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tv   Doc Film - Anti- Semitism in Europe  Deutsche Welle  November 8, 2018 8:15pm-9:00pm CET

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fane with that story about the goodness of humanity you are up to date with the w. news for all of us here in berlin thanks for the company i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day good to see you the. german state by state. the most colorful. lifeless. the most traditional. find it all at any time. check in with a web special. take a tour of germany state by state. dot com.
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in recent years the specter has once again reared its ugly head across europe the specter of anti semitism. a little over seven decades after the holocaust anti jewish attacks are on the rise again in europe. the real. suspicion was what crimes of jews committed to deserve two thousand years of persecution what do you think of us to consider. this what's the mood among french jews is very gloomy right now because i dozen people have been killed in france in recent years simply because they were jews
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israelis. it. if those are those in poland the genie is out of the bottle anti semitism is becoming acceptable. as i said it is the state of mind that is not a matter of one country it's an international phenomenon. anti semitism has become much more common in europe the explanations for this phenomenon seem as varied as the proposals for how to deal with it for this report we travel to berlin paris and warsaw to talk to people who've experienced anti-semitism and to discuss possible solutions. what is it like to be a jew in general today. was.
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in recent years jewish life culture and traditions have enjoyed a renaissance in germany. but prayer rooms and kindergartens are often located in closed areas away from the street and out of the public eye protected by police due to fears of anti-semitic attacks. today germany is home to about two hundred thousand jews their numbers have increased almost continuously since the one nine hundred ninety s. . many have emigrated from the former soviet union some have even come from israel. the most popular destination is berlin the very city where the nazis organized the extermination of european jews.
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admit this most of the summer to some simply means hostility directed against jews as jews. they are subjected to this hostility because of characteristics that are often attributed to the ice their hatred for being something they are not since this is. and isn't it is most built in anti-semitism is a wide ranging concept of it some people use it to explain certain complexity third foundered today's society it helps them to find scapegoats. begin to feel and sense of interest most is in the anti semitism is an assault on the democratic culture of our society. i'm so it's more than just the jews of such in. berlin has the largest jewish community in germany. in december twenty seventeen and ugly anti semitic incident was caught on video in the
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city's leafy shona back district outside fine barracks restaurant. a traditional menorah is displayed in the front window sill of the art on the walls features the star of david. the restaurant specializes in traditional sephardic jewish cuisine. one day owner your i find back and his girlfriend were standing outside taking a break when they were approached by a man who was apparently drug sector might just have a job in my. high profit no fair but by the course of my life i'm not going to give my toast and ya what got us up young dusty eyed source and i'm sure i'm also going to always get a boyfriend not just in florida yard smartarse john harvey korman it's a job you know it's a go that don't think of golf it's a common saloon should be raised through the food bowl but it's exactly the opposite. but i do hear in my mind that was dangerous of for me at first i didn't
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know what he wanted and then things just got worse. and he started coming out with all these anti semitic prejudices about jews and money and the holocaust and so forth. and so it was good almost kate bush pushed. him but you know one must dozens of bodies before the your eyes from a logical side if i still do such and a good few clicks and i don't focus john motson on takes a. good many guys from you can support you. to find their case prompted a new discussion about anti-semitism in berlin which has a particularly high incidence of verbal and physical attacks. nine hundred forty seven cases were documented in twenty seventeen sixty percent more than the year before. criminal offenses or threats can be reported to an anti semitism research
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and information center in berlin. there are a number of right wing extremist and populist groups and then there are those that can be described as left wing and anti imperialist and some groups are scribed to conspiracy theories. like activists and then many of the so-called anti israel activists who are opposed to the existence of the state of israel stop this stood there is also the islamist brand of anti-semitism. and then we have a wide range of groups that occupy the political middle ground. by district all must be appointed to submit to you do not have to leave it to them look at it they've been happening on the cording to official figures right wingers are involved in the majority of anti semitic incidents that have been reported some
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farai politicians notably from the populist a.f.d.c. call for an end to what they see as an excessive focus on germany's nazi past including the holocaust. you know it was. so hard to. go slow. on this we were just put into one so it seems that comments that people used to make at their local pub or in the privacy of their home are now made fairly openly at public events and on social media sites. and in time that's why i did these kinds of accusations have always been part of the german society but now they've become socially acceptable to a certain extent mostly due to the popularity of the a have tea party. or you know when.
