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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 8, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm CET

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this is you know we news live from berlin america wakes up to another mass shooting . there's a horrific scene in there there was blood everywhere a gunman opened fire inside a crowded california bar killing at least twelve people most of them college students also coming up. what next for the russia probe question as a bound after u.s. attorney general jeff sessions is pushed out and president trump gives the job to a man who is openly hostile to the russian investigation plus with thousands of german car owners are taking it to the courts to demand a complete refund for their polluting diesels the government and the car industry
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close ranks and insist on engine retrofits and schrade incentives for vehicles that could soon be banned from city streets. also the man aiming for europe's top job germany's a month as they were is the front runner in their race to succeed mr europe a zhang clode younger as european commission president so who is easy and what could change under his presidency. and nearly eighty years after an infamous a nazi party against jews on holocaust survivor were turned strollin to pay tribute to the people who saved his life. thank you so much for your. pre-war. always start this broadcast with
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a tragic and unfortunately an all too familiar story there's been another mass shooting in the us in the state of california this time around at least twelve people have been killed after a gunman opened fire in a bar in the los angeles suburb of thousand oaks the attack took place late wednesday during a night for college students police say a sheriff's deputy responding to the incident is among those killed. hundreds of people were inside the bar at the time of the shooting and authorities say the attacker died inside the venue. all right let's now speak to jason the campus donya he is a reporter covering the story for us in los angeles good evening jason what more have you learned about what happened in thousand oaks. what we're hearing and sources are telling me that about eleven thirty local time last night with
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a far fact actual of college students the gunman is twenty eight year old ian long that's what ventura county sheriffs are telling us stormed into the bar after shooting and killing the doorman and was starting to randomly select his targets he apparently was using a glock twenty one forty five caliber handgun with an extended magazine now the gun is legal in california but the extended magazine is not legal and after shooting a couple of people in the shots went out the shots fired went out to local authorities and even ter a county sheriff sergeant bursts in the door to try and stop the gunman the gunman then shot him multiple times and after he was dead the second wave of first responders showed up and then that's when they found the gunman dead apparently there are some reports that say it was from a self-inflicted gunshot wound but we're not exactly sure at this time we're not
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sure at this time jason are there any clues as to the motive of the gunman. no but what we do know and this is coming from the ventura county sheriff is that he lived in the area reportedly with his mother some sources say that he used his mother's car to drive to the bar and then on top of that investigators are now on the premise of his home they're searching that house now they're also searching his social media aren't chasing the camper tony reporting for us from l.a. thank you thank you. and we're going to stay in the u.s. where a cabinet shakeup is sending shock waves through washington d.c. president has fired jeff sessions as attorney general while they're working relationship was seriously strained after the former attorney general recused
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himself or from the russia probe the president publicly marked sessions on numerous occasions well now democrats and even some republicans are worried about what his removal could mean for that investigation. jeff sessions now the former u.s. attorney general fired by donald trump applauded by his staff as he leaves the justice department the attorney general oversees the department and it's the department that's in charge of special counsel robert miller's investigation into russia's possible role in the two thousand and sixteen presidential election an election that put trump into office. thank you very much believes u.s. intelligence agencies believe russia tried to sway the election in favor of trump and special counsel miller is investigating but the trump and his aides colluded let's stay away let's stay away u.s. politicians worry that trump is trying to hold the investigation putting someone in charge who's willing to stop the russia probe protecting moller and his
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investigation is paramount. it would create a constitutional crisis if this were pretty lewd to ending or greatly limiting the mall or investigation. because jeff sessions was involved in trump's presidential campaign he formally stepped aside from overseeing mulla giving miller the freedom he required to fully investigate. sessions replacement is matthew whitaker he's openly critical of the investigation and he may have the power to end it you're going to get it with the pirating and firing attorney generals is commonplace in american politics but really has it been so controversial and. while that story isn't the only one getting everybody's attention in washington right now in an unprecedented move for isn't donald trump has decided to revoke the press pass of cnn's chief white house correspondent jim acosta restricting the journalists access
