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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 8, 2018 8:00pm-8:15pm CET

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this is news of live from berlin another mass shooting in america this time at a crowded country music bar in california. or at that scene and there there was blood everywhere. a former u.s. soldier opened fire inside a crowded california bar twelve people are dead including a deputy sheriff many more injured also coming up the man aiming for europe's top job germany's munford vapor is in the front runner in the race to succeed mr europe
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. as a european commission president so who is a and what could change if he becomes president. it's good to have you with us we begin tonight with yet another mass shooting in the united states it happened last night in california at a packed country music bar police say a twenty eight year old former u.s. soldier armed with a gun shot dead a security guard at the entrance before unloading his weapon into the crowd of line dancers at least eleven people including a sheriff's deputy die the gunman was also killed police have now identified him as david long. young people helping the injured friends and fleeing for their lives. offices were called to
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a bar hosting a country music night for around two hundred college students a gunman had opened fire the sound of shots caught on tape outside. a saw a gentleman walk in a black outfit so you're quite disguise a glasses black shirt and i. pulled out a gun started shooting at the bar you know having fun dancing and in the hell is any you're killing the baby of a gun shot and it just started going crazy thora teaser investigating the scene to identify the dozens of victims they found the suspect dead they're also searching his home and his social media for clues on a motive. among the dead a sheriff's deputy who tried to intervene. in
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a sort of best with the hospital. oh about an hour. it's a horrific scene and there there is blood everywhere. in the aftermath of the attack people are grappling with the pain of their community being targeted and want to become an all too familiar story everywhere. all too familiar indeed all right we want to go now to journalist jason campbell he is covering this story for us he joins us now from los angeles good evening to you jason so what more have you learned about what happened in thousand oaks. not much more details are being released about exactly what happened inside that bar we do know like you had mentioned before that the gunman pulled up to the bar he was actually driving his mother's car to the far shot and killed the doorman before entering and then randomly selecting as targets apparently he used a forty five caliber pistol
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a glock twenty one the gun is legal here in california but he had an extended magazine so he can carry more ammunition those are not legal here in california and right now we have just finished up a motorcade for the officer that was killed in the line of duty when he tried to stop the gunman from killing more people and he's been transferred to the coroner's office and now we have family members about sixty to sixty family members at a we unification center waiting to hear if their loved one are still in the bar because nobody's have been released or if they were part of the two dozen that were wounded and. there's been conflicting reports that the gunman was a former navy veteran he was a former marine can you confirm what he was. he was a marine and he was a machine gunner in the marine reports are to meet that he went overseas at least
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once to afghanistan and are there any indications any clues as to what you know could have been his motive. not at the moment right now the f.b.i. is on scene they are trying to figure it out just like everyone else ventura county where the shooting took place is now leading the investigation because the f.b.i. has not found any terror threat as of yet they are tracking down his social media they're looking through any technology they can we actually watch them bring in these giant kits into where he lives and inside these kits there's computers and and you know anything that they can use technology to track down they're looking for digital footprints at the moment yeah all right and tragic story that we report much much too often reporter jason campbell tony on the story for us tonight reporting from los angeles jason thank you thank you. well that story is not
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the only one that is getting everyone's attention especially in the united states and in washington right now in an unprecedented move president trump has decided to revoke the press pass of cnn's chief white house correspondent jim acosta restricting the journalists access to the white house now all this after the reporter tried to ask truong a question during a news conference yesterday take a look. that is there we go that well if you don't want us president that this care of events heated exchange cost a seasoned journalist access to the west wing. that's a white house intern trying to grab the microphone from c.n.n.'s jim acosta know he had challenge president trump about his rhetoric towards migrants and then turned his attention to the investigation into russian election meddling like him because the trump lashed out at a cost to this president are you worried about indictments coming down to what
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c.n.n. should be ashamed of itself having you work in for them you are a rude terrible person you shouldn't be working for c.n.n. . the white house then accused the cost of placing his hands on the aide and suspended his press pass. i think that's an ask one of the other folks that's a tough for me but c.n.n. says there reporter is being punished for challenging the president the news network has called the move a threat to democracy coming down this of there were other moments of tension between the president and journalists. i'm not a big fan of yours either so i understand to be out over the course of the just sit down place this standoff marks an escalation of hostilities between the trumpet ministration and the media and a lot you are the enemy of the people go ahead mr president over the course over the course of the last several days of the campaign sir it's such a hostile media it's so said you asked me but no you rudely interrupted him you
