voice and visibility to things normally hidden. be out in time installation artist who now lives in berlin is seen as a visionary who aims to create a better world and that's evident in his on air show. exhibition a place where they have had to wear not along here months on this planet but is really caught the tension between many different spaces as being these and here is kind of how we can become sensitive to other voices that sometime have not. and we
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cannot hear and maybe we can in and sense then think. in a video installation cosmic dust mixes with house dust cameras recorded how the dust particles moved around and collided the data gathered was then converted into sound. say you know is interested in such relationships. that's why he mounted an antenna on the museum's roof it picks up radio frequencies from outer space which are then used to create bugs for the exhibition. this is the bursting of measuring it's in the upper part of the atmosphere here's another one and when it rhetoric it kind of thinking upper part of the atmosphere in other news these drawings mean i think some kind of a sunny painting which is kind of. making interacting with these particles bursting into a pond. at
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a studio in berlin say you know explores the places where art science and architecture meet with the help of an interdisciplinary team which includes spiders beyond to cities driven by the desire to create feasible utopias in which life will be fairer greener and lovely. for the exhibition in paris sarrasin a created a huge web installation called algorithms visitors can play the work by plugging in strings some say no lets them experience with over senses the interconnected nature of our world turning the installation into a collective experience. we don't hear the right voices on drugs and remain we don't hear a sound so we don't feel any zodiac explainers about how we can feel and sense things which we have not been so sensitive you have the last i think so make it.
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on air manages to be both political and political while some will see it all as an elaborate fright or fancy of his might feel inspired to figure out what spiders and the rest of the earth's creatures are trying to tell us. i am sometimes surprised by the outcome of elections and the way people vote but i totally support the people who chose this guy at the top off today's express. people magazine has named british actor idris elba this year's sexiest man alive. played the lead role in the phoebe series and he won a golden globe for. thirteen in the movie mandela. once again in the main role
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and even showcased his directorial debut he already got the twenty thousand berlin international film festival for. the such yes man alive accolade has been awarded annually since one nine hundred eighty five winners include former footballer david beckham. and actor pierce brosnan. and the remnants of the cold war listening post at its top have been declared a historical monument the one hundred twenty metre high and manmade hill consists of world war two era. monitoring facilities to intercept warsaw pact intelligence it's still unclear what will happen with the area in the future. the spice girls announced on monday they'll be going on july eighth and twenty nineteen without the
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tour back home. the girl group formed in one thousand nine hundred four they debut single want to be what's an international hits. let. the anybody. they perform together until twenty twelve next summer the band will embark on a six good comeback tour across the u.k. tickets will be available as upset today. it usually takes some time before parents realize that they are dealing with a child prodigy in i am not duchess case it was a when she heard her mother playing the piano and then played the melody herself and she was only two years old at the time now aged thirteen i am i was recently in
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berlin for the german premiere of the first opera and that's where we met up with a young woman i can from southern england. this is a special day for our daughter at berlin state ballet they're rehearsing to perform her opera cinderella has a ballet suite ask us to find performing to. you know i compose the piece of music yes. almost from britain she's thirteen but she's already a composer pianist and violinist she loves berlin and vienna so she talks to us in both german and english. to ask them if they cut rates and so have the saying that. it's always exciting when she dreams up you know ideas for the performance on the original i composed cinderella as an opera when she was just ten years old.
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she began writing music when she was five she got her first violin at age three but was already playing simple melodies on the piano at the tender age of two. i always. went out with the big banks and i would i would always listen to it. when i was three think as i listened to. a beautiful song i think it's tough because i would listen to that when i went to sleep and i remember how much i loved it and i wanted to listen to it again and again and then i afterwards i asked my parents how can you use it because i'm going to find. and ever since then i've been wanting to compose.
