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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  November 7, 2018 2:15pm-2:30pm CET

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that's coming up with ben facility in just about a minute's time i'm sorry kelly in berlin you're watching t.w. news thank you so much for joining us have a great day. it'll . move the. scars cover don't forget women in russia have to live with violence sexism and oppression a lot of us believe that violence is no amount of russia. where putin's petri arky rooms today women's rights were already gaining traction the hundred years ago.
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people here don't have a clue about salman ism but there are women who want to instigate change in everyday life for justice and equality. under the skin of russia's women starts nov thirteenth on g.w. . after a. good look at the. mixed but not shaken global stocks reflects the uncertainty over the u.s. needs of elections how will they affect trump's executive rate shown global trade. germany's wise men downgrade their economic outlook for the nation blaming global trade tensions and aging workers. and stuck in one of germany's the tory is dead spots mobile coverage help is on its way with the next generation of high speed net books. i mean physical and let's do business after the u.s.
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midterm elections in best as a bracing for a period of gridlock with neither party likely to be able to win that sweeping legislation economists believe president donald trump may not be able to cut taxes for the better it also means that his current tax cuts can be rolled back they believe the gridlock in washington will keep a check on some of trump's more disruptive market measures like the trade war with china some point out that the u.s. economy often performs well in control of congress is split between republicans and democrats we spoke earlier to frank's little league the head of the american chamber of commerce in germany and asked for his views on the election and what it means for german american trade. we on the one hand have to fear that the democrats and the republicans will not be able to work together at all that would mean no legislation of any type being passed we also have to be
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a little bit concerned that the democrats might use some of the control they gain in the house to launch a lot of investigations which maybe may have merit in some way but which certainly would distract the country from what it needs to do. on the other hand president trump has shown that he is willing and able to use his executive authority to do things basically the trade actions that he's doing are based for the most part on executive authority so i don't see least not initially a major shift in the trade situation unfortunately by the way of the european market reaction over to our financial correspondent in frankfurt called red bulls and german investors like the outcome is a case of shot in florida. well it's fair to say that trump is not particularly popular in germany not even among financial people but the positive reaction on the equity market on the stock markets here in france for today is not really shocking freude it's more that people in the markets are bit
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more confident you know the chief of the german american chamber of commerce we just heard about the relationship between at least europe and the united states with the democrats coming to coming back into power in the house of representatives hopes are rising here that you know the tone between the americans and at least the europeans might become a bit more conciliatory and also people here are continuously confident about the u.s. economy the democrats in the house will do nothing to really muffle or significantly slow down the economy in the u.s. on the contrary it's likely that they will seek some sort of cooperation with the trump administration at least in some fields like. infrastructure bill not a big one like trump has promised but at still something to keep the economy in the u.s. going what about u.s. government debt something the americans never seem worried about. that's true but
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people in the financial markets have been quite worried about reckless way that the administration has you know done policies likely to increase the budget deficit in the u.s. and here the market or a majority of people i talked to are hopeful that the democrats in the house will prevent the budget deficit in the u.s. to widen too much that's reflected for example on the bond markets today where the yield on the ten year government bond the u.s. treasury bond has come down somewhat and also the dollar is slightly weaker today it was with the market reaction of those midterms thank you. the german council of economic. predicts the national economy to grow by only one point six percent this year at the previous estimate of two point three percent they say the government has a number of problems to address because of the aging population the report suggests increasing the retirement age and lowering taxes council also urges the government
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to take precautions against the ongoing trade war germany relies heavily on exports putting it in a precarious position. allows fed is on that council of economic experts and joins us now just how much of an effect is that trade war having on germany. while the trade force is actually not affecting german economic growth in the course of this year that much we expect a little bit more of a negative effect next year what we see in this year is a special effect from the motiv industries we have a negative third quarter economic growth which is just due to the adoption to the new emission control system to cross rate of the capacity of the potential growth rate in the future. what about the u.s. needs how could they change how trump does trade really don't expect much of
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a change to the midterms on the one side. president from conducts its trade policy meaning mainly with with his executive authority it's possible to do it without congress on the other side and democrats in the past have not been that eager to. achieve free trade traditionally it has been the republicans that are pursuing free trade in the us not a democrat so i don't expect much of a change here ok here's something that is changing it's changing fast germany's aging workers are we'll going to have to work longer. we will have to work longer we will have the retirement age at sixty seven years until twenty twenty nine and there must be a further increase in the future we are very critical of the. idea is to
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fix that replacement ratio on the one side and the contribution rates on the other side beyond the year twenty twenty five because this would mean that. there must be increases in taxes in order to finance that so i am going to have to hang around here a little longer work a little longer. you know we're all just i don't know how old you are but getting on what we what we have what we're talking about is an increase in. the legal retirement age after twenty thirty going to what's twenty sixty and. of course also must be a further increase until twenty eighty according to the protections that we currently have felt thank you very much for joining us here on the. thank you airbus and boeing have called for an end to the u.s. china trade dispute executives of the two worlds largest plane makers and bitter rivals made the announcement at an air show in china country has become
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a key hunting ground for aircraft manufacturers looking to expand their business because of the surge in air travel to companies worried that the ongoing trade conflict could deal rail orders from china passenger aircraft or one of china's biggest imports from both the u.s. and europe conflicts could push beijing to look for alternative options. in germany one of the most developed countries in the world some people still struggle to get mobile phone reception with the old three g. and four g. networks meanwhile the next generation is almost you know it's still a daily new since for many germans searching for good network coverage many find this unacceptable for a leading industrial nation. things haven't been up to scratch so far with the theater i'm just asking that we actually get what's promised at the spectrum auction this time chronic boredom is. the federal network agency wants ninety eight percent of homes to have access to five g.
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but an estimated ten to twenty percent of the total land will still be under supplied especially in areas where few people live or where motorways old railway is from three. the minister for digital infrastructure refuses to accept that considering the money involved. when we're talking billions we'll establish very clear means of controlling and sanctioning so we get complete coverage because. we're real communities also want good reception a network operators fit the high costs of one hundred percent coverage no non-sport and with ninety nine percent population coverage we'll cover about ninety percent of the london germany that's was in germany is thirty percent forest was four turned on and it had one gate dacha germany is heading for a digital world than the network needs to be available everywhere digitalisation everywhere regardless of whether you live in a city or in the countryside or off. industries like smart manufacturing and
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autonomous driving are also pushing for the next generation of my pal coverage. b.m.w. profits plunk in the third quarter the german comic book is that a twenty four percent decline in earnings to one point four billion dollars in bubble he blamed a number of factors for the fall in profits including the us china trade war and the extra cost of implementing topic you were mission standards the company also had to recall three hundred thousand cars in august in light of all of that b.m.w. had already warned that earnings margins and profits would fall. at the german arm of u.s. asif manage a firm blackrock is under investigation for fraud the world's largest fund manager is suspected of so called come x. deals a practice of rapid share trading that generates multiple tax rebates for investors blackrock surged to munich on china germany's blackrock cham and fleet a schmetz is in the running to take over from uncle americal as leader of the
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c.d.u. party the transactions in question happened before twenty eleven and metz and he joined the company in twenty sixteen he said that black rock will fully cooperate with the investigation. doing business with it.
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nineteen eighteen long forgotten the w.c. november focus. hello and welcome to our show to your lacks the life that europe has what's coming up today. impressive showcasing tell us that feeling and it's stunning up in studies. seven cents a day in the life of a young musician i am not so i shut.


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