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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 7, 2018 10:00pm-10:15pm CET

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this is d.w. newsline from berlin another head rolls at the trump white house attorney general said jeff sessions has hinted in his resignation that after being asked to step down by the us president says since removal could have far reaching implications for the russia. also coming up the news comes as trump pills the midterm elections as a historic success for his republican party they increased their majority in the u.s. senate but lost control of the house and the woman him picked by germany's
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chancellor to take her place today the woman known as a cape king officially entered the race to be the next head of the c.d.u. party will she be able to fend off the other two candidates who are vying for the top job. i'm bringing off it's good to have you with us tonight the president trump has fired u.s. attorney general jeff sessions the move comes straight after those midterm elections yesterday donald trump clearly wasting no time there trump has long expressed frustration with sessions after he recused himself from the investigation into links between trump's presidential campaign and russia in his resignation letter sessions made it clear that he's leaving at trump's request democrats are now very concerned that his removal may be a prelude. to ending or limiting the russia crowed.
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all right with joining me here the big table is julius for the large he's a political campaign consultant he was one of the engineers of u.s. president barack obama's when he campaigns back in the day two thousand and eight two thousand and twelve she was good to have you on the program does the else thing of jeff sessions one day after the midterms i mean did you expect you see this coming did you expect this i think there are some signs again democrats now have tremendous power checks and balances are in place nancy pelosi is probably going to be the speaker again just tremendous experience on how congress works and i think they have the subpoena power to of course look into aspects not just the tax returns for donald trump but also of course what happened with russia and you know this is an opel flag for trump has been for two years now and i think this might be the first step sessions now gone maybe next part is rosenstein and then of course he can actually fire mahler's so maybe that's
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a trajectory wrong i mean do you see the you see this having a have a direct consequences for moer in the investigation into those possible ties between the trump campaign and russia it could of course again we're just speculating here it will be on president of course i think everyone has a right to find out what's been there trump has said at the press conference today that you know there's absolutely nothing they've been on a witch hunt for why now now democrats actually have the tools to go after it much more effectively they have the subpoena power they can ask people to come and testify before them they can actually have a look at all those documents so maybe this is something we're donald trump and then restrictions running scared say let's cut off our loose ends again just sessions with him behind us was unwilling to recuse himself and maybe that's why he got kind of lose that's right jews from the lawrence stand by we also want to get your take on these midterm elections in the united states he was president donald trump saying that republicans and i'm quoting here defy. history in the mid-term
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elections in his first news conference since the vote trump said that his vigorous campaigning had allowed republicans to expand their majority in the senate but the democrats have taken control of the house of representatives the president more democrats not to go after him in his administration now that they have the power to subpoena but he also reached out to democrats saying that he believed that they could maybe work together hopefully we can all work together next year to continue delivering for the american people including on economic growth infrastructure trade lowering the cost of prescription drugs these are some of the things that the democrats do want to work on and i really believe will be able to do that i think we're going to have a lot lot of a lot of reason to. i mean when i heard that in the press conference the reaction was where is the president what have you done with them because this is a donald trump's sounding like a a bridge builder that's not what we're used to the democrats julies they're now in
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a position as you said to check his power is that going to make it easier or more difficult to work with him well again you know midterm elections are over but the two thousand and twenty lection campaign has started today and of course democrats will need to distance himself continued to distance himself from donald trump but they can't be viewed as the do nothing congress so they actually have to be very careful on were they going to be working together with him keep in mind it's not just the subpoena power that nancy pelosi now holds but they also have the power of the purse they can have the funding bill rejected from if he says well infrastructure let's do it they can say we're not going to pay for it we're going to reject the budget for instance so there's actually quite a negotiation taking place with the democrats and this of course something that the president said he is the you know. the architect of the art of the deal that will see how far that goes today repeatedly he compared this midterm election with obama's first midterm election in two thousand and ten i mean his conclusion today
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was that obama was poison for his own fellow democrats in congress trump said that he intimated that he is a voter magnet for the republicans one from a communications strategy i fully understand why donald trump did that exactly that you know president obama back in two thousand and ten had a shellacking that's what he called it and chump you know didn't have didn't suffer nearly as close. as bad of losses as obama did i think kept the senate of course so you know some positions felt that way but keep in mind i mean democrats did come back it was in a blue way that some democrats had hoped for but it was a record turnout new voter groups came in i think there's one thing that is very concerning to report from republicans an especially donald trump this is the female vote or socially these. the bourbon the female voter and the independents you know keep in mind democratic turnout went up with young voters african-americans latino voters but again if can't get back those suburban women well educated voters i
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don't see how reelections can be on the table you know let's talk about the women we have to talk about the performance of women in this race i mean this is being called the year of the women i mean i want you to take a listen to what nancy pelosi just had to say about just the number of women in the morning seats in the u.s. congress to. yesterday in their can elect an extraordinary class of dynamic and diverse democratic candidate women led the way to victory with at least thirty new weening coming to the congress is that not exciting and there's still some races that are not finalized yet so there could be more. so you know for the first time in history there's going to be one hundred women in the house of representatives next year what does that say about the power dynamics in politics in the us i mean considering the fact that we were still waiting to have a a woman president in american well i don't think we should focus on candidates
