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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 9, 2018 10:00am-10:16am CET

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a peaceful revolution without their courage and wish with radio. the fall of the war would never happen this message is happy ninth of november in our history and that too is something like me remember today and gratitude. i do for all of them a lot not a lot all these women and men fragile had sheaves what germans could only dream of for so long a free united democratic chairman a it's a few different you know too many of them off the gutter today that i would like to devote more attention. more of and yes also more funds to the places and the protagonists of our history of to mark willacy.
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even for the rest undertow far only a public we should invest more in tax than simply. the palaces of princes or the cemeteries of. the other d.b. also democrat he became all of us who didn't commit to democracy. and above all those millions more committed to this country every day all of us are part of this tradition that through every day example shows that democratic idea of patrick ism is not something abstract and is not something which exists only in people's minds the commitment of these citizens does not come out of calculation or worst out of calculated self interest that most of them do that on the bottom half of them are so ladies and gentlemen that they and that's dead overnight let's just be
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. you know look see the hope of the republican passion enough those days in november and show not even today on the latest dan to renewed this playing longleaf the charm and republicans with democrat on live our democracy thank you. jimmy thank god i was thinking in terms of parliament tomorrow during the day i think it has become you know november night when some of the nation's most important because you are full of bad. took place including the birth of the new german republic in the final days of world war one. the night of the broken glass when the nazis and their supporters carried out nationwide attacks on the jewish
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population and the fall of the proclaimed wall in night eighty nine. you're watching news and our special coverage of this day of faith in german history i'm sara cali and i'm joined by my colleague now simon young to put into perspective what we have just been hearing taking place in the german parliament a day of commemoration quite an emotional day in german history we heard the german president talk about a complicated past and he ended really talking about this internal conflicts that that many germans have coming to terms with it and the sense of perhaps patriotism
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patriotism how one might be able to have that simon tell us a little bit more yeah i mean i think what's really interesting about the speech that we just heard is the focus on the ninth of november here in germany is usually most heavily on the ninth of december nine hundred thirty eight the day when the nazis sort of openly began to. carry out their pogroms against the jews of germany with their sas troops smashing up their jewish shops and burning down synagogues those are the images that we remember particularly on this day usually the german president has just spent over half an hour really focusing on a different note of developer of the. not of an event one hundred years ago nineteen eighteen when german parliamentary democracy was founded essentially with a short speech which we also heard earlier by
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a social democrat politician who obviously felt the time was right to to fling open a window in the right start building where mr steinmeier has just been speaking and tell the assembled crowd you know him only he is dead the time of militarism is. and now it's time for a new style of a new order a new political order in germany with the parliament in charge and that was really where the president has been focusing and founding german history and all the traditions that come from this state and it wasn't just about looking back on those traditions it was also very much about looking forward at the state of democracy within germany which he says is most certainly not to be taken for granted as it absolutely he paints this vision of and it's something he said many times before you know that democracy can't be taken for granted it's not inevitable it must be actively embraced actively fought for by by citizens and you know live he called
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actually directly to germans to you know get involved in politics stand up for your communities stand up for pluralism and diversity and the things that you believe in and he was also talking about the concept of patriotism particularly on this day which is which is so confusing to many people you've got these positive traditions of nine hundred eighteen and the new hopes that were connected with that nine hundred eighty nine when the berlin wall fell and all of the reef founding essentially of the modern german of it we have today those positive traditions alongside the negativity of the of the nazi era and the fact that the night of november nine hundred thirty eight essentially led directly to the show on the whole of course and he's saying you know patriotism for him post. the president of the country a quiet patriotism for reflective one with mixed feelings not the loud nationalism that some people bring forward
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a direct point there i think against the far right sitting in parliament listening to that they. know them used by someone who is on the market leaders in fact they cross their hands that refused to clock actually at that particular moment. and he made that point not only on the national front in germany but he also made the point that germany needs to establish that leadership also internationally when we see these these rises of. you know a certain brand of patriotism and pop populism amongst some of germany's most closest partners he said that's true you know he was talking about the internationalism of the arrow and the fact that germany suddenly realized it had to be part of the west and a western context and have its allies and friends and it was a positive period when there was a new cultural phenomenon the germans were winning the nobel prizes and we think of albert einstein and so on and you know success and he said this era that we have
