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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 9, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm CET

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we all starting players want. to reach to the trash an exclusive proportion starts moving for seventeen g.w. . this is you know you news live from berlin germany marks the anniversary of one of the deadliest paul graham's of the nazi era and everyone who shot her in a minute not stream. oh. no. solemn tribute to the victims of nazi persecution eighty years ago non jewish citizens unleashed a night of terror on germany's jews during kristallnacht
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a dark preclude to the holocaust shines on america warning of resurgence of anti semitism also coming up. one hundred years later honored at last african soldiers who died in world war one dragged into fighting for their then colonial rulers french presidents and money on my call joined by the president of mali kita commemorates the end of the war to end all wars. and yemen teeters on the brink of a huge famine now a significant military advance on the country's main food import route pro-government forces head into the rebel held port of who data backed by saudi warplanes. plus seeking safety in numbers as thousands of migrants fleeing violence and poverty make their way north to the u.s. aid. l.b.w.
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news about the dangers that they're facing on their long journey. with. iraq it's a pleasure to have you along everyone. today is a fateful day in germany the country honors the victims of kristallnacht the night of violence against jews that marked a dark prelude to the holocaust the country's leaders warn against another rise in anti semitism but november ninth is also the anniversary of two other crucial days in german history. eighty years on the horrors of the past still resound. german chancellor angela merkel attending a commemorative service at berlin's largest synagogue. let's get. life
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is flourishing in germany once again that is an unexpected gift after the break with civilization that was the holocaust but at the same time we're seeing a worrying and to semitism that is threatening jewish life in our country and other places in the world what jews thought themselves say this anti semitism is expressed increasingly openly in unbridled hate speech on the internet and in the public sphere of. these anti semitic acts are a distressing reminder of events eighty years ago. on the night of the ninth of november nine hundred thirty eight the nazis unleashed a wave of violence against jews. across germany thousands of synagogues jewish shops and businesses were looted and torched some one hundred jews were killed twenty six thousand were taken to concentration camps. but november the ninth is
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also the anniversary of two other fateful days and german history one hundred years ago in the closing days of world war one the social democrat politician philip shied a man proclaimed a new german republic from a window of the ice tag. and in one thousand nine hundred nine pro-democracy protests in east germany led to the fall of the wall and ultimately to the reunification of germany three days that loom large in germany's collective memory . but it's our actions today that show whether we have truly understood and learned from their consequences said german president fun five. hundred misson to be advised actions we must prove that we germans have truly learned from the past and surely become more vigilant because of our history we need to take action any time another person dignity is violated we need to take a stand when our language of hatred spreads its tentacles that we cannot allow
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a situation where some people claim once again to be the sole voice of the true people and marginalize others. with the far i don't turn it to fit germany party in parliament for the first time and extremist voices on the rise across the country these were poignant. hala from where i'm now joined by did have you a political correspondent rupert good to have you here in person now these are three truly historic and world changing events that are being marked on the same day the proclamation of the first republic in one nine hundred eighteen then two to decades later the anti jewish polygram one thousand nine hundred thirty eight and then the fall of the berlin wall five decades later and nine hundred eighty nine which event has most shaped contemporary germany well in the end all three of these
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events are very important to germany and to the germans and. they all have their own specific right to be mentioned and to be commemorated if you just look at the recent past of the bullet the fall of the berlin wall on the ninth of november in one thousand nine hundred nine was something that was more in the foreground here in germany for the last twenty years nationally before that was the pogroms against the. programs of nine hundred thirty eight when i was young that was the most important thing to talk about on the ninth of november. what was quite interesting today is. this date for the commission of the first republic this always has been involved in the background as always has been the other the not so important part of it this has been pushed to the little bit further around just because today marks the hundred versts free and what we see today is also that the president tried to put all three events into one bigger picture on the americans focusing
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specially on the anniversary of the programs of the night of the broken glass because that's also what we're focusing on today the number of anti a semitic attacks in this country which include violent offenses and hate speech propaganda have remained fairly steadily for a decade at about fifteen hundred a year this according to an interior ministry report what do you make of germany at this moment and in terms of how was dealing with anti-semitism in the year twenty eighteen it is absolutely true that the actual numbers don't seem to be rather dramatic but if we look at how the actual victims what they tell us and how they react to these to these and to see me take things that help me have been happening in the recent past they say they are telling us it has gone worse things have gone . on in the past perhaps someone to say ok i don't want the jews
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jews germany i just don't like jews always you know violence you see people being ashamed anymore of using semitic cliches but we also see that. the and his image is and has changed not only seeing and to some it is in the way of i'm against jews goes to seeing him does and comes along to this is my guess is they'll also comes along as something not only also but people from the very right wing but also from muslim people that were privy to all. thank you so very much really appreciate away. now as the world remembers the end of world war one france is also finally working the sacrifices made by african soldiers then under french colonial world the presence of mali it were him at cato joined his french counterpart in iraq home this week at a monument to those who suffered and died in the war.