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right now but it's clear maybe it was in the blue wave it was maybe a pink waif and maybe that's also what we see with the dress choice that nancy pelosi actually wasn't by chance it was wearing on a pinch as you begin to reckon number of women elected to congress stacey abramson tensely taken the governorship in georgia will see there probably will be a recount. so so it has been the year of the woman and this is been chew within the debates with donald trump and he has mobilized women started going to very day after his inauguration with the women's march in washington the hearing with brett kavanaugh i mean there have been so many issues the abortion issue the female vote is fired up especially on the democratic side but let's also keep in mind it wasn't just democrats who were able to mobilize their base and move mobilize women voters don't get out of space as well that's very there's a very good point to make there julie's from the lawn a political campaign strategist and a veteran of the obama campaigns from two thousand and eight two thousand and
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twelve is always good to have you think you can well as we just heard one of these excess stories of the midterms is the record number of women who were elected to the house of representatives especially democrats the youngest woman is alexandria ocasio cortez she won her new york district with nearly eighty percent of the vote . these young voters are waiting in line outside a new york club not to dance the night away but to celebrate a new political phenomenon. she's a candidate for the people and that's was really important she's somebody who's out here fighting for us who's like us alexandra. a democrat is the youngest woman ever elected to congress for many of the twenty nine year old politician is the polar opposite of donald trump she supports universal health care immigrants rights free education and affordable housing those were the key issues that the seventy eight percent of voters in her district who backed our deepest challenges are not left and right they are not red in blue they are top and bottom
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they are bright and rob alexandria ocasio cortez is part of what's being called a rainbow waving congress with most seats going to women people of color and other minorities than ever before. and i think it's a profound message that in order for us to make sure that in order for us to make sure that our interests are being championed we need to have a seat at the table and that new voice might just shake up the democratic party's old constitution. was not reports from pakistan suggested the christian woman recently released from death row is out of jail and on the move but right now her stand this is unclear some officials say that the a baby has just been transferred to a facility in his lama bad for security reasons local media say that authorities are preparing to fly her out of the country the last week pakistan's supreme court
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acquitted her of blasphemy charges that triggered violent protests by islam is groups who want to see her publicly executed. in cameroon seventy nine boarding school students who were kidnapped by separatists have been released reports say the kidnappers are still holding three adult hostages from the school. well the children between the ages of eleven and seventeen were seized early monday morning in a bomb in death that's the capital of the northwest region of the country no single group says that it carried out the kidnapping but separatist militias have been calling for a school boycott where donald trump is in the middle of his first term as president uncle americal she is in her final term as chancellor today one of miracles closes allies launched her campaign to lead the chancers conservative c.d.u. party her name is on the grits crump current is also known as a k k of the position of c.d.u.
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leader is all important here in germany the party leader is almost guaranteed a chance to become the next chancellor. she is uncle america was anointed successor. and it was the chancellor's legacy that the great crime carabao up on that fest in his speech is just as end and. this is the end of an era in which there are many personal relationships as many personal experiences that i connect with i'm glad machall. but this is also the end of an era that has changed and shaped the seaview year in a very special and lasting way and. come about with state premier of zante before i'm going to macro bruto to belin as secretary general of the c.d.u. in that position crime care about has effectively been met cose right hand woman
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but with many in the party disillusioned with medical and have governing coalition had challenge will be to step out of medical shadow and shop and her own profile. today she said it was time to open a new chapter. yet she refused to criticize the chancellor's controversial immigration policy saying the challenge now is to find solutions and you know. when somebody knocks on our door and we take the men and give them protection if they then abuse that protection to commit crimes here how should we deal with that and those are the questions that people expect answers to but they don't text back to us to discuss three years later whether what happened in two thousand and fifteen was right or wrong. america's refugee policy has come under heavy criticism not least from one of crum current powers contenders for the party leadership. on who currently serves as health minister and
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her cabinet met with c.d.u. members in north rhine-westphalia on choose day along with math who is also standing both the seen as more conservative than the chancellor and have vowed to move the c.d.u. further to the right the new leader will be elected at a party conference on the seventh of december. well formula one is a new grand prix will be held in the vietnamese capital of hanoi starting in two thousand and twenty it will join the already well established asian races in singapore china and japan street through the heart of the noise is the first new grand prix to be confirmed since us owners liberty media took over the sport last year. really many ways. of the world today we have races great races japan china singapore. but it is clearly a growing increasingly important part of the world and so to be able to. also very
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important to us and i think we've really gotten a track that will be great for racing great. and really a great experience for the fans who are who are there. to see that. we've been fighting for decades to be taken seriously in the world of what appears us coming out. on t w. superhero on a mission smart women smart talks smart station and legend decent by known.


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