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i say case was monday what sorts of answers does to semitism provide. well for example it allows people to identify with the session philosophy like nationalism and that creates a sort of national anti semitism and where the jews are always the outside is. also anti semitism helps some people to make sense of the woes of modern society. we're now on our way toward the capital of poland. until recently poland was widely regarded as a paragon of modern democratic progression in post communist eastern europe. but in the twenty fifteen national elections a right wing populist party took control of both houses of parliament. a new spirit of nationalism has caused concern among many and not just in poland. the country's
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independence day is november eleventh celebrations across poland often provide a platform for the expression of resurgent ultra nationalist sentiment the. radical right wingers have essentially taken over the name independence day celebrations in warsaw and activists from all over europe travel here to join them . over the past decade attendance at this event has jumped from just five hundred to nearly one hundred thousand i think. this is the office of a group that features prominently in the independence day event the old polish youth organization the movement is based on a student group that was founded in one thousand twenty two the original group favored anti semitic policies such as limiting the number of jews in universities some members supported at least fascist dictator benito mussolini today's version
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has the same model for the nation is the highest temporal good. the group's members are all under thirty six and all eerily polite i believe they need and benito is the office dog's name. my family and wonder what you preach young people appreciate the fact that we respect history and try to preserve it we consider ourselves a national movement and we try to show people that they are part of that nation because that's the v.s.e. and that's why the independence day march is so popular. people don't wash dishes at the same to savannah. shippers offsides for as nationalists it's not enough to just have a passport that says you're a citizen. of peace there's a lot more to it that's just. a nation is composed of three basic elements. ethnic cultural acts and religious affiliation.
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i would like to add that poland is proud of its history because there are hardly any dark chapters in that history. if you will cup the kish goes on as the streets . in their eyes dark chapters in polish history usually involve past attacks on the country by germany and russia while poland itself is always innocent but propaganda materials distributed by all polish jews often feature in nationalist symbols a certain patriotic mysticism and soul stirring music and this is where associations with former times resurface. and. in the last couple of years what we have seen in poland is a very spectacular rise in different types of xenophobic expressions in the
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public sphere we can the. observe it very clearly since the european refugee crisis in a way i think that this. outbreak of snowfall going poland since two thousand and fifteen fine only also resulted in an outbreak of a new wave on some company was i think it shows that when the flood gates always in the form you are open to little later it also translates into. away before stuti against the jews. since the law and justice party came to power in twenty fifteen the mood in the country has changed earlier this year parliament approved a law that banned comments linking poland with nazi war crimes such as the phrase polish death camps most of them were located in occupied poland but were run by the nazis and prime minister. caused
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a global outcry after referring to jewish perpetrators during the second world war . you sure there is. there's nowhere to semitism forward. to see me to small. there's never been an error in polish history pokey charles not even so much as a decade of. dresses and more significant a little lower reserve that's due to our deeply rooted belief in christianity and specifically catholicism. that religious faith requires us to respect our neighbors . senators shocking was apparently unaware of this demonstration invites one of in twenty fifteen featuring what is clearly an effigy of a jew. some say it represented george soros a prominent jewish investor and philanthropist who promotes liberal and
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internationalist policies. soros is despised by many on the far right around the world. the show is him in poland he is the. first for the right wing phenomena and it's the conservative discourse it's the discourse that tries to put into the wider context the matters of well independence pride. all there and it said try and someone the jewish history seems not to not to fit in apparently. and this has a good very dangerous record cushions for us as for the jewish community. every year crowds gather invites while on independence day to hear the preachings of last second yet law a former catholic priest. says it's ok to taking.
