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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 9, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm CET

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w.'s november. this is deja vu news live from berlin i'm sumi so misconduct thank you for joining us your joining our special coverage of anniversary events marking the eightieth anniversary of kristallnacht known in english as the night of broken glass a two day program that foreshadowed the horrors of the holocaust on the night of november ninth one thousand nine hundred thirty eight the nazis and their supporters launched attacks on the jewish population of germany and austria. shops
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ransacked and nearly one hundred jews killed thousands more were arrested the events became known as the night of broken glass because of the shattered glass from the store windows that litter the streets it is widely viewed as a prelude to the holocaust. while chancellor angela merkel is joining members of the jewish community in one of britain's main synagogues she will give a speech to mark the eightieth anniversary of the program the president of the council of jews in germany will also be giving a speech we're listening to both of those we have our political correspondent simon young with us who's been following today's anniversary of marking this very somber day simon put this in historical perspective for us kristallnacht the night of broken glass yeah by the way that name itself is. controversial because of course
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that's the sort of mocking tone the broken glass the broken windows that was the language used by the nazis themselves we often preferred to say that the night of programs now because of course the night the november was the day chosen by the nazis specifically because it was already a significant day. in german history as the sort of beginning of organized attacks against jews jewish organizations jewish businesses and against synagogues and those continued in the days after and thousands were rounded up and taken to concentration camps it was a sort of beginning of the organized and concentrated attacks on the jews of course under the nazis for the years up to and from the nine hundred thirty three up to nine hundred thirty eight the nazis have been in power and discrimination and anti semitism had been commonplace and localised in various
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forms and was a was already if you like the state ideology but from this point on you know nobody could deny that it was happening because people across germany saw in many cases the burning ruins of synagogues after this day is seen as an important turning point simon we imagine there's a commemoration taking place in a central synagogue here in berlin and that kind of russian has gotten under way let's listen to some of the music that's being played out the moment there you hear that is the choir currently playing you know someone else three and that's the synagogue the choir of the jewish community in berlin that a scene from the left of the the. the . oh they are.
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the. will. the. load. the. leap. home she. was. no.
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the goal. the. home. and that was the synagogue choir of the jewish community of berlin they were singing. someone'll three by louis
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a very somber piece of music there simon and this synagogue in particular has a really interesting story. this synagogue was one of the most impressive as you can see in the german capital and it was home to different jewish congregations but in one nine hundred thirty eight on the night the van. was attacked and was set on fire but the fire was put out fairly swiftly by the action of a german police but he didn't want the surrounding. the surrounding houses also to catch fire as listen to. this is that getting the chief len jewish communities ahead of him with her when she was communication which i thought jolie is the heart of. to me to know that you've only seen the german government the state government i would also like to welcome my michael ladies and gentlemen
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in monetary and president of the central council of jews dr joseph and schuster percentages of the churches religious communities. with the poles and for all of you i would like to welcome was the host of this wonderful synagogue. ladies and gentlemen a very special greeting today the actual agas two they survivors off they show up and i would like to welcome in a bizarre bit les fame who's done with a great honor to go with me to our straight face it's a very warm welcome to the commemorative event on the eightieth anniversary of faith right the program tonight ladies and gentleman is there a future for jewish life in germany was my unequivocal a positive that is
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a yes without any doubt yes my sympathies what do i base this up to mr moggs my optimism of i that is based on a meeting with the father of the german parliament held in january twenty eighth feelings it's all of the jihadist on the occasional fun session. against a by the end of the supplement an extension to the german constitution the basic law was passed but yet there was a debate in its laws and on how anti-semitism it was to ban he did receive leucadia me fort or fifth and they passed a proposal that for me and many other jews in germany he has an addition to lose the basic law article one says the dignity of man is in a book to respect and protect it is an obligation for all state power. and in this proposal they have put very clearly how the use of half
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human dignity also jews is to be honest spectate and protect it it's like anything else like times of and to semitism from the right and the left and whether it's anti islamist or i'm to israeli is mention and in my opinion that is the best evidence showing that germany is a life or an enormous gaps lanphier a country worth living in for jews and the country which it is worth living in from or not it is abusive in. that they thought today's anniversary. is linked to me with an appeal to all members they german parliament and to all members of the standing conference of ministers of education and culture as wonderful supplement to the tram and constitution article one passed in january.
