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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 9, 2018 6:00pm-6:15pm CET

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this is you know we news live from berlin germany marks the anniversary of one of the deadliest part roams of the nazi era. and we want you to shout ness not scream. oh. really. i'm sorry to hear. a solemn tribute to the victims of nazi persecution eighty years ago non jewish citizens on leashed a night of terror on germany's jews during kristallnacht
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a dark prelude to the holocaust chance the anglo-american warns of resurgence anti semitism also coming up. yemen teeters on the brink of a huge famine now a significant military advance on the country's main food an important route pro-government forces headed into the rebel held ports of your data backed by saudi warplanes. thank you so much for your company everyone. today there is a fateful date in germany the country honors the victims of kristallnacht the night of violence against jews that marked a dark preclude to the holocaust the country's leaders warn against another rise in anti semitism but november ninth is also the anniversary of two other crucial days
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in german history. eighty years on the horrors of the past still resigned was german chancellor angela merkel attending a commemorative service at berlin's largest synagogue. escaped indorsement the jewish life is flourishing in germany once again that is an unexpected gift after the break with civilization that was the holocaust but at the same time we're seeing a worrying and to semitism that is threatening jewish life in our country and other places in the world what jews thought themselves say this anti semitism is expressed increasingly openly in unbridled hate speech on the internet and in the public sphere and all. these anti semitic acts are
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a distressing reminder of events eighty years ago. on the night of the ninth of november nine hundred thirty eight the nazis unleashed a wave of violence against jews across germany thousands of synagogues jewish shops and businesses were looted and torched some one hundred jews were killed twenty six thousand were taken to concentration camps but november the ninth is also the anniversary of two other fateful days in german history one hundred years ago in the closing days of world war one the social democrat politician philip shined a man proclaimed a new german republic from a window of the high stag. and in one thousand nine hundred nine pro-democracy protests in east germany led to the fall of the wall and ultimately to the reunification of germany three days that loom large in germany's collective memory . but it's our actions today that show whether we have truly understood and learned
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from their consequences said german president fung five. hundred ms nadia devised in our actions we must prove that we germans have truly learned from the past and truly become more vigilant because of our history we need to take action at any time another person's dignity has violated we need to take a stand when our language of hatred spreads its tentacles that we cannot allow a situation where some people claim once again to be the sole voice of the true people and marginalize others. and also. with the far i don't turn it into germany party in parliament for the first time and extremist voices on the rise across the country these were poignant words. are i to for more now i'm joined by do we have political correspondent thomas sparrow he is standing outside. central station tell us i see
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a crowd behind you what's going on in the german capital on this historic date. well after a very long day of remembrance a very solemn day of remembrance as we saw in our report what's going to happen now behind where we're standing at the central train station is a protest by a group described as far right they have planned their protest for eighteen thirty local time not far away from where we're standing also counter demonstration and this is a approaches that has been extremely controversial here in berlin in fact local politicians tried to block it arguing that it was inappropriate to hold such a protest here in a day as important as it is for german history but in the end it was allowed to take place and that's what we're seeing both this demonstration and counter-demonstrations also slowly organizing not far away from where we're standing are so we'll have to see how that situation unfolds behind you but next up i mean three truly historic and won't changing events on the same day very
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remarkable of course you've got the prague proclamation of the first republic in the one nine hundred eighteen the anti jewish progress in one nine hundred thirty eight and then the fall of the berlin wall a five decades later in one nine hundred eighty nine i know it's difficult to pick one of those but what thomas has shaped germany the most. they have all shaped germany in different ways that's why probably this day house call has been called a day of fate in germany if you look at these three different events they unleashed a completely different process is in germany were you talking about the fall of the wall so closely attached to the values of freedom and democracy whether we talk about the program which foreshadowed the holocaust those are all events that were remarkably significant for germany and that's also the reason why it was such a solemn day of remembrance in that's also why politicians have been warning about
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the lessons that have to be learned from these events for today where we're seeing rising nationalism and we're seeing populism when we're seeing hate speech when we're seeing anti semitism those are all events that germany has seen in different ways in the past and the germany has to learn from that was one of the key messages from politicians today here in berlin or let's see how much has been learned because the number of end to semitic attacks which include violent offenses in hate speech propaganda has remained fairly steady for a decade at about fifteen hundred a year that's at least according to an interior ministry report what do you make of germany and anti semitism in the year twenty fifteen. well it is something that has obviously caught people's attention here in germany some cases that we've seen that have been reported in the news and that have made also authorities react in fact germany has its first anti semitism commission which is also an important position here in the german government there has been. efforts to strengthen education and
