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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 8, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm CET

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this is news and live from berlin a gunman opens fire inside of a crowded california bar. it's a horrific scene in america there was blood everywhere. and least a dozen are dead including a veteran police officer who was killed trying to save those trapped inside also coming up what next for the russia probe questions of balance after u.s. attorney general jeff sessions inspired the president trump names a critic of the russian investigation to replace him plus fresh doubt over the fate
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of a christian woman acquitted of blasphemy in pakistan. out of jail but after narrowly escaping a death sentence her life is still in jeopardy. and honoring those who risked everything to help others nearly eighty years after an infamous nazi pogrom against jews a holocaust survivor returns to berlin to pay tribute to the people who saved his life from. the demons e.e.o. joe kayser praises saudi arabia's vision of a high tech future but after the killing of a saudi journalist he says quote the business as usual is no longer an option. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program we begin with a mass shooting in the u.s. state california of. so for now at least twelve people have been killed after
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a gunman opened fire in a bar in the los angeles suburb of thousand oaks the attack took place late on wednesday during a night for college students police say that a sheriff's deputy responded to the incident is among those who have been killed hundreds of people were inside of this bar at the time of the shooting authorities say that the attacker died inside of the venue let's bring in jason campbell donia a reporter covering this story for us live from los angeles jason what more can you tell us about what happened here. well it turns out that last night to the bar it was college country night so kids in their twenty's college students from all over southern california went to this bar to have fun line dancing drink specials things like that and what we know what we're getting from witnesses
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accounts is that the gunman dressed in black he seems to be a born in one thousand ninety is a white male who is about twenty eight years old heavily tattooed wearing all black walked up to them in taking i.d.'s the doorman at the front of the valar shot and killed him with his single forty five caliber and gun then walked into the bar and was randomly picking people to kill shot here shot their shot here shot there and then the stampede started stampede people are trying to get out trying to get away it doesn't more hurt in that action there when the ventura county sheriff's sergeant got the call of shots fired he burst through the door and was shot multiple times he's a twenty nine year veteran of the force he leaves behind a wife and a son when the second wave of first responders showed up that gunman was already dead do we know anything more about this twenty eight year old the you have just told us about here any possible motive who this individual was. not at the
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moment in ventura county investigators are keeping this very close to that they're not releasing his name we're not exactly sure if there might have been some sort of manifesto which we often find in times like these where we have not the only information that we have about twenty years old heavily tattooed wearing black apparently had black sunglasses on and a black one witness called it in quick disguise and that's as far as we go right now another mass shooting in the united states in this case at least twelve people we know at this hour dead in los angeles jason kaput donia reporting from that city thank you so much thank you. we're going to head to washington now where a cabinet shakeup has created a political firestorm president trump has fired jeff sessions as attorney general the president has long expressed frustration with sessions after he recused himself from the russia probe now democrats and even some republicans are worried about
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what his removal could mean for that investigation. jeff sessions now the former u.s. attorney general fired by donald trump applauded by his stuff as he leaves the justice department the attorney general oversees the department and it's the department that's in charge of special counsel robert miller's mystic ation into russia's possible role in the two thousand and sixteen presidential election and election to put trump into office. thank you very much believes u.s. intelligence agencies believe russia trying to sway the election in favor of trump and special counsel miller is investigating with a trump and his aides colluded let's stay away let's stay away u.s. politicians worried that trump is trying to hold the investigation putting someone in charge who's willing to stop the russia probe protecting. mauler and his investigation is paramount. it would create
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a constitutional crisis if this were pretty lewd to ending or greatly limiting the mall or investigation because jeff sessions was involved in trump's presidential campaign he formally stepped aside from overseeing miller getting miller the freedom he required to fully investigate. sessions replacement is matthew whitaker he's openly critical of the investigation and he may have the power to end it you're going to get it with the pirating and firing attorney generals is commonplace in american politics but rarely has it been so controversial. they have statements from every one of them we have that story isn't the only one causing upset in washington right now the white house has decided to revoke a c.n.n. reporter jim acosta was pressed asked restricting the journalists access to the white house have a look. in the terms that is there we go well if you want as president that this
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curve in this heated exchange caused a seasoned journalist access to the west wing. that's a white house intern trying to grab the microphone from c.n.n.'s jim acosta he had challenge president trump about his rhetoric towards migrants and then turned his attention to the investigation into russian election meddling. because the trump lashed out at acosta are you worried about indictments coming down to watch c.n.n. should be ashamed of itself having you working for them you are a rude terrible person you shouldn't be working for c.n.n. . the white house then accused the cost of placing his hands on the aide and suspended his press pass. that's a that's one of the other folks that's for me but c.n.n. says there reporter is being punished for challenging the president the news network has called the move a threat to democracy coming down and there were other moments of tension between
