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said germany must forcefully confront anti-semitism. thank you for watching good that you will take a short break erhard our first we'll have your business headlines in just a minute. the story show the story of the first woman who are told from different perspectives by peter craven from the eastern european perspective from the comfort compass that from the perspective of turkey from the arab world. t w dot com slash w w one. climate change. waste. pollution.
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isn't it time for good news eco africa people and projects that are changing our lives are meant for the better it's up to us to make a difference let's in spite of childhood. be good for the environment magazine. long d.w. . do you want to fight for the environment well just use your money as un environmental experts call for an action to save the planet more and more investors are going green about sustainable profit is that even possible. well why the well was he wants a big kid while your pizza is being prepared. i will tell you about
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a start up in russia that makes just that possible. this is the business of god as welcome whether you are managing a loss portfolio or just put some savings into an index fund more and more of us want to know where that money ends up investors with a conscience prefer to put their money in so our energies they all reject offense called tractors or big oil there are many choices these days but what about it. it's not often that bankers support people who climb trees and insult police officers but that was the case in how behind forest the occupiers wanted to prevent the clearing of the forest for an open cast lignite mine operated by the energy company r. w. e. a corporate governance expert at deakin investment urge our deputy to be prudent and far sighted the time when investors focus solely on returns seems to be over
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more and more investors want to know where their money ends up they prefer renewable energies and reject environmental destruction and arms trading while sustainable investment funds so-called green funds still accounted for a volume of twelve billion u.s. dollars and twenty thirteen this volume is growing rapidly this year the ratings agency moody's already expects two hundred fifty billion dollars the good news is that high returns often go very well with environmental protection social responsibility and good corporate governance in london for example fund manager charlie thomas invests large sums for his clients in sustainable investments when i took over found in two thousand and three there were strangely ten companies what you could say is that how that's changed. in the last kind of fifteen years that we've now it's four hundred percent increase in the number of countries that we can invest in so those are companies providing solutions that could be water could be way sic a renewal energy energy efficiency so if that doesn't look like
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a bank so far we have yes why wouldn't. climate risks for example play an increasingly important role in the selection process environmental pollution and workers' rights are also important factors on the deck of funds opposition to our presence in the humbucker forests shows that something is changing in the financial sector still the investment company doesn't want to part with arguably shares instead it wants to have a constructive and critical impact on the company's management. but let's talk a bit more about sustainable investment i'm now joined by nina laws that she works for a finance watch and enjoy all that wants investors to shift their portfolio and to also stay noble direction in cannot make any serious money with a sustainable investment. well of course all investors would like to have locks in return and minimum risk but of course when we discuss stable finest topic we really should also change totally our mindset because environment is providing so many
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value to the people because our economic system depends on environment and natural resources so even if the market is not able to give value surprise to those environmental gurus they really give a lot of t.t.t. to investors and people generally so we think that in first place it's very important to have a different perception of what a return means in the context of say nable fine and so it's a financial return but also financial rituals and also we see that for example when looking specifically at the financials the main showing that the green bonds before more were arrested stand are bonds but we don't have to forget the. bond markets and sustainable financial products still represent a very small share in the market so unfortunately this is to do need to the fact that the current to market policies are not so strong enough to create the
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right economic incentives and because of there will be only an issue mark used for the sustainable financial products we need to mainstream files in the sense. of buying some investors in your spirit is really ready now to put principles over profits because you said there might not perform as well as traditional investments . well let's say that the pressure on banks and financial institutions is coming now from a different perspective because we know that environmental issues and especially climate change are going to impact also the economic outlook so because of the climate change we expect growth in the future in this clearly means also longer is torn on the acids and climate change is a type of risk that cannot be diversified it will affect all our economy and in this sounds. very interrupt is this just is this just about the environment or is