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rudely interrupted him well we witness that live yesterday and earlier today we spoke to scott griffin deputy director of the international press institute in vienna and we asked him what makes this incident stand out in president trump's ongoing battle with the press. president aggression and aggressive rhetoric towards the press is nothing new however the decision to expel essentially a journalist from the white house for asking aggressive questions essentially is is it is quite an escalation and i want to point out something that you know one of the most disturbing aspects of this incident is not the expulsion itself but the way in which the white house has tried to distort the incident by among other things with leasing a video that is the path to doctor by the conspiracy side in full wars and use that basically to attack jim acosta's credibility by excusing him of grabbing
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inappropriate he does the young female intern who is trying to take the microphone so this is really actually one of the most disturbing aspects of the incident i would say. that was scott griffin deputy director of the international press institute in vienna he spoke with the earlier tonight went to a german politician who has set his sights on the european union's highest office today the european parliament's conservative bloc elected vapor as their lead care that if he wants to run for the job of european commission president he's now the front runner to take over from john quote younger in many ways he is a surprise choice not only does he have little government experience he's also a staunch conservative. a german heading up the european commission that prospect came a step closer to reality this afternoon manfred vega will be the lead candidate for
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the european conservatives in next year's euro elections the berrien conservative veteran won a decisive victory over his finnish rival alexander stubb. in the middle of the when you're elected with nearly eighty percent of the vote it puts you in a strong position to take on the responsibility to want to make people in office that we have a clear idea of where we want to lead europe watching us this favors platform is a conservative one playing up the importance of homeland and his christian roots he had been criticised for preaching european values while not calling for the stridently n.t.e.u. one carrion premier victim to be thrown out of the party that no longer seems to be an issue. has made a brilliant speech bridging the need for a sense of national identity and the why do european project i think that has convinced a lot of delegates. but faber hasn't yet convinced everyone can lead to positive
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result next year and the support of national governments to make the jump from being nominated to landing the top job but the e.u. in brussels. for what would you do if fascists took power what if your neighbor was being persecuted would you hide them from the authorities how much would you risk to hope someone else or these questions made the difference between life and death for many people during germany's third reich where yesterday the state of israel on or the song who risked everything to help others we met a man whose life depended on the courage of another. now to frankenstein is a fighter the ninety four year old travels to berlin several times a year from his care home in stockholm he never wanted to return to germany it was here that he was enlisted into forced labor because of his jewish heritage and it
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was here that he and his young family survived the holocaust. and. this is what i had to wear and this is what i was led to given to wear. the medal is from my work with young people to do my bit to ensure democracy in germany is maintained. he's proud of his order of merit medal. that he has long focused on honoring the memory of those who risked their lives to protect him and other jews in that sea berlin. mind-o. them the law you've sort of my entire family. if it were not for them we would not have survived your. hands in cash a famous actor was one of those who risked everything to help walter and his cousin
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onscreen he often played the ladies' man but during the holocaust he took on a different role in the early one nine hundred forty s. he worked with the lawyer hines gets left to hide several jews they risked their lives providing places to stay and fake passports the holocaust remembrance center yad vashem has now honored them posthumously as righteous among the nations. you don't voter to voter ever since i've known you and it's been a number of years now you've told me so encourage should be honored thank you god and without you we'd probably not be here from. israel's ambassador to germany jeremy is presented the medals and certificates for the relatives of those honored it was almost overwhelming. i'm only here because i happen to be related to handsome kurt but i'm very grateful to have this great person as part of my family history this is only
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a few of the estimated seven thousand jews who hid in berlin survived the nazi era dr frankenstein to start to be the only one who made it with his whole family. concern kurt immediately plucked up his courage and helped us from the start. with clothes food in some way to stay or get this fear that there were four pillars on which survival is built the thinnest impudence no fear good friends and great luck for him when feel good. he says now the fight is to defend democracy against populism he wants to take an active part in german politics by applying for a german passport so he can vote here. fane with that story about
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the goodness of humanity you are up to date with the w. news for all of us here in berlin thanks for the company i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day hope to see you the. german state by state. colorful. the life of. the most traditional. find all that any time. check in with a web special. take a tour of germany find state. dot com.


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