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on as you would only a small. bundle it is more. it says more. then. stay cool we're just so determined to. find the actual guest is tied. to. this to feel i.c.e.'s of the uterus now not merely how far now she tossed us and they do. we drive to the central polish city of kalish to meet. his blog features a traditional nationalist motto translated into english god honor fatherland. during our interview on secretive looking premises outlined his views on the issue of jews in poland. used to. unfortunately right now both those who
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are hated by the jews and those who speak uncomfortable truths are called anti semites so it's important to note that every official jewish organization in poland identifies with values that could be attributed to cultural marxism. even those are values that we as traditionalists catholics christian most right wingers and nationalists regard this false psychology. this ideology of store moral decay defeatism. as catherine the great wrote the enslavement of entire countries. but. we've returned to warsaw on the government's new law that would criminalize the planing polish people for any crimes committed during the holocaust sparked international criticism particularly from israel parliament later backed down and decided that violations of the law would result in only civil instead of criminal
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penalties. at the museum of the history of polish jews the first jews arrived in what is now poland in the tenth century at the beginning of world war two poland had more jewish residents than any other european country about three point four million. only about two hundred thousand survived the holocaust. after the war many polish jews emigrated to israel and the us leaving a population of just forty thousand since the sixties this video shown in the museum shows polish student demonstrations in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight the country's communist government used the protest as an excuse to launch a campaign against so-called zionist sympathizers many jews were forced to leave the communist party others had to resign their teaching jobs at schools and universities banning nine hundred seventy one more than fourteen thousand polish
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jews had left the country in desperation a member of comparison family thing narratives has been drawn between the discourse of nine hundred sixty eight and today's discourse both regarding just as the foreign factor in the state and the mission of the meaning of the holocaust. as the biggest tragedy in our history those who experienced march night in sixty eight those who had to live poland or who stayed in poland they see the similarities they can compare the climate of nine hundred sixty eight days climate corps a vision of fascism is. present in in the european consciousness and i would say that the core vision of fascism is the vision of total cultural homogenised and it's the vision. that is directed against all
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types of minorities ethnic religious ideology call political. and of course the jews or the. minority. the risk is an out named clothing label developed by jewish designer antoninus. fashions often feature jewish symbols and hebrew language phrases. says she wants to rebranded jewish identity and show its modern and positive aspects she says a lot of germans buy her clothes at the same time so metzger has strengthened her own jewish identity and her relationship with the local jewish community. i believe that in poland the fear of outsiders is an emotionally charged issue and there are historical reasons for that. throughout its history poland has been
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overrun by other states and people are still deeply afraid of such invasions. in addition we are an ethnically homogenous society with everyone's caucasian and they all look similar. and they want to treat the example. a lot of people are surprised to learn that cements guy is jewish she's never experienced incidents of anti-semitism and says that it's safe for jews to wear a yarmulke or indeed her own clothing designs on the streets of warsaw. but she's still concerned about current developments. there are social tensions in poland just as there are in every country. but here the hatred is not directed exclusively against jews but. people also hate gays arabs and black people or.
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not. there are simply a lot of people who hate others because they're different. and that hatred to can take different form my own but i don't think that the jews are any worse off than for example gay is. one period. some polish jews like to joke that there would be anti semitism in poland even if there were no jews there. our next stop is france home to europe's largest jewish community an estimated five hundred thousand jews live here more than in any other country except israel and the united states but in recent years france has been hit by a new wave of anti-semitic attacks and this is prompted many french jews to fear for their safety.
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in twenty fifteen four jewish hostages were gunned down in a kosher supermarket in vast san. the perpetrators parents were muslim immigrants from mali. in twenty twelve four people arrive by and three children were shot and killed outside a jewish school in toulouse the gunman's parents were immigrants from algeria. the sephardic chief rabbi of jerusalem shlomo amar spoke at the funeral and said that in every generation there are people whose primary goal is to annihilate the jews. and in recent years three further jews. sarah holly me and ilan halimi were murdered by muslims and anti-semitic attacks in france.
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generally speaking the french are not anti-semitic they're just not interested in that sort of thing. until about twenty years ago there were no public expressions of anti semitism here. the soup was in with the major problems that we face in france today on not only the existence of traditional anti semitism even if expressed very subtly. by leaks. but also a brand new kind of anti semitism that established itself very rapidly. favorite in football the. muslim based on the semitism is definitely a problem. of course not all muslims are anti semites you can't make general statements like that but there are ordinary muslims who have no education and who have come here from north africa sub-saharan africa or the middle east with classic
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anti semitic prejudices. because it's part of the cultural environment they grew up in. to look this. situation is serious in the three years since the attacks and to loosen up a culture supermarket in paris a number of french jews have left the country because they're scared but i'm concerned about the future of french jews and the future of france. fosse's reef so we could put a false. this is the paris suburb of stocks and home to one of france's biggest jewish communities. it has approximately twelve thousand jewish residents and an estimated forty thousand christians and muslims on the surface the different faiths live together peacefully more or less the tensions are never far away.