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the. investors looking into other aspects of their investment as well well it's not only of course about environment of focus and of course national climate change because if we don't address the problem of climate change it's very difficult will seek to address let's say social issues solve for example gratian strictly linked to climate change so climate change is kind of priority in descents because it will also help to address social issues a but if we think for example governance we believe that to good governance or expected for labor rights human rights and know that subversion this should be the common practice so yes we are happy to see investment also focus that area but for us that should be the regular case you know as it is thank you very much thank you. after the us midterms the new head of the financial services
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committee in congress will be a democrat maxine waters a known adversary of president donald trump waters new position could spell trouble for trump as she now has subpoena power on her radar screen is. the land to the president waters can look into documents and bank statements possibly connecting trump and russia democrats have not yet decided whether they will submarine at. all what aspects of the president's finances to look to. withstand the u.s. where the federal reserve kept the benchmark lending rate unchanged on thursday the move highlighted the continued strong performance of the economy but also pointed to a slowdown in business investment the fed noted solid job gains falling unemployment and growing household spending but they also signaled that there may be a further rate rise before the year's end. to russia now where growth will continue to weaken in the fourth quarter of this yeah alexei
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kudrin former finance minister and current head of the court of audit expects less than one percent next year the country's economy suffers from far too much state influence and the lack of private sector investment in research and innovation but there are exceptions and. calls skolkovo moscow the russian silicon valley correspondent found startups that can compete with those in the west. a few years ago under a huge new cough and a few friends founded in video now one hundred fifty employees work at the startup banks and others invest millions of euros in the company one thing hasn't changed over the years the mostly young employees there like to eat pizza orders are placed via an app it also reveals whether the italian restaurant is busy at the moment and when exactly the food will be delivered this is only one of the startups many products it takes advantage of the fact that there are lots of surveillance cameras
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in russia and we develop products for everyone using simple video surveillance companies can set up our systems easily they quickly understand what's happening on site and become more competitive but they also sell security problems possibly still like hundreds of others this company belongs to skolkovo a research in industrial area located an hour's drive from moscow with state support it develops state of the art technologies and products that could be sold on the world market for example this three d. printer from the company and so print a successor model of this printer will soon be used for industrial purposes. at them but in that what this printer makes is twice as precise and lighter than aluminum. it's twenty times stronger than plastic plastic the next innovation should be interesting for countries. with a long cold winter glass panes that work like heaters. this is
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a special glass with a wafer thin metal layer about it and. it works with two hundred twenty volts. but that is a radiator for a home work office and business. to see if. the number of startups in russia is increasing but overall their number is still too low there innovations have hardly any influence on economic growth which according to the latest forecasts will weaken further in russia the state makes the largest investments in innovations but there's room for more. benyamin vision in once to help startups in skolkovo to find more private investors. has the opportunity to open doors for startups at large industrial companies in russia for example the russian railway or banks and in germany the german railway dime live and other large corporations on course and. some but the guys in video on don't lose sight of
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the small stuff and another day at the office means another freshly delivered pizza . all planes of state carrier are. grounded as all employees take part in a walk outs the airline says the strike is illegal as an about the action unions say has not paid full salary stuff recently. that's it for me and the business. for all of football action with the kickoff of a news update and out.
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but. take football personally with all the wonderful people and stories that made us so special by doing. it for all. of the. next d.w.i. . margarita international talk show for
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journalists discuss the topic of the week both republicans and democrats say they won the midterms who's right and what lies ahead of cortex of gridlock and subpoena i want to allies and enemies so that those questions straight ahead on quadriga. quadriga sixty minutes on d w. o. o. earth the home for saving global india's tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world ideas to protect the climate and boost green energy solutions and global ideas seen by a series of global three thousand on g.w. and on mine.
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here's what's coming up on the put to sleep you'll have plenty to talk about here on. the monday is legal every weekend here on the. way of going this league of fans it's time to get a member of the two biggest teams in germany have a big date this weekend goldman's happy go lucky youngsters welcome by.


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