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now is a new era of that we have to stand up for a pluralistic germany even when the international order is under to under attack from our own poland as i think he was particularly thinking there of the president of the united states and also perhaps of the united kingdom with its plan to leave the european union i want to talk a little bit more about the show up because of course this is something which he addressed as well today we have anti semitism once again on the rise here in germany and he especially talked about the youth he said that a lot of them are thinking the following you know what's this got to do with me they can't really identify perhaps with that particular element of their past and so i'd like to ask you i mean what we just saw taking place in the bundestag today we know that chancellor angela merkel she's going to be going here in berlin to a very significant synagogue also a bit later in the day. to commemorate this particular. event on this day is this something which people can relate to is this enough simon well i think there was
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a time perhaps a few years ago ten years ago when people felt that the semitism was something that was a phenomenon of a part of becoming less significant to them what we've heard in recent years is a growing growing calls from jewish leaders telling us that anti semitic incidents and attacks are on the rise and we've seen a number of really terrible incidents with you know jewish restaurants for instance being being attacked having their windows broken the owners being harassed and injured and just just to take one example they have been there have been many such incidents it's a growing concern not just in germany i should say but in other countries too and i think therefore in that context and in the context of the rise of the far right here politically i think people now young germans too can relate to the to the sort of messages that the mentioned again and again on this and we actually have the
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opportunity now to highlight this this rise in anti-semitism for our viewers i just like to play this report illustrating a number of incidents that have recently taken place in the german city of cabinets and then simon i'd like to get your reaction there after. the says he's not the victim type even though he's been attacked time and again for being jewish and running the jewish restaurant in downtown cabinets the most recent attack took place at the end of august on the ball stood here at the bar and walked slowly to the front door of the restaurant. there told me various things like. get out of germany at least that's what i understood. i was standing here in the group over there and then things flew in that direction. bottles and stones flew before managed to escape back into his restaurant since the attack
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says he doesn't feel safe when he's out and about in kenya it's that's new for him despite the fact that his restaurant has been targeted several times since two thousand unknown perpetrators have left pigs heads inscribed with the star of david and the word jew swastikas and stars of david with his initials were marked into the facade of the building but doesn't see that as a reason to leave ken nets the. network of our family and the rest. were welcomed the many positive experiences of the people here and now we're part of. it's much more pleasant than you might think. jewish life took its roots in kemet some one hundred forty years ago the jewish community here numbers five hundred eighty people. here is president of the community she's received
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a lot of support from locals since the violent clashes last august. the guns. political analysts the politicians everyone no matter what party except for the right wingers stand behind the jewish community and one jewish life here voice. but the growing strength of the far right party in germany unsettles the community at a weekly choir practice community members wonder if the mood will shift even more to the right and affect the jewish community in particular. all of a sudden i think should i pack my suitcases now and that's not just me some community members have the same idea should we pack our suitcases. full. eighty years after the pub runs in germany jews and chemists feel torn they feel at
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home but there's a renewed sense of fear of what the future might bring. and we have to add that germany's commissioner on fighting anti semitism felix clyde acknowledge that there is a discourse in society on this which is coarsening this rise of anti semitism here simon where is this coming from you there was a study done recently by the interior minister ministry which said that ninety percent of these anti semitic attacks are coming from far right groups so that's a real point that you you make there although interestingly many jews in germany as a community of two hundred thousand or so of them living here again now and it's a thriving community and live in many of them say they feel concern from another quarter and that's the increasing number of young muslims who who've appeared in germany in recent years of course were aware of the migration story there's a suggestion that you know many of these are influenced by islamist ideas and an
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anti israeli feeling and so there have been of course some incidents a growing number perhaps where you've had muslim and jewish populations in conflict with each other on the streets and that's a worrying trend too it's a complex phenomenon and many people it seems in the shadows are willing to sort of jump on this bandwagon and use the jewish history and the difficulty that that the emotion that is up to you know for their own political aims and we heard the german president saying we must never weaken in the fight against anti-semitism what do you make of the efforts right now to deal with this strand here i mean what a lot of people say is you know there's been calls again and again again from politicians to to do something not so very much has been done and i think a lot more probably needs to be done. and young thank you so much we appreciate it . you're watching news i'm sorry kelly in berlin you have been joining us for
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special programming this hour we have been talking about germany marking the day fades nov ninth when some of the nation's most important historical events took place the birth of a new german republic in the wake of world war one the fall of the berlin wall and the night of broken glass when the nazis and their supporters carried out a nationwide attacks on the jewish population thank you so much for joining us on this day have a good one. letter we were. when we were. americans and some people in our lives will experience hardship.


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