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sure should also apply to all german schools the so-called time form in this country let it. mandatory lesson for people to read specifically or nine nobel and this one supplement to the german constitution is wonderful thank you. and that's good in just the speaking the chairman of the jewish community in berlin . if you're just joining us you're watching a special commemoration eighty years after kristallnacht the night of broken glass being held in the senate got him going. on this president. mr president benda with it and speaking out of parliament madam chancellor there is that with you being president of the federal council your excellency's. element all of presented tips all of the federal regional national government representatives of
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churches doctor you feel it is a gentleman. in there now it was in the middle of the nights when when a manhole cover through laughter through the window of a synagogue glasgow into the next morning in mine the community head was shocked what on range and patronage and developing such force are frightening to me she said that this man who. is a center working girls in case he out annoyance not did not happen in one thousand thirty eight yards right it was in twenty fourteen i think like i said some for be a direct comparison must be all without that but if we commemorate of him by the state controlled excesses against jews in november one thousand nine hundred thirty eight eighty years ago we don't just do this knowing about the greatest crime of against humanity ever committed with a view of the lessons we learn from our but we also do that in the knowledge that
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injustice is still perpetrated today and even today there are things happen on that evoke terrible memories for philip such incidents are of particular burden for one group of people the survivors of the show and their descendants. who feel deeply frightened or hearing such news today on this commandment if they we bow to them really in deep respect though it won't be about who the survivors whether they are with us now today whether they're elsewhere. one. thing going for them in morning and perpetual memory of the six million murdered jewish men and women and children and all other victims of national socialist crime and mania we bow to your own even if one day there will be no living witness left who was. there during this mania for nine ation we were never never let the flame of remembrance be extinguished you could slay dissent and harmony feeling about the targeted state
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controlled via against jews jewish businesses and synagogues in november nineteen thirty a which can be seen as a waypoint on the way to implement the radical national socialist ideology not to reality or to perfect it in the most gruesome way this so-called right programme of nights that i took brokaw asked them you didn't come out of nothing but the marginalization of jews from german and since twelve march one hundred thirty it also happened german society if it had long been given a foundation in law a noun and not since the takeover of power in one thousand thirty three the nazi government had been building that legal foundation for driving drunk moves out of society fun and marginalization which saw a temporary perverted combination ally in the new york burke race lows in nineteen
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thirty five and justinian nine hundred thirty eight there were numerous other measures which products of your citizens for example had to register their asses in may so called degenerate an art was confiscated alive and any jew is artist was one of these degenerate artists just being the one with the euphemistically called dune action on so many jungle starts arrested for petty crimes and dragged off to concentration camps in july. doctors lost the right to. practiced medicine and shortly after that one rose were forced to wear a second first name israel the first visible marking of jew was before nine hundred forty one the yellow star followed with that included the fleet would occur and how life was made difficult for jews or you becomes very clear when you see the exhibition one hundred thirty eight project from the past organized by the bike institute of which we present a small segment today these are moving witnesses are telling us far more than bad
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things as occurred in the late evening of my november one thousand and thirty eight violence finally arrived as a an s.s. people attacked synagogues and jewish businesses. attacked thousands of unsuspecting do wish citizens in their homes altogether about one thousand four hundred synagogues were damaged or destroyed that is about half of the notes that existed even this synagogue in which we are now in berlin enrica strasser. was set ablaze in the nine to ten november and just in order not to danger neighboring houses the fire was what i sadly quickly wouldn't wouldn't about thirty thousand jews but driving up to a concentration camp about one thousand three hundred jewish citizens murdered or driven to commit suicide because by these excesses of violence open the eyes to many jewish citizens the blind destructive rage the violent acts which actually
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exploded this is something which they did never expect the german. nation of culture to do immigration under skyrocketed after that even though more regulation and made immigration of extraordinary aren't they are the fact that this right here program nightlight or broken the glass was organized as something which has now been proven from a righty of reliable sources but even at the time a citizen understood it wasn't a. spontaneous eruption of national rage as goebbels described it but that it was a targeted action of as office and yes that's one thing i would like to know tara even if in these days of november this primary of the s a n s s were involved how there are still thousands of tremendous who got actively involved on the ground both these organizations were so large already that there was no problem in organizing this the same time in the whole of the term and right as well as an
