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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  November 9, 2018 12:02am-12:15am CET

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the wednesday year praises saudi arabia's vision of a high tech future but after the killing of a saudi journalist he says business is usual is no longer an option also coming up the u.s. federal reserve surprises no one keeping rates on hold with a high kicks baited expected play to eat at the year. and schools of mysterious wooden towel was pump up all over hungry journalists claim corruption and i'm gary and i want offices. this is your business update on how to hunt for. glad you could join me well german industrial powerhouse siemens posted a mixed bag of results on thursday net profit for the fiscal year remained just over six billion euros that's a slight increase on the previous year the company's had some setbacks recently in securing new orders vying for a multi-billion europe order to build
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a power grid in iraq a job the company might use to us can best to g.e. off to the white house and divvied there's also problems in saudi arabia stevens was very late to counsel their attendance at the recent riyadh investment for him most companies who dropped out off to the murder of a saudi journalist. homes demons soulish struck twenty percent over the course of this year. and earlier today my colleague as hot as this spoke with siemens c.e.o. a joke asr about a couple of particular geopolitical risks including saudi arabia and where the case is decision to pull out of a saudi investor conference over the murder all of the journalists cost as he means a twenty billion dollars major power plant deal in the kingdom. the fact is that we did not sign a significant deal which was worth north of twenty billion that's true but obviously you know. things go as they go and i've always made it clear we had
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a very reliable partner competent partner of the kingdom of saudi arabia we have more than thirty million people mostly young people in the kingdom there has been a lot of reforms which have been initiated so i think we need to look at all factors the things which really really well in the came going to be shunted the thirty is a very very promising. mission and such a concept going forward so there is a lot of good things but there also have been dark things and i mean let's face it with the way what we have seen and heard about what happened in turkey is just not something which has moved into ordinary course of business with a kind of spear and see this kind of the trust is this is that what what the kingdom has promised to do it will see how it goes. staying in in the in the regions even it was also in the running for thirteen billion dollars infrastructure
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project to electrify iraq again there are reports you lost that deal all parts of it at least to general electric after don't trump intervened can you confirm that. a lot of stories being written about this topic the fact of the matter is that stevens has had a very very comprehensive compelling concept not just about rebuilding iraq in terms of electrification but also help the country in training in education with the dual apprenticeship program of the german industry we also promised to help the people in the freed up so ins for basic health care so there was a very comprehensive concept which reached the cover men that the customer liked a lot and overstated has been. unusual special forces have been intervening maybe out of good reasons that's not my charge and to make
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on the other hand look i mean siemens is in the united states i was almost sixty thousand people creating another one hundred fifty thousand indirect jobs so we are a massive economic force in the country we are training people there will be two revenues of more than twenty billion dollars so we are first and foremost also an american company which i believe deserves respect and a level playing field we are actually asking for it we're going to talk you know mr k.'s are talking about the u.s. and you being very strong there how much money will the iran sanctions cost you've already wound down some of your business that you. well. the after the after the implementation dave years ago we have been studying opus the. contacts and. it was our customers in iran now it's
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a unilateral move from the united states through to bail out of. the agreement we obviously need to see what that is you know respecting the sanctions we are very very very clear on that matter and that's exactly what we do you know over the is unfortunate that there was a unilateral bail out of the agreement but it is what it is we need to deal with it and we need to deal with it. that's exactly what we do and look at the economic impact is not really available to siemens as the money goes how much we're concerned about a further let's say it's collation on on on the conflict in the middle east which is the last place we see it's yet another conflict seaman c.e.o. joker's i thank you very much for joining us sir k.c. speaking to my colleague as says that while the u.s. federal reserve kept the benchmark lending rate unchanged on thursday the move
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highlighting the continued strong performance all for the economy but it also pointed to a slowdown in business investments the fed noted solid job gains for winning on employment and growing house hold spending they also signaled that there may be further great royce after the rate rise before the end of the year. and i want to bring in our financial correspondent now jose luis. jose luis no rate rise this time around how is the market reacting to that and what all investor expectations for the next meeting. reaction from investors helen i was a pretty muted as there was no press conference or any update on economic projections that said as it is there right now the central bank is ready to increase rates for the fourth time this year next said these embers shield him from president criticism of freddie's looking up full employment and salaries that are
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growing at its fastest paisley nearly a decade our signs are that will justify such a move and avoid a dangerous overheated of the us economy trend will continue next year even as a tax cut fades and economic growth moderates right now investors are ready for at least two hikes in two thousand and nineteen while the federal reserve projects three something that will call down a financial conditions and probably a stock markets but for sure will not sit well with the white house. or on wall street for us thanks as ever for your insights. google says it will change the way i handle sexual harassment claims google c.e.o. summed up his shine promise more transparency in how allegations are handled as a week after twenty thousand cuban employees around the world stage to walk out to protest against what they call the culture of complicity and dismissiveness fisheye said they'll be no more mandatory operation sexual harassment and sexual assault claims enabling complainants to go public or sued in future employees will also
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have to complete compulsory sexual harassment training. mysterious wooden towers are cropping up across hungary and nobody knows why the hungaroring government's trying to silence journalists who keep asking questions and anti corruption activists suspect the towers are just another example of the local fest of a funds. a citizen's initiative is collecting signatures in budapest. they're petitioning for a european public prosecutor. the hunger in government is still refusing to accept independent investigations from brussels but the pressure is growing with every signature. doing this because the e.u. money and hungry get stolen. and there's no institution in hungary to deal with these cases of fraud that fairly. took at the center i support
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a european public prosecutor. with out on these thieves will live their whole lives never being brought to justice. in the village of two caught the european anti fraud office olof is already investigating and e.u. project is thought to have been declared far more expensive than it was eleven wooden towers were erected using e.u. money at seventy thousand euros per tower they were apparently built to promote tourism but there's no hotel or restaurant in sight hardly anyone in the village will speak to us than someone who agrees but wants to remain anonymous the towers are of no use to anyone here he tells us people just made money off them people who initiated the project. it seems to have set a precedent a total of one hundred eleven similar structures have sprung up across hungary the
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journalist who uncovered the case has been blacklisted by the hungary and government. behavior of my past that the initiative to build the towers came from a group of villagers everyone involved received around twelve thousand euros but of forrester also got a considerable sum for construction costs and the rest went to an employee in the ministry like. hungary is sinking further into a pit of corruption the organization transparency international ranks hungry at number sixty six tied with a semicolon. the money pouring in from brussels is only making the problem worse according to variety by a large from independent think tank budapest institute. and the utopian agency all of that is in charge of setting this question is on demand so they only look at the few projects and the band they actually tell us that that was i miss you was that
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happens six seven eight years after the fact. that's the latest here on the w. business thanks for your company and c.c. . the be. cut. the most. common. among. sometimes books are more exciting
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than real life. referring to. some. of. what if there's no escape. list the measurement must create. earth a home for saving global india's tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world ideas to protect the climate and boost green energy solutions by low blow and you get some bimbo in the series of global three thousand on d w and online. scars cover don't forget women in russia have to live with violence sexism and oppression love doesn't mean that violence is normal in russia. where putin's patriarchy runs today women's rights were already gaining traction a hundred years ago. people here don't have
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a clue about feminism but their own. i want to instigate change in every day looking for justice and equality. under the skin of the show's women starts november thirteenth long w. . long.


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