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the president and journalists. the boss will not agree with interviewers either so i understand to be out over the course of the just sit down place this standoff marks an escalation of hostilities between the trumpet ministration and the media and a lot you are the enemy of the people go ahead mr president over the course over the course of the last several days of the campaign sir is such a hostile media it's so said us could be but no you rudely interrupted him you rudely interrupted him let's get more now on scott griffin as deputy director of the international press institute in vienna welcome to the program as we just saw there i mean this route between president trump and the press it seems to be a never ending story but but what is so distinct about this particular incident. well as was mentioned in the report it is an escalation it's an escalation of what we've been seeing go over the past two years on the trail of the ministration and
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it shows again at the trumpet ministration the president himself as i'm able to to handle aggressive questioning led the kind that was coming from jim acosta but i think that the move to a reporter from the white house was something very dramatic it is discrimination against a media outlet for asking aggressive questions but i think that it goes even beyond that i mean if you look at the fact that the white house has been accused of spreading a doctor version of the video from the press conference from the conspiracy site for boys to support it's incorrect version of events i think it makes very clear again that the government is going to undermine critical journalism what is president trumps the white house's overall strategy when they attack the media. i think the strategy is i mean on the one hand the president clearly doesn't have an appreciation for the media's role in democracy at a basic level but i think the strategy is to undermine critical journalism without
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resorting to tactics that we see in authoritarian regimes locking journalists bringing criminal charges against it's a way of taking away the geneseo of critical media and musically blending the impact that this type of hard hitting reporting can have again without resorting to sort of straw man tactics of the kind that we see you know in turkey or other places around the world and the united states the protections of the first amendment are quite strong when it comes to a free press free speech but going to be a sorts of incidents that we're seeing coming out of the white house well what do you think the international implications might be. international obligations are enormous and they're all negative he united states has been a force for many decades a. really a pillar when it comes to supporting press freedom and free expression around the
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world and to have someone in the position of president trump of using this type of language with this type of action against individual charnel as it's a gives cover through the worst kinds of dictators like you see around the world basically to do the same thing but worse it gives cover to violent extremists you know the president's words and actions matter we saw just recently the fact that the nigerian army borrowed the president's you know statement that we should respond to the rock throwing protesters a rock throwing my migraines with with with god with ammunition and that was their way of justifying it i think about is the type of thing that we can see in the future and it's really it's really disheartening and is disturbing for the we're poor black ours which is due to protect press freedom where it's much much more threatening than it is needed states it's got great friend deputy director of the international press institute and began i thank you scott.
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get a quick check now some other stories making news around the world canada's prime minister justin trudeau has apologized in parliament for his country's one nine hundred thirty nine refusal to accept a ship carrying over nine hundred german jews fleeing nazi persecution trudeau said that the apology was long overdue the ship the st louis was forced to return to europe where hundreds of those on board later died in nazi concentration camps. in cameroon seventy nine kidnapped boarding school students have been released reports say that the kidnappers are still holding three adult hostages from the school the children were seized early monday morning in bonn mend the capital of the english speaking northwest region no single group says that it carried out the kidnapping but separatist militias have been calling for a school boycott. rwanda's leading political dissident has gone on trial diane is a vocal critic of president paul kagame nick and his human rights record last year
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she was barred from running against him in elections which he won with more than ninety eight percent of the vote prosecutors are seeking a twenty two year jail sentence she has dismissed the accusations. the indian capital delhi was covered in a thick blanket of smog a day after diwali celebrations local reports say the air quality deteriorated to very poor after many people ignored a firecracker curb set by the country's supreme court well now to a german conservative politician who is setting his sights on the european union's highest office manfred vega has been nominated for the job of e.u. commission president to take over from john could younger so who is not for them and what chances does this little known bavarian politicians have politician excuse me have of taking over from younger. modest serious and seasoned that is months would be by for more than ten years the german
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conservative has been pulling the strings in the european parliament now he's aiming for europe's top job to replace him current european commission president mr euro zone. up there that is where the president of the european commission currently mr has his office and it's a position you cannot ignore the commission set the agenda on many crucial things in europe such as the budget the migration debate or the brics in negotiations. now is the favorites to move into your office a member of the european parliament since two thousand and four he is seen in brussels as a successful and dedicated power broker. but the forty six year old has never held a high government office and his introduction video was more provincial than global . europe was over my passion to.