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this is what commemorating a world war can look like. but the actual purpose of the money when michael's visit to the us was this the monument for the black army it's a no mas to the two hundred thousand africans from the french colonies that fought in world war one. one hundred years later their service is still relevant especially for french citizens of african descent. now both of us who see this it's important because this is part of africa's and francis historial we're here today because this is our history this is unprecedented for once the black is being honored when they leave. even mali and president kate came to mark the occasion of. the monument is a source of great pride for many africans. the original was built after world war
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one and then stolen by the nazis but the new version does the trick. everybody is talking about the black army again not all of them are people of color by the way one of its white veterans from the second world war had a special message. given pitt a few to give a ticket to is no my grandfather fought in world war one my father also one of my uncles was killed so what we need in my eyes is the end of enmity between the peoples we can't have that anymore so with the warriors of peace or did you wanted to give you their love. this resonates in the house more than anywhere else. the city was one of the key battlegrounds in france. l. ife forces managed to hold off the germans the city has been making a comeback ever since because whatever the obstacles there's always a whole bunch better days ahead the power of the human race is that we know how to
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stick together in difficult times the city has reinvented itself with the help of engineers architects and international solidarity but especially with the force of the people of us. and with the help of the black army thirty thousand african soldiers lost their lives for friends during world war one although claim all squirmy is only eighteen years young this stirs up strong emotions in her the demand of the man that heads yes it does the people from senegal the ivory coast and mali died for france it's true that france colonized them but it wasn't their choice most of them had to fight for fronts that was unjustified you could almost say they died for nothing at least not for their country it hurts to think about that that will be the city's a few men of it. but one hundred years later it's also
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a reminder of the value of peace for europeans and africans. multilateralism is not an option it's a necessity that's the message or for maria for now and you know as a president of the united nations general assembly she said into france this weekend for peace form espinosa told the daily news that cooperation is the only way to address global challenges like climate change and an arms race. madam president it's been one hundred years since the end of the first world war and the world is seeing now growing tensions and nationalism do you see any parallels between now and the time that led to the first world war we are leaving difficult times it is true we are seeing the perhaps deepening of conflicts in different parts of the world but i think that the un is well positioned really to to come up with
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a counter narrative. that encompasses corporation solidarity. in the enjoyment of diversity around the world you're now going to participate in the paris peace forum whose objective is to reinforce international cooperation in these times of growing nationalism so which message are you taking to friends that multilateralism is not an option is the only way to address global challenges a new name it i mean there is no the way to address climate change there is no other way to address the peace challenges the arms race for example there is a need of strong political commitment to make sure that we don't spend more money on weapons than in reducing hunger around the world germany will have a long permanent seat in the security council from two thousand and nineteen on what can germany do for more multilateralism germany east convinced players
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multilateralism and we very much need that bold messages. for full commitment to multilateral action and to collective responses to global challenges one of them of course being peace and security u.s. president donald trump has called himself a nationalist you will stoking fears against immigrants during the election campaign has the country changed under this new type of leadership. in your opinion i had myself a very fruitful meeting with president graham when he came for the high level meeting and we all agreed we agreed that there is a need to make the united nations more relevant to all people but a president thank you very much will you to you thank you thank you very much. now to some of the other stories making news around the world. british prime minister theresa may has visited several world war one sites alongside the leaders of france
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and belgium the start of a weekend full of events marking the one century or armistice mais of the commemorations were a time to reflect on the country's shared history and look ahead to their shared future. authorities in somalia say islam a suicide bombers have killed at least ten people in the capital mogadishu three separate blasts rocked the area around the police headquarters security forces shot dead four gunmen who tried to storm a nearby hotel and the rebel group says it carried out the attacks. yemeni government forces backed by saudi warplanes have launched what they're calling a vast offensive to capture the country's port city of who data well as harry officials say the coalition has launched air strikes and a ground assault on rebel held positions in the city where data has become a key battleground in the country's four year long civil war and serves as the