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austrian of many citizens apparently in our reacted by taking the distance they not maybe even feeling revulsion as many people say but still their reaction gave a valuable hinch to the nazis hardly anybody protested. it's out as i say and as as you did not meet with resistance sing. the hard pressed to say only received very limited help to understand the populous terror regime an anti-semitic propaganda had already born for the contras if they stay on leadership since nine nineteen thirty eight could be not sure even if more violence were to be brought to bear on the jews the citizens would not stand up they will be proved right is your main and there were only very few people who show decency and courage among the muslims will hand out a billion police officer who together with other officers from his police station
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stood for no against the as a outside the new synagogue in iranian strasse and an irish to the tenth of november that of he stopped them on setting fire to the building from outside as well and had made sure that the fire that had already been set inside the building was put out he says ladies and gentlemen this is an example of the police officer vilhelm critz felt this is still impressive today many of us will ask themselves like what i have shown the same courage. is of it's a question that we can indeed ask ourselves today because we are again dealing with arsonists with about intellectual instigators but also with us on natural arsonists and i would like to give you some numbers housing think up with twenty sixteen there were almost one thousand attacks against refugee among the more than sixty. more than sixty asons. that makes an average of five arson attacks
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a month in against buildings housing people who came here to find ratio which is twenty seventeen it was only quote unquote sixteen asons i'm emphasizing this on purpose because sometimes it seems to me as if i hear this released. taking a breath the number of attacks against refugees and refugee homes has significantly dropped yes. there has been a drop of this kind but that is no reason to relax and alliance with a thirteen hours country and three hundred refugees were injured in attacks in johnston twenty seventeen that asylum seeker homes are regular targets for attacks that ladies and gentleman is a scandal it's an on guard it's also a scandal that increasingly frequently mosques. get smeared with. speech or attacked in a massive way it's also a scandal that every fortnight in germany the same thing happens to the synagogue now. even though synagogues as
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a rule enjoyed police protection and you all remember that jewish restaurant owner in candidates who repeatedly and only recently again was attacked by neo nazis a little later in october the neo nazis went to a persian restaurant in chemists and seriously injure the iranian. bomb and they didn't gentleman the fact that such things can happen in the germany of twenty eighteen is something i see as shameful for our country and among these people who attack refugees muslims or jews are also the intellectual instigators and my impression is their number in germany is growing of they fan fear for refugees with the way they put things with their hands out of proportion attention given to individual incidents leg on others they incite violence against asylum seekers particularly muslims in the party which are sitting on the far right in the german parliament has perfected this type of incitement they are intellectual instigators
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. they respect nothing they instrumentalist the brave resistance fighters of the white race for their purposes they mark the victims and survivors of the show on by putting into perspective the n.-s. crimes that they may. they misrepresent history and they want to destroy our culture after a commemoration of my interest in it for the jewish community it would have been unacceptable today eighteen years after the program night to have representatives of our party among us which is why this is the only parliamentary party that we did not invite and have. i've yet to determine what happened the sequestered ladies and gentleman these are forces that must not gain even more ground on the country will have to push them back so far that they completely disappear into oblivion because
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in order to quote current yes i knew i had there must be no freedom to destroy freedom it is up to us differently every single one of us bears responsibility for making respect and tolerance mark the profile of germany what we need now are both good and committed democrats we need people who show civil courage many people who speak out if you are simple courage and start in everyday life for months every one of us may ask him in mind when i do something if people in my power or to talk about gay jokes or speak poorly about women or if people talk about the alleged influence of jews from the american east coast it's not as if it's all or do or don't i like running the risk of being a killjoy or a spoil sport party rather adapt like. keep mum or join the laughter so as not to show up would prefer to listen when somebody of
