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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 8, 2018 2:00pm-2:15pm CET

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bridge to the trash museum report starts nov seventeenth on g.w. . this is news the line from bird land u.s. president donald trump fires attorney general jeff sessions and maine's a critic of the russian approach to brooklyn accent sessions was one of trump's earliest backers now he's another cabinet casualty the future of an investigation into russian election meddling at stake how will the newly elected democratic house react it will have more from washington was also coming up
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a gunman opens fire inside of a crowded california bar at least a dozen are dead including the shooter and a police officer who was killed trying to save those trapped inside cars rushed out over the fate of a christian woman guilty of blasphemy in pakistan i.c.m.p. is out of jail but after narrowly escaping the death sentence for life still in jeopardy. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program we begin in washington with a cabinet shakeup that has created a pit a little firestorm president trump has fired jeff sessions as attorney general sessions was one of the first to endorse trump during his twenty sixteen campaign but the president has long expressed frustration with sessions after he recused
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himself from the russia probe. jeff sessions now the former u.s. attorney general fired by donald trump applauded by his staff as he leaves the justice department the attorney general oversees the department and it's the department that's in charge of special counsel thank you very much believes u.s. intelligence agencies believe russia try to sway the election in favor of trump and special counsel miller is investigating with a trump and his aides colluded let's stay away let's stay away u.s. politicians worry that trump is trying to hold the investigation putting someone in charge who's willing to stop the russia probe protecting. and his investigation is paramount it would create a constitutional crisis if this were a preload to ending or greatly limiting the mauler investigation because jeff sessions was involved in trump's presidential campaign
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he formally stepped aside from overseeing miller getting miller the freedom he required to fully investigate. sessions replacement is matthew whitaker he's openly critical of the investigation and he may have the power to end it you're going to get hit with the hiring and firing attorney generals is commonplace in american politics but rarely has it been so controversial. for more let's bring in scott lucas professor of international politics and american studies at the university of birmingham scott what is likely to happen to the mall or investigation now. well it depends on who wins the battle of what donald trump confirmed yesterday although we've launched a fact of this is that he and his inner circle are not going to stop until they can significantly limit and probably shut down the investigation we had expected that just sessions would be removed after the election what surprised me and a lot of others is health quickly donald trump moved yesterday he clearly was
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rattled that on tuesday the democrats took the lower house of congress in the u.s. midterm elections he knows that those democrats can support them or investigation and so he's acted this quickly by putting in a man as you would occur who has already said that the investigation should be significantly restricted i expect that the immediate stuff will be that matthew will occur as acting attorney general will veto any subpoena by robert mueller to question donald trump and then supported by allies in the process donald trump and his group are going to try to say that robert mueller is illegitimate and set up for his dismissal now will that succeed two questions one is there enough resistance in congress not just from democrats but some republicans to try to check this and to how does robert moore move legally with this process when is he ready to present the evidence not only against allies of donald trump the donald trump himself that's probably going to be in the spring so like is donald trump in his
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inner circle let's say four months to get him out to fire him before they have to face the music. so and that's actually not the only news that we have coming from washington because also yesterday during the president's press conference there was a dispute between the president and a c.n.n. reporter jim acosta asked the president about the migrant caravan headed north and things really heated up i'd like to play this video and then get your reaction after there we go well if you go on as president that this caravan was an invasion as you know i despise your senator to be to as you know this president karen was not an invasion it's a it's a group of migrants moving up from central america towards the border with the u.s. thank you for to know what why did you why did you characterize it as such. and i consider it an invasion you and i have a difference of opinion do you think that you demonized immigrants know this election or i want them i want them to come into the country but they have to come
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in legally you know they have to come in jim through a process i wanted to be a process and i want people to come in and we need the people you're here play that you're clipping wait you know why we need the people because we have hundreds of companies moving in we need people there hundreds of miles away that there are hundreds and hundreds of more along the way that's under debate and honestly more no way that's not an invasion honestly i think you should let me run the country you run c.n.n. and if you did it well your ratings let me ask you if i may ask one of the hoarseness present i think that's an ask one of the other folks that's a tough for me ma'am on the story that's enough the president had one of the donors that i may ask you on on the russian vest occasion are you concerned that that you may have not did i heard about anything with you may have. been because it's a hoax or you that's enough put down the mike the terror watch c.n.n. should be ashamed of itself having you working for them you are a rude terrible person you shouldn't be working for c.n.n. . so that is the video scott the battle between the president and the press is of
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course not what was special though about this particular situation. well part of this is personal donald trump despises any journalist who questions down and because he was so upset on tuesday over the elections he lashed out at someone he especially despises jim acosta and c.n.n. but part of it is linked to the russian bust a geisha because the tactics of trumpet his team are going to be trumped crush of escalations fake news supported by fake media so as robert miller closes in and as they become war concerned about trying to get rid of him they are going to use the cover of these attacks on the process to say this is not a legitimate investigation anyone who questions us is not legitimate so this is just the start there will be more jim acosta's who will feel the wrath of the president because it is just crunch ego now is trying to battle for survival as part of a campaign to get away from russia and to get away from robert mueller thank you so