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entry point for eighty percent of the country's food imports the u.n. has warned an all out attack on the city could trigger mass famine. are we can talk now to maria who dave from the international committee of the red cross she is in yemen's capital sanaa a very good evening oh what's the situation who who who data right now. thank you i don't how that now that it was a dramatic escalation of violence in the past few days our team and the city speak of nonstop and deafening clashes and explosions in this city and this it is almost deserted and the international committee of that extra six d. be right about the safety of civilians but also civilian structures such as hospital and ambulances schools prisons and water in a few city plants point just to the conflict must take every possible measure to protect for example the city's biggest facility and now the hospital is only one me
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is only a few meters away from the fighting it is very important that it is and this is the market instead of an instructor otherwise the remaining facilities will not be able to cope with the influx of. so this is a very very dire situation data and just how dire the situation is was also illustrated a week ago the new york times published on his front page a haunting image of m.f. the same a seven year old girl in yemen starving sadly since then died days after it was shocking got the world's attention but it wasn't a turning point or was it. well in addition to. hard to build images resolve of i'm going. to do or unfortunately seven do you very. thing not on the situation in yemen. which has going for gotten conflict since two thousand and fifteen pounds of yemeni action didn't save
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face the same. fate as yemen on a single owner on a daily basis so the situation. that there are more than eighty percent of the population is in need of aid in yemen absolutely a man made famine and with disastrous consequences thank you so much for joining us and providing us with the inside perspective from yemen. and next up we're going to have to bend that for some more interesting a fall out of the business angle from the midterms exactly yes the new head of the financial services committee in congress will be democrat maxine waters known adverse for president donald trump well this new position could spell trouble for trump and she now has the power on her radar screen is deutsche bank a key lender to the president was can look into documents and bank statements
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possibly connecting trump and russia democrats have not yet decided whether they will subpoena deutsch show or what aspects of the president's finances to look into . let's talk about this because i was in who's standing by for us at the frankfurt stock exchange kyra is this a talking point amongst traders. it absolutely is. frankfurt is the headquarters of the bank of course people here are talking about this topic a lot they have been talking since trump is in office and since the moller investigation and you know what with the hands often over their mouth storage bankers would often tell you that the bank should never have done business with donald trump in the first place as a businessman he had richard taishan of going insolvent often of not always paying back what he owes from the standpoint of an old school german banker this is not the kind of person you want to do business with but at the time deutsche bank was
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too eager to get into the american market and to stay there greed eats brain that's what traders would say about behavior like this. correcting you wrap up what's been a rather shaky week there at the exchange. it's been a shaky week the german dax seems to be ending the week pretty much unchanged compared to last friday but with a bit of a subdued tone i would say german export data this week industrial production data indicates that it's likely that the third quarter. during the third quarter the economy in germany contracted compared to the second quarter and well after yesterday's federal reserve meeting everyone on the market is thinking now that the fed funds rate the key interest rate will likely be increased another time in december that will be the fourth rate hike this year and for next year everyone
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expects at least two more rate hikes that's not exactly the kind of stuff for you know risk friendly investors on the stock markets ok thanks for reporting for us today called reducing the preferred stock exchange and have a nice weekend i hope brain is not on the media. a u.s. federal judge has halted construction of the keystone x.l. oil pipeline which was supposed to run from canada to texas u.s. district court of montana ruled the trumpet ministration should not have overturned a ban on the project trump called the court's decision a disgrace he'd given the go ahead for the eight billion dollar project despite widespread protests saying it will create jobs and fresh infrastructure in twenty fifteen president barack obama at the night a permit for the pipeline of the numerous oil spills three tours of his returning to egypt after years of political unrest and terrorist attacks the sickness nat back last year with more and more europeans returning and interest growing in