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dark skin gets insulted on the train and if we don't defend the valley herself the basic code of unique human dignity on the small scale we must not expect this to work on the larger scale either. ultimately the weimar republic did not fail because there were too many nuts is too early on because there were too few democrats for too long that is our richard from vied sikka put it in his famous speech committed commemorating forty years of the end of the second world war the turner says is right and it also very clearly marks the difference between then and now. now we are enough democrats who don't risk a thing done at all but if. you defend them fundamental rights our behavior and we should be aware of that makes us role models with no trial of this born or racist fine king no trial this bornand to submit tick and yet jew has
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become a four letter word in our school in us and that is why teachers in particular need to be courageous and committed democrats whether we're talking sports chemistry or religious lessons and to semitism and racism are never never acceptable on it doesn't matter in which context it's most athletes and there must be no room for understanding you more for and to semitism and racism a clear line has to be drawn here to everything tough i like cultural scientist and yun us man who just received the peace prize of the german doctor have made very clear in their acceptance speech. i try to paraphrase what i said but i have to be an undisputed convictions and the basic consensus if you buy just like the constitution the division of powers the independence of law and human rights not
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every opposition view needs to be respected in this conviction this basic consensus exists in germany but from the far right it's being questioned. that is why we need to defend it for gun. john in previous years we have taken democracy and the rule of law in nomine as a matter of course maybe as too much a matter of policy but by now we've begun to realize that democracy is not an automatic success we have to do something for it we need to show current. and you know not the one and i don't understand we must make both succeeding generations and people from other cultures and political systems and committed democrats isn't it a wonderful task done on us and when i'm looking at the demonstrations of recent months whether under the hashtag we are more or welcome united in divisible or heart not hatred than i can feel it something is happening. to the citizens in
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germany are standing out of the month there is an optimistic mood which can be felt and today in this day which is such an ambivalent date for germany we commemorate primarily the program tonight the year nine hundred eighty nine that should not be forgotten either on the november one thousand nine hundred nine the war firelight and germany received unity in freedom by germany could start peacefully without violence into a joint democracy and today people again are really united for human rights against racism and anti-semitism and they go out on strike for these values hundreds of thousands of them so hundreds of thousands courageous committed democrats they don't just allow germany to drift off to the right they fight for the basic consensus they give me courage this is the start into a germany which makes respect at its core value and young ladies and gentleman i.
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from the united thirty eight a sign we know that a twelve year old jewish boy in vienna said the following would lead. us if we really are so bad and if no other country wants. one it be better to make an end right now and to turn on the gas. never again never again thank you must a time that's a human being on loss especially child that's one of the reason to feel so much despair just because of his origin thank you. thank you thank you. thank you thank you thank you thanks very much you're just joining us and i don't mean watching our coverage of an er anniversary events
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marking the eightieth anniversary of kristallnacht or night of broken glass the thirty two day program that foreshadowed the horrors of the holocaust these ceremonies taking place here at a main synagogue in the heart of berlin and so i mean we heard some warnings there as well from yourself should stir. about what anti-semitism the growing anti-semitism here in germany today. you know i thought what was interesting was that he gave wide in detail just from anti semitism he talked about all kinds of discrimination and racist attacks he drew the attention of his listeners for instance to a thousand attacks against refugee centers in the year two thousand and sixteen many of them often attacks and cause austin has a particular resonance today because there's so many jewish buildings. and some synagogues indeed were. burned on the night to remember nine hundred thirty eight so he was he was saying you know it's time for germans to stand up for what they
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believe in for their values and to stand up against anti-gay discrimination and hits misfortune istic attacks against racist attacks as well as anti semitic incidents which he said he's very worried about the also interesting lee said he thinks there's a new op timmy's him in german society and he's hopeful for the future and he said they give me courage simon will talk a little bit more about that in just a moment let's listen in now to don't i don't know if this is a piece by shalom sequel to an errant set when this is being sung by a children's choir here in berlin was the. was the i was the was
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i was. the i was i was i was the movie was. the the was. load. unload the. muck up. the load. in the load.