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frankly speaking coming home is you never makes me. coming home only to be. saying to you thank you but now the ambition has been very and has set his sights high i mean by this one a few politicians who's always taken clear positions towards president putin after one or trump but he still has to prove whether he has what it takes to succeed on the highest level as european commission president. and right now europe's leading conservatives are meeting in helsinki where bar of a so is standing by from the city where she's been following the congress of european european peoples party excuse me barbara tell us a little bit more about this this little known varian politician who is seeking the european commission's top job. even in europe sorry he is a known unknown because our sort of brussels hardly anybody can sort of make any
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connection with his name he is the power broker he is the man who is very good at networking and that's why he won this election here within the european people's party the conservative family of parties hence down very easily because he had organized everything beforehand and that's his forte and he is a rather different from john. who is a conservative but on the very liberal side of the family and. will certainly push things more if it more to the right he is proud of being a provincial person of coming from a small village she always emphasizes that he sort of seems to be proud of his rather imperfect a bit labor to english and he doesn't really hide away that he hooks into the ceiling or flows tell just that many people in europe i hankering for a better past some some times where things were just not as difficult and dangerous
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as they are today and he promises them security and promises them a europe that protects and so that's what his agenda is and whether he can really project this onto a larger stage that's an open question and barbara this appointment is really quite in or walk us through why. it is true szell because the president of the european commission he is the man at the top off the off the european bureaucracy but also if you are a peon politics he doesn't only watch that european regulations are being kept but he also makes a lot of and has his hand in making a lot of european rules and regulations he has the power broker that the european heads of state and government talk to so he really is one of the most important people in europe and it is a rather unusual that somebody who has never held government office who has no experience in governing anything rather than
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a party in european parliament should aim that high and should say i could sort of stand. was the mighty of the european union and whether that will be success was completely open because. some of the european. presidents and prime ministers will have a say in that bark of a soul and brussels thank you barbara. stephen beardsley is here now and we're talking about the humans are next. the industrial german powerhouse siemens posting its fourth quarter figures on thursday the maker of industrial light tronics medical equipment trains and power plants siemens does business everywhere that makes it especially vulnerable to geopolitical risks and a quarter link accordingly the past quarter has been a mixed bag. siemens is no longer profiting from its power plant division in fact it's started to lose money thousands of jobs have been slashed the power and
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gas branch is being restructured which is expensive and says de siemens announced a forty six percent slump in fourth quarter profits power and gas is vital in the power and gas market is very challenging it's keeping their structural over capacities and aggressive competition which creates a lot of pricing pressure especially for the big gas turbines in other divisions perform much better at around eighty three pillion year ice sales this fiscal year was slightly up on last year net profits also increased despite the crisis in the power plant branch siemens expects this up with trend to continue despite the ongoing geopolitical risks which could have ramifications for a company like siemens. and my colleague erhard l. first spoke earlier today with siemens c.e.o. joe qasr about a couple of particular geopolitical risks including saudi arabia and whether kayser
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decision to pull out of a saudi investor conference over the murder of a journalist cost siemens a twenty billion dollars power plant deal in the kingdom. the fact is that we did not sign a significant deal which was worth north of twenty billion that's true but obviously you know. things go as taiko and i've always made it clear we had a very reliable partner competent partner of the kingdom of saudi arabia we have more than thirty million people mostly young people in the kingdom there has been a lot of reforms which have been initiated so i think we need to look at all factors the things which really really are going to hell in the kim going to be shunted this thirty is a very very promising. vision and such a concept going forward so there is a lot of cool things for there also have been talk things and i mean let's face it
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with the way what we have seen and heard about what happened in turkey is just not something which has moved into ordinary course of business with a kind of spirit see there's got to be trust is this is what the what the kingdom has promised to do and will see how it goes. staying in in the in the regions even it was also in the running for thirteen billion dollars infrastructure project to electrify iraq again there are reports you loss that deal all parts of it at least to general electric after don't trump intervened can you confirm that. a lot of stories being written about this topic the fact of the matter is that stevens has had a very very comprehensive compelling concept not just about rebuilding iraq in terms of electrification but also help the country in training in education with the dual apprenticeship program of the german industry we also promised to help the