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to the white house all this after the reporter tried to ask president trump a question during a news conference yesterday. in the terms there we go well if you want as president that this care of this heated exchange cost a seasoned journalist access to the west wing. that's a white house intern trying to grab the microphone from c.n.n.'s jim acosta he had challenge president trump about his rhetoric towards migrants and then turned his attention to the investigation into russian election meddling here because the trump lashed out at acosta are you worried about indictments coming down to what c.n.n. should be ashamed of itself having you working for them you are a rude terrible person you shouldn't be working for c.n.n. . the white house then accused the cost of placing his hands on the aide and suspended his press pass. i think that's a that's one of the other folks that's
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a tough for me but c.n.n. says there reporter is being punished for challenging the president the news network has called the move a threat to democracy. coming down there were other moments of tension between the president and journalists. will not agree with interviewers either so i understand to be out over the course of the just sit down to which this standoff marks an escalation of hostilities between the trumpet ministration and the media and a lot you are the enemy of the people go ahead mr president over the course over the course of the last several days of the campaign sir it's such a hostile media it's so said you asked me but no you rudely interrupted him you rudely interrupted him scott gration is deputy director of the international press is in vienna and he joins us now to talk more about this controversial incident that took place yesterday a very good evening sir another round between president trump and the press sadly
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it's not something new it's a never ending story what makes this particular incident stand out well as you said this has been going on president fox aggression aggressive rhetoric towards the press is nothing new however with decision to expel essentially a journalist from the white house for asking aggressive questions essentially is it is quite an escalation and i want to point out something that you know one of the most disturbing aspects of this incident is not the expulsion itself but the way in which the white house has tried to distort the incident by among other things we leasing a video that was apparently doctored by the conspiracy side in four wars and use that basically to attack jim acosta's credibility but it's using him of gravity you know appropriate he was a young female interviewer was trying to take the microphone so this is really actually one of the most disturbing aspects of the incident i would say that's very
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serious indeed the secret of what is behind president trump's attacks on the media is there a strategy. well on the one hand i mean i think it's clear that president trump doesn't appreciate the hole that the media ought to play doctor says so that's one thing on the other hand the question of whether the strategy behind this and you think is the strategy behind it and that is basically to attack the credibility and the integrity of journalists we are covering the white house who are covering important issues and by doing so basically attempt to blunt the impact of the work that they do if you look around the world you know dictators authoritarian leaders often resort to sort of hard tactics against the press jailing. you know starting a criminal case against them and trumpets chosen a different path which is a sort of take away the media's power and like i said this case attacking journalists credibility and causes people to question what these journalists are
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doing to cause them not to believe what the press to say and so it's really a concerted. attempt to basically blunt the power of the press. by making people not believe what the press is saying more all right so there is a very deliberate attempt there on the part of the president why aren't the international implications. yeah i think people maybe don't realize that the united states the first amendment this has been a pillar. of the fight for free expression of press freedom around the world for decades and to have a u.s. president behaving this way towards journalists. essentially emboldens far worse far worse leaders far worse dictators to do the same thing to journalists but with potentially much worse consequences and it's very disturbing if.
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it takes away basically the sort of. protective role that the us once played when it comes to fundamental rights across the world and the we are just beginning to see the potential implications of that for work like ours we work in countries all around the world you know just a few just a week ago or so nigerian army pilots i was rhetoric to defend its use a force against. the stone throwing protesters so it's really difficult to to overstate the possible they hit it locations of this. scott griffin deputy director of the international press institute in vienna we appreciate you joining us and sharing your insights with us. now to some of the other stories making news around the world. canada's prime minister justin trudeau has apologized in parliament for his country's nineteen thirty nine refusal to accept
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a ship carrying over nine hundred german jews fleeing nazi persecution trudeau said the apology was long overdue the ship the m.s. st louis was forced to return to europe where hundreds of those on board later died in nazi concentration camps. the indian capital new delhi was covered in a thick blanket of smog a day after the valley celebrations local reports say the air quality deteriorated to quote very poor after many people ignored a fire cracker curve set by the country's supreme court. and of course here in germany has ordered the cities of cologne and bonn to ban older diesel vehicles in certain areas where the latest urban areas to be ordered to cut emissions after an environmental group sued local authorities for breaching e.u. rules e.u. clean air rules i should say regional authorities say they will appeal the ruling.