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the boat. was. loaded. all over the globe the. elope was loaded. up until now nothing both
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mother. that was done i don't know by shalom being sung by a children's choir here in berlin this commemoration is taking place at a special synagogue here in berlin commemorations of course marking the eightieth anniversary of christe on the night of broken glass. so i mean we were talking a little bit earlier about the significance of this and i got also targeted. but the interior was targeted the exteriors explain that. you know the what happened on the night the november nineteenth thirty eight was the essay and s.s. this would not see street troops were. going around smashing
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places up and they broke into the synagogue and smashed up some of the for some of the you know the ritual paraphernalia and the interior of the synagogue and as i mentioned this because one of the big one story of the year there was a fire but it was fairly fairly quickly put out and as you can see this synagogue survived into the present time and let's take a look this is a video presentation from a nine hundred thirty eight project called posts from the past to remembering and honoring some of the victims. you know i think the one thing that's interesting sumi is that mr schuster mentioned in his speech this is probably the last landmark anniversary of the night of november nineteenth when people who actually experienced it will be around in particular towards we to day.
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for. them to see it in its member to be. harmed. sam we heard him say lord never let the flame of remembrance be extinguished he talked about this blinded destructive rage and we're seeing some of these historic images here and he also talked about the fact that he never expected germany a land of culture to be capable of such rage and destruction yeah and of course in the in the years from when the nazis took power in one nine hundred thirty three to ninety eight they had jews in germany had experience all sorts of discrimination and marginalize asian the nuremberg race laws had come in and you know increasingly prop jews property had been confiscated you know were being required to survive
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into fire themselves with special names calling the women calling themselves the men call themselves israel things that are on imaginable to die so people were aware of discrimination but i think as he as mr schuester said you know it was only in one nine hundred thirty eight when this organized campaign of pogroms the jews realized the organized nature of the brutality that was now facing them and of course many of them tried in the months immediately off to to to leave germany and emigrate even though the nazis were making it much more difficult for them to do that. you don't find full. of holes in the t.v. and start deportee you don't stop it if you're just joining us here and these are images a historical images we're seeing at a synagogue at the video presentation this is the central synagogue here in berlin
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we are marking the eightieth anniversary of kristallnacht now in english us and i had a broken glass chance of america is on hand she will be speaking shortly will be listening to her we've seen. the president of the central council. in germany speak as well as gideon's author he's the chairman of the jewish community in berlin and simon i heard i found it remarkable that we heard get into f.l. so say he asked the question actually is there a future for jewish life in germany and he said i have a very clear answer yes well yeah and why does he say yes because he noting that the german constitution has recently received a supplement with specific mention of jewish life in germany and the protections that it should have so not just generalized. protections of human rights more widely but specifically referring to the. special nature of jewish life in
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germany of course because of the history that we're seeing here again to die. it's a video house speaker so routing no witness stories historic documents from that time. yes mr justice said that he felt that those special commitments to g.'s should be raised on the night november every year by schoolchildren as a mandate to a sort of lesson from history that was a suggestion that he made i don't know whether that will be taken up now by politicians but it's the sort of idea that you get you know the sense that everything must be done every opportunity must be taken to remind people and of course the younger generation if you find it more difficult to to identify with a lot of this a lot of this history as it recedes into the past especially some and as you said this could be where the last landmark anniversary is we're living witnesses are
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still present to remind us. coming back to us of history a speech which really drew an arc didn't he started with an example of anti-semitism that many might have thought had come from nine hundred thirty eight from this day that we're marking kristallnacht that was actually from just four years ago. a manhole cover was thrown through the window of a synagogue in western germany and it's a shocking. shocking incident in itself but i'm afraid it's something we've seen again and again and. sporadically i mean of course as he said that was one shouldn't draw a direct comparison with nine hundred thirty eight there's no state operation there's no pogroms and indeed of course the democrats are much more numerous now than they were back then but we have seen these incidents we've seen swastikas painted on. the walls of synagogues and you know anti semitic