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people in the freed up so ns for basic health care so there was a very comprehensive concept which reached the cover men that the customer liked a lot and obviously there's been. an usual special forces have been intervening maybe out of good reasons that's not my churchmen and to make on the other hand look i mean siemens is in the united states there was almost sixty thousand people creating another one hundred fifty thousand in direct jobs so we are a massive economic force in the country we are training people there will be two revenues of more than twenty billion dollars so we are first and foremost also an american company which i believe deserves respect and a level playing field we are actually asking for it we're going to talk you know use the kids are talking about the u.s. and you being very strong there how much money will the iran sanctions cost you
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you've already won down some of your business there haven't you. well. the after the after the implementation dave years ago we have been studying opus li our contacts and. with our customers in iran now with the unilateral move from the united states through to pale out of. the agreement we obviously need to see what that is who you are you know respecting the sanctions we are very very very clear on that matter and that's exactly what we do you know over the side fortunate that there was a unilateral bail out of the agreement but it is what it is we need to deal with it and we are going to deal with it. that's exactly what we do and look at the economic impact is not really available to siemens thought as the money goes how
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much we're concerned about a further let's say it's collation on on the on the conflict in the middle east which is the last place you see to yet another conflict seaman c.e.o. joe case i thank you very much for joins their colleague erhard offers their back to syria with news thank you so much stephen or now what would you do if fascists took power what if your neighbor was being persecuted would you hide from the authorities how much would you risk to help someone else these questions made the difference between life and death for many people during germany's third rice yesterday the state of israel honored some who risked everything to help others we met a man whose life depended on the courage of another. not a frankenstein is a fighter the ninety four year old travels to berlin several times a year from his care home in stockholm he never wanted to return to germany it was
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here that he was enlisted into forced labor because of his jewish heritage and it was here that he and his young family survived the holocaust. you've been a good guy this is what i had to wear and this is what i was later given to wear. but the medal is for my work with young people to do my bit to ensure democracy in germany is maintained. he's proud of his order of merit medal. but he has long focused on honoring the memory of those who risked their lives to protect him and other jews in nazi berlin. in mind o. them the law of sort of my entire family. tree and if it were not for them we would not have survived your. hands in care
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a famous actor was one of those who risked everything to help walter and his cousin onscreen he often played the ladies' man but during the holocaust he took on a different role in the early one nine hundred forty s. he worked with the lawyer hines gets left to hide several jews they risked their lives providing places to stay and fake passports the holocaust remembrance center yad vashem has now honored them posthumously as righteous among the nations. you don't buy into. ever since i've known you and it's been a number of years now you've told me turncoat should be honored thank you without you we'd probably not be here from. israel's ambassador to germany jeremy is presented the medals and certificates for the relatives of those honored it was almost overwhelming. i'm only here
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because i happen to be related to hands on but i'm very grateful to have this great person as part of my family history. only a few of the estimated seven thousand jews who hid in berlin survived the nazi era dr frankenstein is thought to be the only one who made it with his whole family. concerned curry mediately plucked up his courage and helped us from the start. with clothes food in some way to stay they get this fear that there are four pillars on which survival is built the thinnest impudence no fear good friends and great luck for winfield good luck. he says now the fight is to defend democracy against populism he wants to take an active part in german politics by applying for
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a german passport so he can vote here. you're watching d.w. news i'm sarah kelly in berlin let's take a quick break but we'll be back in a few minutes with more news to stay with us if we can. their work is motivated by poor living conditions and a massive. activists in south africa fight for justice. their women's organization is demanding better housing and improved infrastructure they're doing all they can. strike a rock. the women a small economy. that is likely to be doubly.