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integration in different parts of the country precisely to prevent some of these cases that have been reporting in the news so it's certainly something that politicians are aware of in fact we've had anglo-american in various occasions talk about about the situation and about the fact that the country because of its historical responsibility because of what its origins history also has a responsibility a particular responsibility when it comes to to fighting these events that were reported in the news and that we've heard about various occasions here in germany thomas sparrow reporting keep us posted on how the night involves behind you thank you our let's bring up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world. british prime minister theresa may has visited several world war one sites alongside the leaders of france and belgium at the start of a weekend of events marking the centenary of the armistice may set the commemorations were a time to reflect on the country's shared history and look ahead to their shared
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future. austria's chancellor says prosecutors suspect that a retired austrian army officer has been spying for russia it's a bust in court says the seventy year old former colonel no whose name hasn't been revealed is believed to have leaked political and military information to moscow says nineteen ninety but russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov has denied knowing anything about the case but. authorities in somalia say as long as suicide bombers have killed at least ten people in the capital mogadishu three separate blasts rocked the area around police headquarters security forces shot dead four gunmen who tried to storm a nearby hotel the rebel group says it carried out the attacks. yemeni government forces backed by saudi warplanes have launched what they're
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calling a vast offensive to capture the country's port city of who data medics see more than a hundred rebels and more than twenty loyalists have been killed data has become a key battleground in the country's poor year long civil war serves as the entry point for eighty percent of the country's food imports the u.n. has warned an all out attack on the city could trigger mass famine. are we can talk now to morello who dave from the international committee of the red cross she is in humans capital sanaa a very good evening what's the situation who who who data right now. thank you and how that it was a dramatic escalation of violence in the past few days is our team and this it is speak of nonstop and deafening class tears and explosions in this city and this it is almost deserted the international committee of death threats six be right about
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the safety of civilians but also civilian structures such as houses beaton's ambulances schools prisons and water an atrocity plans point just to the conflict must take every possible measure to protect for example the city's biggest city and now the hospital is only one me is only a few meters away from the fighting it is very important that it is there and this is the market instead of the structure otherwise the remaining facilities will not be able to cope with the influx of. so this is a very very dire situation day and just how dire the situation is was also illustrated a week ago the new york times published on his front page a haunting image of m.f. the same a seven year old girl in yemen starving sadly since then died days after it was shocking got the world's attention but it wasn't a turning point or was it. well in addition to.
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what a big image it is resolve of i'm on. duty were unfortunate is evident to you very lead to something not on the situation in yemen. which has been to forgotten conflict since two thousand and fifteen pounds of yemeni action didn't save face the same. fate as yemen on a single or on a daily basis so who situation in. that there are more than eighty percent of the population is in need of aid in yemen absolutely a man made famine with disastrous consequences thank you so much for joining us and providing us with the inside perspective from yemen. the un's or fiji agency says it's revealing a decision by the u.s. to deny asylum to migrants who enter the country illegally and a move it says will stop of use of the immigration system washington says it will
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deny asylum to anyone caught entering the country outside official border crossings as invoking extraordinary presidential national security powers to tighten the border as caravans of central americans slowly approach the united states the decision as it is expected to be challenged in court. rapidly moving wildfires have forced thousands of people to flee their homes in northern california gavin newsom california's governor elect has declared a state of emergency in the affected areas. in this sleepy town of paradise all hell has broken loose wildfires sweeping through north california engulfed the town forcing its twenty seven thousand residents to flee. authorities estimate that around two thousand buildings were destroyed strong winds whipped up the blaze. extremely hazardous lots of smoke dark devastation active burning all
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throughout the town to me i've lived there for eighteen years and it looks like the fire came. east and just came straight through town all the way to the west where the flames consume the homes residents john breaux is in a desperate bid to escape to find a spot to rapidly that families had no choice but to take roots already and bought up by five little houses just told me. authorities said several firemen and residents were injured that have been no reported fatalities. long periods of drought have created tinderbox conditions and on the fire to spread quickly the situation is unlikely to improve soon. the challenge also for us is that we are at the beginning of a significant santa ana wind event that will last a number of days right now we have somewhere between four and five hundred five firefighters on scene many more on request and will be coming in having bad escape
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with their lives residents are in for a shock when they return to find that paradise lost. now when the north stream two pipeline comes online next year gas will flow directly from russia to germany bypassing the current transit light ukraine will hear from ukraine's a deputy foreign minister right after this. history shows the story of the first movie more told from different perspectives by peter craven from the eastern european perspective from the south for example spent from the perspective to keep on the arab world. t w dot com slash.


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