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slogans and so on any day people in some cases being physically attacked. you know there's good reason for people to continue to be concerned and continue to keep the focus not just as a sort of act of pious historical remembrance which is sometimes perhaps how these events come across but it really is a current live issue in german society and i think elsewhere in europe too it. of course we saw just the other day in the united states terrible attack on the synagogue there in pittsburgh. some have found it also noteworthy that he said today is a day of to bow to survivors also living witnesses to the victims of kristallnacht eighty years ago but also to honor some of the important resistance fighters the people who stood up to the nazis that he said that can be a sign to us of how to be courageous to speak up today well indeed we need more
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people who speak out he said and defend values defending values on a small scale is the way to defame you know the big sort of philosophical values of equality employer alyssum. of course it's a mixed picture isn't it because in the in the nazi time unfortunately there were so few who stood up and he mentioned as well you know many civilians in the joined in these attacks these thugs of the in the s.s. were many of them dressed in civilian clothes so it was hard to tell who was a civilian and who was kind of you know hired a hired hand but but civilians did join in but the real point is that too few of them protested and there were a few courageous citizens the who dared to sort of speak out but that was already a nine hundred thirty eight very dangerous thing to do and of course the nazis had
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cynically speculated that there wouldn't be many who would oppose them over this action against the jews and sadly. issues to say they were they were right about that. for a viewers again just joining us a reminder you're watching here this is a video presentation called nine hundred thirty eight posts past posts from the past rather this is a presentation taking place. at a ceremony here in a central synagogue in berlin marking the events of eighty years ago kristallnacht night of broken glass chancellor angela merkel is on hand she will be speaking also the german president to various lawmakers. and we will be listening to chance of merkel speaking in short while and so i mean we keep talking about this return to looking at what anti-semitism growing anti-semitism means for germany today and how important it is to remember what happened eight years ago and there have been also
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earlier during the commemorations in the german parliament and i'm going to start there is reminders of course of how the rise of the right wing a.s.d.f. for what many people believe really contributed to this atmosphere first royce. mr . in his speech. referred to them as the intellectual instigators of racism and he said my impression is their number is growing and he you know he named them all but name them he said the far right in parliament we know he's talking about this this new party in parliament the alternative to germany or fifty as we call it that he said they've perfected this type of incitement relativizing and misrepresenting history and it's you know is what we call dog whistle races. speaking to a certain section of the of the population who perhaps you know just for their own reasons ready to get out and be violent or demonstrate or exhibit that
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loud and offensive nationalism that president should on my i was talking about earlier on in his speech you know it's a kind of simple view of history if you like simplification and misrepresentation is the problem and you know. we call it history but it's really as i say very much the present for a lot of people we can see that the german chancellor is now getting up to speak let's listen to what she has to say. wow they get a bonus for that and they get the president speaking at the parliament when the president of the federal council excellence to mr schuester your excellency is. going to
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colleagues from both the carbon out and the government and our regional parliaments . all are eighty years since the program nine to my ladies and gentlemen am i talking about the subject of the aisle for the first obvious answer is the simple fact that this is today eighty years and pass it and. an end bear respect requires us but. what happened then should be mentioned by the chancellor on a day like this the events of the rice grown one thousand nine hundred thirty eight were an important way point towards the great rupture of civilization which was the shoah leading to six million murdered jews and unspeakable suffering for many more millions of people. in all this suffering defies words i really do lack the words to describe it. and that is why i primarily speak to you
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today for another reason i. thought i would receive because this event the civilizational rapture that the show was was unique singular one parallel to it in its form with all its dreadful facets ending in if we called it cynically an industrialized mass murder or to be precise in the concentration camps difficult start with the killing but that i would like to use this day and this opportunity today to discuss and think about three aspects how could it happen how did the majority of the people riyad out and what can we learn from it all and i went down and i did ladies and gentleman nine nov nineteenth thirty eight and i was one day in a range of days and nights during which national socialism showed its dreadful face