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wouldn't have been fighting for decades to be taken seriously in the world of work here's what's coming up. in stark county w. . the female superhero on a mission smart women smart talks smart station on the edge of peace and by no means missed out on it were increasingly dangerous to joke you made for months. you can tell a lot about a society by its garbage. the speech marsalis for the bridge book for many poor people you know for their only chance of survival. and i could be on for today just like. the reporters travel to nairobi and to work and people know the true value of garbage. it has created a thriving parallel economy. but what does all this mean for becoming an ecology around the world you guys are starting class warfare the
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response to that statement should be yes we all starting plants won't do it because retard liquids are extremely destructive he could have played a bridge to the truck exclusive report starts november seventeenth on g.w. . welcome back you're with g.w. news i'm sarah kelly and we're letting our top stories at least twelve people have been killed in the u.s. state of california after a gunman opened fire in a bar late on wednesday and unknown number of people are wounded police say that a sheriff's deputy who responded to the incident is among the dead. u.s. president donald trump has fired attorney general jeff sessions trump has long expressed frustration with sessions after he recused himself from a probe into alleged ties to. in trump's presidential campaign and russia sessions
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firing places the future of the investigation in doubt. the pakistani christian woman who had her death penalty overturned last week has been released from prison and initial reports suggest that he had been flown out of the country but the government says she's still in pakistan bibi spent eight years in jail for blasphemy she's been accused of insulting the prophet mohammed her acquittal triggered violent protests by islamist groups who culture are for her immediate execution her lawyer has been granted asylum in the netherlands where he fled because his life was in danger he told the news that he has asked the dutch government to help his client. joining us now from islamabad is pakistan human rights activist harris leak what more do we know about her possible whereabouts right now. thank you sara i think the official position is that she's still in
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boxes from the three don't know where she is you didn't see please but independent news sources are. suggesting that she's being flown out but the situation isn't what is clear is that she's being released from the prison last night i mean that is something that we are sure about at the moment we've heard that the atmosphere in the country is quite tense her lawyer we know has fled to the netherlands how serious are the threats against her. the sets all serious not just against her but also her family the immediate family and the lawyers and also the judges who overturned the conviction so it is a scary situation for people who are related to this decision however i mean this has been the case in the boston fortune again people had to leave the country and this is something that is the most possible outcome in this situation as well but we understand she has not yet been allowed to leave the country so i
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mean how likely is it that the government will allow her to do so and might even help her to leave. you see that this is something really complex because. a mulatto uses a was also rescued by the military and the government says so and likewise r.c.l. was also you know supported in a movement from the most on prison that she was headed to islamabad last night by the government so i see the government will actually facilitate her leaving the country however. if there is an insistence by a people who have signed of you know who have submitted a review petition that should she should be put on the exit control list then the situation can be different but i you know personally do not see that happening leaving the country sooner or later how does how the cuban rights activists joining us with the latest from is a lot of hot on the case of ostia bibi thank you so much thank you.
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it's now five years since typhoon haiyan tore through the central philippines leaving more than seven thousand people dead or missing it was the country's worst storm on record and triggered a global humanitarian response well the worst hit city was talking about it's still undergoing reconstruction billions in funding have been pumped em and a lot has been achieved but as we found out many residents still don't have a place to call home. the city of tacloban is green again the scars of the past covered five years ago months to cyclon high on raged over the city leaving thousands dead many of the victims' bodies have never been found. reconstruction is ongoing today the streets of wider and efforts to install facilities for water sanitation and protection against flooding can be seen
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everywhere tacloban would like to be clean green and resilient the city ever wary of another possible storm surge. billions in funding have been pumped in and millions have been swept away corruption it seems can survive any storm a new building project it's the luck of the draw that decides who gets somewhere to stay for free construction here is not yet complete on average up to seven people share twenty five square meters. by sadness and the beginning we felt a bit isolated so far outside the city but slowly we are getting used to it. everyone says that with time you get used to it. running water no chance the problems here are the result of poor planning big egos and a lack of coordination between central and local governments.