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in july twenty fourth. palestinian demonstration that had been banned by the authorities got out of hand. the mits resulting street battles between arab and jewish youths protesters. attack jewish stores and a synagogue in january this year and unknown assailant slashed the face of a fifteen year old jewish girl a few weeks later an eight year old jewish boy was beaten up. historian josh been ceasar is an expert on jewish communities and arab countries and france this summer he was acquitted on charges of making defamatory statements about muslims receiving anti semitism from their mother's milk he explains why jews
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enjoy living in south said despite the interethnic tensions. those who will the day of the soft soft sell is often called a little jerusalem. the jews in the region around paris tend to live in one district not scattered around the city. they feel safe in their shops and schools right now by those it gives them a sense of security and don't forget fifty two thousand jews left france for israel between two thousand and twenty sixteen that's a huge number. of holes. it's more than the entire jewish community in belgium and twice as much as the one in italy it involves hebrew school activities you do bije said before the committee. many french jews who emigrate to israel end up in the city of natanya about thirty kilometers north of tel aviv some local residents now call the city
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a little cook does you know. among the new arrivals are the one family. they arrived here from vida was thirty kilometers north of paris. they left france in twenty seventeen after they were subjected to repeated anti semitic insults by their neighbors. i think that europe has a real problem with anti semitism at one time some people were openly anti jewish. and today it's different they say they're anti israel and. this is all it's the same thing and we experience it first hand we don't understand why the. jews are a very small people globally speaking. people get really angry at us and we genuinely have no idea why. i feared for my children's safety. i didn't think there was any
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future for them in france. so i decided to take them to a place with safe. it was up to there was a good bit more they could i think islam is ation is getting worse and worse in fact i'm sure of it. so i invite all jews who live in europe to come to israel says there's room for everyone so they should come here. to get the good. other jews have decided to stay in france and to defy anti semitism in their own way. rabbi michel serfaty emigrated to france from morocco and has lived here since the one nine hundred sixty s. he had a successful career as a professional basketball player and was ordained a rabbi in one thousand nine hundred five. his synagogue is located in the southern paris suburb of lease. serfaty has worked for
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years to promote better relations between jews and muslims he travels regularly through the suburbs of paris to engage muslims in dialogue. he also organizes joint sports events. once a year he and any mom conduct a special bus tour around the country. serfaty is seventy five years old he spent the last several decades searching for truth peace and reconciliation even if some call him a kind of don quixote. is beautiful speak in the name of religion or a sort of sent. people with my promise to do my best to be a friend to muslims and to always represent them and islam correctly and to promote friendship between jews and muslims didn't walk the. length of the insistence of all who are muslims the qur'an.
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and kosher food for jews and how out for muslims. that will show. it took a lot of courage for serfaty to set up his friendship bus ten years ago. but ultimately i think he's failed. because most of the muslims don't listen to him on the. television you can understand why when you consider most of them children who were born in france it's. a lot of work their parents were also born here but their grandparents came from algeria morocco or tunisia they say i'm not french. they don't even say i'm tunisian american they just say i'm a muslim. you're on the line palestine but you know palestine since my country is argyria because i'm not here see. this is you know this is not my homeland. ok muslim iraq was not my home his friends won't be ok jews and
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muslims practice circumcisions you know it's almost the same religion really. and what he's doing is to know that they are getting closer. and it's there. so i don't see the same letter to them and. so there's not much difference. and then. i go to our guests thank you. shut up subtle some of the sun so that's a little subtle there's a mood of it is. i can't afford to be pessimistic. in general jews have always contributed to western culture. but they've always stood their ground is. in france the land of i mean.
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half the people defended drunk force the goodies the holes in the church protected french jews during world war two will be today the french must use western culture to help fight anti semitism. the huge influx of new immigrants and refugees to germany that began in twenty fifteen has prompted a discussion about muslim anti semitism. this is for lens north korean district forty four percent of the people who live here are either immigrants or descended from them. some critics say no occur and is not safe for jews and claim that multicultural integration has failed here. the authorities say that ninety four percent of all anti semitic crimes are committed by right wingers by contrast researchers at the university of belief that interviewed a number of german jews about anti-semitic attacks eighty one percent of those
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surveyed indicated that the alleged perpetrators were muslims. only lana is a jewish theologian langar promotes peaceful coexistence between muslims and jews but some jewish critics say lana goes too far in his efforts to improve relations with muslims. right now langer is on his way to an interfaith forum at the darl salaam mosque an icon the mosque is regularly monitored by berlin security authorities because of its alleged ties to the muslim brotherhood organization. lunger says that dialogue is the best way to bring muslims and jews together this is. an amount equal to a legacy we have a multicultural society here a nikon. we do face some challenges and we can find out more about them by talking to the local residents and taking part in public discussions. but there are also
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a number of opportunities here. and i am committed to not only talking about the challenges which include anti semitism among muslims. that's a hot topic right now among germ. but i also want to discuss those opportunities for example how jews and muslims can work together so i can and elsewhere. in like. you know like the. keep your leash on thomas leave there are of course muslims who are anti semitic has a few wouldn't as software loving that's just last hour and we can't deny that. but anti semitism is unfortunately a homegrown concept so. it's started right here in europe and it's been