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much for joining us to say that the u.s. got lucas professor of international politics and american studies at the university of birmingham we appreciate it. staying in the united states and some breaking news now from the state of california where at least twelve people have been killed by a gunman who stormed a bar in the los angeles suburb of thousand oaks police say that the attacker died inside of that venue the suspect has not yet been identified a sheriff's deputy responding to the incident is among those killed authorities say it's not get known if there is a terrorism link local law enforcement officials say hundreds of people were inside the bar at the time of the shooting. let's get a quick check now some other stories making news around the world canada's prime minister justin trudeau has apologized in parliament for his country's one nine hundred thirty nine refusal to accept a ship carrying over nine hundred german jews fleeing nazi persecution. said that the apology was long overdue the ship the st louis was forced to return to europe
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where hundreds of those on board later died in nazi concentration camps. the indian capital delhi was covered in and fix blanket of smog a day after diwali celebrations local reports say that the air quality deteriorated to very poor after many people ignored a firecracker curb set by the country's supreme court. the pakistani christian woman who had her death penalty overturned last week has been released from prison and initial reports suggest that b.b. had been flown out of the country but the government says that she is still in pakistan bibi spent eight years in jail for blasphemy she's been accused of insulting the prophet muhammad her acquittal triggered by a little protest by islamist groups who calls for her immediate execution her lawyer has been granted temporary refuge in the netherlands after receiving death threats in pakistan. what would you do if fascists took power
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what if your neighbor was being persecuted would you hide from them from the authorities while. how much would you risk to help someone else questions made the difference between life and death for many people during germany's third rice yesterday the state of israel honored some who risked everything to help others we met a man whose life depended on the courage of another. culture frankenstein is a fighter the ninety four year old travels to berlin several times a year for his care home in stockholm he never wanted to return to germany it was here that he was enlisted into forced labor because of his jewish heritage and it was here that he and his young family survived the holocaust. and. this is what i had to wear and this is what i was led to given to wear. the medal
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is for my work with young people to do my bit to ensure democracy in germany is maintained. he's proud of his order of merit medal. that he has long focused on honoring the memory of those who risked their lives to protect him and other jews in that sea berlin. mind-o. them the law you've set of my entire family. if it were not for them we would not have survived your. hands in cash a famous actor was one of those who risked everything to help walter and his cousin onscreen he often played the ladies' man but during the holocaust he took on a different role in the early one nine hundred forty s. he worked with the lawyer hines gets left to hide several jews they risked their lives providing places to stay and fake passports the holocaust remembrance center
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yad vashem has now honored them posthumously as righteous among the nations. you don't buy into devout or ever since i've known you and it's been a number of years now you've told me turncoat should be honored thank you without you we'd probably not be here from. israel's ambassador to germany jeremy is presented the medals and certificates for the relatives of those honored it was almost overwhelming. i'm only here because i happen to be related to hands on but i'm very grateful to have this great person as part of my family history so my notice is only a few of the estimated seven thousand jews who hid in berlin survived the nazi era dr frankenstein is thought to be the only one who made it with his whole family.
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comes immediately plucked up his courage and helped us from the start. with clothes food in some way to stay or get the feel of that there are four pillars on which survival is built the thinnest impudence no fear good friends and great luck for when. he says now the fight is to defend democracy against populism he wants to take an active part in german politics by applying for a german passport so he can vote here. football news now and by our in munich have edged closer to the champions league knockout stages with a two no win over eighty k. athens robert leven dusky scored both goals to ease the pressure on the coach nico
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kovacs elsewhere manchester city made easy work of shocked our donetsk but they'll have to wait to confirm their place in the last sixteen after hoffenheim last gasp equaliser in a two all draw with leone real madrid also enjoyed a big win meanwhile manchester united stunned juventus with two late goals cancelling out a strike from christianity rinaldo. emotions were running high after that late and drama entering and united coach joe's a muddy new caused controversy with his for vocative celebrations united's win came in the eighty ninth minute and after the final whistle this gesture from letting you know invited a furious response from the event as players former interim along coach muddy and you know i've been booed by the home fans during the game and was unrepentant in the post match press conference. no physical insult as what the fans did to me that's an insult this just a reason defensive this means let me hear you loud i want to hear you now but
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obviously with a cool head i wouldn't have done it the work of and with that you are up to date on news i'm sarah kelly in berlin thank you so much for watching don't forget you can find more on our website www dot com you can follow me on social media have a great day. the story shows the story of the first movie more told from different perspectives by peter craven from the eastern european perspective from because for a compass there from the perspective turkey from the arab world. t w dot com slash w w one.


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