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and there are still no signs of diesel get clouds disappearing just yet on our journeys transport ministry and car makers have come up with their latest ideas for cleaning up the fallen cvs here with the latest i see that's right little german carmakers having agreed to spend up to three thousand euros on measures of their own choosing to get older dirtier diesel cars off the road and that's according to german transport minister under. the three thousand figure is expected to cover hardware retrofits which volkswagen and dunn lawyers say they're willing to perform rival b.m.w. says it won't do retrofits but will offer up to three thousand euros on trade in senses now here to offer us more insight on this news is simon young a political correspondent for u w here in berlin simon what can you tell us so far about this deal what do we know. well stephen as you say of the three big car makers it seems that volkswagen and di miller have said they are willing to cover
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most of the estimated three thousand euro costs that it would be to retrofit these older diesel vehicle diesel vehicles with with cleaner emissions equipment b.m.w. is less keen they say that they will provide money for. you cost them as to upgrade their vehicles but some people have criticized that as a sort of code plan to drive b.m.w. sales but all three companies are saying that they are going to do whatever it takes to keep germans on the roads and there's three thousand euro number does seem to be an increase on what was previously being offered by the car makers so in that sense this deal today is a small victory perhaps for transport minister. simon has been a sense that these car makers have been dragging their feet even getting this
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agreement has taken a lot of time can you explain how much political pressure how much pressure in general is on these car makers. yeah the pressure is massive and it's been growing and indeed class action lawsuits have just been allowed for the first time in germany from the beginning of november and as soon as it was possible to do so the first can seem a group foiled the first such seat against folks bargained for and that could lead to you know up to two million folks who are going to own is ultimately joining that seat so it's a huge sea change in the kind of legal context that the car makers are facing so you know there's a lot of concerns from them there i think also they're looking at these other court rulings saying that you know some cities like cologne and elsewhere may be able to or may have to introduce driving bans and tell the tell the motorists to keep their
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vehicles at home from as soon as next year and that's really concentrating minds as well. simon understand at this meeting there was representatives from dimer were there but not from v.w. and b.m.w. that's a thing about sort of how controversial how sort of i guess sort of fought over this this whole debate is you know i suppose it shows the companies are still a little bit skeptical about what the politicians might seek to pressure them to do . ways there but then he's stepping down in a few months i believe the other companies sent you know senior officials but you might question actually whether this deal. if the top people weren't on board some young r.t.w. political correspondent thank you simon. and back to lou with the news thank you so much stephen now to a german conservative politician who has set his sights on the european union's highest office vapor is the conservative blocs lead candidate for the top job of
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e.u. commission president so who is it and what chance is there's this little noble varian a politician have of taking over from drunken old younger. modest serious and seasoned that is month. for more than ten years to the german conservative has been pulling the strings in the european parliament now he's aiming for europe's top job to replace him current european commission president mr europe. up there that is where the president of the european commission currently mr has his office and it's a position you cannot ignore the commission sets the agenda on many crucial things in europe such as the budget the migration debate or the brics in negotiations is now is the favorites to move into your because office a member of the european parliament since two thousand and four he is seen in
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brussels as successful and dedicated to power brokers. but the forty six year old has never held a high government office and his introduction video was more provincial than global . europe was almost my passion. frankly speaking coming home is really what makes me. coming home means for me to be back i feel safe i feel ok but now the ambition has been very and has set his sights high and me back as one a few politicians who's always taken clear positions towards president putin after one or trump but he still has to prove whether he has what it takes to succeed on the highest level as european commission president. all right we're worried now europe's leading conservatives are meeting in the finnish capitol hill sinking and of
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a vessel joins me now from the finnish capital where he she is following the congress of the european peoples party the largest party in the year thank you so much your barber for joining us when mr they were announced his candidacy he tweeted his mission statement that basically was that if we want to defend our way of life we must know what determines us europe needs a debate on identity and dominant culture does that align with what the p.p. wants for europe it lines was part of that if you ones for europe but we also heard here in helsinki today some speakers who in rather fiery terms said we need to stand up and fight for european values to stand up and fight for a liberal democracy that was for instance the president of the european council the poll donald tusk who spoke here so yes the e p p is divided on that and if you look at ces way you're going to push the direction of the party more towards the right