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here for decades and even centuries. ok i wonder is this i mean does it have to should this is a problem of society and we have to fight it deviates will become from. you i was your. i. was through i this is the annual i could stay demonstration in central berlin and the events origins date back to one nine hundred seventy nine when iran's supreme leader called on muslims around the world to support the rights of palestinians and to oppose zionism most of the protestors are muslims but there are also left wingers present and even some anti zionist ultra orthodox jews. i've heard her i guess the earth is about as easy to find it interesting than your poor sister station there out there that's right even the. kids could stay is the
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biggest public anti-semitic event in germany i can't believe that the authorities still allow it to take place and sadly the german people haven't yet realized that the philosophy of these people will eventually destroy german democracy. to the top of the cake. this was epicenter of all this time it was a sting in you i hate israel but not the jews themselves you've got to make that distinction i'm opposed to zionism but not jews month people forget that in my country palestinians are killed illegally and expelled from their homes just because it has a shelf. cupboard but that's like the i'm convinced that anti-semitism is quite often expressed as allegedly legitimate criticism of israel fine but tomorrow you start to tick and the victim ends with which said criticism is directed against israel for example for its policies toward the palestinians is completely
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disproportionate to them if. for me it clearly constitutes anti-semitism. dancer and boy to show off into the mistress. just an illusion to israeli palestinian conflict dominates relations between the jewish world and the arab and muslim worlds and it is a bloody territorial conflict that is yet to be resolved. conflict opinion on this conflict is divided. and that wide range of opinion has to be taught in schools. everyone in german society including muslims and jews have to learn all sides of the conflict and understand that everyone has their own interpretation of the truth there is no single truth. which was actually practiced always taste better when my mom makes that i don't
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know why it just does. german integration officials would like to see more young people like chris same yousef taking part in efforts to ease tensions between muslims and jews hussein is a student representative at a school. his parents came to germany from lebanon his family is religious but they fit perfectly well into german society hussein's older brothers are at college studying political science and ecology but he hasn't decided on a career yet. this is the answer about high school in i can. ninety percent of the students here are either migrants or are descended from them.
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here like at similar schools officials have launched a number of initiatives to try to prevent racism and anti-semitism including educational programs aimed at raising awareness of these problems. ice cannot be denied our high school we have one of the highest proportions are in migrant students among all the high schools in our car. and it's a relatively small school line it's right on the main road but inside you can hardly tell should we try to help students with all their problems whether it's family difficulties our poverty i mean for me or other issues there can manage be in want of a forked one hits a blues and b. it can it's we can have hundreds of official experts investigating anti-semitism and put together all kinds of figures but that won't help us resolve these problems the key is to maintain the dialogue and the situation. is just the spirit and.
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it's that you do come across on the seventy's and a lot of schoolyards it's. fun to have fun just so i was pleasantly surprised to find that in this school they've worked on preventive education programs from and. from the honest. i've done better in those programs than we could have imagined. then. i felt the mentioning of the jews and muslims simply have to learn to get along and accept everyone as human beings they need to put that into practice in their neighborhoods you know my muslims and jews should make friends with each other and do things together i'm fine that way they can show that they're just people on the main whether they're christians jews or muslims. we're part of the same hand. with those answers.
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walking hand in hand to a brighter future hope does exist although many remain skeptical. the british for the jewish people have been around for two thousand years exist and we will find a way to survive and. the problem right now is the problem with the jews and their culture to be able to survive in europe and that question is being decided right now on this the money gets we should see not to see me dismissed. if anti semitism continues to grow like it has it's possible that in a few decades all the jews in france will have left the country. they are already leaving other european countries ask you since. when i sometimes i ask myself whether we will gradually see to swing from everywhere in
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europe. be developed. well you see. people put up somebody at my place the thing about the little things you busted up on the side. wouldn't have been fighting for the case taking seriously in the world oh boy here's what's coming up women's tour. superhero movie smart dogs smart state the legend frank recently dangerous time the fuck w. me for mine. you can tell a lot about
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a society by its garbage. the first six months was for the rich but for many poor people it offers their own chance of survival. and i could be done for today just like that's. our reporters travel to nairobi and so forth and people know the true value of garbage. that has created a thriving parallel economy. what does all this mean for economic inequality around the world you guys are starting class war the response to that statement should be yes we are starting plants walk here because we're tired. and actually disrupt an economy. the rich and the truck exclusive report starts november seventeenth on g.w. .
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this is d.w. news from berlin tonight the people of yemen bracing for more war thousands of civilians in the key port of. work as pro-government forces backed by saudi warplanes advance on the rebel held city it threatens to make any terrible situation even worse but that you will more need of millions are at risk of starvation also coming out another day another mass shooting in america twelve people.


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