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about one thousand four hundred synagogues prior owners and other jewish centers were looted and destroyed and set ablaze over that seven thousand five hundred jewish businesses were demolished and plunder i was neighbors they came perpetrators and criminal this is what i hear many enrich themselves. have i accepted the violence praised it all became value them selves right. since one thousand thirty three anti semitism had come into power and the new political conditions made it possible for many germans to lead to long held resentments come to the fore to live their hatred and violence they didn't stay with destroyed and dude jewish places of worship businesses and existences in september nine hundred thirty eight about four hundred people were either killed or driven to commit suicide thirty thousand jews were arrested and brought to concentration
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camps where hundreds of them were murdered by a november programme pave the way to the holocaust you mention minute arm and hand ladies and gentlemen we human beings tend to use commemorative day to remember only the events of that particular day and easily overlook that as a rule such days and remembrances do not stand for itself but are always part of the process as was the case with on the ninth of november we all know what followed the show of that the greatest rupture of civilizations that botched the program tonight you know them a nine hundred thirty eight was preceded by something without which that night would not have been possible to understand that it is worth looking back into history. as part of such a speech of course it can only be a close rate of back up hatred against jews has been around in jews by europe since the middle ages into the nineteenth century this hatred was primarily reason it as
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being for religious reasons at the end of the nineteenth century the industrial revolution is made social issues more burning and secular nation states gained importance. it was in this context that that racist motivated and disseminate as a new as it was called it existed aiming at racist marginalization on the driving. out of people and ultimately towards annihilating others of in the weimar republic since one thousand nine hundred the first time jews are the right to rise to the highest echelons of the government but it is most do state common place especially for those who are hostile it have a democracy on them ya know that and back in one nine hundred twenty s. me and as d.a.p. national socialist party published its teachings to set ism that when
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jews were to be precluded from being citizens in the one nine hundred twenty s. when the national socialist party made their claims many events showed increasing anti-semitism in word indeed one of them was the murder of the foreign minister of utter rotten are nine hundred twenty two and all the attacks against jews in one thousand twenty three in the shi'a and fertile quarter after leno was just this very concise view of history shows but the undertow of national socialism actually did not happen overnight but it had really grew stronger. ladies and gentlemen why am i talking in such detail on all the things that happened before that neither have i but nine hundred thirty eight eighty five ninety ninety five years ago but it's tough on you but i do so because i'm convinced that we can any draw the correct lessons for us for today and for the future if we understand these
11:50 am
programs from one nine hundred thirty eight as part of a process that absorbed a dreadful afterwards in the shoah lots of the which was preceded by any critic dreadful before that helps us see what happens if something which is criminal behavior and national socialism is first tolerated and later declared to be the. designed behavior by the muslims in the form or rather one permanent prejudice is much as it existed for a long time now. when in fact lived out in violence without any punishment clung to by looking away by silence by not caring and by a great majority of the drawn population just to the death of like joining in mind of the liberation of germany and may nine hundred forty five and the new beginnings that followed was also the beginning of a change of the political framework
11:51 am
a normative rejection of anti-semitism and racism was fundamental about racism anti-semitism and prejudices did not just vanish but. what if today eighty years after these put a promise and about seventy years after the establishment of the federal public of germany we look at a situation we have we see an ambiguous picture on a phone. that is flourishing life about the jewish life in germany again an unexpected gift after this show i like to live in the thought now but at the same time you see a wiring and his semitism a lot. which means that jewish life in this country and in other places considered safe havens in the world is threatened this anti-semitism is increasing the erupted in a sort of dance totally on in that incitement of violence online and also public by
11:52 am
sense of the wrong sadly with all of us you become accustomed to the fact that every jewish facility needs to be either guarded by the police or placed on a special protection of synagogues schools kindergartens restaurants cemeteries obvious like ones about half of men but we are frightening when people get attacked him just for wearing a q and we are. not understanding when a jewish restaurant like in august this year is a target and this is a type of anti-semitic crime which. evokes dreadful memories in the of the beginning of the persecution of journalists in the one nine hundred thirty s. but such incidents shouldn't just alarm the survivors of the show are they are grateful that every single one of us but our shock and our non-comprehension are not enough that even when we set up the office of the commission of a jewish life from part of the german government in order to combat and to semitism
11:53 am