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because who currently holds the office of the e.u. commission is sort of on the left touche side the very liberal side of the christian conservatives and labor is going to change that so it debate about identity and he talked about this too when he spoke here at the congress about churches is that we see it every european village and that we need to protect and people feeling at home that is definitely a different outlook on what the future is supposed to look like all right now tell us a little bit more about mr weber's who is he and how did he manage to get this top job. because he is such a clever pull of strings and maker of deals and backroom slayer that really is his main qualification he has never held high office as we heard he has no experience at all in any kind of government and that's what his critics hold against him among
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other things for instance that he is still tolerating the autocratic victor or the prime minister of hungary in the rose off the european people's party without really saying hey you need to change or you need to go behave of wants to tolerate him in the future he is somebody who has been flying under the radar sort of the known unknown of european politics in brussels and the question is would the he really is the right man for the top job that will be on set next year we will have to wait and see if everybody's all reporting from house thank you thank you what would you do fascists took power what if your neighbor was being persecuted would you hide them from authorities and how much would you risk to help someone else these questions make the difference between life and death for many people during germany's third reich and yesterday the state of israel honored some who risked
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everything to help others we met a man whose life depended on the courage of another. lot of frankenstein is the fighter the ninety four year old travels to berlin several times a year from his care home in stockholm he never wanted to return to germany it was here that he was enlisted into forced labor because of his jewish heritage and it was here that he and his young family survived the holocaust. this is what i had to wear and this is what i was led to given to where. it's from i know but the medal is for my work with young people to do my bit to ensure democracy in germany is maintained. he's proud of his order of merit medal. that he has long focused on honoring the memory of those who
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risked their lives to protect him and other jews in that sea berlin. in mind o. them the law of sort of my entire family. on the shore and if it were not for them we would not have survived your. hands in care of a famous actor was one of those who risked everything to help walter and his cousin onscreen he often played the ladies' man but during the holocaust he took on a different role in the early one nine hundred forty s. he worked with the lawyer hines gets left to hide several jews they risked their lives providing places to stay and fake passports the holocaust remembrance center yad vashem has now honored them posthumously as righteous among the nations. you don't voter to voter ever since i've known you and it's been a number of years now you've told me turncoat should be honored thank you god and
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without you we'd probably not be here from. israel's ambassador to germany jeremy is acar rough presented the medals and certificates for the relatives of those honored it was almost overwhelming. i'm only here because i happen to be related to handsome kurt but i'm very grateful to have this great person as part of my family history to see only a few of the estimated seven thousand jews who hid in berlin survived the nazi era dr frankenstein to start to be the only one who made it with his whole family. concerned curry mediately plucked up his courage and helped us from the start. with clothes food in some way to stay get this fear that there were four
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pillars on which survival is built of. impudence no fear good friends and great luck for him when. he says now the fight is to defend democracy against populism he wants to take an active part in german politics by applying for a german passport so he can vote here. on inspiring story there therefore i let you go the guinness book of world records is celebrating its annual world record states today and the japanese rope skipper equal yama has marked the occasion in appropriate style in tokyo an auditorium full of captivated schoolchildren watched him set a rule to record by completing twenty four skips in thirty seconds and what is known as the man rope release style the thirty six year old has said he hopes to establish work skipping as a valid career option for young people he holds
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a total of seven world records. that is indeed very impressive all right a reminder of the top stories that we're tracking for you this hour. at least twelve people have been killed in the u.s. state of california after a gunman opened fire in a bar or late on wednesday and i know a number of people are injured police say a sheriff's deputy who responded to the incident is among those killed. all right that is a career leyla iraq in berlin on behalf of the entire team thank you so much for spending this part of your day with us the news continues at the top of the hour c.n.n. . good
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midterms who's right and what lies ahead of cortex of gridlock and subpoena and what to allies and enemies so that those questions straight ahead on. quadriga in sixty minutes on. scar's cover don't forget women in russia have to live with violence sexism and oppression nothing in finances no money and russia. where putin's petri arky rooms today women's rights were already gaining traction the coverage years ago. people here dems have a clue about feminism but there are women who want to instigate change in everyday life for justice and equality. under the skin of russia's women starts
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