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i would much rather be composing than. go to school and i have friends lots of friends anyway and i know except for music and i'm normal i love climbing trees and skipping and jumping the trampoline and having ice cream so. i don't think i miss much. they perform her work. on her travels she's accompanied by her father. daughter a well known linguist she's surrounded by professional musicians the orchestra conductor and organizer of the festival ballet has to be. i think it will be better it's not so overpowering
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and yes. i do spend a lot of time with that. but and i and i have quite often i have to tell them you know how to play the music because i composed it ever since i was really little but i never wanted to be little i always wanted to be grown up and to be taken seriously as a grown up she always comes up with ideas when she's alone especially when she's skipping rope. i don't actually see people i mean and i don't actually do with the new mood what it's supposed to be and i actually get with it but i just wave it around like this. and i think of stories and think of music and i imagine things and i daydream. visit to the rehearsal was over after just ninety minutes she says she really liked hearing her music and seeing the dancers. unfortunately now she has to leave. it's
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been. difficult to do if you know i have to fly out of a young no because i have to do something there tomorrow. and the day after tomorrow. i fly back to berlin a whole body of us is it's a bit complicated but it's ok. you get busy life. almost torture of wunderkind who was always on the goal. the five men featured in this week's high five we're all highly gifted soon but they had something else in common as well they were all vegetarians unlike today where that full industry has long since adapt it's to catering to people who don't eat meat it was a bit more complicated but here are. five thing this europeans who you probably didn't know were pushed ariens. is there a link between great intelligence and
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a vegetarian lifestyle that's not clear what we do know however is that genius physicist albert einstein adopted a vegetarian diet in the later stages of his life. einstein fifth in a ranking of famous european vegetarians once penned a letter saying he believes humans weren't born to be meat eaters that's one of einstein's theories that has yet to be proven. this historical figure meanwhile was one of the world's greatest natural scientists born in seven hundred sixty nine in berlin alexander for humboldt traveled the globe exploring its many wonders. he comes in at fourth place on our list convo chose a vegetarian lifestyle not only because of his respect for animals but also for ecological reasons he once wrote where a hunter lives ten shepherds one hundred farmers and a thousand gardeners can live wise words. this man is
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regarded as russia's finest writer of all time leo tolstoy born in nine hundred twenty eight he adopted a very healthy lifestyle as he grew older. tolstoy takes third place in our ranking at some stage the writer decided to do without alcohol cigarettes and meat. he said to have served his aunt a live chicken once along with a big knife and then supposedly told her you wanted chicken but none of us would kill it so you have to do it yourself. you know month old going from good to born in frankfurt in seven hundred forty nine had a lifelong hunger for knowledge is your vacation as a writer and poet is stellar and he also devoted much time to the natural sciences it was also health conscious and therefore opted for vegetarian fare putting him in second place are famous vegetarians drinking. good to was convinced that
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abstaining from meat was good for his brain and besides that he couldn't stand animal cruelty either. but this man arguably surpasses the hmong leonardo da vinci born in fourteen fifty two in italy is one of the brightest minds ever to have walked this earth given she was an artist scientist architect and inventor he takes the top spot in our ranking not for his many achievements but for his impressive commitment to terri and as a given she swore off meat when he was young and once prophesied the time will come when men will look upon the murder of animals as they look upon the murder of man. what images come to mind when you think of the typical gentleman somebody who dress like a madman on the motorway flashing his lights at anyone who doesn't get out of office
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away fast enough all spends his sundays polishing his much be left col well maybe our new facebook series that so gentleman would show he might just be. right. that's so. one two week cartoonist may go crimen days pokes fun at. typically johnny idiosyncracies. so we go weekly dose of german humor. i don't know but to the c.w. duramax facebook page. but although i am german i'm not at all like that but that is what all germans say now on a more serious note natural. of the kind of thing that most of us try to avoid
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for instance a volcano eruption burning heat and flowing lava and not the sort of things that make me want to hang around in iceland we met a guy who sees things very differently act in a zealots on is a photographer who specialized in volcanoes full more than thirty years now. molten lava fiery destruction and breathtaking beauty at the same time these photos capture the moment when of all painterly rocks they were taken by an icelandic photographer ragnar sigurdsson. across from photograph not. rush but it's over for all pushes you to agreement creatively you have to be very creative you have to be on your toes. he loves that one of ok no comes to life
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it gets as close as possible whether with his s.u.v. or a small plane. i've been very close i've been you know the beats away from growing . it's going very slowly. it's a safe distance. of course. about three hundred. mostly because i'm scared because things are happening and you know you're in first and i knew that. ragnar first rose to fame through his photos of iceland's most famous volcano the high if you outlaw your coat. the ash it produced when it erupted in two thousand and ten grounded flights across europe ragnar took ten thousand photos of the volcano breaking. through thinks for things to happen to see europe and its south because it's. the clouds of the one thousand.