which is a right and understandable action but that alone then them will not be an up for the better to urgent questions that we need to answer as well the first. what we don't really learn from the shoah this civilizational rapture and second although the link to the first question you know i want to democratic institutions sufficiently strong so that it's an increase of anti-semitism or even a gaining of majority of anti-semitism can be prevented from happening in the future of. our business for a moment imagine people in a future far away let's say in the next entry and how will they look at our world a world which again is threatened. to lose sight of the common good because it's people's belief origins business city their difference which makes us marginalize them not allow them a place in our society or even threaten the work how many people look at us today
11:54 am
from a future far ahead today when we see that the situation gets much more difficult to many levels probably people will find that totally uncomprehensible maybe they even pity us that fast ill and again likely we run the danger of repeating a thousand dreadful mistakes of needing to experience where the attempts of several only a few to create a division that can lead to our constitution daws its lesson from. that i am a republic failure and from the horrors of national socialism because in article mommy say the dignity of man his inalienable to respect and protect it is an obligation for all state power that's what we believe that if that is something which must be thought of will be absolute guideline for we do in political life but as well as social terms what does that mean in concrete terms firstly every single
11:55 am
individual is unique and never must we generalize it. to divide our society in we and them we and others. everyone has the right. and bargain or can claim to be seen as an individual but all that state authority democrat secondly that their democracy is the best of all feasible that social systems even though life in a democracy may well be complicated on occasion democracy is more than to ensure a majority it relies on balance on a balance between majority minority between govern. i position it relies on the division of powers and it my lads the freedom of the press of opinion of art when you know that as much as people need air to breathe democracy protects minorities what that means is that we must ensure the best possible participation of all in
11:56 am
the life of societies are flawed thirdly what governments need to be resolute and consistent in fighting against anything which is detrimental to others which is right wing which is far to cold which is anti semitism which is marginalization we need to be equally consistent when hatred against jews or the state of israel. comes from people living in our country whether verbal and other terms even if those people have been characterized by another bank by another culture just as we can never put all muslims under a general suspicion because somebody exercises violence in the name of that religion that it should be quickly or that everybody living in this country needs to commit to the value of the basic level the journal constitution. fourthly of education the manager of education is that today is and is
11:57 am
a magic attacks are always put in a historical perspective is this for that we need a knowledge of history when we need to be critically aware of history that is a must and i quote professor nor that frying historian this is not something you don't just have you keep having to work at it yet again and it is in this sense but every generation and new needs to strive to obtain a critically inform my relationship with our own past a small but find says wherever this is possible historical commemoration is more than an empty ritual it will mean that history retains its significance. and new questions and perspectives could even be opened and isn't done among you know what in this context of remembrance and we're dealing is very important when the peace prize or the german trader was awarded this yeah the research as yarn and and i
11:58 am
know it as mine was pointed out of how important our cultural and national commemoration of events i described our nation or mourned as an agglomeration of people. who also remember shameful episodes in their history and to assume responsibility for the unbelievable crimes committed in their name i thought of your word in it on days like today is it is important to stand still and to jointly remember that it's important also if we want to remember we need a place that tells us of what happened when need a place that reminds us of the victims and names of the perpetrators clearly one of these places is the monument for the murdered jews which is at the heart of capital city this underground information center there tries to make clear the scale of the
11:59 am
show. and that is why many individual names are name yet there so they're the unfathomable number of six million murdered shoes off is no longer seen as purely abstract and so that victims can be liberated from their anonymity mention because you know it's about people in every single one of these people had a name and it had a unique dignity and identity cards were in and and to remember this identity and dignity does not mean we have to stand still in the sense of loss. it doesn't help to decouple. remember in this current life we need to reconnect with the past time and again because it is this which can be the basis upon which we can build our future it is a future where. we need to recognize the human being in every other human being and
12:00 pm
where we meet human to be arms where they live in madison gentlemen today once again i will live at an age of profound change and rapid technological changes cause people to be worried the wrap it up globalization and digital progress means that many people feel left behind because in time such as these there is always a great danger. with those. of the attractive who gives apparently simple answers in their reaction to the changes and difficulties so simple answer as to how frequently they go along with the zation of the language employed both of the streets and online that is the kind of beginning that we need to let that.


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