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arjan between works as a day laborer for a fishmonger today he and his wife have two children but they lost two mothers in the storm his wife elena says she only cries when she's alone. no not very slowly things are getting better but it still hurts to think about the storm i remember my children. i would still have them if it weren't for the cycle own their bodies were never found it's hard to bear. elena still has splinters in her leg after being struck by a shot of aluminum debris. the devastation caused by high and was apocalyptic in tacloban alone tens of thousands are skate the storm only with their lives. a lot of older people live here.
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they wonder what they will do if they have to start paying rent they have no money because they can't work anymore. well the. thing for these fishermen a big problem is the shia lack of communication with the authorities the government has built a kilometer long dike for protection many meters wide and high it's a source of frustration for the fisherman if the boats are in front of it they risk being destroyed by the next storm and if they're behind it the men can't get to the beach. yet so unfair. here but the situation for small people doesn't interest them. so. no one is up for you. the task of rebuilding after the disaster has proved too difficult for this developing country. many can only hope for some
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divine intervention the next time a storm threatens to sweep in from the pacific. stephen is back now and we're talking trade that's right there we're talking trade with china in particular trade in china and it appears to be growing ahead of the spite a drawn out trade conflict with united states official figures suggest exports last month were up nearly sixteen percent over last year and imports jumped even higher the u.s. has imposed tariffs on half of all chinese goods this is been offset by a decline in the local currency which offsets the tariffs demand for chinese products remains high and its trade surplus continues to grow so chinese trade doing well there despite u.s. sanctions let's talk now to our correspondent frankfurt conrad who isn't konrad germany released some fresh figures today did they show any impact from u.s. sanctions. yes they did stephen unlike the numbers from china german
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export numbers and german export numbers have been a disappointment for the markets today they are lower german exports here over a year in september also compared to august this year german exports are down and the trade and tariff policies by the americans are playing a role here because they have so negatively impacted the outlook for global growth but this is not the only reason i remember how everyone on the markets talked about how the increasing interest rates in the united states might become a problem for emerging economies this also has played a role as you know many of the customers of german export as in those emerging economies so the trade surplus is of course rising shrinks sometimes cannot give us a sense of how critical this is for german exports to be down. well it's very important for the german economy manufacturing the exports sales to other countries
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are a huge factor when it comes to the german g.d.p. data factoring sector is much more important for our g.d.p. than for example in the united states or in the u.k. on the other hand private consumption you know consumption by private households or also the services sector are less important but here today is that has also a little bit of a positive side to it because imports are up significantly and mostly you know purchases from other european union countries and that's something that many of our partners have been demanded from germany for a long time right all right conrad who's in there for us in frankfurt thank you conrad kind of us stocks surged in the u.s. after attorney general jeff sessions was fired when they afternoon sessions was a major focus of marijuana legalization the same stocks received an extra boost as
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michigan for to legalize recreational pot during u.s. midterm elections this week. here in michigan it's been illegal to buy marijuana for medical purposes since two thousand and eight as a painkiller for example but only for seriously and terminally ill patients so it's not a big market but that's about to change on tuesday people voted to every out of twenty one can buy and use marijuana for recreational use this store in detroit was well prepared for the day with plenty of bones on offer. michigan is the first state in the midwest to legalize recreational marijuana including michigan people can buy the joke in ten states and in the district of columbia marijuana was banned eighty years ago by the federal government overturning prohibition is a hot button topic across the entire country. i'm excited that people have the opportunity to see a regulated market and all of the opportunities that come with that and it's
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because it's now it's a legitimate industry. an industry able to serve millions of potential new customers in michigan coming to stocks rallied off to the vote on the news the attorney general jeff sessions resigned kind of this producer til gray stocks gained thirty five percent on wednesday shares of comic the growth and the recount of this were up ten percent and over there now with more news thank you so much stephen we're actually heading to lebanon now and the ongoing struggle there for l g p t writes being transgender isn't illegal in lebanon but members of that community face widespread discrimination met a transgender woman in beirut who was fighting for equality. this tiny apartment has become diana's only safe space in her hometown of beirut. even going outside to meet up with close family members can be very difficult and i was