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and everything everywhere and you can see the five. just stay there for hours and if. for more than thirty years no ragnar sigurdsson has been photographing landscapes and nature motifs all over the far north from greenland and norway to the north pole. but few places have as many natural wonders as his native iceland known as the land of fire and ice its one hundred thirty volcanoes and hot geysers of shape iceland's national identity. it's not the kind of just i think the whole nation is like that we all love their options. it's not their church i mean sometimes it can be made a good church can be life threatening but we have been blessed the past decades we
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only have it kind of. what are called tourist attractions. a photo shoot at a crater landscape near reykjavik it was created by a volcanic eruption thousands of years ago. capturing images of the volcanic rock under different light conditions fascinates ragnar sigurdsson. he's always aiming to try out new technologies and techniques. using a drone here experiments with unusual perspectives he says he's always on the hunt for the next killer shot. and there's always. another day another light another situation another perspective. another way to do it or wish. you never it's never done. ragnar sigurdsson remains true to his favorite subject the next volcanic eruption and i slammed is sure to come possibly with just
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a few minutes notice. and after all those amazing images we want to know what you like to photograph best you can upload one of your favorite photos to our website and you will automatically draw to an excuse if you're on the x. wrist watch so looking forward to seeing your picture and speaking of apple loading i'm sure a lot of you like to follow what's going on instagram. europe at its best your imax brings you the highlights on instagram stunning landscapes spectacular buildings and mouthwatering delicacies our reporters are constantly on the lookout with their cameras we look forward to your comments check out our draw maps
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instagram stories and discover how exciting and diverse a job can be. i was on instagram. traveling around the world and sampling the different food is something you can dream of but only very few of us can actually experience it in the polish capital what so you can find international cuisine brought together in one place and old mockers whole much of the building stuff empty for many many years but now it has found a new identity. and an epicurean paradise in the heart of warsaw the holocaust food hall down market. here visitors can sample an abundance of delicious polish and international dishes but not only that it's a stylish hangout as well. as the most yes but if one person might try a mexican dish another something indian or chinese there's everything your heart
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desires to share it on the exit and the place has a unique atmosphere to. them it's not like an ordinary restaurant but if that's the well we haven't tried the food yet but it looks very delicious we're just trying to find like a place to eat. this former market hall first opened its doors in one thousand nine hundred fortunately this stunning edifice was badly damaged in world war two and stood empty for a long time afterward. but the market hall is important for historical and emotional reasons today efforts are being made to reconnect to its past. several years ago an investor bought the old hall and renovated fusing elements of old and new much to the delight of the locals. this is the hallmark of r.d. it was once the city's best food market it also hosted boxing matches the new
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management is keen to retain that history thanks to sport on would you could i mean that the leases. there are many people who remember the old times. our job also consists of keeping that memory alive and telling people about it to business if you go to the boxing ring behind me as part of that effort you wonder what used to go on here. the pictures on the walls leave no doubt about what this place was once used for this fusion of past and present is what makes the hallmark farty so special. you know what it is the promise it's it's fun to sit here and reflect on the bill its history of. mosul and what it means to the city that i knew i wouldn't asher not know the hall is beautiful and so is the city and the food's great we're very happy it. was old market halls are new again and more popular than ever there are bound to be on many
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tourists list of things to see in the polish capital. and that brings us to the end of today's show don't forget you can fight a lot more about your remarks on a website check us out on social media but for now from me and the entire team here and thanks for tuning in and hope to see you again tomorrow bye bye. next time on your own max the house that's truly made to measure. floor is designed his home to fit on a small sloping lot that was once a vineyard. the outer walls are mainly composed of fifty eight glass panels which make the rooms look larger than they actually are tour of glass house in zurich next time on your own next.
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dividing reachin. capitalist cream. a city where social divides i'm strong enough. to make stream wells under extreme poverty. that makes me miss my bob while keeping the classes upon which the three thousand and thirty minutes want to w. . climate change. waste. pollution. isn't it time for good. to go at africa people and projects that are changing the
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environment for the better or. to us there from the committee. on the w. . you can tell a lot about a society by its garbage. it's worthless for the rich but for many poor people it offers their chance of survival. and i could be lunch for today just like us. reporters travel to nairobi. and meet people who know the true value of garbage. it has created a thriving parallel economy. book what does all this mean for economic inequality around the world you guys are starting class war pia the response to that state is to be yes we are starting class won't be at. the rich and the trash an
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exclusive resort starts november seventeenth on t.w. . frankfurt. international gateway to the best connection self road and rail. located in the heart of europe you are connected to the whole world. experience outstanding shopping and dining offers and try our services. biala gassed at frankfurt airport city managed by from a bought. this
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is due to be a news. live from berlin democrats win control of the u.s. house of representatives but president trump calls the midterm elections a tremendous success after a strong showing by republicans a democratic majority in the house could have for president from suggested up but the republicans make gains in the senate and beat back strong challenges from democrats in state governor races so what will these results mean for the second half of the trump presidency while full analysis from washington and our experts on staff.


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