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countries with a lot of potential like china. the tourists are back around the pyramids of giza for example tourists who booked spain last year are coming to egypt this year they want to see the big sights this group from france is taking a boat trip along the nile. or the like you alone in the world a lot of peace and quiet a beautiful moment with family and friends investors are once again active after a long hiatus like investing in the nile's fleet of boats that creates jobs which are desperately needed. for several years we've hardly worked at all it's much better now we sometimes work up to twenty eight days a month. tourism is enormously important for the egyptian economy the tourism industry in cairo has just announced that it will make up around fifteen percent of economic output this year and that's not just the returning european tourists we've
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been to. the chinese to have discovered egypt many chinese restaurants have sprung up with national language in cuisine just like at home. and this is the best meal we have. you should be above it but. the locals are glad that tourism is picking up again and they hope that might help rejuvenate other sectors of the economy in the country on the nile. i was told it was a very good time to get tourist free shots of the parents. that's all over india and i bet they're happy about it all right ben thank you so much migrants making a long journey on foot to the u.s. from central america facing many dangers along the way activist groups say up to thirty thousand have gone missing over the past decade our correspondent is on the road with the migrant caravan and he filed this report. and water knows all too
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well that being kidnapped and then simply disappearing is the biggest danger a few years ago his brother disappeared as he made his second attempt to reach the u.s. . we got as far as a child because you him at me in the police caught me and me under the portal me back i want to honduras. and those i mean i went back again to look for him there was nothing. around ninety members of the caravan currently making its way north are said to have disappeared after getting on to trucks the reports from various organizations have not yet been confirmed i am pompadour but i mean i'm probably going from zero on differing accounts of the numbers missing was your when some sources say eighty. of this one hundred. dollars on the human rights authorities are looking into this case. and your model is stunning in this a gondola. it's feared that they may have been kidnapped and handed over to
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organized crime groups active in the area where they went missing. now i was in the caravan a spooked. when jovan lost sight of his two friends he thought he'd never see them again. as i was really worried they had disappeared and i would never hear from them again but we got separated while i was trying to find space on one of the vehicles i had no idea where they had gone. i'd say between ten and twenty thousand migrants have disappeared in the last ten years that's one reason why people are queuing to get into this tent inside they can call their families for free to reassure them that they're still ok i mean we're counseling with our lawyer if you don't fall off the train you got run over by a truck you know a lot of. sonal said. we're told runs
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everything here i mean. we're most afraid for the children. because of the danger the people in the stadium divide didn't register according to the region they came from that way they hope any disappearances will be noticed. that it's very dangerous travelling between mexico city and the us border we need to be well organized and able to look after each other we have to know about each other every individual every child that in the cup is on i mean you're. all going to list crime is lying in white everywhere on the journey ahead the migrants are at risk of kidnapping and blackmail. it whenever it gets on mosquitoes criminals that the migrants with fake office software. then they're forcibly held. and subjected to human trafficking and then another discusses going. but even
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though they leave if that was the lament their. attempts to jump the migrants even take place within temporary accommodation in mexico city the president of the mexican federal human rights commission says migrants are often approached by people claiming to be officials. now people who say that no one had heard of the supposed organization. so they offered to take people in lauri's in groups of eighteen. north and over the border into the u.s. and i think. the biggest concern for the people in the caravan is to avoid falling victim to criminals exploiting the desperation. and that does it for me on legal rock'n'roll and on behalf of all of us here thank you so much first running this part of your day with the series continues after top of the hour c n n.
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takes a personal one with a wonderful people in stories that make the games so special are you ready. for. my. next d w. a dangerous legacy
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lurks in these mediums pulled munitions from the first and second world wars. every day in northwestern belgium farmers find grenades many of which are still in detention explosives. and every day a special unit goes out to collect and defuse these deadly weapons. in sixty minutes from dublin. or. scars cover don't forget. that women in russia have to live with violence sexism and oppression. violence is normal in russia. where putin's patriarchy comes to the women's rights were already gaining traction hundred years ago. people here
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don't have a clue about feminism but there are women who want to instigate change in everyday life for justice and equality. under the skin of russia's women starts nov thirteenth on w. o l goodness liga fans it's time to get eliminated the two biggest teams in germany have a big date this weekend dorman's happy go lucky youngsters welcome byron's far.


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