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a. few dollars imagine if my brother got married tomorrow it was i couldn't go to his wedding if it hurts if my sister gets married i'm hot or can't go to a wedding if there's school parties i can't go because people will criticize me they will say to my siblings why does your brother look like that. donna is a transgender woman and she's very open about it it is not just social stigma that she has to deal with in lebanon it can also mean trouble with the law. two years ago don i was in a cafe with a group of other transfers when they were suddenly approached by undercover police . then i came up to me and asked how much do you charge i said what are you talking about and my friend told him what are you doing don't talk to her like that then suddenly there were cars and they handcuffed all of us and took us away going to hug or not although being transgender isn't illegal in
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lebanon they're often prosecuted under an obscure section of the penal code. article five three four states that acts that contradict the laws of nature are punishable by up to a year in prison was charged under this article. is a lawyer with the engine only go to gender and done as attorney. the problem in article five to four is that the period in which there is the preliminary investigation this in this period when the person is the thing when the person is investigated with anything that is related to the person and to the individual's private life is not respected so people will have their phones or their photos. taken out of their phone in order to constitute a file against them in order to be able to prosecute them down i was charged because she stated in interrogations that she has relationships with men but her
3:45 pm
identification documents still stated her gender as male article five three four actually it doesn't define what a natural into a course is or what an intercourse that is against nature is so true always up to the judge to interpret this article done i was acquitted by a local court and the ruling was upheld by a higher court of appeals it was a landmark case for lebanon's bt community. that is really however it does not mean that homosexuality has been completely decriminalized in lebanon judges in other districts are still able to interpret the law as they tweens and even for donna the court ruling does not mean complete protection. of it and the other day i was stopped at a checkpoint and. i showed the guard and he was like you're a boy i told him it was none of his business but standing in front of them is terrifying. and dan is not the only one in lebanon's l g b t community who feels
3:46 pm
unsafe many believe that despite the landmark ruling the fight for social acceptance still has a long way to go. in sports now byron munich edged closer to the champions league knockout stages with a two mail win over eight u.k. options for last night the morale boosting victory came ahead of saturday's big bundesliga clash with dortmund a lemo talkee from day to be sports as always is here to break down all of the action for us and i mean the big question really is did this ease the pressure on byron coach ahead of saturday i mean it sure did i mean what a confidence booster for both corvet and buy a new nick you know the classic cut against top moment on saturday won't be easy because dortmund are in hot hot form and by and everybody knows that they not. like a lot of opponents they know when they enter a game against i and they kind of know you know what by and that's on the mind of
3:47 pm
the past they are quite beat up both so the win against the greek side definitely was a boost for buy in munich because robert naiman dos key thing you know thanks to him came to the rescue because he's the only one that managed to convert goals he committed a penalty in the thirty first minute found the net again in the seventy first i guess the only stain on his today's performance is that by and created created created but they weren't that efficient and they can start of course they have to be on the a game called admitted that they were unlucky a times but he's only willing to focus on the positive let's take a listen. when this illinois i think of the ninety minutes we were in total control and in the second half we had four or five over good chances if we scored half of them we would have got an even clearer victory. than it ended up being two no but i'm still happy as we have ten points now to. so byron on track of the champions league as we see there now we have
3:48 pm
a europa league coming up tonight right and we have three german teams which can reach the knockout stages so tell us a little bit more about that yeah so sick i talked to it and by i leave a cruise and all in a very good good position to advance like to go cause it will be the most interesting of the games because they coming off a three no win against her top on the weekend and of course here's where it gets really really interesting they need to win tonight and they also have to hope that they sister club red bull outs work in austria because you know both of our own they they beat norway's was and walked it won't be easy because i take off playing celtic away in glasgow and the scottish side of course has a stellar home record as for frankfurt they too with a victory against chip inside upon the most haul they too can reach the knockout stages with two games to spare and you know what frankfurt has been quite impressive the way they've been balancing european football with misty got a fifth in the bundesliga they have yet to lose a game in the europa league but they main the key for them in order to be
3:49 pm
