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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  November 8, 2018 4:02am-4:16am CET

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mixed but not shaken global stocks reflect on certainty over the u.s. need term elections how will they affect trump's executive reach on global trade also coming up germany's economic sages downgrade their economic outlook for the nation blaming global trade tensions and aging. and madagascar's crippling water problem and what activists are doing to improve sanitation the population. this is your business update i'm helena humphrey in berlin thanks for joining me well investors now find themselves facing a period of gridlock after the results of the u.s. midterm elections with need a party likely to be able to enact sweeping legislation economists believe president donald trump may not be able to cut taxes further but it also means that his current tax cuts can't be rolled back they believe the gridlock in washington will keep a check on some of trump's more disruptive market measures like the trade war with
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china some point out that the u.s. economy often performs well when control of congress is split between republicans and democrats. at least the result of this election shows that the democracy in the united states is still alive and there are controversial debates. also for all of business crucial topics and one major topic is trade policy off donald trump conflict so big conflict. almost starting trade war against china which is threatening the whole world economy and on the other side the trade conflict with the european union. from the point of view of the german economy we have little. hope that the election results will
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change anything we shouldn't forget that there are also many democrats who support the administration's course trump administration's trade agenda remains a threat to the global economy. minister to on phone president tom is now before a nigga fall for david to achieve to president trump is. is living very much from one moment to the next and this is the danger i see in his policy there is no long term strategy there's no wish for long term stability there is no fear for what is he causing his aggression so i don't think that there will be a major bettering it might even get worse. the they're of german business and industry now i want to go straight over to wall street we can bring in our financial correspondent sophie szymanski he's who is standing by now with analysis
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from wall street now sophie of course we can always talk about investor reaction to election results but what was pretty spectacular today was chum's prints press conference he peed aggressive. towards reporters one of markets made a front. well i actually watched the news conference on the trading floor together with some of the traders and i think they mostly agree that louise seemed irritated over the course of nearly ninety minutes he has swung repeatedly between calling for unity and attacking democrats and some members of his own party but he was freed and the training for intel and i know it is not that easy to find someone who's actually critical off the president but this speech and his aggressive manner cost some of the traders standing next to me while watching it to shake their heads one of them said trump is being attacked and now he's defending himself blindly and
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from the outside it looked definitely pretty directionless emotional and almost as if he was unprepared but the traitorous didn't care in the end neither did the investors the markets were up and can we glean anything about the direction all future economic policy from walt the president had to say today. not really has this also shows how weird this news conference was it seems to leave out important aspects this touch on the gridlock trying to find unity with the democrats though that probably is not likely to happen and he mentioned tax cuts for the middle class but he didn't get too deep into this issue he also recently mentioned the foreign bill he wants and he talked about. did with japan but that was basically it said bring us the latest from new york so if you thank you.
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well after the midterm elections that is when u.s. politicians said they'd consider what is known as the bill from hell a lot proposal that would carry plenty of new economic sanctions against russia and of course off the midterm elections it's now with a democrat strength and many believe russia could be hit even harder so is moscow concert we want to a russian under german resources conference in post on here in germany to find out . it's a long day of speeches and pennell talks networking and some more networking business as usual it seems but what about the looming threat of a new set of u.s. sanctions on moscow. mission yes we have to wait and see what sanctions are coming or if they're coming at them and if they do come we'll find a convincing solution on for giving is a portal to both organs. but the mood among russian businesses this last relaxed
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roughly nine out of ten fear u.s. sanctions a study found and what's more they could threaten international projects like north stream to the nine point five billion euro gas pipeline under construction between russia and germany european investors might pull out to avoid getting penalized by the u.s. . this is a desert the project could be delayed and take longer than planned. but it's a completely commercial project which is profitable for everyone involved so i'm convinced it will be completed successfully in your bizarre story but i believe that it is on. the german economy minister i mean was stressed that germany is standing with russia at least on this project. the german council of economic experts predicts the national economy to grow by only one point six percent this year about down from a previous estimate of two point three percent they say the government has
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a number of problems to address because of the aging population the report suggests increasing the retirement age and lowering taxes the council also watches the government to take who sions against the on going trade or germany relies heavily on exports pushing it in a precarious position. on the island of madagascar frequent droughts in an exploding city population have made clean drinking water water a scarce resource many of the city's slum dwellers in the capital antenna reaver rely on contaminated water collected from swamps and self built swells but simple and effective means the organization water and sanitation for the urban poor proves that not much money is needed to provide clean water. a crew from madagascar is national water utility is repairing a broken pipe in one town in a river. about forty percent of the city's drinking water is lost gigia leaks like
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these repair teams are advised and trained on how to detect and fix such leaks by the n.g.o.s water and sanitation for the urban poor or was up to me of us are at record as on is the program office. they've been the source doesn't need to be. creating a new to. lead to my needs in that they're managing those source that they have now so but the management says the only thing to do to improve the service that they need to get. up is working to improve and tunnel or evil as water management the metropolitan areas population has doubled to some three million over the past twenty years. two thirds of the people have no access to clean drinking water according to what's up about one quarter of the deaths among children under the age of five here linked to water borne disease.
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rivers ira and her team it was up helped provide basic infrastructure to prevent waste water from polluting the environment and improve access to clean water in partnership with the city the n.g.o.s has already built five hundred water kiosks that sell drinking water they've also been. laundry blocks across the city many locals still rely on contaminated surface water to meet their daily needs to be cooked by a river which passes through a tunnel or evil is the city's largest source of water local people fish and do they washing here but the water is contaminated by rule sewage only a part of one ton of their evil is connected to the sewage system and none of the waste water is properly treated. the director of the municipal waste water facility worries that environmental pollution will soon make it impossible to provide local residents with safe drinking water.
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with respect to the quality of the drinking water is environmental degradation. our facilities have to operate at full capacity just choose meet the needs as best we can on this matter. with what subsystems the city has drafted a proposal to expand its waste water treatment facilities these improvements in water management are urgently needed as. those only two will otherwise the it will not be a source of life but a threat to the local environment and people. that's it you're up to date with the latest from the wild of business from all find us on facebook follow us on twitter on there as well head on the sea home free is my handle thanks ever feel company i'll be back tomorrow same time same place so you can.
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