successful is that they cannot get too complacent by any of our coups and of course probably the most inconsistent of all they've had like extreme up and down to we don't know what kind of recruits and side is going to stand up and they will be without cream better robbie and spend bender and they coming off that for no hammering against often i'm on the weekend so i have to keep a tight defense in order to move on to the next round of lima hotel for it's so much we appreciate it. the guinness book of world records is celebrating its annual world records day today and the japanese rope skipper had jiko eco yama has marked the occasion in appropriate style in tokyo check this out an auditorium full of captivated school told him watched him set a world record by completing twenty four skips in thirty seconds in what is known as the mambo rope release style the thirty six year old has said that he hopes to
3:50 pm
establish rope skipping as a valid career option for young people he holds a total of seven world records good for him. ochone a clip here from the brand new series called boat which is a sequel of course to the iconic movie that wolfgang peterson made back in one thousand eight hundred one the series just had its premiere in munich. and susan. let's get more on that premier of robin merrill is here you just to tell us about it so the series has a lot to live does indeed i mean the both guard prison film is going to be one of the greatest german films ever made if not the greatest film. german film ever
3:51 pm
made really it was nominated for six oscars it didn't get them but it was not one of the nominations was for the music which close doll doing a very famous jazz musician. wrote and we can hear the music of america i mean it's being used. different being used in a new series but i mean it's that sort of wonderful atmosphere it has its whole openness in the music the sound of the sonar makes you think you'll see the two hundred meters under the water yourself the music anyway what is going to be very different to the film is that it's eight episodes of want to ask you not just going to be in a submarine all the time or stories absolutely and there's lot more personal stories emerging in this series which actually takes up where the film and in ninety two let's have an. m p s pull hoskins series has different characters from the original film for example. a
3:52 pm
translator for the gestapo played by actress vicky keeps her brother is a radio operator on board the german submarine. director costco is especially into. student shedding light on his protagonist psyches for instance is a woman caught between two fronts faced with a difficult moral dilemma she falls in love with a female french resistance fighter. v. qantas and that's who. why did some people not resist this system in the third reich. i just i can't say how i would have reacted whether i'd have been on the right side of that. oh but i do know that you can always make a decision you can always say you're getting out. there the director also delves into the mind of
3:53 pm
a torpedo operator aboard the submarine. would come up with the u. boats you can show really well how bad things were for those young people and what war can do to them if you mention mom come these are in the claustrophobia in the sense of not knowing what they're doing there. i play yours of who fires the torpedoes he only has to flip a switch to sink an entire ship and he's still happy when he sinks one of because he doesn't go up doesn't see that up above one hundred people are jumping ship and then are still burning in the water when the ship goes under in wasilla awful but i'm. like it's cinema predecessor this new series is action packed and although it differs greatly in other ways critics will surely be comparing it to pay dozens one thousand nine hundred eighty one film.
3:54 pm
so robin what was it about the original that was really so extraordinary well first of all from previous and that's run his tongue was really discover the music great moviemaker. but he did make the leap as. the. main actor to hollywood pages and made air force one he made in the line of five he made troy i mean you know he's a big movie makers and also the production of the filming was done so realistically they are asked the cost and the original film that to grow their beards as they were going for they did all in sequence in the right sequence and also the cars got more and more pallets because they were inside a real you tube in the various studios in munich it was however five feet off the ground so when bombs were dropped they could shake the thing really with the actors in so. i mean i think it's very nice for the actors but it was brilliant
3:55 pm
authenticity the claustrophobia we saw in the original film was extraordinary as well finally it was a judge a film a war film made by germans in germany from a german perspective it was about the pill vis school hall of horror of war it wasn't about now it's he's in the typical thing and i think that has a thing to say instantly it's interesting to find that the original version of the film in america the original version in german actually was more of a box office hit than the dub they have subtitles of course but people wanted to see because it was so fun to they want to see it the german pair the german language and so many people indeed did see and yeah when you get to see the new series just briefly well not yet it's going to be on the scar because they pay for it for us but it will really hopefully we'll be able to sit and share all call sky views will be a keeper this guy will be able to see it soon at the end of november robin merrill from d.w. culture thank you so much robert. you're watching d.w.
3:56 pm
news live from berlin and i'm sorry kelly don't forget you can always get more on our website at fifty w. dot com and you can also follow us on social media after a very short break to be joined by my colleague leila her rock thank you so much for watching have a great day. is
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motivated by poor living conditions and the massacre of. activists in south africa fighting for justice. there women's organization is demanding better housing and improved infrastructure they're doing all they can. strike go wrong. for the women. thank you steve.
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